Not under pressure… nor without pressure

This morning, some of us who are friends of Edgar accompanied him to deliver his appeal to his denial of permission to leave the country.  A few steps from the office of Legal Counsel is the site of the national Immigration and Emigration office.  I already know the place, having  been there just a year ago with a similar claim, which ended with the confirmation that I could not, “travel for the moment.”  Uniformed officers and quiet people hoping to have their cases revisited set the stage at this branch of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT).

The signatures collected among Cubans here and outside were handed over to the duty officer, who confirmed that they now had sixty days to reply to his request.  On Friday, two Section 21 officers had “suggested” to Edgar that he should desist from presenting himself at the place where we went today.  The insinuation was that if he was quiet, they would allow him to travel by August.  After this young man’s hunger strike, the immigration authorities couldn’t—according to the anxious boys—“act under pressure,” because it would seem that they had been forced to let him get on the plane.

As if it were the most common thing that we citizens would bring pressure to bear and in response the politicians would amend their actions.  As if it is precisely for this that they occupy their positions, to yield—again and again—before the demands of society.   Hasn’t it been said already—by enough voices—that the requirement for permission to leave and enter Cuba has to be repealed?  What more has to happen to stop them from hijacking this right from us?


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  1. Candido:

    I feel sorry for you. You sound like a deeply wounded man. I hope you find a way to heal your pain, without projecting it or passing it on to others.

    There are new posts, lets move on.

  2. Candido

    The Cuban case is not any worse than what the Jews suffered by the Nazis. Situation similar to what happen in Cuba have unfortunately happen before in many countries. Look all over Europe and Russia. I do not recall of any mass killings after the communist regime were replace with a free society happening in any of those places and doing so will be bad for all, then this will never end.

    Yes many many injustices where committed against many Cubans many could not study many could not work in the place they deserve and so on but you can not go on personal vendettas after each minimal thing that happen. I believe only people that have done very egregious things should be brought to justice. As I said, it is too early to discuss this matters. At the end it should be the decision of the Cuban people not just a few individuals.
    One day the Cuban people will have that choice and they may even choose to forgive the criminals.
    What would you do then?

  3. Cold:

    Marti’s poems are something special for every Cuban, but, that is not the only want that Marti wrote, for example I can mention this one:

    “La mentira puede correr muy rápido y lejos, pero la verdad SIEMPRE la alcanzará”.

    (“The lye can be fast and run far, but, the true always will reach it”)

    In other words, it will be a moment when all those rats, will be accused and will received the right punishment , may be, some of them could be still alive, may be others (I think the majority of them) could be already dead, but for sure, sooner or later Cuba will reach her freedom, then, those years (now a little bit more than 50) will rest on the “Garbage History Dump”.

    With regard of my idea about the way that those snakes should be punished, I’m talking about the real ones, I’m not saying anything about a house that somebody left behind more than 40 years ago, and now belongs to a poor Cuban which his biggest suffering is exactly still being there leaving under that roof, that may be has 100 leaks after many years without the right maintenance and cares.

    I don’t know how long have you been out of Cuba, because, for any Cuban that left the Island 40 years ago, the scenario that he has in his mind, could be very different than the real one, because, none of those Cubans, knew about “meeting de repudio”, or going to war in Angola, Etiopia, Congo, etc, etc,,,where thousands of Cubans life were lost, because, for those soldiers was “mandatory the entering to the army plus going to war”, so, the real reasons to be on those operations were only to fulfill Fidel Castro’s ego to present it himself as the “new redeemer of the world”, without any hesitation about how many people could be killed, any way , none of those dead peoples were part of his family or his Maffiosa Gang”.

    In one or another way, sooner or later, Cuba will reach her freedom, and at that moment a lot of criminals, rats, scorpions, snakes, etc, etc, will be brought to justice and all of them will received the right punishment that every one of them had deserved.


    Cuban case is something special, and I will resume it , saying that with Castro’s dynasty any mold has been broken!!!!!, forget about reaching Cuban freedom using pacific ways, forget about conversations, negotiations, etc,,,,,with Fidel and Raul still commanding the Island,,,NEVER EVER will be an small change or opportunity to reach the freedom or even a little peace of mind, and I’m talking about how poor is our country, how miserable the situation is, that now days every Cuban is waking up just thinking about what, and how to eat TODAY!!!!, that’s the most important thing in the life of a common Cuban,,,TODAY,,,,,and everything as a results of the evil way that the Island has been conducted for more than 50 years.


