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What is happening in Iran and its dissemination through the Internet is a lesson for Cuban bloggers.   The authoritarians of the court also must be taking note of what great dangers result from—in these events—Twitter, Facebook, and mobile phones.  Seeing those young Iranians use all the technology to denounce the injustice, I notice everything that we lack to support those who maintain blogs from the island.  The acid test of our incipient virtual community has not yet arrived, but maybe it will surprise us tomorrow… with the aggravation of low connectivity.

In our blogger meetings, which we hold every week, we watched a small video about the Iranian cybernauts.  I watched it again today in lieu of the images of the demonstrations that our official television refuses to show.  I haven’t contemplated the faces painted green, nor heard any announcer speak of the seven dead, but with this brief animated short I can imagine everything.  I visualize an entire generation weary of old structures that it wants to change, a people—like me—who has ceased to believe in enlightened leaders who lead us like cattle.  In the midst of all this, to our satisfaction, are the bytes and screens modifying the form of protest.

On days like this I greatly regret not being able to be online; I feel like I’m choking having to wait to hear all the news.  If there’s still time for me to extend my solidarity to the Iranian bloggers, then here is a post to tell them: “Today it’s you, tomorrow it could well be us.”

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  2. When will our people in Cuba have the testicals to do the same as the Persian people?

  3. Hi Arvin,

    We are so exited about what you are doing in Iran, you are the envy of the world right now.
    Now is your time to STOP them, don’t allowed them to take everything from you as it was taken from us, I have been in exile since I was 9years old, I’m now 52.(Cuba)
    don’t let them take away your dignity, that is exactly what comunism does to you, they start taking little things here and there until they have taken “everything”
    Do not allow the government to tell you what to do or what to say or how to behave, do not allow this to happen!!!!

    Please be save and may God be with you.

  4. Arvin, the world supports your stuggle for honest government. The free press and CNN provide detailed video clips of the protests the Iranian people are manifesting. Your government has noticed you and now implementing certain changes. The Iranian people impress me and I hope one day the Cubans will have that same courage to speak up and be heard. Yoani is my Knight in Shining armour, when I read her blogs I feel there is still hope for Cuba’s future. I love my internet and web access and wish everyone in the world could enjoy the same. REMEMBER
    “The squeeky wheel gets the greese.” Nino que no llora no ma-ma, something like that.

  5. Hi Y.

    I am Iranian, and a friend of mine suggested your blog to me. It is interesting that you wrote about Iran, and so sad that I see you have conditions worse than us in Cuba. Unfortunately, in Iran our leaders are trying to isolate the people as they are doing it to you. We’ll fight and we hope for the freedom, Thanks for your support, and we do support you as well :)

  6. Cuando sera el dia que nuestro Pueblo tendra los testiculos para hacer lo mismo?

  7. I think it was Will Rogers who said you can steal more money with a pen than with a gun. His is timeless wisdom where as Mao’s quote about the gun belongs in the last century. Just like the laptop has replaced the printing press, so other forms of power are replacing gun power. The most powerful place where the revolution occurs is in the mind.

  8. ***
    Many of the people in the Iranian street mobs want their candidate–another warrior against non-Islamists–to win. He does not want freedom for the people–he is like Fidel Castro–he only wants absolute power.
    Muchos de la gente en el muchodumbre de los calles en Iran quieren que su candidato–otro guerrero contra de los quienes no son de Islam–ganara. El no quiere libertad por la gente–es como Fidel Castro–no quiere mas que poder absoluto.
    Castro betrayed the freedom of Cubans. Only a real armed revolution will change things in Iran. Like Mao said, “Power grows from the barrel of a rifle!”
    Castro traiciano la libertad de los Cubanos. No mas que un revolution armado de verdad cambiara cosas en Iran. Como dijo Mao, “Poder crece del barril (tubo) de un rifle!”.
    John Bibb

  9. I’m sorry , the comment # 28 belongs to me,,,Candido (the one below this message)


  10. Carbo,,,with all your respect,,,but “Anonino” is not only loyal!!! he goes beyond !!!,,,he is a slave,,he was born as a sheep to kiss Castro’s ass,,,and will be like that forever an ever!!!

    He is a mix of provoker, with coward, with rat, with snake, wit worm, with any king of garbage,,,simple as that!!!!


  11. 20
    Mushba Said,Pakistan
    Junio 19th, 2009 at 13:06
    I want to thank you and thank to all people around the world that read Yoani’s blog.
    As you surely know Yoani has not access to Internet because it is forbidden in Cuba for common people. In Cuba only have internet access a small group of very loyal persons working for the government and some hotels where the cost of of using internet is sky high. That’s why Yoani is a blind blogger that has to write hers articles and give it to some one that make the favor of posting it or she has to use the expensive option of posting from a hotel. For this very reason it going to take long time for her before she is able to read your comment and double so much to send you an answer. She would like to change things like this internet apartheid and the most people that comment here too……….. but not “Anonimo”, he is one of the loyals to the tyranny that want to keep the cuban people down as is in order to “enjoy” his ridiculous “status”.

  12. QUE COJONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(what balls!)

    Iran opposition defies ayatollah, schedules protests on SaturdayIran opposition defies ayatollah, schedules protests on Saturday

    “Iran’s opposition Friday called for a major new protest over the disputed presidential election, defying a demand by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and setting the stage for a potentially violent showdown in the streets with security forces and militias.”

