Mother’s Day, or “An Up-To-Date Mother”

(Text written on Sunday, May 11 and held waiting for an Internet connection which finally worked today.)

My son is becoming a man and already demands his own space. For now, his territory is small: one room, the chaos of one who cares little for the tedious ordering of possessions, and the anarchic slogan, “I want to do what I please.” I can already predict the clashes when his demands for autonomy spread to his city and his country. When the conquest achieved by hanging his icons on the walls gives way to the need to externalize some “uncomfortable” preference.

The day will arrive when hair, fashion and music will not be enough to feel different. Then will come the agitator, reactionary or extremist, with the absolute complicity – hear me well – of his progenitor. It will not occur to me to banish him from the house, betray his actions, renounce his activities or declare, to hide my own responsibility, that “I didn’t raise him like that.”

After all, he too has had to put up with me and support me. Whatever he may be: eccentric, pyromaniac, protestor, even indifferent, I will stand beside him. You will have to ask him if he will do the same for me. If one day this Blog, my history, my excesses, will not weigh too heavily on his life.

Photo caption:
The caption reads: Sticker at the corner of Belascoain and Reina [streets]
The sticker itself reads: “DURA, Escuchamos TODO,”  which translates as: “Keep doing what you’re doing, we hear everything.”