  4. Candido:

    Since you are a fan of 19th century quotes, here is one that should be familiar to your ears:

    Cultivo una rosa blanca
    en Junio como en Enero
    para el amigo cincero que
    me da su mano franca

    Mas para el cruel que
    me arranca el corazon
    con que vivo
    Cardio ni oruga cultivo
    Cultivo una rosa blanca

    by Jose Marti

  5. Candido:

    Yes I am Cuban and I know very well the comments the pilots made. It shouldn’t surprise you either considering that us cubans are at times prone to hyperbole and exuberance. In any case, this is insignificant when viewed against the background of what is best for the country. Unlike many compatriots in Miami, I accept that in fifty years, the game has changed and that there are at least two generation of younger folks born since the seventies. Once the dictators are gone, there shouldn’t be too many from the old guard left, so wont’ be a need for a witch hunt other than for the obvious criminals.

    Unlike some people in Miami who’ve hired lawyers to ensure they get every last item back, I don’t plan to go in there making demands of the poor folks who now live in my ancestors house asking that they evacuate the premises. Neither do I plan to introduce old hatreds and start making demands regarding who should or should not go to jail. I’ll leave it to the people who live there to mete out justice. I just want a free country, where people can work and start their own businesses and have new presidents and new politicians every ten years at most. I don’t trust politicians in general, but they are a necessary evil so as to maintain order and take care of the less fortunate. As Yoani says, it is best if they cede their seat after their term in office.

    The thing about the machete., this quote is from the 19th century and not relevant to the current situation in Cuba. There won’t be any Spaniards or other foreigners to put the machete to use, only Cubans.

  6. OK — I’ve followed these comments… and now I have to weigh in myself.

    I think Julio is closest to my own thinking. Yoani is showing us every day a way to be free even when you are in a physical space controlled by a tyrant. Although of course it takes enormous force of will beyond what most of us are capable of. Which is why we have ‘heroes’… all throughout history… those who took the hard way… to pave it so the rest of us could walk there without having to slog through the mud ourselves.

    Yes, it sounds all flower-child-y but it’s not. People must claim their own freedom. And I believe it can be done peacefully, though often at great cost because the tyrants are playing by their own rules, which allow them to kill you.

    I have also been reading with interest the Cubans (like Yoani) who are demanding that Raul pay less attention to talking or not talking to Obama and more to talking with THEM. With his fellow Cubans. And I couldn’t agree more.

    But — not everyone has to be leader. And while a lot of people may not want to be in the front row, they’re willing to join the parade. So that’s the job of the rest of us. And of Cubans. Who must, in their millions, step out of the parade led by the tyrants and join the parade of those walking for freedom.

    As for revenge, and killing, and machetes… yes, perhaps some people who committed terrible crimes need to be locked away… but how do you redress a 50-year string of crimes by killing the criminals. You can’t. Nearly everyone is implicated. There would be nothing left. A few ‘innocents’ in a wasteland. And it would take three more generations to recover from the bloodbath.

    That’s all for now. Some days I’m optimistic, some days not so much. There’s a lot to fix and a lot to redress on this planet of ours.

    But Yoani and others have made a start on one island. And that’s something.

  7. Candido

    You seem to imply from the last statement that the only way to gain freedom is “using a sharpened machete”, I disagree with that statement.

    I believe there are many ways to gain freedom.

    One of them is to assume freedom like Yoani does. So she is using her sharp language to conquer freedom for herself and by doing so also for many other Cubans.
    She is not begging for freedom. She is already free!
    She may be one of the few Cuban citizens that is free!
    Why? Because she is able to speak what she thinks. She may still have fear but her desired for freedom is greater!

    As for valor. I think her courage is comparable to that of Maceo, Marti or any other hero. We all know very well what are the consequences of speaking out in Cuba and she does not coward or relent on her pursue of freedom even when the tyrants have place goons to follow her or intimidated her.

  8. Cold:

    I remember an old phrase that stated: “When you respect the right of the others, then, you have peace”!!!!!.

    If Castro and his “gang of nasty worms”, have been disrespecting the Cuban people for more than 50 years, then, why they are supposed to be in peace?.

