There are many ways to be

Regarding my absence from the fair in Turin.

I lost Madrid in May, New York with its university campus, and now Turin during the book fair.  If the situation continues, I will have to start telling my life in the improbable tense: “I could have been there except,” “I would have presented the book if not for…” or “I would manage to travel if I shut up.”

Today I’ve been to the launch of Cuba Libre, in the virtual way that only a blogger can.  I spoke by phone with those present, answered some questions, and the connection failed before I could say “Goodbye.”

I returned to live what I already know: all were there save me.


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  1. I read few days ago about the launch of your book in Italy.. but.. 2 weeks ago I bought it! I was in unusual outdoor weekend, I went in a book shop in a little city.. I was looking for something about Cuba, about the spirit of Cuba, but not the common books about Che’s history. I was looking for it because in June I am coming there to visiting and driving around it. I would like to know people and their story. So, I read some book titles, and yours have switched me something in my mind. I read some pages.. and then I paid for it. Now I am reading some pages everyday during my lunch time.. Today I have read the part about the book fair in Havana, I have read about Antonio Orlando Rodríguez, and his book that has not been allowed in Cuba..etc… I think you are a great person, brave and I think you will obtain results sooner or later, and we are here to support you.

  2. Translator:

    Thank you very much for your kind answer, and, honestly,,,,I never thought that your intention is too strict, I understand your and the blog point, besides, remember, I’m Cuban, and I can recognize that Castro’s regime can use any excuse to cancel o censor this space, even, they can punish any of those that still are in Cuba and take revenge without any kind of hesitation!!!!

    Anyway, like I said before, I’m not Jesus!!!! and sometimes, those provokers, they just deserve hard answers, real answers!!!!!, in a way that nobody else can be confuse anymore, I think that after 50 years of cruelty and confusion , we did have enough!!!.

    For those, that are not Cubans, for example, Anglo people from USA, who can get a confuse idea about Cuba’s Monarquy and her provokers, I have a questions: What will be your answer, if somebody, in any kind of blog or publication stated that “September 11 was something nice and the USA deserve it?

    I’m 100 % sure, that the answer -like mine, because I love this country “almost like my own country- will be very patriotic and very convincent, because, there is not excuse to justify that cruel action, and, at that moment the answer will show the most sensitive feeling of any human being that love his own land!!!!

    Once again, I’m sorry if sometimes my expressions were too hard, but, I can assure you that, from now on, my comments will be the same way , but using a different vocabulary!!!!! and of course, always I will get ready the right answer for those who still are intending to confuse and provoke our feelings in favor of our final freedom!!!!! which sooner or later we will be able to reach!!!!


  3. CANDIDO —

    You’ve been a faithful reader and good commenter on this blog. I don’t mean to single you out. But things got a little out of hand here, all around (that’s what i get for going on a trip and taking my eye off the ball!).

    So I have been a little “stricter” than I usually am with the comments, just to try to tone things down again.


    As I’ve said in the past, angry and even furious debate is welcomed here. These are very serious subjects and people feel very strongly and are welcome to express that. Please, however, try to keep from calling each other insulting names, and certainly do not express threats of bodily harm or death to anyone.


  4. Translator:

    My apologies!!!! I’m sorry because I used the word “dead” directly as a threat, and I should not do it that way, from now on, I will change my expressions even, if at the end, will got the same meaning, when we, the Cubans, will get rip of those cruel killers, aka as Castro’s and their maffiosa gang!!!!



  5. In response to comments 19 and 20 and, with all my respect, my comments 14 and 17 are just my points of view.

    I’m tired of wait keeping false images about, what and how to do something that supposedly, should be done in a “pacific or civil way” -as one of you stated-, when in reality, the enemies of my country -starting with Castro, his brother, etc- are the firsts violating in a cruel manner all our rights, I’m not Jesus, and I’m not going to allow nobody to slap my face, not even one time!!!!.

    My comment # 14 is just my opinion about what is happening with the disguise job of Mariela Castro, and, with regard of the dead of the Castros’s brothers and their maffiosa gang….What Cuban does not want it?

    My comment # 17 is directly to a provoker (Anonimo), which in reality, is the one who is invading and provoking with his bad intentions my reaction, that, according with my opinion, is the same that “removing the tumor as soon as the results of the test was positive, and from that moment on, you can leave quiet knowing that the “bad see is gone”!!!!

    Do not forget that: “When you respect the rights of the other, then, you will get peace”!!!!


  6. My apologies to all. Death threats or threats of bodily harm are not tolerated in this blog. I was traveling or would have removed them earlier.

  7. Agreed ………. re:distasteful comments! I can only imagine the impression this would give someone who visits or stumbles upon this blog for the first time.

  8. I agree about comments {# and #}. Nor do comments {# and #} contribute to a sense of decorum and civility on this blog.

    Added by English Translator: Threatening comments have been edited or removed so I’m taking out the comment numbers, so as not to confuse what you are saying.

  9. To English Translator.
    I am not trying to silence no one but comments like {# and #} are totally out of line in this blog.

    Added by English Translator: Threatening comments have been edited or removed so I’m taking out the comment numbers, so as not to confuse what you are saying.

  10. Anonimo:

    Whoever you are, you just are pronouncing yourself as a “coward”, because, the only way that you are able to express yourself is behind your “anonimo name”.

