A messenger leaves

When the KGB fights the CIA, the police always win in the end.
Joaquin Sabina

This is not the first time I’ve heard that MSN Messenger is blocked for Cuban users.  Almost three years ago a friend furtively sneaked me into a state office where she worked so I could connect to the Internet.  I wanted to write an article and I was missing some data, so I asked for a few minutes in front of an obsolete computer at her company.  Those were the days when I pretended to be a tourist to connect to the network at hotels, and that week I didn’t have the convertible pesos to pay for an hour of access.

My friend read me the list of what was prohibited on that institutional connection and added that MSN wasn’t working because it had been blocked for months.  “You can’t use any email or chat services that aren’t local,” and “don’t even think about going to El Nuevo Herald,” she said, eyes open wide.  When I asked about the limitations on chatting with Microsoft software she explained that I should not use any interface that the network administrators couldn’t control.  Hotmail was banned because it was almost impenetrable to the recording software that kept a record of all the employees’ correspondence.  A little bit later Yahoo and GMail would also be banned at work and educational connections for the same reason.

Now the prohibition comes from the other side, precisely on the part of those who built a program that helps us escape government control.  “Windows Live Messenger IM has been disabled for users in countries embargoed by the United States,” reads the note that Microsoft published announcing the cut off.  I feel with that once again we citizens lose out, because our government has its own channels for communicating with the rest of the world.  This, clearly, is a blow to internet users, we outlaws of the web, which includes nearly everyone who accesses the Internet from Cuba.  Surely at the company where my friend works the censor who monitors the connections must be delighted: Microsoft has just done his work for him.


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  1. 36
    Thais Cuesta- Miami, FL
    Junio 8th, 2009 at 21:05
    What a pity!!!…. Thais is the result of castro’s plan and evil work:

    A self hating been intoxicated by the poison the tyranny inoculated to her parents through the suffering and harass they experienced…. the result a child that hate her self and denies hers own identity. She is not a gringa, the gringos not accept her as one of them, she is not a cuban she feels her self superior than cubans and of course want not be a cuban……. she is nothing……. what a pity….. what monstrous damage has caused the tyranny on the weaks minds of some cubans.
    This is the last comment I spent for this “nothing been”, now I understand hers soul is very sick and she is not responsible for it.

  2. Anonimo you should be ashamed of yourself not your people who have really done nothing to deserve what they suffer.. I figured you were a gringo in Cuban disguise ..LOL rothfl lmcao!!..you gave nothing and are unwilling to do anything but beat our people down..As for me i wear no earring made of gold i make my own from scratch..besides i am a real cuban poor as miertha! All in all brother, there is nothing funny about what you have said..i take it as plain APATHY..You my comrade will not hear another word from me..u are a disgrace/

  3. LOL!! Milagro, your entire response is the exact reason, I am ashamed of my cuban heritage. Ignorant fools. No, I’m not an illegal, if you could read English properly, you would see that I was born and raised in New Jersey, you know- the little state in the United States? And now, regretfully, I live and reside in Miami. Its a tragedy. The Cubans have infested the city with their negative thoughts and ideas about America- yet they continue to come here. Why? By the way, what is happening in Cuba now, is the Cubans fault. Noone will change that but the Cubans living on the island. But since noone wants change it will remain as it is now, the piece of SHIT that is will and always will be- because of the PEOPLE, no longer the government. Change comes from within, both methaphoricly and externally. I can’t stand these Cubans that come here and talk bad about the U.S. But thats ok….with your gold hoops, badly dressed, papa en la boca speaking people. lol..At the end of the day, I love my country and am very ashamed of my heritage, because of people like you and the rest of the retards on this site. :) Have a wonderful day!

  4. Anonimo ? why is it that noone agrees with you.. 25 yrs ago still is not good enough!! NJ was my home and i know, you know, i know what goes on there with Cubanos!!