    We, the Cubans, have a National hero, a patriot, his name is “Antonio Maceo, he said more than 100 years ago that : “Freedom is something that we can not beg, Freedom most be conquered using a sharpened machete (sword)”, and he was right, in his time, he was able to do it, but now, at least during the last 50 years, we did not have any other Maceo!!!!

    We will see it, everything comes at the right time,,,will see it!!!


  9. Cold;

    With all your respect!!!!, are you Cuban?, I’m asking, just because if you are Cuban, then, you can understand the real meaning, the sound of the words ,the feeling, the pleasure that the fighter pilot had at the moment that he did pull the trigger to shoot down the planes.

    Let me put it this way: the pleasure, the feelings , the sensation, etc, that any American fell whenever you listen a phrase on TV, Radio, etc,like this ” You are the winner!!!!” there is not chance to be mistaken , if you listen something like that, this is a TYPICAL and a cultural way to transmit happiness, gratitude , success, etc, etc,,,,then, if you listen a Cuban saying and pronouncing the words “I did it!!,,or Viva Fidel, or, I cut off their balls (le partimos los cojones!!!),etc, etc, in the same way that the fighter pilot had told them that date,,,,believe me ,,,,those words were said it from the bottom of his heart, he said it, spilling out his guts, with pleasure,,,don’t doubt about it.

    What did America did after Pearl Harbor?,,,,,with all the reasons, with no any other choice, America answered back to those traitors that murdered a lot of peoples with very bad intentions,,,,at the end,,,they were right.

    The same thing is happening in Cuba,,,it is time that the Cuban people can breath freely,,,but,,never forgetting the past,,,that is the only way to avoid go back to that disaster, and of course, eliminating the rats, virus, the bacterias that had caused that terror!!!!


  10. Candido:

    If you’re not religious then you really have to be doubly on guard against that ancient aggressive animal trait that we all carry. There is a responsibility to ensure that one engages in cool collected thinking and appreciation for one’s and others shortcomings. Lacking the Christian and Buddhist tradition of forgiveness, agnostics and atheists should take this responsibility very serious so as not to throw humanity back into the stone age.

    Yes the fighter pilot shouted something which is in terribly bad taste, but last time I checked, soldiers in battle yell all kinds of things out loud. You don’t prosecute people for what they say or think, only for what they do.

    I could be wrong but I believe out of the thousands of soldiers and civilians, the relatively few who were prosecuted for concentration camp atrocities was because they were particularly violent and heinous in carrying out orders.

    Maybe some of our Jewish friends can shed some light on what is the criteria for deciding who’s prosecuted for Holocaust atrocities. I don’t believe every soldier who worked in a concentration camp is being sought for prosecution.


  11. Cold:

    Being soldier means “honor”!!!!,,,honor means, defend justice, dignity, etc, etc,,,,I’m asking, could yo forgive somebody who was enjoying the moment when he was pulling the trigger to kill your mom, or your dad, or any love one, just because he had received an instruction from his commander officer?

    The history has recorded that -not too long ago-, the SS (the elite soldiers of Hitler)were able to kill and massacred millions of jews “enjoying it, as a fun game” their operations in the concentration camps and the burning rooms where millions of them were murdered.Could you forgive those criminals, because they were following Hitler’s orders?.

    With all your respect, I think that this is not a matter of religion,- by the way I’m not religious guy too-, because even, under that “idea”, the history, the human being, has recorded thousands of crimes and abuses in the name of religion (long ago, don’t forget “The Inquisition , etc),I think, that is a matter of feel it, I don’t know your nationality , but being Cuban and knowing exactly the kind of suffering that my people has it for more than 50 years, is enough eloquently to see things the way I’m see it, my suggestion is, if you never saw or felt anything like that, just try to be in the other side, put yourself in the suffered part , imagine your life abused and tortured the same way, then tell me the answer!!!!.

    One more thing, a lot of the most recognized killers in history, Osama Bin Laden, Hitler, Himmler, Robespiere, Priests, Serial Killers, etc, etc, were extremely religious guys and they went to church to pray all the times!!!!


  12. Candido:

    I’m not religious, but I think you might consider going to church. The demons circling around you prevent rational thought from setting your heart straight.

