Parade and epidemic

Photo taken from Yahoo News Mexico.

The two news reports followed one after another, so contradictory that the announcer himself had to make an effort to hide his discomfort.  In the first they talked about the crowds of people this coming May First, while the second announced an alert regarding a possible epidemic of swine flu.  As of Tuesday afternoon a number of timely preventative measures are being taking throughout the country.  However, the intention of bringing together nearly a million people in the parade this coming Friday, stands.

My experience with colds and flu-like illnesses tells me that a huge mass of people is the scenario most conducive to their spread.  The announced measures should include, for the minimum protection, the postponement or cancellation of the festivities for International Workers’ Day.  I don’t want to create unnecessary alarm.  I don’t know anyone who is infected and an official statement has been released saying that there are no recorded cases of this disease, but remember they told us the same thing for a long time about AIDS, before finally confessing that it had entered Cuba, not to mention keeping secret the number of dengue fever cases each year.

With all humility, I ask the Cuban government to re-think the idea of bringing together thousands of people at this time.  Please, show less concern about the spectacle and more protection for the citizenry.


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  1. Swine flu paranoia is just more media hysterics in the US its really just anti Mexican/Latino racism its supposedly from Mexico rich white tourists got it so its a big deal. People tried to say the Mayday/immigrants rights marches were canceled on the news in Seattle but they weren’t I was personally born in America but I was proud to be there You are really just using swine flu to push a political agenda if you don’t like the marches many people enjoy then just don’t go

  2. I can understand your concern seeing how the media has portrayed this, but historically seasonal flu has caused many many more fatalities than the swine flu. Using current data, at least, it doesn’t appear to be a big problem.

    I love your blog and the work that you do. You’re an inspiration to a lot of people. :)

  3. Statue

    “What do you mean with “I believe production of nickel is another source but due to the embargo they may have a hard time selling the raw material?”
    What does the embargo has to do with it? They can sell their nickel production to countries other than the United States, don’t they?

    If I understand correctly, they claimed that because of the embargo many potential buyers will not buy their nickel because the US will not buy the products using Cuban nickel. So that will put them in a hard place because they may not get the best prices for their raw materials.
    Yes, they can sell to other countries but because the companies in those other countries will most likely want to sell in the US they will refrain from buying from Cuba.

    “Giving some of the unproductive land to people” (They have tried that once before and later on they took the land back)

    Yes, they did and I remember I was there and it actually work at that time. You could see a lot more produce but as soon as they saw a few people getting a bit of money the shoot the whole thing down. Now they have different issues. Probably many of the people getting the land do not know how to make it produce and may not even have the tools to do so on the top of the restrains created by the system is almost an uphill battle so most likely will be a total failure.

    Independently of the price they are charge for cell phones and computers it is an advance. Is a bit ridiculous they have these prohibitions in the first place since people were having these items illegally any way. I suppose the reason they the prohibitions is to have control over information. Fidel is obsessed with controlling information.

    I know what the Cuban per capita is(about 200 dollars per year). But surprisingly some of them are able to afford these expensive items. Maybe with the help of Cubans outside, maybe with their black market businesses etc. As we know there is the Cuba that they portrait the socialist system and there is the Real Cuba that we know of people buying anything outside on the black market etc.

    Those are two very different Cuba.

    They claim Cuba is a socialist country etc etc.
    My personal opinion is that Cuba have never been socialist. Even the Cuba they claim as socialist is no more than a State monopoly capitalism. They can set price to whatever they like and charge as they please. Just think how they devalue the dollar by 20% when they convert to Chavitos and then sell things at even higher prices than the normal prices!
    They are able to do that because they have a Monopoly! So they can squeeze what little money our brothers have.

  4. So has anyone heard how the protest, known as a “cacerolazo” that was scheduled for friday evening went? Also is there that blog missing? and why was the site down this morning? Any connection?

