At the Meliá Cohiba

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Yesterday, May 9, I went to the Meliá Cohiba hotel to check if the Internet access limitations for Cubans continue.  Several friends had told me that the measure had been rescinded… but I wanted to check for myself. So Reinaldo and I went and made this little video.

The “tourist” who appears to be reading the newspaper Granma is me.

Translator’s Note:  The English version of the video is now posted, but I’ve decided to leave the transcript below as people seem to be finding it useful.

Video Transcript

Reinaldo – Buenes tardes joven.  Para comprar una hora de internet.
Good afternoon, Miss.  I’d like to buy an hour of internet.

Mujer (Raquel) – Me permite tu pasaporte? Por favor.
May I see your passport please.

R – No, yo… carta de identidad es lo que yo tengo.
No, what I have is an identity card.

M – No, no le puedo vender una hora de Internet, porque la conexión aquí es solamente para extranjeros.
No, I can’t sell you an hour of Internet, because the connection here is only for foreigners.

R – Discuple, es que yo no oigo bien.
Excuse me, I don’t think I heard you clearly.

M – Que la conexión aquí es solamente para los extranjeros.
The connection here is only for foreigners.

R – Desde cuando es eso?
Since when is this?

M – Hace un mes.
Since one month.

R – Yo vine la semana pasada y me conecte.
I came last week and connected.

M – Y quien la vendía el ticket?
And who sold you the ticket?

R – No sé el nombre. Como mismo no la he preguntado el nombre a usted, tampoco se lo pregunte a la…
I don’t know the name.  Just as I didn’t ask your name, neither did I ask…

M – Mi nombre es Raquel.
My name is Raquel.

R – Si, pero usted no es la unica persona que trabaja aquí.  Aquí hay una muchacha rubia…
Yes, but you aren’t the only person who works here.  There’s a red-headed girl…

R – Hace ocho dias.
It was eight days ago.

M – Ya….

M – Hay una resolución que dice que solamente es para extranjeros.  Mire aquí…
There’s a resolution that says it’s only for foreigners.  Look here…

R – Si.

R – Esta es la…
This is the…

M —  Venga acá…y…a…ver.
Come here… and… see.

R – Pero esto es solamente en este hotel?
But is this only in this hotel?

R – Esto se está haciendo en todos los hoteles?
Is this being done in all the hotels?

R – Si, porque yo me conecto frequentamente en el Nacional y en el Presidente.
Because I frequently connect in the National and the President.

M – Creo que en el Presidente, todavía no se ha establecido este sistema.
I think in the President they still haven’t established this system.

R – Pero, eso es una cosa que viene… una resolución.  Usted me disculpa que le haga tantas preguntas.
But this is something that comes… a resolution.  Forgive me for asking so many questions.

R – Es una resolución para este hotel, para la agencia Melia, para…?
Is this a resolution of this hotel, of the Melia company, of…?

M – No, eso es una resolución del MINTUR.
No, it’s a resolution from MINTUR.

R – Del Ministerior de Turismo?
From the Tourism Ministry?

M – Si.

R — … no será del Ministerio de Comunicaciones?
It’s not from the Communications Ministry?

M – Tengo entendido que tiene que ver con el MINTUR y con ETECSA.
I’ve been given to understand that it comes from MINTUR and ETESCA.

M – Porque de hecho, este nuevo tipo de conexion es de ETESCA.
Because of the fact that this new type of connection is from ETESCA.

R – Bueno y eso, como uno puedo discutir eso? Verlo con alguien?
OK, and this, how can one dispute this?  See someone about it?

R – Vaya, no es con usted con quien lo voy a discutir, porque desde luego usted es una persona que está cumpliendo con su trabajo.
Look, I don’t have an argument with you, because after all you are a person who is just doing your job.

M – Si dirije allí, a la Conserjería y allí usted refleja cualquier queja que usted quiera.
Yes, you can go to Reception and lodge any complaints you like.

R – Porque usted sabe que eso viola mis derechos constitucionales.
Because you know this violates my constitutional rights.

R – Porque está escrito en la constitución de nuestra Republica que esta prohibida la discriminacion por origen nacional.
Because it’s written in the constitution of our Republic that discrimination based on national origin is prohibited.

R – Y entonces yo me siento discriminado porque tengo como origen nacional el de Cuba.
And I feel discriminated against because my national origin is Cuban.