    For me i will take Cuba the POS that it is over this POS called hypocritical AMERIKKA because what i want to do is be a part of the FIX CUBA SOLIDARITY TEAM vs the stay in amerikkka and complain..Hello!! i do not hear your argument.!! it makes no sense

    FYI.. had the US of amerikkka stayed out of our biz in Cuba… some of this crap would not be happening. Also, and had greed not been so pervasive.. ie the US hooking up with the mafia back in the day..and thru the Bastadista yrs.this could not!! have happened..Batista sold his home out for a dollar!! *&*) chulo!!

    FYI Anonimo, in the 30-50’s when Grau, Batista and the other 8th grade education having illiterate, puppet, hit men were running Cuba, ie the Irish mafia (Lansky Siegel) and the italian Luciano while they were running whorehouses and illegal liquor..(ie Kennedys father) the US of amerikkka was the largest employer and the biggest criminal..

    Comrade, ?? let me tell you something.. The only people who should be biting at the bullet to return to Cuba are those who left families or those who want to fix!!! the country and try again.. As for the land owners..they stole the land and made latifundos, had a sharecropping shitrem that was as bad as slavery and killed of anyone who complained.

    Batista was a bum..he ran like the coward he was after selling Cuba out to the US where he lived for many yrs. The man was a st8t up playa called the Pretty mulatto (el mulatto lindo) Carbrone!
    !! IT&T now At&t.. The slave master united fruit company.. general motors etc were the purveyors of the light at the end of the tunnel which culminated in Fidel Castro Ruz. Now the US let GM fold..duh!!
    Batista, went with the money and this happened because he had humble beginnings? which is an irony in that he would one day be viewed as the protector of Cubas landowning class and wealthy elite..Talking about hypocracy??

    Now to be fair..i am also a supporter of freedom, self determination, free speech, and free everything!! as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of WE THE PEOPLE….There needs to be change in Cuba..for sure..but i will not accept that it come by force..or with conditions..Cuba, has the right as a sovereign nation to lock up anyone it believes has violated its laws(even if the laws are ugly). Last amerikkkans just want to get to Cuba and run drugs, mess with Cuban women, and turn our home back to a GODFATHER lll with the US being the capo de tutti capi sucking on a titti..

    Comprendes senor ANONIMO hiding your name who are you a illegal?

    ps do not send me any more Emails about race..my man u don’t know a thing..

  5. I do not betray nothing you silly stupid, I am living in this country just because I admire it and want my homeland to be as free, as prosperous and as strong as this country is. The only difference between you and me is your blindness about the facts that USA betrayed the land of your fathers. It is not my inventions, it is history your dummy, a history that still is being written. Learn to know your country and then come and argue here.
    By the way, I spent the best years of my life in castros jails for fighting the communism, same communism that want to destroy USA. I and hundred of thousands cuban fighters left our youth, our health and some of us our live in this fight or in the jail. We believed we had a loyal ally but it was an illusion. It were very hard for us come to this country to find the hard true.
    Regarding to go back to Cuba, I repeat….. USA do not allow it!!!
    El unico comemierda aqui eres tu que no sabes nada de la politica oficial de tu pais y te niegas a estudiarla. Ademas hablas como si yo defendiera a la dictadura, eres tan imbecil que no entiendes ni pizca de lo que escribimos aqui. Yo he hecho mi parte en la libertad de nuestra patria y aun sigo en la brega mientras que tu no te sientes ya ni cubano como para luchar por la isla. Quizas sea problema de educacion. Se que hay muchos cubanos viejos aqui que han criado a sus hijo en el menosprecio de sus coterraneos y los incitan a sentirse norteamericanos para que evadan su responsabilidad de cubanos. Tienes todo tu derecho a ser como eres pero si no te sientes cubano entonces no vengas a un sitio donde se debate la situacion cubana a escribir mierda sin fundamento ni respaldo veridico. La historia es lo que pasa y paso y no depende de tus deseos y boberias.

