No platoons or neat groups

cibermovilizacion-englishFor alternative bloggers—within Cuba—the only common thing that unites us is the use of the Internet to hang our opinions, chronicles and questions.  We are tired of people trying to capture us in a neat package and expecting us to behave as “one people, one party, one idea.”  When we come together we do it with the assumption that we don’t have group discipline, nor are we obligated to adopt common positions.  If there is one thing that characterizes us it’s the polyphony, the diversity of dreams and desires, the urge to stress the plurality that in the real Cuba is hidden under the mask of unanimity.

So when I read the call for a cybermobilization that claimed “to have been called by several Cuban blogs and websites,” I was surprised that this news was unknown among those located in the national territory.  An idea should be—at the least—discussed among or agreed to by that varied and fragile part of us who write from the Island.  Maybe the call would have been enriched, then, with other demands or with a different order of priorities.

Nevertheless, I share the need to achieve the three requests suggested by those who issued the call.  As every practice has its beginning, I trust that the next cybermobilization will be better organized, that prospective participants will have been consulted and, above all, that it will contain that margin of freedom and creativity that is inherent in the blogger spirit.


10 thoughts on “No platoons or neat groups

  1. Yoani:

    Being Cuban-american, let me just say that here in the States, we enjoy, and like to celebrate our differences because this is the very essence that enriches our common American culture and allows for creativity and consequent prosperity, unsurpassed anywhere else on the planet.

    However, lets not forget that there are certain facts, rights and public order issues that we all must agree on if we are to progress and free ourselves of this horrible decease, inflicted on us daily, called totalitarianism. We, whether bloggers, readers or list writers, primarily Cuban, should agree on the following if at all possible:

    – That we should have the right to disagree, opine and express our thoughts publicly and peacefully so long as what we express does not encompass any kind of violence against fellow citizens, property, or others rights to privacy and activities that do not affect other citizens.

    – We should be allowed to make a living, or open a businesses in any way we choose so long as it does not interfere with anyone else’s rights and does not damage public order, the environment, our health and particularly that of our children

    – We should be able to travel and legally live anywhere in the world where we choose.

    – No position that is taken by anyone should lead to the damage of works of art, architecture, the environment or the patrimony of the country in any way, as our children and grand children’s well being depends on decisions we take right now during our timewatch on earth.

    – Dictators should be strictly forbidden under penalty of death, should they usurp, violate, and take power by force, deceit or treachery. Since the island seems perpetually vulnerable to this type of psychopathic personalities, the penalty mandated for taking power by force should be as rigorous and painful as we all can agree on.

    I’m sure there are many other issues we should or can agree on, but the above are the ones that come to mind. What the Castro dynasty has done to the country must never happen again in a thousand years.

  2. 291RCR:

    The perfection does not exist!!!!,,that is for real, but, even, the closest system to perfection, with his mistakes, imperfections, etc, etc,,,,is the one that we are enjoying here in USA!!!!!

    Just take a look of the Constitution of the USA, and you will see (if you are not blind!!!!), that it was done “To granted the pursuit of the Happiness , whenever you want to reach it!!!!,,,, andit is up to you,,,,not for somebody else!!!!!.

    I which to have just a quarter of the principles of that Constitution ,,,,in Cuba’s Constitution!!!!!


  3. This is a simple message that cuts strait to the heart of things. Everyone here, “right” or “left” should be able to get behind it. For our brothers and sisters whose voices are muzzled by the regime, we must shout. For those we live amongst who do not hear and can not see, we must break the silence and help open their eyes.

  4. Call to the Cuban government and to the world
    We ask all persons and institutions defenders of civil rights in the world that they contribute to this mobilization, and we call the Cuban government to:
    – Liberate the political prisoners.
    – Abolish the interdictions which prevent the Cubans from entering and leave of their country.
    – Abolish the interdictions of access in Internet for the Cubans.
    This information in Time Magazine
    see information : Medicina Cubana Blog

  5. Candido
    Junio 1st, 2009 at 12:46

    The following phrase is enough eloquent, enough graphic!!!! :

    “If, it is wrong to talk, then, it is worse do not speak”!!!!.

    Anything ,,,anything,,,,!!!!! against the Cuban “Robolution”,,,,against Castro’ s regime and his “maffiosa gang”, is valid, is one more grain of sand to be added to the mountain of complaints that, sooner or later will enrich the real situation of Cuba and her people!!!!.

    Let anybody express himself and shows his idea about Castro’s regime, does matter if it is Maria Elvira, Baily, Mandrake “The magician” , etc,,,,this, in one way, or another, is another via, another way to denounce anything against Cuba’s corrupt system.

    I’ don’t support nobody who committed a crime against innocent people, but, sometimes, is hard to separated after 50 years who was, o not innocent -in one way or another- because, snitching or torture, or repress, etc, etc,, could be as guilty as killing, depending who was the affected one,,,the family who did suffer the crime!!!!

    Posada Carriles, and several Cubans have been accused of Terrorism, but , that never has been proved in a court of law,,,,and, I’m talking about a real court of law, not about the Cuban’s court of law where the final verdict always will be depending of Castro’s will,,,,we, the Cubans,,,are totally sure about that, there are thousands of examples in more than 50 years!!!!

    Everything comes at the right time, then, whenever our hour is coming , we, the Cubans, will be able to take the right decisions, and cut off the “crap”, eliminating the killers, the cruelty, the stupid and insane laws, the repression , the so mentioned “revolutionaries principles”, the so claimed “communist attitude”,,,,,,resume,,,,we will be able to be “FREE,,,and we will get our FREEDOM for ever and ever!!!!!.

    But in top of everything, I believe that after more than 50 years, we did learn the lesson and we will be able to transmit to our future generations that such mistake, will not be repeated again,,,,never,,,,ever!!!!!


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