R – Es como se dijeron aqui: “Esta Internet es para todo el mundo, menos para los mexicanos.”
It’s as if they said here: “This Internet is for the whole world except Mexicans.”

R – Es lo mismo, no?
It’s the same, no?

R – Me están discriminando por mi origen nacional.
I’m being discriminated against for my national origin

R – No hay una sola ley o reglamento interno que puede ir por encima de los derechos constitucionales de los ciudadanos.
There’s not a single law or internal regulation that can supersede the constitutional rights of citizens.

R – Diga yo, No?
Aren’t I right?

M – Yo lo único que tengo que… Bueno, pues cumplir con mi deber.
I’m just that one who has to… I’m just doing my duty.

R – Si claro, yo conozco eso.
Yes, of course, I know that.

R – Bueno Raquel, pues muchas gracias y esperamos a ver la próxima vez que venga aquí, ya seguro que derogado eso.
OK Raquel, and many thanks and I hope to see you the next time I come here, I’m sure this will be repealed.

M – A bueno… ojala… a ver.
OK… hopefully… we’ll see…


49 thoughts on “At the Meliá Cohiba

  1. bueno para usted yoani, y reinaldo
    resuelto, profundo, valeroso

    cuidate mucho, mis amigos
    gracias, y mantienen el trabajo bueno
    todo el mejor

  2. Just wanted to echo what Jim Sanders said in his comment.

    Here are some of the adjectives that come to mind in describing Reinaldo and Yoani -fearless, courageous, creative, tireless, persistent, and above all, brave.

  3. Liborio, your comment is a leaving proof about what I said in my comment.

    We -included yourself-, the Cubans, always fighting against each other, or having an specimen like you!!!!, that are unable to read between lines!!!!.

    Of course that Castro is not the only one, but Castro is the image, the leader, the brain, that was able to create what we got in Cuba.

    With regard of “waiting”, you too will be in the same list, with or without intention, because you did not do anything to change it!!!!!!


  4. Fantastic!

    The idea of using technology against the injustice of the system and the phony constitution is too delicious. Mad props to whomever gave Yoani this magical gift of a hidden camera.

    Wonderful also to see her husband in action, the first video I’ve seen of him. He pulled this off miraculously – to balance a sedentary hotel employee who could easily become hostile while so eloquently and extemporaneously railing against the denial of his rights is no easy thing. It takes guts, intelligence, and artistic perfomance talent. Bravo!

    We’re with you!

  5. May 13, 2009
    Solution PETOBISMOL
    Do you know exactly what is the Cuban problems?.

    I’m going to explain my point of view very brief!!!! (I’ll try!!!).

    Yes only with a simple phrase ” ENVy Inside and Outside”.

    Cuba’s system is “a diabolic regime” ,is not communism,
    is not socialism, and may be looks something like that, but,
    the real name is “Fidelismo”!!!!,,has been, and will be,
    like that and will go on with Castro’s crazy idea, until his dead.
    Men you have a Tenny in place of brain.
    One man cannot do it along.
    Are you to wait for all cuban in the Island to be death for change?
    The FMC, the CDR, the PCC, and on and on.
    No way Jose! Two Independent States in one Island the Comunists to the East and
    the Democraty to the West.
    Mr. Can-dido

  6. Darko:

    I’m going to explain my point of view very brief!!!! (I’ll try!!!).

    Do you know exactly what is the Cuban problems?.

    Here you got the answer: We, the Cubans, our self!!!!.

    None country -even USA- , nobody, -even from the Moon- is responsible of the last 50 years of Cuba’s tragedy, only, we, the Cubans, that in one way or another, by mistake or support we had Castro keeping the power.

    Cuba’s system is “a diabolic regime” ,is not communism, is not socialism, and may be looks something like that, but, the real name is “Fidelismo”!!!!,,has been, and will be, like that and will go on with Castro’s crazy idea, until his dead.

    We, the Cubans, are leaders lovers, has been like that for many, many years -I would say, almost, since the Cuban identity was born- , then, Castro came at the right moment, at the right time, and took over the power, then, by the time that the Cuban people did realize who really was him,,,,was already too late!!!!.

    For many of us, the solution was “the exile”, and for the rest of the population in Cuba, there was not other choice than the “resignation”!!! and believe me,,,that is exactly what is happening there during the last 40 years.

    Hope, for Cubans, means :

    -Go to prison for any kind of opposition , does not matter is this is civil, pacific, reasonable, etc, if you are able to differ against Castro!!!!,,then, sooner or later you will end your days “isolated”!!!!