  6. Carbo,

    I am dully disappointed in your lack of intelligence. The whole “pick up a weapon” sentence, was a metaphor…and no, I didn’t leave the island 40 years ago, I was actually born in a small small country called New Jersey about 25 years ago. Sorry to rain on your parade. I feel very sorry that you have to live, breathe, work, and pay taxes in a country that you don’t agree with its policies….that must be terrible. You must feel really out of place. If you felt so convcted about Cuba- you should have stayed there, and defended it. Not all is lost Carbo, you can still go back to Cuba, and in one year I am sure Castro will give you back your carnet de identidad and your place in your libreta de abastecimiento, where I am sure you can get your meat quota for the month. Oh, but the bad news is Carbo, you won’t be able to connect to the internet anymore to argue with me. The only chat that you will be able to use would be gmail, so if I were you I would run and open an account while you can. Oh and Carbo, just in case the meat you get at la bodega is spoiled (cause chances are it might be)..remember to stock up on syringes, cause your local corner polyclinico isn’t going to have any, and if they do its made out of glass and you might lose a vein. By the way, something new….the eggs in cuba are coming in powder. So, just to hit a soft spot…I wonder if you have any remaining family in Cuba? I wonder, if you would not prefer to have your family in the united states, where you obviously don’t like it, yet you choose to remain a resident here, and you feel that this country helped castro which is also loosely researched and ridiculous)…or would you prefer your family to remain in Cuba wher now los “apagones” are lasting up to 12 hours;….QUE CALOR! CONO!!!

    I’m sorry, but I’d pick this piece of shit country over Cuba anyday.

    back to your gonadal glandes…since they are SO big…you should have stayed in your country and defended it, like I do mine. Cause mine are a bit bigger than yours…because I, Carbo, stand up for what I believe it and when I don’t like something Carbo, whether with my government or other, I take a stand. Imaginate, this country is so damn great, that it accepts people like YOU without questions, without reason, yet you betray her, you betray what she has done for you, the life that she has provided for you. The happiness that she has brought for you, the abilities that she has given you to be able to send money to your family in Cuba so that they can have a decent meal. Carbo, please pardon my french- pero eres tremendo comemierda. Go back to Cuba, leave this country free of your kind.

    Cuba long ago, blocked all of these programs, before Microsoft declared Cuba as a supporter of terrorim recently and blocked it “officially”.

    so…inform yourself and find jesus.

  7. ……..I didn’t come from “Cuba” 6 months ago with the salt water still drying behind my ears, again, unlike you and about another 1 million immigrants,……….
    Ooooohhh, I see now!!!
    You are one of those cubans that left the island 50-40 years ago and now has developed a superiority complex and feels better than all other cubans that came later.

  8. 29
    Junio 2nd, 2009 at 18:55
    I can’t Tahais do as you say and pick up a weapon and defend my little island because US authorities will take me as soon they note I am heading to Cuba and will confiscate all weapons, transport and ammunition, will put me and my companions 10 years in prison and will make me pay $250.000 fines. All this because a presidential decree that must be signed by the US president year after year and until today no president (democrat or republican) has failed to sign it. There are several cubans patriots in US jail because this policy of ours “allies”. The last ones names are Osvaldo Mitad and Santiago Alvarez. Both of them were jailed and a ship full of weapons were confiscated and we the cuban people lost millions of dollars in donations for buying those weapons.
    I repeat you better inform you about what you will write before doing it.
    I repeat, what I am writing has nothing to do with hate on USA it is only facts.
    I repeat I live in USA because it is the desire of my gonadal glandes.

  9. You are another showing of the filth, not only from Cuba, but from other countries, filled with people who flee here to find freedom, and “justice” and human rights, who then turn around and offend, neglect, doubt, and fill this country with negative ideals such as yours. Again, if you feel so convicted, compelled, relinquished and certain about the United States- why don’t you leave??? Go back to Cuba, stand a post- pick up a weapon and defend your little island. I didn’t come from “Cuba” 6 months ago with the salt water still drying behind my ears, again, unlike you and about another 1 million immigrants, and filthy and disturbingly pretensious as you…..I love my country. :) Good Day kind sir…hope it all works out for you!