    The example about the pilots is a good one. I think the pilots and others in similar situation in the Armed Forces should be untouched. It is already agreed on in the civilized world (and the Geneva convention) that you do not convict soldiers and officers under orders.

    I see I won’t convince you to change you mind. So I just urge you to reflect on this, and try to give it up for the good of your children or grandchildren.


  13. Julio and Cold:

    We are talking -in general terms- the same thing!!!!,,,but, mi point is, that, will be very,,,very,,,very difficult to find someone or create a team, that could be “totally clean”!!!! I mean,,,,,free of crimes, free of cruelty, free of snitching , free of abuse, free of help serving like a dog , free of all the situation from the smallest to the biggest!!!,,, serving for more than 50 years of terror.

    I’m 100 % sure that both, Fidel and Raul , as well as the main group (those still alive ) of their “Maffiosa Gang” will die of “natural causes”, but still, there are a lot of executors that had murdered, abused, violated, etc, etc,,,,,always following indications , orders, etc, from their superiors, but, Is that an excuse to forgive them?

    Those pilots, that following direct orders from Fidel, were able to shoot down two airplanes from “Brothers to the Rescue”, and, in top of that, at the moment of the killing, the recorded exclamation from them were ” We did it!!!!,,Viva Fidel,,,and many bad words”!!!!, those pilots were happy, with what they were doing,,,those pilots deserve to be forgotten?

    The Cuban navy guys, that were pushing the boat “13 de Marzo” until the boat went down until the bottom of the Ocean, killing a lot of children, women and men,,,those navy guys deserve to be forgotten?

    I can mention thousand and thousand of cases like those, then, who will take care of those killers?, how?, may be, the right way will be if the American Army goes to Cuba invading the Island then, later after the justice been serviced we, the Cubans can get a new beginning, this time with new laws, new Constitution, something that will be able to granted for every Cuban “The right to pursuit the happiness under freedom of speech, religion, etc, etc,,,,,,with FREEDOM”!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Candido
    It is very hard to compare the loss of life with a degree of fear instill by the regime and thinking a bit both are related. The initial killings in the revolution were intentionally done to create FEAR. Very deep fear so people will do what they were order to do.

    I am sure everyone’s experience with this have been very different just because each of us had to confront different people in the regime some more benign than others. I think we should forgive the past not necessarily forget it. But we need to move on to the future otherwise this will become a vicious cycle with no end on sight.

    For example I know that some Cubans have claimed torture by the Castro regime.
    How will you penalized that in a future Cuba?
    Who is really responsible for it? The person following the orders or the one that commanded it? or both?
    This are very difficult issues and I believe almost everyone have an opinion on it that may be similar or different.

    How about all the people that forcibly loss all their properties? What should be done with them? How should they be compensated? Or should their property be restore?

    Very Complex issues. I believe in the future we all will have to come to agreement into what will be the right treatment for all the people that performed these atrocities. It is too early to do so now. Maybe when that happens the majority of the people that committed the crimes are already naturally dead and therefore there is no issue to solve.

    In any case it should be all Cuban’s who decide what to do and not a small group of people like it happen at the beginning of the revolution otherwise it will become very quickly the same of what we criticized.

  15. Candido:

    The problem with what you are proposing is that based on the need for vengeance you are asking to throw the country into a possible civil war. There are many people you are disregarding who for better or for worse, believe in the regime and may still have sympathy for it after change is introduced. It will take time to turn this people around until they fully understand and support true democracy.

    Meantime, if you start picking off people for as you say “stealing… or killing freedom” this is a wide brush stroke by which to judge individuals who may not know anything other than the indoctrination of the regime.

    Extremism from the left and right, blind retribution and revenge, is harmful and poisonous to a new and harmonious future society in Cuba. The chaos that it brings gives psychopathic articulate criminals like Castro, the chance to take the moral high ground and before you know it, we have another dictator in our hands.

    With all due respect to the people that have been victimized by the regime and spent time in prison, the stability brought by free elections, a free market, and the peace of the country should take precedence well above individual concerns. This is what sacrificing for the good of one’s country is all about. You spent time in jail; you have my respect but don’t necessarily expect retribution, particularly towards people who are under orders to do harm, unless the crime involves torture physical abuse and/or murder.

    Those who stubbornly ignore history are bound to repeat it and with greater consequent damage.


