The improbable interview of Gianni Minà

A whole rhetoric—so widespread in the sixties of the last century—displays its death throes in the millennium that recently began. It’s a type of discussion that reminds me of the “barricades,” in that opponents crouch behind the parapets and from this safe vantage point throw insults instead of arguments. Gianni Minà has dusted off a little of this worn out artillery. The arsenal he has flung at me is composed of accusations that I am manufactured by the North and that I have forgotten to mention—on purpose—the advantages of today’s Cuban system. In conclusion he repeats the refrain that I am “unknown” in Cuba, forgetting that I have always boasted of my smallness and insignificance.

Minà, however, has a history of great deeds. He managed to interview the one who has guided the destiny of my country for five decades, when we Cubans ourselves have not been able to question him or respond to him with our ballots. The book that resulted from that meeting was in the bookstores during the years when I was thinking of leaving college because I did not have shoes to wear. From this side of the world, away from the windows displaying his extensive interview in a deluxe edition, something very different was happening: pockets were emptying, frustration growing and fear proliferating. None of this appeared in the eulogistic phrases of that publication and the author didn’t care to prepare a second edition to fill in these omissions.

I would like to suggest a couple of questions for a new meeting between him and Fidel Castro, which will probably never happen. Investigate Mr. Minà—you who can speak with Him—why he hasn’t decreed an amnesty for Adolfo Fernández Sainz and his colleagues, who have now served six years in prison for crimes of opinion. Mark on your agenda, please, the doubts my neighbor has about the denial of permission for his brother to enter Cuba, after “deserting” while at a conference abroad. Transmit to him the question of my son Teo who doesn’t understand why, to study in higher education, one must meet a set of ideological requirements.

If you can get close to Him—closer than any of us could manage—ask him to let these “unknown” citizens freely associate, found a newspaper, create a radio station, run for president, or enjoy that right that you exercise in full, of publicly writing opinions very different from those of your country. I assure you that this interview—the one you will never have—would be a bestseller on this Island.


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  1. Hello, I found this post linked thru a frined’s blog, and it’s something I’ve been wanting to read for such a long time. I really can’t stand people who pet dictators from safety distance because western world root of all evil bla bla bla. I always tell ’em, “Why don’t you say it directly to a Cuban?” And now I can send them here to read something insightful and not only garbage written by remote operating communwankers.
    I’ll link you, for sure.
    Bye and take care,

  2. I was just watching a documentary about Joseph Stalin and the errors he made in not believing his advisers and army generals when the Germans were on the verge of invading Russia in World War II. His comrades were begging him to mobilize his armies and even launch a preemptive strike while the Nazi army was assembling and vulnerable. But the dictator, overestimating his own intellectual prowess and thinking himself greater than those around him (sounds familiar) failed to heed the advise of the experts.

    Less than a month later, the Germans launched an invasion of Russia, encircling and decimating an estimated two million Russian soldiers. Do you think Stalin’s cronies had the cojones to face the dictator and depose him or at least admonish him? No way, they toasted him again and swore their loyalty to him.

    As in the case of Mr. Mina and other eunuchs around the Cuban dictator, those around Stalin continued to idolize and fear him so much that even when making the most monumental mistakes, they would still toast, and adulate him, while the dictator beating himself in the chest as they all do, did not accept responsibility for any of the errors all around him.

  3. When the current regime of despots falls and the world learns the truth about them, a lot of people like mr mina will be shown for what they are. They have so much to answer for. For any who are listening now it our brave Ms Yoni who is trying to get that truth out

  4. I just read a book I highly recommend… it’s called “The Shame of Survival” by Ursula Mahlendorf. She’s in her 70’s now or pushing 80 — it’s about growing up in Nazi Germany and being a really gung ho member of the Hitler Youth… about how the society was run, just like Cuba today, with all the layers of control and the indoctrination of the kids, and the substituting ideology for competence whether at work or school for promotion and advancement. And then it’s about the aftermath… her whole life trying to get over who she was and what she felt she and her country were responsible for, even though she was a young person. As she says in the book… SHE did not personally persecute the Jews and others and drive them to their deaths, but she’s pretty sure she WOULD have if she’d been old enough to.