    -The exile (in any kind of way), defecting, or by family reunification, or as a rafter, or marrying somebody that can take you, even, to the most remote part of the world, we don’t care, the end is just go out of Cuba!!!!

    -Receiving a little bit of money (dollars)from somebody, who can be able to provide it, and this money will keep the “hope alive” until the next delivery!!!!.

    -Get drunk, or just stay seating in the corner of your neighborhood, talking about anything with your friends.

    -Get a job where you can travel , then, your life will be a little bit less miserable, because, that person has the privilege of “stay outside and bring over material things to his family”, and of course, eating better each day that he will be outside of the country, but , to keep this job, the person is supposed to be a loyal servant of Castro’s guidelines!!!!, just one mistake and you will be among one of the groups described above!!!!.

    -Being a member of the cruel and diabolic teams of repression , but , just for a while, because , sooner or later, that person will be involve in any of the situation described above, then, without any doubts will be another more victim!!!.

    The worse part is that, about Korea- using your comparison- everybody knows the system and the all world is totally sensitive with it, but Cuba’s system is something totally opposite, the all world think that Cuba is a Paradise, that is exactly the “powerful magic that Castro has created about the island and her people”, when in reality is worse than Korea’s situation.

    Our culture, -“apparently”- is not as servile as the Korea’s culture, that is why sometimes we can understand the reasons why those Asian countries are able to support those regimes (Korea, China, Viet Nam, etc), because most of the times their peoples look happy, however, the Cuban’s permanent smile is gone!!!!

    With regard of the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc), I would say that they are “enjoying a good system”, but, just for them, because there, the immigration is very well controlled, the immigrants are “not welcome”, and the foreign people don’t have the same opportunities that they have here in America, I know that they have the right to protect them self from “foreigners”, but, once again, those countries are very close, that at the end, I will resume my point asking :

    Why “almost” everybody wants to immigrate to America?

    Could be something like the people of the world is voting with their foot, after entering and walking in ?


  7. looks like raquel and friends are doing there job………….keep it up mi hermana..don t need pollution like y on the net she should go to work in the sugar cane will make her get some color…… fidel viva raoul viva cuba……….yankee stay home

  8. Candido, first of all discussions are always subject to generalisations and I’m aware of that. Theoretically you are right but problem with America is that it is all the time (through history) trying to export its democracy and system of values and in 99% of times throgh double standards (what is worth for us is not worth for you) and absolutely only in its own interest. For eg Haag tribunal is responsible for all nations in the world except Americans – all nations can commit war crimes except Americans – come on !!?? I think even Obama spoke a liitle abou that. For me model societies are some European countries – first of all Scandinavian (Norway, Sweden,Denmark) which has the most human system of values. And probably 95% of Americans don’t even know where Norway is – that is what I am talking about.
    As for Cuba – of course America has all the right to not have any economic connections with Cuba but it is double standards again. First it’s the choice of USA and shouldn’t talk other countries to do the same. Then second America didn’t set embargo to any socialist-communist country (maybe for short period of times) except Cuba (North Korea is something totally terible – it’s not even communist but feudal). I can guarantee you thet in China human rights are 100 times worth then in Cuba and from Nixon era China is great America friend – due to economic reasons.
    So I’m just saying you all this are just economic and only economic and geostrategic interests. Nothing more nothing less. Believe me things in Cuba will change (it doesn’t matter in which way or direction) only from inside and no blocade or outside actions will affect that. The same was with all European communist countries – and mine too.

  9. I guess Obama’s easing of U.S. Cuba telecommunications restrictions are now off the table. With the Cuban government’s crackdown on bloggers, computer usage, and soon to follow, a crackdown on satellite antennas and receivers; what need is there for the U.S to export to Cuba communications devices such as mobile phone systems, computers, software, and satellite receivers?

  10. Raquel, keep up the good work? It takes a special kind of asshole to want to hold his or her people down in servitude. Such people require the rest of the people to arm up and kill such tyrants. I am not kidding. Obviously, a 2nd revolution is long overdue in Cuba. You people make me sick and piss me off. If you people tried to take my freedoms away from me here like that, that’d be your fucking ass, assholes.

  11. Well, I guess cubano 100 answered my question. If not, then get your ass back to Cuba where you belong.

  12. ya RAQUEL MI HERMANA….comuniste o fidel viva cuba long life to the bro…..