  16. Please see my message in Moist Trivialities for an address.

    Your friendly English translator

  17. Julio:

    That was exactly the reason why I had mentioned only “minors”!!!!! abuses -if we can classify them like that-, because the killing, the vandalism, etc , are very obvious , however, the point of view for somebody that was feeling the cruelty that his father, or his mother, or her sister, or his brother, or his friend, or any love one, was suffering, could be very different than the point of view for somebody who did not fell that situation ( I don’t think that there are too many that were not touched by Castro’ fallacy,!!!)

    Let me ask you something,,,by any means, been expelled from the University, or from your job, just because you are catholic, or any other religion is not comparable with a cold killing?

    Killing is something barbaric !!!!, but keeping you mouth shoot, just because you have “fear” in your mind, in your spirit, just because one single word could be the cause to go to prison, or to condemn your family, your love one, etc, is as much barbaric as the killing, because, that is murdering the “freedom”, the most valuable treasure that every human being has it.

    Castro’ regime has been killing, murdering, stealing, etc, not only physically and materially , his fallacy has been affecting the mind, the life, the attitude, the behavior of every single Cuban during the last 50 years of his government of terror.

    Then, all members of his “Mafiosa Gang” must pay the price, the justice should be serviced by the Cubans, not by anybody else, and, at that very moment, every single Cuban should be united, and, we, all together present the profs “to clean up” the Island from scorpions, rats and killers.


  18. Being that Cuba is an island, with people living close together and because of its history and strong sensitivities, polarization should be avoided at all costs. Maybe political criminals should be sent the Hague, Holland for trial by an international tribunal.

    This will allow people to not be exposed to the situation the Castros created back in the sixties the public trials and kangaroo courts.

  19. Candido

    The examples you have put are not even the worst but them who is really responsible for those actions?
    He who follow and executed the orders or the one that make the law?
    I guess there is many examples in history about this type of tragedies. I agree with Cold in Chicago that the people that have committed crimes that include murder and bodily harm of other Cubans should be brought to justice.
    I am not sure how a process like that should work, I am no lawyer and I am afraid we have the danger of doing the same the Castro regime did at the beginning of the revolution. I will be oppose to executing this people regardless of the crimes committed. There is greater punishment in let in them live.
    I am sure also there should be laws in place for people that go on their own personal vendettas. That should not be allow at all. Otherwise there will be no end to the blood spilling.

  20. Dear Friends:

    That is exactly the “MAIN POINT!!!!!,,,how and who, will determine the right “border”, where thousand of those cowards had committed a crime, or abuse , or something illegal?.

    May be, for you, sending your father to prison for 5 years, just because he was doing something on the “black market” finding food for his kids, is not so bad and you can forgive and forget!!!!, at the end him -the father- was doing something illegal, that was illegal, because his family did not have food to eat, however, the guy who was sending him to prison had a lot of food in his table, “illegal too”!!!, but he was not sent it to prison, but, may be for others don’t!!!!,,,or may be, for someone that was separated from his mother, because, he left Cuba when he was 10 years old, and he had to wait 15 years to be reunited with his mother again!!!, is something very heavy to forgive and forget!!!!

    We can show millions of cases, where the justice should be take it, but , once again, how, by who ?

    Let me put it very simple, What comes first, the egg or the chicken?


  21. My opinion as to the individuals who have left the island recently and previously worked for the dictator is that we should receive them with open arms, unless they’ve committed murder and/or other serious crimes. We should be thankful that they are deserting the dinosaurs, and should encourage more to do the same. Lets not get confused and distracted with issues that detract from the ultimate goal: to bring freedom to Cuba.

    What right do we have to judge people who may have been born there after 59′ and were indoctrinated by the regime. In addition, everyone can make mistakes, the question is whether they’ve matured, admitted to it and moved on.

    Some of my own extended relatives despised Batista and supported Castro early on. What am I supposed to do, not talk to them? The reason they supported the Castros is because Batista interrupted the election process through a coup, thereby violating the 1944 constitution, killing the continuity that the country needed to maintain orderly change and setting it up for oblivion for fifty years. What they did to Cuba could make them and extremely despicable lot, and cowardly too for ceding power to the Castros without a shot. Would I advocate that Batista sympathizers be tried and jailed? Yes, if they committed murder and bodily harm to civilians. Otherwise, I’d counsel them to give up their ways and join civilization.