  5. Julio de la Yncera (Silent Voice)
    Thanks for explaining your theory. I am aware of everything you mentioned; I was born and raised there.
    I could not agree with you more when you say that “We know they have managed to destroy almost every part of the Cuban agrarian economy that used to produce. Like production of Sugar Cane etc” I can add, not only the agrarian economy but also all well established enterprises that existed before their take over and the reason for their failure was the lack of knowledge on running any kind of business, if you were a good soldier of the revolution, that was good enough to be in charge and destroy what took so many years to build that was working right. That is why I don’t believe in how much money they can borrow from other countries to inject their economy or if Obama decides to lift the embargo, they will continue to repeat the same mistakes heretofore.
    What do you mean with “I believe production of nickel is another source but due to the embargo they may have a hard time selling the raw material?”

    What does the embargo has to do with it? They can sell their nickel production to countries other than the United States, don’t they?

    You went on to say: “Let me explain why I think Raul is a bit more practical than his brother.”

    “Giving some of the unproductive land to people” (They have tried that once before and later on they took the land back)

    “Authorizing Cubans to have cells phones and computers” (At what price? Besides, having a computer does not mean been able to communicate freely with the outside world, they restrict the Internet to local use. The Internet Cafes are for tourist or foreigners living in Cuba)

    “Authorizing Cubans to stay in hotels etc” (Again, at what price? The regular worker in Cuba makes the equivalent of $2.00 + US Dollars. ¿How many years they would have to save in order to stay in a plush hotel with their salary and don’t forget, they have to feed their family in the meantime?

    “If Raúl dies before Fidel”

    I hope our people don’t have to wait that long. I really think that the whole system is crumbling rapidly and that change has to come from within and these changes are happening at present and it will be the youth who will topple the system and eventually they will be able to govern themselves in a free society that is my hope.

  6. Statue
    “can you determine with a theorem how much longer the system could survive without a bail out from a capitalist nation? Is it possible to ascertain such a prediction? I am curious.”

    We can only go by the information we know about Cuba, unfortunately we know very little since they give out very little information. So it is almost impossible to make such predictions. But any way here is in general terms what I think. Without theorem or proof :D

    The Cuban economy is no able to sustained by itself.
    Since they need to buy large quantities of food outside of Cuba and import more than what they produce. We know they have manage to destroy almost every part of the Cuban agrarian economy that used to produce. Like production of Sugar Cane etc on the other hand they have created or renovated new forms of income for Cuba.
    For example,
    The money Cubans sent to Cuba is a new form of income that did not exist before the revolution, at least not at the level that is is now.
    They have also created a medical industry that derive money from pharmacological products, equipments and services. And revive the tourism industry.
    From the information I have seen those are their 3 biggest sources of income.
    I believe production of nickel is another source but due to the embargo they may have a hard time selling the raw material.

    If I have to guess I will say they have sufficient to keep moving the economy at the same sluggish pace until the natural end of their live!

    Let me explain why I think Raul is a bit more practical than his brother.

    We have seen a few little changes that show it.

    Giving some of the unproductive land to people.

    Authorizing Cubans to have cells phones and computers.

    Authorizing Cubans to stay in hotels etc.

    as you can see these changes are not sufficient and did not go sufficiently far. For example the giving of the land would not work unless they also release the price of farm products and stop telling people what they should cultivate etc. So this change will mean nothing.

    Also in the speeches we have seen him naming a few of the problems and scarcities Cuba have, something Fidel never did.
    So we can see he seem to be more focus in problem solving.

    I do agree with you that in general he is the same as his brother at least for now while his brother is alive. We will see what happen later.

    I was wondering what would happen if Raul dies before Fidel? Would they give power back to Fidel?

  7. Julio de la Yncera (Silent Voice)
    I can only agree with you on one thing and that is, Fidel still in command.
    I am not that naive to believe that Raúl is more honest than Fidel, neither one of them knows the meaning of the word. Be careful if you ever have to choose Raúl over Fidel, I believe Raúl’s hands are more tainted than the “Hyena of Birán” as Cuban use to call Fidel.
    I wish you were right when you said that Raúl is more practical than his brother, however I don’t see it that way. They might be different in style but not in principal.
    In order to make the system work, whoever is in power would have to change the way they been doing business for the last 50 years, and to do so is to renounce communism and embrace certain forms of capitalism, to me it is not ever going to happen while the two of them are alive.