  13. Tremendos cojones que tuvieron, sabiendo todo lo que les puede pasar, los felicito porque todavia quedan mambises!!! Esos son los cubanazos como les digo yo! Pues si no es por videos como estos, nadie se entera y cree que es verdad que no te dejan usar el internet ni con dolares! Es bueno que hayan estos videos para poder enseñarle al resto del mundo como es la cosa de verdad en Cuba, que cambia ademas constantemente, no porque digan qeu ahora hay internet para todo el mundo, en realidad la hay.

  14. I’d like to know if there are Cuban government agents actually posting comments on this blog. Arguing with a government, propagandist agent is like arguing with a wall.

    Darko, it’s too bad you stereotype North Americans the way you do. I have lived in every corner of the Northern Hemisphere save for the Middle East region. I think you are in error in your mass generalization. As with anything else, you need to judge people individually. Not always easy to do, I realize that.

  15. AndyG, more or less I was saying the same thing, you are right, but, when and who will be able to “fumigate” the weeds, to eradicate the tyrant, his brother and their “maffiosa gang”?.

    That’s the One million question!!!,,,Could be only the time?, because at the end, Castro will be something that “Gone with the wind”!!!!


  16. in order for that tree to grow. the weeds infesting that site must first be eradicated. Remember what was said that to flourish, the tree of liberty must be periodically watered with the blood of patriots. The blood of tyrants is equally nourishing. Abe Lincon said something about the sacrifice of blood and treasure that was necessary to atone for the sins of slavery.

    I personally support the blockade. We are putting our money where our mouth is and actually standing up for the principals the USA was founded on.

  17. Darko:

    I understand your point, but, let me give you mine:

    “If the root of your tree is good and it goes straight, then, you will get very good fruits for long,,,long time”.

    America, after her Revolution, was able to plant the seed that later, became the good tree with his good fruits,,,,fruits that until today “we are enjoying, and, I’m talking about, “We All”, the Americans, the immigrants, people from everywhere, that this country had accepted with his open arms.

    None system is perfect, but the closest one to perfection is the America’s democracy,,,,her Constitution, where, so far, all your rights are granted and you can reach it when ever you want, every people has their own limitations, you can go exactly until where ever you can go,,,,,you have granted “by Law”!!!! the opportunity to reach the happiness for your family and yourself!!!!, but you should go, to get it!!!!!!

    That is exactly what I would like to get in Cuba,,,but first, we have to find how and who will plant the good seed!!!!!!!!!!


  18. avt2s, the El Pais article does not say what you claim it does. El Pais is reporting that the information on the new internet restrictions is confusing, as it is being applied at some hotels but not at others.

    But the video and transcript above speaks for itself. Raquel makes it quite clear that the foreigner-only access to the internet is being done on orders of the Cuban government, not by hotel management.

    Now if Cuba had free internet access terminals at public libraries, internet cafes on many street corners, and free wireless access in most public buildings like all other countries I’ve visited recently, this wouldn’t be a problem. But of course that isn’t the case in Cuba. It’s very worrisome that the regime is cutting off the only way most Cubans can get their message out to the outside world.

  19. Hey guys, I just find it very funny that you call me naive because my youth i’ve spend leaving in socialist ( communist ) country. I know all the rules of that kind of society (my father was twice in jail for 3 yrs). And I now live for 20 years in democracy and capitalism and I know all the rules of this kind of society. And that makes me believe it or not a very tolerant person. But discussing with emotions and passion with only personal troubles and problems in mind is very rarely productive.
    I’m not talking of Cuba in anyway just about principles. Me and my family have very troubled history from WWII through socialism but I will always try to understand wider aspects of all this events.
    What bothers me most is while I travel around (and I travel a lot) people from North America are absolutely the most ignorant and self sufficient nationalities looking everything from the eyes of their “proud” nations, “model” democracies and they usualy don’t give a shit where exactly you are from. I could now write down 20 of the most stupid questions I was asked but what’s the point. The whole worl is amero-centric. You should just try it harder….

  20. Yoanis you nail it as always.Hey guys,it seems to me that the entries of av2ts and stop the bullshit come from some of these “very official sites” of the cuban dictator.While Darko’s entry looks kind of naive,naming us as intolerants.Anonimo’s entries 7,8 and 13 are so darks that a fear the major evil behin them and if that is the case, I have only one word for them.MARICONSONES…,Darko I’m realy sorry for my intolerance.

