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One day my father came home pale and trembling. He had just seen a video—shown only to Communist Party militants—where they announced the cuts the Special Period would bring. Sitting at the dining table we heard him tell us that the hardship could reach the dreaded Zero Option, a single collective pot would have to feed all the neighbors on the block. The film my dad saw that night was intended only for people of “proven” ideology. Hence my sister, my mother and I had to be content with the terrifying narration he shared with us.

Only a “revolutionary elite” seems to have the right to learn about these issues that concern all citizens. I thought so selective a practice had gone by the wayside, together with others that were so common in the seventies and eighties. However, for a couple of weeks another video has formed part of the movie listing of the secret and hidden. The topic of this new movie is the downfall of Carlos Lage and Philip Perez Roque, the most recent of the youngest sons devoured by power. They are not the heroes of the plot, rather the victims, the scapegoats for something more like a Greek tragedy than an action thriller.

Everyone’s whispering about the scenes in which both ex-civil servants talk rubbish about the generation in power, but so far a copy of the guarded video has not been leaked. It hasn’t happened this time as it did with the filming between Eliécer Ávila and Ricardo Alarcón, or with the images of Tania Bruguera’s performance. Cubans are waiting for a generous hand to steal the film and circulate it on the alternative information networks. These are no longer the days when something like this can be maintained in the closed circuit of the faithful, because technology understands nothing about classified material or news only for the select few.

My father called me yesterday to find out if I’ve seen the hidden recordings made by those who threw out the foreign minister and the secretary of the Council of Ministers. “Don’t despair,” I told him, “as soon as I have them I’ll bring them to you,” and I immediately remembered when he broke Party discretion to warn us of what was to come.


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  1. The pictures make me wonder what horrors will come to light once the despots are gone from cuba. There will be plenty of things found that will give great shame to those who made excuses for the regime. Justice would be served if every son of fidel and daughter of raul were buried alive under the parking lot of a new Wal-mart

  2. Dear Cita:

    It is very sad, to see those pictures and listen about the killing, and I believe you because, about the cruel communist system that was implemented in Europe, still there are too many facts that people does not know.

    Slovenia, as part of Czechoslovakia during the communist era, was a piece of land where the suffering was too high , since the invasion during the summer of 1968 until the end of the communist system, Slovenia not only suffered because was exposed to the communists , but because was “stolen as an Independent Republic” to be part of another usurper.

    I just want to appreciate your help showing those pictures, because, the message is very clear, my point of view is that the communism should disappear and the best communist is the dead one!!!!



  3. Rob Sequin recently reported on these videos on his Havana Journal website. More information here:

    What’s interesting is that months after these men were purged, the regime still thinks it necessary to produce and circulate videos among the party faithful “exposing” Lage and Roque’s disloyalty to the old guard. Is the regime really that insecure?

  4. Yoanis, this secrecy system is not new, I remember, something similar after the Granada’s disaster, in 1982, when Castro ordered to Pedro Lopez Tortoló to fight to death , but, instead, that coward ran to the Soviet Union Embassy to get shelter there, then, when he came back in one of the airplanes that were bringing back to Cuba all the Cubans , he , Tortoló was received as a hero!!!,,then later , when the real story came to public light, the solution was, to make a video of the martial court that was celebrated to judge all the military guys that, instead to fight to death, they just ran to hide and keep their life, and that was enough to anger Castro and he decided to expel all of them from the army under a dishonorable discharge, then, Castro with the video, wanted to show up to the members of the Communist Party and the Communist Youth that with him “nobody can play like that, and whoever try to do it again, would receive and exemplary punishment in front of every body”.

    He knew, that showing the video only to the Members of the Communist party would be enough to spread very fast the news and the punishment, but, in a quiet way!!!! something as “yelled a voice secret”!!!!!


  5. Hallo Yoani
    Nice and crude story about one of the hundred story like this in your country.
    I am classified as one tourist in your country and every november i am there for it.
    Is not allowed for people like me to see what Cuban King have brought to Cuban People in the last decade.
    Only way to know it is to ear story from Cuban Friends that i get in the last years of my holidays there.
    If you have time i wish to tell you a story, you will say “here is another tourist talking about cuban trophee histories” well i can feel from your words you take care of your persons next to you and this is one of the most beautiful gift god has given to us, and maybe i wish to take advantge in a good way from this gift you have.
    I understand there are two kind of people in cuba at the moment, for sure the most well lived is the com party even if they are full of influence made by the state not only with films or interviews.
    Better time are going to come said my taxi driver last year in the trip from jose marti airport to my home in residencial carlo, i smiled at him only for kindness, i am sure that is quite easy for a cuban to say that because i think that saying bad times are going to come, i didn’t believe it. things can only get better for cuban !
    I have been suprised by the wish to live of my cuban friends, they have dreams hopes and project that i never had for the simple thing called oportunity maybe a word to doesent use in cuba linda.
    I am not only a tourist i wouldn’t be there 10 times if i was that, you island is very nice but i must say that in your island i learned to made a diferent holiday full of day by day new friends and stories.
    The truth is that leaving la havana every year i cry a little because i know that a part of me is staying there waiting for my coming back.

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