    CUBA IS NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. To Anonimo posting #19


  14. Hola Señora,
    I am in Karachi Pakistan,and i decided that it was time i finished my May edition of Reader’s Digest,for it is June,and i have receieved the June edition too.I came across an article by you,and the address to your blog.I started writing blog’s almost a month ago,write a few blog’s myself;since i’m a teen,one deal’s with normal average thing’s,along with meaningful entrie’s on the side;the other is about the song’s i write,and the last is about Pakistan.I suppose you can say we are in similar situation’s,but ofcourse you are in tougher;either way,i think what we share is frustration at what we see about our countrie’s on the news and so on and so forth.I will continue reading your blog;for you are an inspiration to this 15 year old aspiring writer.I think you write wonderfully,and i hope you continue to do so.
    Love and well wishe’s,Mushba Said,Karachi,Pakistan.

  15. “The crowd broke into chants, shouting “Death to the Dictator!” and “where are our votes?” as Mr Mousavi addressed them, repeating his calls for a fresh ballot to replace a result widely seen as fraudulent. ” GO PERSIANS!!GO PERSIANS!!GO PERSIANS!!GO PERSIANS!!GO PERSIANS!!


  16. 15
    Junio 18th, 2009 at 19:53

    Over who???? Over the cuban people????? Yes, you’re right!!!!

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  18. It is threatening to the powers that be when people hungry for political change (especially young people) start taking things into their own hands, and use the internet to press for peaceful change. We’ve seen what a great tool the internet was in the campaign of Barack Obama in the U.S., and now, with even more impact, the election in Iran. No wonder Cuba’s official press doesn’t seem to be talking about the results of the Iranian election.

  19. Estoy muy de acuerdo con esta nota, cuando nuestros jovenes van a tomar riendas de su propio destino? e estado siguiendo la noticia desde el principio y la verdad no existe un mejor ejemplo, ni estos jovenes, ni la mayoria de la populacion en Iran se dejaron abasallar por el govierno, y se han echado a las calles a exijer lo que legitimamente les pertenece, LIBERTAD!!!! no la Dinastia que tienen los hermanos Castros en la Isla de Cuba, ahora estan de nuevo con esto que le estan llamando 2ndo perido especial? oprimiendo a este pobre pueblo que ya no puede mas, JAMAS E VISTO TANTO ODIO HACIA UN PUEBLO COMO EL DE LOS CASTROS POR LOS CUBANOS,
    Que lastima que no tengan la integridad que hase falta y sean tan conformistas


  20. Actually, I first heard of this blog on the BBC “World Service”: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/ . It is available in many languages, including Spanish, and has a variety of MP3 “Podcasts” and English lessons at all levels. I should stress that the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is entirely independent of government and commercial interests, and is funded by a licence fee from listeners and viewers. Indeed, during the second world war, it upset Churchill by refusing to broadcast “black” (ie. untrue) propaganda. He was grateful in the end because, when he had genuinely good news to report, we believed it. Their news and comment is unbiased and can be trusted.

  21. To “Anonimo” and “Suy cubano soy popular”:

    You both should go to Castro’s house (after finding out in which one of them he is!!!) then, request permission to see him ( insist and cry a lot!!! to get the permission), then, after get granted the permission for which you both were stripped, checked inside and out and humiliated in a disproportionate way!!!!, to finally, and once in front of Caesar ,,I’m sorry Castro,,,you both can kiss his ass, lick his old feet full of calluses and fungus and receive a loud laugh and a great exclamation like this one:

    “Slaves, get out of my sight”!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then you both will be very happy, because that is exactly your nature” “Being treated as Slaves”!!!!!!!!!!


  22. if there was ant doubt doubt about the power of your or Iran’s blogger …… have a look at this, http://www.ahmadinejad.ir/ the iranian president has his own ..

    It’s a wave moving through the world …….
    Even in western democracies, elected politicians fear the voice of the people.
    Continued support Yoani …….

  23. There is an interview with Yoani, published in the recent July edition of the Canadian version of Readers’ Digest. I hope many can see it. Yoani is reaching around the world, I hope the world will reach back. Salud, Yoani!

  24. A truly inspiring video. Despite being Canadian (the video was produced in Vancouver) and having a high speed internet connection at home and work, it was a bit surreal to run across it on Yoani’s blog when she has none of those things.

  25. The revolution WILL BE TELEVISED ! despite what that song back in the 70s said. I would send a very special thanks to all of you who work so hard behind the scenes to help bring us this blog. The tube video from Iran is truly inspiring and does so much to tear away the veil that those in control try to cover the truth with

  26. Espero que no seas la única cubana (dentro de Cuba) tomando nota. Y la Blogosfera cubana ya tuvo un test el Primero de junio 09! Leer los blogs para enterarse del resultado…

  27. Our Yoani on the BBC!! They should have put a link to this blog!! Let them know the obvious!!

    “Conversely, in Cuba internet connections are slow and few people have access to home computers. However the Generation Y website, written by Yoani Sánchez, has brought the plight of ordinary Cubans to worldwide attention. Last year she was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.”


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