The “Y” to power

I am conducting a simple onomastic study: How many people of Generation Y are a part of Cuba’s power structure today? I have the impression that if I look under any rock I will find Yunieskys, Yordankas, and Yusimís everywhere. On the street I turn my head every time someone calls out a name similar to mine, but I don’t see this profusion of “Y’s” in the positions that decide the direction of the country. The roster of the National Assembly – which will convene in a few weeks – barely shows this impetuous letter that proceeds “Z.” Nor does one see the capricious “Y” among the managers, administrators or leaders of companies.

What if, from the penultimate place in the alphabet, from this extravagant letter so rarely used in our Spanish, we launch a cry that would reach the impressive vowels and consonants in the first ranks. We would tell them something like: “The time of the Y’s has arrived! It’s time for the alphabet to begin at the end!”