    Anyway… there’s so much of what she talks about that’s exactly like Cuba except the Third Reich was what, about 12 years… and here is Cuba more than 50 years…

    Many others have said… (and she says it too)… all those Nazis weren’t killed or escaped to South American after the war… they simply changed their clothes… and there they were… in many cases still running the country… lying about their past, claiming they’d all been “in the resistance”…

    Yes, they will have a lot to answer for… but sometimes it seems that those who have very little… someone who was just a child…when their eyes are opened and they see what they participated in… the suffer much more than those who were directly responsibile.

  5. When the current regime of despots falls and the world learns the truth about them, a lot of people like mr mina will be shown for what they are. They have so much to answer for. For any who are listening now it our brave Ms Yoni who is trying to get that truth out.

  6. I got an idea! Below is the link to Gianni Miga’s web site! So send your thoughts on Cuba and Yoani to him. You can use google translator to italian in case he does not understand spanish! Wait, maybe that is why he writes such sh** about my country and the AS*HOl** (plural) who run it!! You can use the translator to send your thougts in Italian. This is the DYING BREED OF COMMUNISTS TRYING TO STAY RELEVANT!!! LOVE THAT INTERNET! Flaca! Estoy aqui para ti! Tu hermano!Soy Ellegua! No te preocupes!!Abriremos estos camninos a LA LIBERTAD!

    Humberto Capiro

  7. Hola Joani, now i see that comments are moderated, is the government approves/disapproves them? if so then they SUCK big, and they know it and I know and they know who I am as they have been following my life since a child, imagine the kind of persecution this is and I am from another country, from the cuba’s now satellite Venezuela, where the dictator HUGUITICO, (I like this as they say this in Cuba’s Jaime Lopez Town) is, hahaha, how I know this little town not in Cuba’s map??, well they [the castros] think they know where I am all the time by having sent a dumb seguridad agent to follow me thru the mexican border and they think I do not know since they think seguridad is the most secretive, jajajaja, just LIES so the west fears them, but I infiltrate cuba also with no fear whatsover, hahahaha, [heart attack for uncle fidel]and he knows I am the most secretive and intelligent person in the world (he thought) but no it is in the UNIVERSE, and no, I am not any agent (he knows) of any agency whatsoever, but I am here to announce like they do customary in Jaime Lopez, his camaradas, DANIELITICO, INACITICO (lula), EVITICO, CORREITA, ARMANDITICO (No es el loko de Cumana, venezuela, hehe), and the newest one MAURICITICO, and that is all for now, do not worry Joani about getting internet security that one time I went to cuba with an air card and customs not even noticed (never knew), hahahaha, and a laptop, I am INVENTING another gadget where you can get FREE T1 Connection Bandwith, they probably will reasearch it, hehe, the fastest, now they know I am an expert, and you wont need it in your pc, you can carry it in you hair, hahahaha, as I know they dislike Desarrollo (Development) and technoloy NOBODY NOBODY can’t stop it, Hear Uncle??, and I am announcing as I am the chief, the DIGITAL MAPHIA where we do not know each other but with CODES, like RAULITICO, and we are not polititians but common super intelligent people that WILL save this World and Mundo from perverse leaders that do not care for their people and we announced it already but 1st time online our Digital War, where nobody knows what it is but ourselves, we do not need guns not tanks or missile but the most potent one our brains :), I am trying to come up with a TROJAN to send FART NOISE into FIDEL’s PC as he write there a lot and send NASTY PICTURES so he exhibits his customary hate look, and as I do not know you, I hope to see you some day…xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
    Digital 007
    Bloque Digital, Not Socialista

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