    Now, on a more serious note, I know that you are a mathematician; can you determine with a theorem how much longer the system could survive without a bail out from a capitalist nation? Is it possible to ascertain such a prediction? I am curious.

  8. To clarify my post below (#19), I was alluding to the news story accompanying Fidel’s reflection.

    The quote from the Gramna news story says:
    “In contrast to other countries, celebrations for International Workers day on the island renews its workers’ commitment to increase production and efficiency in the midst of the economic crisis lashing humanity.

    In other parts of the world, the commemoration is an opportune moment for protest demonstrations and to demand an end to unemployment and guarantees of better working conditions.”

    What a joke. But a good reminder to bang my pot tonite.

  9. Did anybody read Fidel Castro’s latest “reflection?” According to the demented one, in the rest of the world May Day is an occasion for protests for better wages and working conditions, while in Cuba it’s an occasion to celebrate the worker’s paradise and commit to working harder. I’m paraphrasing but only slightly.

    The protests are called exercising your rights in a free country Fidel. If Cuban workers started demonstrating for better wages and working conditions, we all know exactly how the Castro brothers would react. Loss of employment and social ostracization at best. A lengthy jail sentence in Castro’s gulag at worst.

  10. Candido (this is from the prior post in case you did not see it there)

    The Cuban case is not any worse than what the Jews suffered by the Nazis. Situation similar to what happen in Cuba have unfortunately happen before in many countries. Look all over Europe and Russia. I do not recall of any mass killings after the communist regime were replace with a free society happening in any of those places and doing so will be bad for all, then this will never end.

    Yes many many injustices where committed against many Cubans many could not study many could not work in the place they deserve and so on but you can not go on personal vendettas after each minimal thing that happen. I believe only people that have done very egregious things should be brought to justice. As I said, it is too early to discuss this matters. At the end it should be the decision of the Cuban people not just a few individuals.
    One day the Cuban people will have that choice and they may even choose to forgive the criminals.
    What would you do then?

  11. Listen
    I remember a while back when I used to be in Cuba Raul gave a speech to the army
    and he ask them to please say YES and they all say Yes
    then he later asked them to please say NO and they all say NOO

    Then visibly very upset he when on to explain that that’s the big problems they had
    that people blindly did what they were commanded to do!

    Following day I when to Granma to read this speech because I could not believe my ears.
    Guess what?

    They never published that part of the speech. Years later I found what I describe above on a book by Andres Oppenheimer called Castro’s Final Hour.(Look it up at
    This shows that Raul did say what he wanted and as you can see he wants people to really do their best but he knows the system they got in place people will only do what they are commanded to do, because they are afraid.

    As you can imagined, this and many other things the two brothers may talk internally between them but those conversation never got to us.
    You can also see Raul’s speeches he is describing the situation they have like not sufficient qualified teachers, very few people been born to replace people retiring from work, not having milk for everyone, not having water etc etc.
    Those are the major problems they confront now. Apart from the many other problems that Yoani has mentioned on her blog and that I am sure they will probably like to address but are afraid to solve.

    For example. Allowing any cuban to get out or get in the country without permission.