  10. Thais
    Junio 2nd, 2009 at 15:16

    A few comments…

    Firstly, Carbo- please don’t be offended, but your a complete idiot. Healthcare, Education? Please inform yourself before making such ridiculous statements. Healthcare with roaches?……………..
    I reckon dear Thais that you must be as stupid as me because we have exactly the same idea about tyranny health and education system. You just have to read my comment COMPLETELY to find it……..
    About your patriotic feelings and love for USA….. OK!!! no body is perfect!!!!
    I am cuban and my love is for Cuba. I know USA helped castro take the power:


    and still help him keep the power. That’s why I have some reserves about USA’s policy on the cuban people. But that doesn’t means I hate USA as you believe. It is not my flout that you are so misinformed. You better take a look on my old comments to get an better idea about my thinking way.
    And finally, dear, I live in USA because it is the desire of my gonadal glandes.

  11. A few comments…

    Firstly, Carbo- please don’t be offended, but your a complete idiot. Healthcare, Education? Please inform yourself before making such ridiculous statements. Healthcare with roaches? healthcare where there is no gauze? healthcare where the polyclinico ont he corner has to EKG machine to check a man who has come in with chest pains? Please…Education? Oh, you mean the new Education that Cuba has adopted? Making teachers in as little as a year and showing short films on subjects such as math, sciene, history; etc as entire class schedules? oh, you mean the type of education that must be recertified, retaken, and re-evaluated in every other country in the world, besides Angola, Haiti and Venezuela? That education? The type that teaches about the country own HISTORY and lies to its citizens? The education that teaches you Marx and tells you that Che was a hero? That he was a saint? Oh, that education. Please…let’s not be ridiculous.

    Secondly, I read this blog very frequently, I enjoy Y writing style and many of her articles make me laugh, contemplate, and even day dream of a different Cuba; however, for such an intelligent woman…..this blog is a bit unresearched. yes, Microsoft blocks messenger. Your country is seen as one that sponsors and harbours terrorism. Another point, Cuba has long been blocked of internet PERIOD. Yet, the few that have it, illegaly according to Cuba’s standards complain that they don’t have messenger. I must admit complaining is what Cubans seem to be very good at. Y is doing a great thing, yet I never thought that her blog was intended to spark any type of “Anti-American”, “Anti- Capitalism” conversations.

    And about Cubans being complainers….well, let me tell you, I live in the U.S., in Miami, where there are so many Cubans I can’t even see straight…….and the complains run deep! I have actually had Cubans tell me that this country [USA] is a “Communism with Food”. That they don’t like it here;etc;etc;etc;etc…….

    My opinion has, and always will be as a patriotic, loving, and member of the armed forces….if you don’t like this country- LEAVE! GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY. For whatever reason you are here? Aren’t you?.

    Y I am very disappointed at your lack of insight on this one.

  12. Yeah, it sucks. The good thing on our side is that the Corp. is trying to comply with the law. But the reality is that I doubt the Feds would have raised much of a stink about the situation had Microsoft not blocked it. Microsoft is taking a beating in Europe, again, and they gotta be getting tired of all the government meddling. But they are in Seattle, so they ought to be used to it. lol

  13. Mexicans have much better access to safe clean drinking water than Cubans. Nutritional opportunities Cubans could only dream about. Sure there are plenty of barefoot kids and poor indios, but they are free and they have the opportunity to improve their lives. They always have plenty to eat. The regime in Cuba does not promise anything but 50 more years of grinding poverty, hardship, stolen dreams, blocked opportunities. How many hundreds of thousands are dead in Africa because of castros putting ideology before peoples real best interests. Why do some try to argue that crimes on the right absolve the left from responsibility ? The first time the sandinistas got voted out of office in Nicaragua is called the Pinata by the locals because of the looting of the country by the sandinista elite before they lost power. If it wasnt for castro Central and South America would not have had to resort to the repressive right wing governments they had for so long. so much wasted opportunity and resources that could have been used for the betterment of the peoples just poured down a black hole. One can always tell a castroll by that stuck in the sixties mentality, tho some have now made it to the eighties.