    You are a typical, and a real “monigote of Castro’s hand”!!!!, and, I’m not going to use the same bad words that you had used, because, once again, those words used by you, just are classifying a PERSONAL INSULTS REMOVED


    Cuba must be free!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. The reasons why, we the Cubans, are watching Mariela’s Castro attitude with regard of gay people,as some kind of propaganda, or liberal position, is because, there are more urgent matters than that one, because, being “hungry, or without freedom” is a million times much important than being homosexual, because both, “hungry or freedom is something that belongs to every human being , does matter is you are black, white, gay or straight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cuba will be free and ready to go on, using the right way, to get democracy, peace, love and FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Don’t worry, Y, all causes attract some strange hangers-on.
    I can see no reason for Obama to allow the Castros to whoop-it-up on US credit, but travel might be a different matter. Back in the early 60s, Robert Kennedy stayed on, after his brother’s assassination, as US Attorney General to Lyndon Johnson and prepared a report suggesting that it was unconstitutional to restrict freedom of travel for American citizens. At the time, with Soviet expansion set to continue for several decades, it was decided that lifting restrictions on Cuba would be interpreted as weakness. This hardly applies today.
    Astonishingly, the EU has recently decided to throw good European money after bad Russian, and provide around $60 million in aid – about a tenth of one percent of the cash squandered by the Soviets. I expect Fidel has already ordered the containers to carry it away to his secret bank accounts.

  13. Hi Yoani, congratulations on the publication of Cuba Libre. Hopefully, before very long, you will be free to travel abroad to attend book launches in person.

  14. Um…Frank…is this the type of readership GenY is attracting these days ? Shouldn’t GenY readers be celebrating the opening up of freedoms for Gay Lesbian and Trans people in Cuba ? And what the heck does parading against homophobia have to do with Yoani’s most recent post ? Some people on here really have some intense tunnel vision.

  15. I really hope that your enslaved island nation will soon be freed, I am hopefull that President Obama will allow Americans to sell and travel to your nations which, i beleive will help your situation! Good Lucky!

  16. Please tell me how anyone mature and in control of their faculties can blog on sex from the comments and the picture of a kitten. “Y” (if there is a “Y”) you have some weird supporters and Frank I am total 100% convinced after you make an unsupportive comment in regards to Raul Castro that you and “Y” supporters are sick keep up the good work in support of Y.

  17. Yoany I hope soon you’ll be abble to travel all over the world. Keep fighting and try to get more and more people to join us. Good luck and take care.

  18. Yesterday I saw Mariela Castro on TV with a group of homosexuals and lesbians screaming by the Havana streets to support the rights of this kind of groups. It was ridiculous and absurd. I don’t know if she is lesbian but everybody knows that presidet Raul Castro [UNSUBSTANTIATED PERSONAL INSULT REMOVED]. Is clear the reason why this stupid woman Mariela do this.

  19. Es insolito que una tirania destructora haya aguantado 50 aÑos demoliendo nuestro querido pais. Es bueno saber que ya aparecen algunos grupos que no quieren abandonar el pais y se deciden a soportar las inclemencias del regimen con tal de ver a Cuba libre de esos terroristas que se apoderaron del pais hace 50 aÑos.

    La solucion de los cubanos no puede ser andar en el resuelve diario ni esperar que los parientes del extranjero nos mande unos zapaticos o unos dolaritos para comer. Lo que debemos pensar los cubanos es en arrazar con esa tirania y llevar a Cuba a una democracia donde cada cual pueda ser libre de prosperar, montar negocios particulares como fabricas, granjas, hoteles, restaurantes, etc, propiedad de cubanos y no de extranjeros que vienen atraidos por la mano de obra barata y son los que mantienen al regimen. Elementos como ese gallego dueÑo de la cadena hotelera Melia deben ser repudiados por los cubanos pues ayudan a mantener a los Castro en el poder.

    El regimen castrista se mantiene por la fuerza y por la fuerza debe ser eliminado. Es hora de que todos los cubanos nos unamos a la disidencia, cuando esto ocurra no hay tirano ni ejercito que pueda mantenerse en el poder. Todavia esos que arrastran a las Damas de Blanco y salen a enfrentarlas por orden de la tirania son tan bajos que lo que reciben por eso es unas vacaciones en algun hotel del minint o algo asi. Las Damas de Blanco lo hacen para ver a sus hijos o esposos, que han sido encarcelados siendo inocentes, en libertad. Algun dia ellos seran juzgados por agredir a mujeres indefensas y por apoyar a un regimen terrorista. Muchos de los esbirros y elementos como los que torturan en las carceles de la tirania tambien seran juzgados.

    Y una vez mas, la unificacion de las masas, el lanzarse para la calle, el pueblo unido, es lo que puede salvarnos. No se puede encarcelar a todo un pueblo. Y aunque nadie quiere ser encarcelado sabemos que algunos iremos a prision pero debemos tener en cuenta que Cuba Bajo esa nefasta tirania es ya por si una prision.

  20. Many Happy Future Travels for you, Yoani. You deserve to be heard in a world that knew little of your world until your blog. Keep up the good work. God Bless.


    So then, why is people obsessed with anti-comunist cubans, and anti-Castro’s Government?

    Let’s hope the prostitutes world wakes up to fundamentalists and starts enjoying sex job again,
    rather than demonising it.

    Let’s hope the Comunists and Castris enjoing its fundamentalists State and starts enjoying our Democraty State again,
    rather than demonising them, let then to enjoy fron Las Tunas till Baracoa, and we to enjoy democracy from Camaguey to Pinar
    and Isla de Pinos.

  22. well y virtual is better then nothing. count yourself lucky to have a lap top to bitch with. must off your bro and sister don t even have a tv………….. so stop bitching…..ccp……..

  23. I hope the future still holds many book fairs, lectures and conferences in foreign climes that you’ll actually be able to attend, Yoani, and not just virtually.

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