    Why will they be afraid of giving that up?
    As you can imagine they will be afraid because
    They will loose many qualify professionals like doctors, scientist etc unless they put monetary intensive to keep this people. That will mean they will have to paid them according to what they do and they probably do not have the money to do so.
    What will they do if the majority of professionals decide to emigrate?
    They will be in big trouble. So I can tell you this. No matter what happens, I do not think they will ever allow Cubans to go freely out of the country for the reasons I explained above. Or they could just say that if you are graduated from such and such profession they will not let you out until a number of years had pass.
    For example that is exactly what happen right now with doctors, They are punish for 6 years I believe. That is the exact amount of times it takes them to produce a new doctor to replace the one that is leaving! So you can see that to us it seems like an arbitrary rule and a punishment and it is but they can not realistically let every one out that wants to go!
    What they need to do is to have a system that is more attractive to people and for that they will need to pay better salaries but they can not do that because they do not have the money so they are in a catch 22 situation!
    One other solution is to take the load of the state. By privatizing big chucks of the economy. But that will contradict the socialist revolution! again a catch 22!
    See the bind they have gotten themselves!

  12. Statue

    The contradictory statements between what the two Castro brothers have spoken does not look good for either one of them so I would believe that there was no prior agreement on their statements. It actually looks for Raul as he is not in control and that Fidel is still in command.

    I do believe that Raul is a bit more honest that Fidel and that will make him look let’s sophisticated from a political point of view. Raul is no a politician like his older brother. He seems to call things by their name and not lie like his older brother. If I have to choose only between Fidel and Raul I will probably pick Raul in a heart bit. I am sure they most have had many fight on this long 50 years about the direction to take the country. Raul seems to be very practical and he knows that things are not working. 50 years is enough time to have seen something good out of this revolution and as we all can see they are going down and down on every possibly front! Even what they used to call the achievements of the revolution are also jeopardy! (As we know the health care is really bad and the educational system is much worst that it used to be). So, so much sacrifices and loss of personal liberty for this?
    As for Fidel, we can see how he cling to power and will not let Cubans advance unless he gets what he wants at the expense of the Cuban people. This is something we have all suspected.

  13. To:Julio de la Yncera (Silent Voice)

    The most prevalent tactics are presently exhibit by the Castro’s bothers. They are trying to portrait themselves to the outside world as they are in disagreement when in essence they are in cahoots with each other to see how they both can screw Obama and create an aura of confusion among the American people. What happens here is that Raúl is not as astute as Fidel is and he opened his big mouth and now Fidel is trying to say that Obama misinterpret his brother. I agree with you on one thing, Fidel still very much in power and nothing will be done without his approval.

  14. Julio:

    With all your respect, but, how naive you are!!!!!.

    Raul’s words were a very well conceived idea, between both brothers, just to read the mind of the Latino America’s leaders, but mainly, Obama’s mind.

    Obama did not bite the bate, and under his calm personality said, what he had to said.

    Remember that Fidel and Raul are wolves that they don’t care about dignity, honor or any king of honorable procedure to act and show their cruelty; is something that we call: ” don’t grab the hot potatoes , leave it for another one, anyway, it never reached the floor”.

    In other words, Fidel can reverse what his brother had said it, without any hesitation, and at the same time, Raul is ready to accept his roll in this comedy, without any shade of embarrassment, at the end, they both are the Owners, the King and Queen, the Executors, etc, etc,!!! always will be somebody to accuse as being the responsible one for any kind of answer or bad action took it!!!!

    Julio, anybody !!!!, Fidel Castro, Raul Castro and the members of their “maffiosa gang”, NEVER EVER will give up their intentions to stay in power,,,,NEVER EVER will be any change under that dictatorship , NEVER EVER the Cuban people will see freedom under that herd of rats!!!!!.

    This is very sad, but it is the reality, and anybody that can imagine an small change, an small intention of something new, with those snakes still commanding the island,,,,is a real dreamer!!!!!!


  15. Swine flu and the WNV

    The “swine flu” outbreak in USA with fewer than 100 cases confirmed and only one dead, had created widespread concerned. I believe we shall be more concerned with the WNV epidemic. This virus has killed over 1000 people since its appearance in the United States. The well documented article “West Nile Virus and the Dragon’s Tail,” provides strong evidence of the introduction of the virus by Castro’s tyranny in the U.S.