  21. With regard of tolerance!!!!,I would say that, we all are humans beings, then, in my specific case I’m not Jesus, that is why I’m not going to put my face, twice to receive a slap, I’m not a martyr and I don’t have Apostle’s flesh!!!!!.

    Exactly, this blog is a good way to show how big is the freedom, when a despicable people like Stop Bullshit has the right to publish something like that, then I, or, whoever!!!, has the right to answer in the same way to him.

    If that person -Stop Bullshit- is a Cuban, he is a Castro’s lover, and, if he is not Cuban, then, he can’t say anything like that, because, he “never has been leaving under that ignominy”!!!!.

    Since the very moment that someone like Stop Bullshit, is able to violate my rights, then, we both are at war!!!!!, and that’s exactly my point, when you respect the right of the others, then, you will get peace!!!!.


  22. Know about this site from May’s Reader’s Digest.

    It really is frustrating. This is the sad reality in some countries. Even in some places in my countries, foreigners are treated wonderfully pleasant.

    Now I’m starting to feel lucky with our country’s slow internet connection

  23. Stopthebullshit, you are so full of shit, you make me sick. Someone who says stopthebullshit should at least be fair-minded and not spout off just one side ad nauseum. You actually rationalized reserving the internet for foreigners. What if someone did that to you in your country? What if you had the means to pay for a room and still couldn’t get it because you are a local and not a foreigner. Of course, locals don’t make enough money to stay at these hotels without help from family abroad. Another big issue and one that you dodge. You have ZERO credibility.

    Darko, what are you talking about? Do you want people to be more “tolerant” of stopthebullshit? He came on here with his bullshit and showed immediate intolerance for this blog. Sounds like something the criminals in power would do. Hmmmm….makes you wonder. ;)

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  25. USA owns all cables and equipment that connect Cuba with USA and let the dictatorship use it free, FREE, F R E E !!!!!… since 1962 in order to allow communication between cubans in the island and the exile. Even the regular maintenance that american technicians perform to this links is free. Despite this free access cuban people has to pay rates that exceed in 3950% the rates that other latinamerican peoples pays for communication between USA and them. A dominican in Miami pays only 2 cents per minute when calling to Dominican Republic, a cuban have to pay 79 cents per minute. All this huge profit goes to dictatorship treasure. Internet is posible for cuban people long time ago but the tyranny wants not this “dangerous” freedom for the cubans. G.W. Bush offered to the tyranny free internet access and new equipments with the last technology. This offer was rejected.
    So, av2ts and its bullsith talking partner, don’t be liars!!!
    You are trying to hide a thing that is public record, you can maybe hide it for the isolated cuban people of but not for free people in a free internet. Sorry.

  26. By the way — on that embargo thing… I’ve firmly made up my mind.

    I’m for lifting it. I don’t care if Fidel and company run up billions in bills they’ll never pay.

    Let’s get rid of the LAST EXCUSE for the complete failure of Fidelie’s totalitarian prison to provide a decent life for its citizens. Get rid of any ‘sympathy vote’ at the UN, at the OAS, at the EU. Oh sure… they’ll run another twenty years (except, thank god, they’ll be dead before then) saying “it’s the blockade’s fault…you can’t expect us to catch up in a mere 20 years…). But so what. I don’t care.

    The external embargo/blockade/excuse is nothing. The problems on that island are on that island. Let them face up to it. Let those Cubans who are still on the fence (are there any? I think they’ve all moved abroad to become apologists for a system they themselves refuse to live under)… let them see that they are the source of their own problems. No one else.

  27. …Paying Customers of the Hotel…

    LET’S SEE. Let’s watch the video again. Let’s read the transcript.

    Oh my goodness! You’re right! Raquel did not ask for his PASSPORT. She did not say that the internet was only for FOREIGNERS.

    STUPID US. She said, “I’m sorry Sir, but are you a REGISTERED GUEST at this hotel? Because, you see, we have new fast broadband service and because it is so wonderful we have to restrict it only to our PAYING guests. I’m sorry… it was not your passport I wanted to see. It was your room key. STUPID ME.”