  14. Re Microsoft: Welcome Yoani to el otro lado. Havana intelligence service has nothing on Washington. Internet providers and telephone companies here willingly provide access for the government to every form of communication, every movement, every bank transaction. We are under electronic surveillance at every tienda, every major street intersection in my city. I must watch what I say here because I must not now contradict the official line that you are a terrorist and an enemy of my country. I read your posts regularly. I like your literary style. I dissent from my country’s genetic propensity to rule over you, you have enough rulers of your own. Someday things will be different but I doubt it. Yuma

  15. As far as I understand, if a group of people, or any kind of organization, such as a Party, or Commission, or International Organization, etc, etc, carries out a transformation, using any VIA, supposedly, is to IMPROVE the society, the human rights, the freedom, etc, etc,etc.

    Under those principles, the Cuban Revolution was done and supported by the majority of the population when started in 1959.

    Today, after more than 50 years, we have the poorest situation that Cuba ever had, the worse scenario with regard of human rights, repression, corruption, general poverty, racism , apartheid , we have just two, classes, the rich ( read it as Castro’s family and his maffiosa gang of loyal friends), and the rest of the population,,,,which is very, very poor!!!!.

    I don’t do comparison with regard of the poor world, because, the Cuban’s Revolution was done exactly to compare our Cuba with the rich nations, I’m sorry about the situation of the third world, but, Cuba, supposedly should be at the same level than the first world, but is not!!!!!,,,,is not even at the same level that she was until 1959, which means that Castro and his regime was a total disaster for our island.

    I can’t admit those comparisons, Cuba was, and supposedly should be a better country today, but, is not, the real situation is that we have “Zero Freedom”, “Zero Liberty”, “Zero Hope”, “Zero Freedom of speech”, “Zero freedom of movement”, “Zero Possibility of being treated as humans being”,,,,however, we have “A lot of repression”, “A lot of poverty”, “A lot of limitations”, “A lot of Hungry”, ” A lot of bad experiences”, “A lot of being used as Lab Rats experimenting with us, how to build a better society”!!!!!.

    It is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. 20
    Junio 1st, 2009 at 08:39

    And yet Carbo, Cuba isn’t the kind of hell on earth you find in Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, Peru ……………..
    I agree wiyh you about this but the Cuban case was different; Cuba never had the problems of the rest of the latinamerican countries just because Cuba had a flourish economy and we the cubans were a socialist people even when the most of us didn’t know that. Read the cuban history, the real one, and you will be surprised about the social laws and benefit we had. We didn’t need a dictatorship along 50 years to keep all we had in same level. With democracy I am sure the cuban people would achieved much much better life conditions.
    The first thing you may note in the last 50 years of Cuba’s economical history is that the tyranny has destroyed our economy. How can a gov. create welfare if is creating poverty at same time??? Only knowing this fact you will find that reality doesn’t match with propaganda.

  17. And yet Carbo, Cuba isn’t the kind of hell on earth you find in Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, Peru etc. I agree, there are serious problems in Cuba that need to be addressed. But the gains of what the Cuban people have fought for can’t be dismissed.

    As for AndyG I can tell you where Nicaragua went wrong: In 1990 the US made it very clear to Nicaraguans: Vote for our candidate or we will continue punishing you. So what happened? The US-backed candidate won, everything that was nationalized was privatized again. Yes, Daniel Ortega is pretty corrupt, but the current conditions are the result of Nicaragua adopting neoliberal, ultra-capitalist policies in the 1990s. They have routine blackouts because Ortega leaves the electricity in the hands of foreign corporations who charge amounts the poor can’t possibly pay.

  18. Miss # 12 your lack of balance and background is all too obvious from the books and authors that you list. I bet that if you were ever as sick as I have been from drinking what must pass for household clean water in a rural campesino’s home, off the tourist trail in Cuba ,then you might have a better perspective. Dont be preaching to those of us who have been across the waters of the gulf and know first hand how the eyes of a friend light up at a gift as simple as a tube of athlete’s foot creme. There is no embargo on medicines so why dont the despots have aspirin for the children. One of my friends who works in the pharmacy in a small town could not get aspirin for her 7 year old when he had a fever. The ibuprophen we gave them was much appreciated

    Read Salman Rushdie’s “The Jaguar Smile: A Nicaraguan Journey ” about a 1986 trip he took there. His access to the people, on the land and in the government was very good and he tells a remarkable story about what things there were like at that point in time. Then look at the history since that time and ask which of the promises were upheld and which were just lies. Where did ideology get in the way of doing what was actually best for the people.