  16. Espero el Jefe Fidel Hoy en la fiesta, ya K esta mejor y me escribe a traves de las “reflections”. PATRIA O MUERTE , te espero

    el Diablo

    ps.. Yoani, no jodas tanto. :) Los viros me trien clientes. Los descarados que fueron a Cuba via Mexico. Cono dicen que Dios es Grande, y bueno.

  17. WHERE IS FIDEL?, He was always the “SHOW” even portraid as a divine figure. Now this REVOLUTION is on its knee s and without the big man at the helm. He called out for me to make sacrifices and I did. SACRIFICIO , signs everywhere said it.. I live now in the USA,who I was brought up to fear, has a NEGRO PRESIDENT ,and women in every aspect of life and Government. Today from watching TV (MEGA)I learn that Fidel has 12 Mercedes Benzs (3 fleets of4 each), while my family still there is hungry and in need of repair to there . If EL JEFE, COMANDANTE, FIDEL CASTRO can meet with all the recent foriegn leaders. He BETTER SHOW UP AND MAKE A PRESENCE to the brainwashed family members I left behind. GOD BLESS the USA and the great clean bathrooms throughout the Nation and especially, you say here,,shoutout to McDonalds great food ,best bathrooms.. Happy MayDAY A Rosey baby Capitalist/ Yoani dale duro a lo carderos, we all love you at my house. SHOW UP make some SACRIFICIO FIDEL even if it hurts , la Revulution te lo pide, PARTRIA O MUERTE’, Si No , Pa la Calle MUCHA BULLA, se va FORMAR, HAPPY MAY DAY PONGAN A FIDEL QUE AGA OTRO SACRIFICIO que ya el Monstro puso un Negro. Y Cuba sige con la misma mierda. Ya yo se que el EMBARGO era un cuento. Falta poco.

  18. “display of support of freedom the majority of the citizen of Cuba will display on May 1st”!!!!!!!! Ha Ha!! They give them FREE BEER, THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO, AND THEY THREATEN THEM WITH EXPULSION FROM THEIR JOBS IN THEY DONT SHOW UP!!!!!!!!!
    HOW NAIVE!!!

  19. Statue

    I believe there is some sort of measuring up by both governments going on right now, it is still early to tell what the end result will be. I believe Obama’s steps towards changing the old policy was a very smart move.

    Raul did show willingness to talk about any topics until his older brother show up with his reflection, claiming Obama did not understand Raul correctly!
    As you can see this statements by the Castros show a few things.
    First That Raul is willing to negotiate with Americans and Fidel is not.
    That Fidel seem to be still in power and commanding Cuba behind the scene.

    Let’s wait and see what else will fall from this.
    Also notice they did not seem to be ready for Obama’s change since the two Castro’s seem to contradict each other on their statements. If Raul was not Fidel’s brother I am sure by now we would have seen his “voluntary” resignation letter published on Granma.

  20. Julio de la Yncera (Silent Voice,this message is for you.

    Statute of Liberty

    April 15th, 2009 at 14:57
    Silent Voice.
    You are right to give a chance to people, I agree with you if you are dealing with reasonable people but they aren’t. I like to believe that I am an individual with a lot of patient and the truth is that I have waited for 50 long years for those Monsters to show any sign of benevolence from their side. I have experience how each US President has handle Castro since the beginning of his Robolution and I can tell you that some of our Presidents had gone out of their way to please the bearded one to no avail. On this side of the fence we think that if we allow enough concessions, they in turn will do the same, that is not been the case, I still awaiting and judging by their actions on the other side, I don’t think it will happen.
    At this moment their diabolic minds are working to come up with some kind of response, which will prove one more time their dissatisfaction with whatever we do. Just wait and see. I would like to have your response once Cuba decides to vent their venom on us one more time.

    On April 15th I posted the above message in response to one of yours and at the end of my message I said to you “I would like to have your response once Cuba decides to vent their venom on us one more time.”

    Just yesterday April 29, The New Granma in Miami published Raúl Castro’s response to Obama. Here is part of what he said: “Raul Castro dismissed Barack Obama’s policy changes toward Cuba as “achieving only the minimum,” and said Wednesday that it is up to the U.S. – not Cuba – to do more to improve relations.”

