Newsletter (part two)

If there were an altar to technology I wouldn’t hesitate to light a couple of candles there.  These cables, circuits and chips have brought so much more information, autonomy and freedom to my life than that generated by the will of the politicians or popular pressure.  This month marks the fifteenth anniversary of my building my first computer, which represented a hundred and eighty degree turn in my existence.   My hand is a bit distorted because of the mouse, most of the time I think as if I were designing for Dreamweaver, and I’m even tempted to press “control+alt+del” for a re-set when I don’t like what’s going on around me.

And now a new service has emerged—sending out news reports via SMS—that increases my faith in the power of these technological gadgets.  Since last week I’ve known about a page called Granpa (we hope it will be more objective than Granma) that sends news to cell phones located in Cuba.  All you have to do is leave your phone number and choose the sources you’d like to receive, to start reading the headlines on your cell.

I wish the best of luck to those who implemented such a good idea, which is so necessary in these times we’re living in.  Since we don’t have a paper newspaper to tell us everything the official press keeps hidden, a big welcome to the news through electrical impulses and kudos for this information flashing on the screens of our phones.


3 thoughts on “Newsletter (part two)

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  2. The 5 Cubans criminals convicts, are, where they have to be until the end of their sentences: ” THE PRISON”!!!!!!!!!.

    Their crimes can not go unpunished, they have the right punishment they deserve!!!!

    Freedom and justice for Cuba, is what we claim, Cuba’s people deserve the same fair justice and Castro should be condemned to the history dump, Cuba is not a good example where the justice it’s been served in more than 50 years of cruel repression done by Castro and his Maffiosa Gang!!!!


  3. Latest and wonderful news!!!!!.

    The Supreme Court of USA refused to reopen negotiations for a new trial for 5 Cubans, convicted of espionage in USA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The justice has been served ONE MORE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The 5 criminals, must serve their sentences as proven convicts of those serious crimes committed in USA soil!!!.

    This is not Cuba, where Castro’s will can influence anything!!!! this is a Country of Laws, where everyone has the right to a fair trial!!!!

    I’m very happy!!!!,,I have hopes that one day, Castro himself could be seated in the accused chair of history as a barbaric monster that plunged Cuba in her most disastrous period of her history ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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