    Something that is very clear to some of us is the fact that the despotic regime that clings to power in Cuba is merely just another Latin American kleptocracy. they say that everything is done for the people but it is just a bunch of crooks stealing all the money and hoarding all the wealth for themselves. socialists should be enraged by this betrayal of their principles. They ought to be,maybe if they knew the actual truth first hand they would be.

  19. Thanks Flaco for the clarification. I read the 2008 State Department report on state sponsors of terrorism, and the evidence in favour of keeping Cuba on that particular list seems tenuous at best. And, as Yoani points out, it’s the independent bloggers who are being hurt.

    MacheteAmor, I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts and your unique insights. I’m politically on the left myself, but your perceptions of the comments on this blog are different than mine. Pretty much any comment is allowed as long as it doesn’t make personal threats. Comments making threats have been removed by the English Translator regardless of the politics of the person making them.

    But anyone posting a comment should be prepared to have their views challenged or affirmed. That’s the nature of online discussion.

  20. A correction to Yoanis posting is in order, the countries blocked from MSN Messenger are not because of any “Embargo” it has to do with countries that sponsor terrorism, if you look for the countries blocked it matches the State Department web site of countries sponsors of terrorism.



    In 2008, nearly 300 Colombians went onto the streets, plazas, rivers and mountains of this country and captured powerful images that spoke of both the violations of and the protection of human rights in Colombia. The photos were entered into the first Justicia a Contraluz photography competition, organised by the British Council, CIJUS and the Program of Global Justice and Human Rights at the University of Los Andes. Now the winning photos are on display.


  22. 13
    Mayo 31st, 2009 at 22:52

    Thanks again Alci :) Its good to see someone posting here who has a balanced perspective. Please keep it up. Often people who post here critiquing the repressive elements of the Castro regime from a leftist perspective are shouted down and chased away. So I hope you stick around and keep posting.
    Dear Manchete, I always criticize the dictatorship from a leftist perspective because my ideological orientation is the left and I have never been chased away, censured or shouted down.

  23. Alci
    Mayo 31st, 2009 at 21:44
    Dear Alci, I don’t need to read any book to know how was and how is Cuba because I experience it living there more than 45 years. What can shows to me Galeano about Cuba if he only knows the official side of the tyranny. I believe you are the one who need to cultivate your self knowledge and read something different than leftist propaganda. I am not saying Cuban before Castro was perfect but was much more better than today. All this about mafia, poverty and lack of doctors are only liars, propaganda, inventions of the dictatorship supported and spread by international left. But you can learn a little about Cuba before castro regimen reading the FAO, UNESCO and the own dictatorship statistics, take a look and don’t let people that never have been in Cuba scam you:

    The following statistics comes from studies made by FAO, UN and …………. cuban government (I mean dictatorship)

    In 1959 the cuban population was 6 millions, today we are 12 millions
    In 1959 the annual income of each cuban was 1200 pesos and the exchange rate peso/dollar was 1/1
    Today the annual income of each cuban is 2000 pesos and the exchange rate is 28/1 what means a cuban worker annual income is 71 dollars!!!! The annual income got down 1100 dollars.
    In 1959 there were 3.5 telephone lines per 100 people, today there are 15 lines per 100 people, what means that 11.5 telephone lines per 100 peoples get lost
    In 1959 the country generated 450 w per person, today only 75 w….. where are the other 375 w???
    In 1959 the caloric consumption per person were 2800 cal, today only 1100 cal… the “revolution” vanished 1700 cal per person/day!!!!!!!!!!
    In 1959 each cuban bough 59-76 pounds/year of meat, today can buy only 5 pounds/year.
    1959 47 eggs per person/year, today 13 eggs per person/year
    1959 12 pound chicken per person/year, today only 5
    1959 38 cars per 1000 inhabitants, today only 10
    1959 one urban bus per 300 inhabitants, today one bus per 25.000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1959 one interurban bus per 2000 inhabitants, today one per 35.000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1959 66 TVs per 1000 cubans, today 15 per 1000
    1959 one doctor per 950 cubans, today one per 740 (half of them works outside the country hired by the government)
    1959 one dentist per 2100 cubans, today one per 1850
    1959 Cuba had 6.000.000 cows, today only 1.800.000
    Unemployment 1959 = 2.8%, today = 35% (Galeano is a liar according to this fact from international organizations)
    1957 Cuba has the lowest inflation rate in the hemisphere 1.8%, today 28%