    If you want to read the whole article, copy and paste the following:

    Once again, what Cuba wants is for this country to subsidize their fatal economy. We have enough economic and political problems in this country which we need to solve them before we extend a hand to our own enemies.

  21. May be, the next “1 de Mayo” could be a good an exceptional excuse to show that the Cuban people is totally against the criminal and cruel “Robolution”, because, if every body stayed at home, using the “pork fever illness” as an excuse, then, the authorities can’t blame nobody, because the reasons are very powerful !!!!!!

    I know that this is a dream, because still there are too many persons, feeling fear in their bones, or too many disguising the true under their masks , even, some of them still support unconditionally the cruel and sanguinary regime that Fidel Castro and his “Maffiosa gang” has imposed for more than 50 years.

    But in reality, this could be an extraordinary opportunity to show up the nasty feelings that the Cuban people has against Castro’s Robolution, may be, if that happen, Castro, in his crazy way of thinking can do something barbaric, or some kind of declaration that could result in adding more garbage to his cruel system.

    I wish that- the sooner, the better-, he, and his gang could be brought to justice and executed right in front of the Cuban People, at least, something like Ceausescu in Romania!!!!!!!!!!


  22. Comparto este articulo de Vladimiro Roca ,porque describe el perfil psicologico y demoniaco del “compañero Fidel”
    Las ?virtudes? de Castro
    Vladimiro Roca
    LA HABANA, Cuba, abril ( – Leyendo las llamadas ?Reflexiones del compañero Fidel? sobre la Cumbre de las Américas, han venido a mi mente todas las ?virtudes? de Fidel Castro. Sobre todo aquellas que más práctica el comandante en Jefe: la soberbia, la irresponsabilidad, el cinismo, la envidia, el odio, la crueldad, la maldad y la mentira.
    En cada una de las reflexiones vierte una buena cantidad de envidia, comenzando por la sede de la Cumbre, Trinidad y Tobago, acusando al país de ?inmensamente rico, una especie de Estados Unidos rodeado de pequeños países pobres.?; para más adelante mentir al afirmar: ?Casi todas las restantes islas que integran la comunidad del Caribe, situadas más al norte, son directamente batidas por los huracanes de creciente intensidad que todos los años azotan a nuestras hermanas islas del Caribe?. ¿De dónde habrá sacado la información sobre que Trinidad y Tobago no ha sido azotado por huracanes?
    Continúan las mentiras o medias verdades, que para el caso es lo mismo. Refiriéndose a la cacareada ayuda del envío de médicos a distintos países, reconocida por Obama, dice que la misma ?se inició en Argelia en 1963, cuando luchaba contra el colonialismo francés?. Lo que no dice es que sirvió para enmascarar la ayuda militar con soldados cubanos a los luchadores argelinos.
    Después, en un alarde de soberbia sin igual, la persona que menos principios tiene, se los quiere recordar a Obama: ?Deseo recordarle un principio ético elemental relacionado con Cuba: cualquier injusticia, cualquier crimen en cualquier época no tiene excusa alguna para perdurar??. ¿Por qué no reflexiona él sobre ese ?principio elemental? y se lo aplica? ¿Por qué no deja de cometer injusticias y crímenes contra el pueblo cubano?
    Haciendo honor a su eterna irresponsabilidad, intenta culpar al embargo de un sistema económico fallido que es de su completa y única responsabilidad diciendo: ?También afecta a la economía de la cual se sustenta una nación y limita sus posibilidades de cooperar con los servicios de salud, educación, deporte, ahorro energético y protección del medio ambiente con muchos países pobres del mundo?. Aquí aflora todo el cinismo y la maldad del ?compañero Fidel?.
    ¿Ya se olvido de todo lo que gastó en las llamadas gestas liberadoras alrededor del planeta? ¿O de los planes económicos descabellados, cómo la desecación de la ciénaga de Zapata, cambiar la genética ganadera, crear un cordón agrícola alrededor de La Habana para sembrar café caturra y gandul; crear una brigada para desmontar y deforestar el país desde oriente a occidente, por solo citar algunos?
    Donde hace verdadera gala de su enorme cinismo es en la reflexión titulada ?Sueños delirantes?, especialmente en los cuatro párrafos finales, donde carga contra la OEA lo que él ha venido haciendo desde el mismísimo triunfo de la mal llamada revolución. ¿Cómo puede hablar de soberanía e integridad de los pueblos de América Latina quien intento por todos los medios exportar a esos mismos países el fracasado sistema político y económico que convirtió a Cuba, no ya en una república bananera, sino en un potrero: el potrero de los Castro? Es tan marcado el cinismo de Castro en el último párrafo, que creo innecesario comentar lo que es claro para personas informadas sobre la realidad cubana.
    Pero lo que terminó de sacar a flote todas las ?virtudes? de Castro fueron las respuestas de Barack Obama en la conferencia de prensa con periodistas en el hotel, sobre todo porque puso la bola del lado del gobierno de Cuba, y lo obligó a sacar toda la maldad, odio y crueldad que siente por el pueblo cubano.
    Lo primero fue decir que ?el Presidente interpretó mal? lo que había dicho Raúl Castro, el nuevo desgobernante, cuyas palabras fueron claras para aquellos que las escuchamos. Pero la respuesta de Obama en la Cumbre no era esperada por el tirano que, además, se vio ignorado, y eso si que no lo soporta. De ahí su airada respuesta en su reflexión ?Obama y el bloqueo?.
    Obama puso sobre la mesa de negociación