  28. chip,chip,chipping away at the wall. These days it is much more like a house of cards than a solid wall. Do the trolls know how fast the walls fell in eastern Europe ? or is that history they do not know because the bosses dont approve ? How many extra pieces of chicken per month do they get for writing the garbage we all laugh at ? what does it take to get a piece of beef ? Too bad for them that in the new Cuba that is comming those skills will not be needed. Your CDR card wont get you a job then. Guess you can stand outside on the sidewalk and smell the sizzling of the steaks inside the restaurant. But then thats all the bosses allow them now anyway.

    kinda funny how Cuba and Venezuela are now linked in such a way that if either one goes down it is going to take the other one with it.

  29. So, the truth is slowly coming out. El Pais is reporting that only the Melia Cohiba has the new regulations set forth. The rest of the hundreds of tourist hotels on the island have not been affected. Why the Melia? Because, as Raquel says, they recently received new service from ECTESA to increase internet service/bandwidth. So in adding better service, there is an expectation that the paying customers of the hotel are the recipients of the better service. I notice that Yoani and company have not had any problem finding their alternative locations to post things that make her sponsors abroad quite proud. Lies and more lies.

  30. >>Cuba has very limited bandwidth because the US blockade prevents them accessing the technology required to provide high speed broadband at affordable prices. Again, something that this blockade-supporting blog hides from its readers.<<

    Obama has lifted all restrictions on communications technology. If the regime would allow it there could be enough bandwidth for Cubans to all have broadband in their homes virtually overnight. I’ve heard “the U.S. cut the cable” so many times I can’t stop laughing. An American Communist living in Cuba actually told me that the U.S. “cut the internet cable in 1962” — WOW!!!! Imagine that! Cuba was the first country on the planet to have internet!!!! Before the evil U.S. “cut the cable.”

    Well just say the word Fidelie — we’ll have you up and running in the morning!

  31. oh the terrible cruel blockade !! excuse for everything. How about you let us come and set up a big american store. Say a Wal-mart, Fiesta or a super HEB ( these last two are Texas grocery chains) Lets put it somewhere like Mariel, so boats can come and unload directly to it. Lets let everyone buy anything they want with no government interference. no taxes on remittances. Let relatives in the US buy credit cards good at that store that they can send their relatives. Sort of a duty free port. sounds like dropping the blockade to me.

  32. I’m really fascinated with level of tolerance of people writing comments on this blog show when somebody thimking a little bit different try to deliver their opinion. Then what’s the point? I think that purpose of blogs should be tolerant exchange of differences and thoghts and experiences. And this… the different sides of same coin. It’s a pity.

  33. Stop TheBullshit:

    As per your last written opinion, I would say that you had selected the right nickname for yourself, but, removing the word Stop, and replace it by I am!!!!.

    It is unbelievable, how fast Castro’s pushing key, works!!!!,,that people like you, are responding with that stupid analysis!!!.

    Next time, try to disguise a little bit more your Castro’s slave face and don’t switch on a flash saying: “I’m from UCI, I’m a robot and my control comes directly from Castro’s office!!!!!,,,I’m against Cuba’s freedom, that’s why I’m saying this stupidity!!! I just want to justify Castro’s criminal regime, because I can get some crumbs from his hands!!!

    How despicable you are, thinking and writing that “Stupid BullShitt”


  34. It is not unreasonable for hotel internet access to be reserved for foreign guests. Tourism is Cuba’s biggest hard currency earner, and tourists’ expectations of service have to be delivered, or there will be no torists. That’s the unglamorous truth that this disinformation blog seeks to hide from its readers.

    Cuba has very limited bandwidth because the US blockade prevents them accessing the technology required to provide high speed broadband at affordable prices. Again, something that this blockade-supporting blog hides from its readers.

    In the interests of transparency, this blog should also inform its readers that it is hosted by the German company Cronos Regensburg AG, which specialises in hosting the websites of neo-Nazis.

    It would be interesting to discover which organisations fund this dishonest blog, and how many of them are conduits for the US government.

  35. Cuba’s apartheid is worse than the South Africa, because, the South Africa’s violation was very evident, just looking the skin of the people,,,,if you were black,,then, you were garbage,,,if you were white, then you were good!!!

    However, in Cuba’s apartheid, the color of the skin is not the problem, because the violations are officially instituted “by law”!!!! the Castro’s laws allows him,his brother and his “maffiosa gang”, to do whatever they want to do.

    During the last 50 years of Cuba’s history, Castro has been saying something today, that from that moment on, will be a new law!!!, then, the following day he can change his mind and he can reverse whatever he had said yesterday,,,and still, will be a new law!!!!,,,is incredible, but is real!!!!!!!!!!