    Lets be real, if the country is going to get anywhere and join the free world after the dynasty moves on, people have to learn to work and live together, with minimal resentment, envy or jealosy. Likewise those with wealth and power, will need to behave with some modesty and sympathy for those less fortunate.

    Except in the case where crimes were committed that involved human lives and bodily harm to others, I’d say forgive and forget whether it concerns Batistianos or ex Castroids.

  22. Deathbed conversions.

    I’m curious to hear from others (and especially Cubans of course) how you feel about these late life ‘conversions’ — the “I’m sorrys”… “Everything I did before (while I was eating out of Castro’s hand and repressing my fellow Cubans) was wrong wrong wrong and now I see the error of my ways.”

    I don’t know much about Christianity having been brought up in way that will certainly condemn my soul to eternal torment — but isn’t it true, say in the Catholic religion, that if I ‘repent’ and “take Jesus as my personal saviour” or say some particular prayer with love in my heart (I don’t know… you tell me!) at the moment of my death… I’ll be ‘saved’ and allowed to enter paradise.

    I don’t know if Miami is paradise or not… but what about these people who show up only when the regime turns on them… and ask for a new beginning.

    What do you think?

    Welcome them into the community of humankind? Forgive and forget? Or throw them back into the fires of hell, or at least say a 9×6 barred room?

  23. Cold in Chicago:

    Yes, that is true, but, if you do the tracking of “a lot of those peoples” that in plane Cuban language we call them “Tronados” ( removed from their privilege positions), you will see that after they went to “darkness”!!!!, their final destination is the exile!!!!!,,,a lot of them are now leaving outside of Cuba, even, here in USA!!!!

    Just a little while ago, I saw on TV, a phone interview to Robaina, and the journalist asked about the new situation, with the new “Mafioso Boss” (Raul), etc, and his answer was “I’m just painting, I’m totally dedicated to the Art!!!!”.

    Don’t be surprised that in any moment you can see Perez Roque talking from a Miami TV station, giving information and showing “his total regrets!!!! about what he did the last 25 years of his life”,,,you will see it!!!, but the “curios” thing is that, we, the Cubans will forgive his miserable attitude during those years when he was eating from Castro’s hands!!!!.

    He will not be the first one and probably will not be the last one too!!!!!.

    Now, the “rats” are escaping from the boat, knowing that “may be”, they have a brief period of time and at the end, all their faults and killing could be forgiven just “changing the attitude at the very last minute”!!!!.


  24. Post no 3

    “Let me refresh your mind:
    Somebody remember which is the punishment to anybody that escape from the Island without the authorities permission?”


    You are right about people being vanished from returning to the country if they escape from the island. This is another way of making people disappear out of their way and eliminating obstructions.

    However, below I was referring to the domestic vanishment that the dynasty performs within the island, where previously well known officials (such as Robaina) are rarely if ever heard from again once removed. Not happy with just taking them away from their jobs, in addition they are also emasculated by taking the ability to speak up and influence away.

  25. Yes, you are totally right!!!!!, Castro’s regime has allowed just few people to travel freely -read it as “the members of his maffiosa gang”- and any simple Cuban that was able to do it was like a “lottery” winner at that moment.

    Let me refresh your mind:

    Somebody remember which is the punishment to anybody that escape from the Island without the authorities permission?

    That person will be separated of his family for long,,,long time, and frequently never will see her again, keep it as hostage of the Cuban Government just to show an example for others and like that avoid similar cases of defection (word that Cuba’ regime uses to classify people who escape from Cuba)


  26. Lets remember that only him, the anointed one, and his cronies, are deserving of travels. Just like in the time of Chinese emperors and Pharaohs, only they and their officials could visit or enter certain areas. In the case of the Forbidden City in Beijing, only eunuchs and concubines were permitted.

    In the case of this psychopathic regime, they do it in reverse, they let you travel and visit, and if you wonder around too much, they do what they did to Perez Roque and others: they make them eunuch and vanish them.

  27. Great job to all of you!
    I’ve had a link up about Edgar on my blog for weeks now and it’s so awesome to see that the raised awareness, while it may not bear fruit in the end, at least helped make Edgar’s voice heard.
    I am still in awe at the guts that you all have!
    Push the wall, keep doing what you do and change will come one day.
    We are ALL behind ALL of you!

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