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Since that April of 2007 when I started to write Generation Y, a lot has changed in the “Made in Cuba” blogosphere.  Now there are more of us and the number who hide behind a pseudonym has declined.  In the blogger community—at least on the alternative side—we’ve managed to join together outside the virtual world and a proof of this has been the Blogger Journey, which we continue to make every week.

On Saturday it was the turn of Pinar del Rio, where those “restless boys” of State Security had prevented us traveling in December.  WordPress, the free software installed on my blog, was the protagonist in the day of exercises we engaged in this weekend.  Also occupying a good part of our discussions was the trick of slipping into public spaces—hotels or cybercafés—where I have a lot of experience.  In that city, to the west of Havana, there are no other possibilities for accessing the Internet than from the controlled webs of some few institutions.  Thus, among the most-discussed topics was how to maintain a publication frequency from a province so disconnected, with so few users.

I returned to Havana with the presentiment that the blogosphere will grow exponentially in the coming months.  For me, a pioneer in this venture, there is no greater happiness than to see the rise of so many plural, different and free spaces.





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  1. Yoani, if possible send greeting to Dago
    I have read many of his writings on Vitral online. Got to know about Vitral when I visited my family in Pinar.

    Yoani, si es posible enviale saludos a Dago
    He leido muchas de sus escrituras en el site de Vitral. Conoci Vitral cuando visite mi familia en Pinar.

    Best to you all.
    History books will write of the things you guys did for the freedom of Cuba in the future!

  2. To all those who work bringing us this blog you have much gratitude from me. The more the world learns the truth about Cuba the less excuse people and governments have to continue ignoring the crimes of the despots.

    To all of those who lurk and visit this site to write some mean words in hopes that you may get a extra piece of chicken with this months ration. The day is coming very soon when you too will have to answer for your complicity. There will be no true and lasting peace in the Americas until the illegitimate usurpers of power in Cuba are over thrown and their regime blown away into the dustbins of history

  3. Andy:

    I would say that you: “can’t ask apples, to a pine three”, because those guys -like “The Anonimo”- are the result of 50 years of brain wash, which, without any doubts are bringing out specimens like him.

    Sooner or later, he -“The Anonimo”- will pay the same price that others had paid before, when, after a short period of time, acting as lambs, and eating directly from Castro’s hand, suddenly, there is moment when the lamb is not good enough, and will be “separated, expelled , and even killed”, from the close circle of Castro’s policy , without any hesitation, then at that moment will be too late for that coward, that will be for long, long time waiting how to survive or escape!!!!!,,,don’t be surprised that one day, we will see “The Anonimo” writing in this blog, showing his real name, and making excuses about his old attitude , but, seating in front of his computer , here in Miami!!!!! .

    I hope that sooner or later, all those cruel killers will brought back to justice and all of them will get the right punishment that everyone of them deserve !!!!.


  4. Dear Dear “Anonimo” —

    You are SO cute…. and think you’re SO clever… with your completely unveiled insults. They really are so idiotic I can only assume you actually ARE one of the “muchachos” whose life’s work is leaving silly comments on the blogs of anyone who dares to disagree with the maximum leader, the super daddy, the oppressor-in-chief.

    Have you thought about what kind of work — HONEST work — you’ll be wanting to do after Cuba is a free country? What do you think this idiocy prepares you for?

    Meanwhile, why don’t you show your face? You’re on the right side of power… for now. What are you afraid of?

  5. Yoani,

    Congratulations on your efforts and success. Only you, with your gift as a writer and energy can light the fire that gets this project going.

    Tonight I’ll toast to your success and good health.





    Te felicito por tu esfuerzo y exito. Solo tu con tu don de escritora y energia que posees, puede encender la candela que le da impulso a este proyecto.

    Esta noche hare un brindis a tu exito y buena salud.



  6. wow…………. you are so good…………y by the way how can you afford to buy a lap top i work honestly and can t afford one…………i see lots a tourist in cuba…………

  7. I want to do more, what Youani is doing is so important. Can one of the English translators contact me to help me learn how I can help? You can reach me at erikenger@onebox.com

  8. Thank you, translator. And thank you for supporting Yoani’s efforts and amplifying what she’s able to accomplish.

  9. YOANI, you are a champ. I read your blogs and get a feeling that Cuba can have a bright future. I understand your battles and promise to support your valiant efforts always. In order to make an omellet we first need to break some eggs.

  10. ***
    Thank you for the photos of the brave Cuban Patriots. Jose Marti would be very proud of you all. I don’t see how you always manage to post with the state security monkeys following you. Very good work!
    Gracias por los photos de los valientes Patriotos Cubanos. Jose Marti estuviera muy orgulloso de ustedes. No entiendo como ustedes siempre encuentran el modo de “post” con los “changos” de MININT siguiendo ustedes. Muy buen trabajo!
    John Bibb

  11. Yoani – You are a hero to me. You are the wave of the future for Cuba and I applaud your efforts at free speech and freedom in general. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Those of us who are sitting in other parts of the world would be willing to help you in any way we can but that seems impossible.

    If the only thing I can give is encouragement, you have that.

    – Suzanne

  12. Erik – thank you for your lovely message and welcome to Generation Y. I hope you will be a regular visitor. As I do from time to time, I’ve translated your comment and sent it to Yoani in its entirety.
    Your Friendly English Translator

  13. Yoani,
    I just discovered your blog today, and I’ve been reading it for the last 4 hours. Even in translation, your writing is wonderful and certainly what you convey is important as we’re talking about people’s lives.

    Whatever hardships you go through, when you are an old women, I have little doubt you will feel good about what you’re doing now. Some think that people are like sheep, and simply follow what they’re told to do, but I don’t believe that. I do feel people are often nudged to action by people like yourself, who change the course (for the better) of many thousands of lives. I dare say, even some of your trolls must be effected by your writings, some of those hardened minds must acknowledge to themselves, that the truth is the truth.

    The world would be a better place with more people like you in it.

    Wishing you all the best! Truly, you are inspiring.

    Erik Enger

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