  36. ***
    The hotel lady told Yoanni Sanchez that freedom is only for foreigners in the new Cuba.
    La mujer del hotel dijo a Yoanni Sanchez que la libertad es unacamente por los extranjeros en la Cuba nueva.
    The brave Cuban Patriots are turning over in their graves.
    Los valientes Patriotos Cubanos estan “haciendo revolucions” en sus tumbas.
    John Bibb

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  38. How many of you remember when Nelson Mandela was denouncing Apartheid in South Africa?
    The world press was behind the move to expose the South African government and almost every paper and TV station around the world shared their support. Why the worlds press is ignoring our cry now?
    We need to become more outspoken in denouncing what these hoodlums are doing in Cuba.
    Each and everyone of us should do their part in your local community.

  39. @ Patricio
    “foreigners don’t seem to have a problem going to Cuba and participating in the tourism apartheid that exists there.”

    I’ve been to Cuba a bunch of times and I’m obviously a tourist. In my case I remember the first time I went, after two days on a resort I met some wonderful people and was welcomed into their homes and their families. Since then I have returned time and time again to visit with them and to bring them things that they cannot get from the government, simple things like laundry detergent and decent shoes and medication.
    The problem is this: I hate the way the “government” operates there, I hate the fact that everytime I travel there a huge chunk of what I pay goes to the Castro Cartel, I hate that in simply booking a trip I am giving money to a “government” I do not believe in. But sadly it is the only way I can help those who need it most.

    Those other tourists, the ones you see on the beaches and in the hotels laughing and ordering the Cubans around as if they were slaves… they’re the ones making this worse. I know this is a lengthy comment, but I just feel like sharing a little story with you (I have a million of these, but one will suffice to prove my point)…

    I was sitting in a plane leaving Canada to head to Cuba.
    In the seats next to me are a couple, about my age, we start to talk, exchanging about what we’re going to do on vacation, the things they wanted to see. I tell them they should really take time and visit the island, I give them the name and number of some people I trust to show them around if they’d like. When we land we go our separate ways.
    On the return flight, I sit next to them again, I ask them if they visited the island and the cities. They tell me no, they didn’t want the poverty to ruin their vacation… I ask them if they wanted to see my pictures and again: no we don’t need to see this, all we need to know is that the beach and the margaritas were great.
    I became angry and saddened…
    I asked the stewardess for a new seat.
    the end.

  40. Amazing!!!!,,,Yoanis,,,very well done!!!!,,What else do you need to do, to probe how easy the Human Rights of every Cuban are violated?.

    I have a suggestion!!!!,,if you can, send a copy of this video to Mina (the writer) and we will see what kind of “Robolutionary”!!!! slogan he is going to use, to cover or explain this way of evident violation!!!!!.


  41. The US takes a lot of hits internationally for the way certain groups are treated here, yet foreigners don’t seem to have a problem going to Cuba and participating in the tourism apartheid that exists there. I’d like to know how a foreigner shows up there, sees a sign that says that something is for foreigners only (and therefore not for Cubans), and then goes on to take advantage of that. All the while the Cuban can only look on and wish that they could do the same. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  42. Check out a great article on the move to make Cuba a member of The Organization of American States OAS, by Wall Street Journal writter Mary Anastasia O’ Grady.

    Cuba Doesn’t Belong in a Democratic Club
    Castro’s apologists make a move at the OAS.

    The Organization of American States claims to be “the region’s principal multilateral forum for strengthening democracy, promoting human rights, and confronting shared problems such as poverty, terrorism, illegal drugs and corruption.”

    Now OAS Secretary-General José Miguel Insulza wants the group to be able to add a new goal to the list: legitimizing the Cuban military dictatorship by making it a member. (see full story below).

  43. yes this is true. I could not imagine this when I was there a few weeks ago. I am Canadian. And really, as a Canadian, I was a little upset that I had to have my passport recorded to be able to access the internet. The have a little sign that states the internet is for foreigners and not cubans. Interesting note though, I had a cuban friend with me as I accessed the internet and nothing was said.

  44. How can someone justify this?
    This is just plain discrimination against Cubans
    in their own homeland!

    Why Fidel Castro is such a Control Freak?
    FC is a CF
    I guess the control of information is what he knows have keep them in power for 50 years.
    Sad very Sad.

    I they have the guts to stand up and talk about Cubans been free!

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