  24. Thanks again Alci :) Its good to see someone posting here who has a balanced perspective. Please keep it up. Often people who post here critiquing the repressive elements of the Castro regime from a leftist perspective are shouted down and chased away. So I hope you stick around and keep posting.

  25. Carbo, you need to read some serious history on Cuba such as the works of Richard Gott, or come over to us Leftists and crack open Open Veins Of Latin Ameica by Eduardo Galeano. Yes, Cuba had decent education and healthcare levels…for a select few. US sugar barons owned most of the country as well as the mafia, the recent book “Havane Nocturne” by T.J. English is an excellent new source of scholarship on the subject. And as Galeano notes, “a million and a half Cubans were partly or wholly unemployed. One in every ten peasants ever drank milk, barely four percent ate meat, most campesino zones had never once seen a doctor.” I think Carbo needs to stop peddling websites and sit down and actually read some BOOKS.

    I’m not saying Cuba is a paradise. But to make the assumption that everything was just fine before the Revolution is the same as people trying to make excuses for Somoza in Nicaragua, the Shah in Iran and today’s brutal regimes in Saudi Arabia and Egypt (which our U.S. President fully supports and endorses).

  26. no soy comunista ni nunca los sere
    pero la realidades que el pueblo cubano le gusta el comunismo

    y eso se lo digo a todo usted

  27. Alci
    Mayo 31st, 2009 at 05:24
    ………Can’t the US copy something good from Cuba like education and healthcare instead of the police state stuff?
    I guess you are talking about Cuba before tyranny…… the tyranny has not done nothing for bettering the education and the public health in Cuba. The tyranny just inherited a wonderful health and education system of the democracy before Batista and kept it in same level than before 1959 until 1986. After that year those systems became a disaster. All other scrap you read about the supposed health and education welfare built by the dictatorship is pure propaganda.
    Do you really want to know the true??
    Take a walk for this site:


  28. Once again, the answer to this is not a bunch of whining from the left or castro’s trolls that come here. Like the shut down of the hotels the way we can help is to get this information out to the wider communities of which we are parts. Like so much about Cuba and the actuality of peoples situation there, what is needed, what we can do to help, is to shine the light of truth and get the knowledge out into the world. That more than anything will help freedom grow in Cuba. Repeating the regimes lies about health care, ect only gives it strength.

  29. 5
    Mayo 31st, 2009 at 13:28

    …….ya obama should do like fidel and put all those crazy cuban living in miami in jail the have betrayed there country .there a bunch of losers..viva fidel….
    Can some one now deny castro and his supporters are a bunch of fascists???
    Look what this guy wants….. put in jail 2 millions of persons just because they does not agree with the dictator!!!!!!

  30. …….ya obama should do like fidel and put all those crazy cuban living in miami in jail the have betrayed there country .there a bunch of losers..viva fidel….

  31. Let’s try to get this on the tubes. This is bad PR. That might inspire Microsoft to reverse this strange decision.

  32. To be honest, we will see many “web outlaws” in the US as well. Obama has passed new legislation which will allow him to shut down the internet at will. He also appointed a “cyberczar” this week for “internet security.” Can’t the US copy something good from Cuba like education and healthcare instead of the police state stuff?

  33. By means of one ham-fisted move, Microsoft has managed to accomplish a rare double – handing a cheap propaganda coup to the Castro regime, while taking away a little bit of the oxygen Cuba’s independent bloggers need to survive. Another instance of the counter-productiveness of the US embargo.

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