  23. Public health has never been a big concern for casto’s regimen if it can’t be used as propaganda object. The dictatorship inherited of the republic a well developed and internationally high ranked health system. Tyranny only had to start a propaganda campaign to make the world believe it were an own achievement but the true is that since the tyranny control the public health the country has been beaten by frequents and uncontrolled epidemic diseases such as Dengue, Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis, Equine Encephalitis, Cholera, Malaria, etc. Most of them caused by the bad shape of the Water and Sewer systems, lack of an effective sanitary control of vectors such as mosquitoes, rats, fly, roach, fleas, etc. Another factor is the total absence of preventive vaccination programs and a deficient diet where vitamins and other essentials components for human health are almost out of the common people diet. Nowadays Cuba is a place where almost always is ongoing an epidemic situation, if you add to this scenario the danger of an external and lethal infection would be easy understand that to gather one million cubans against theirs will only to give the world the false impression of popular support is not only a stupid thing that no one will buy but also a crime.

  24. Regular seasonal flu kills 250,000 to 500,000 people in a normal year. Don’t be foolish. People are over reacting to this thing. No country, except maybe Mexico, should cancel public events due to swine flu.

  25. In a rational society, with elected officials who care about their constituents, the well being and health of the population is the primary concern.
    In the dictatorship of the Castros, the self aggrandizement and appearances are supreme and above people’s welfare. Since they’ve recently been making clowns of themselves, something has to be done.

    At a time like this, with a black man as president of the U.S. making overtures to the dictatorship, even offering to meet some of their demands, the regime is feeling very insecure and not sure about what to do. They’ve just launched a diatribe demanding instant gratification, like babies, of their usual demands. But then, going back to babyhood is no uncommon from patients who suffer from mental fatigue.

    To show how tough they are, they’ll empty the factories and work centers offering free transportation to the Plaza. Their objective is to show the world that as alzheimer riddled, and error prone as they are, they still have the support of the masses.

  26. Stop Stop I cannot believe that the spread of swine flue is being utilized as a limp topic on this blog surly there is more topics that you can attempt to discolour the up coming spontaneous display of support of freedom the majority of the citizen of Cuba will display on May 1st. Your blog only shows your person lack of concern of this world wide tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes. Please in future st lease attempt to display a small amount of compassion to our brothers and sisters who do truly suffer.

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