Saying “no”

A television personality has lent his name to an amusing adornment in the shape of a dog that is placed inside cars.  Always agreeing has caused this host to be compared to the bobble-head animals who nod with every rattle of the car, as if to say “yes”.  Said gentleman always approves what his bosses say, so much so that his neck turns into a spring when he presents one of the programs with the fewest viewers on Cuban television.

A Mexican friend gave me this turtle who says “no”, which reminds me of the negatives that citizens have never been able to express in public.  To the rhythm of this nice chelonian, I would like to emphasize everything that I disapprove of but that I’m not permitted to decide through the ballot box.  Moving your head from side to side when you don’t agree implies a greater share of value than agreeing or consenting all the time.  The sport of saying “yes” has cost my generation, which suffers the consequences of agreements and commitments made by our parents, to lose too much.

We could start by saying no to centralization, bureaucracy, the cult of personality and the absurd prohibitions of the gerontocracy.  As a fan that turns from right to left, so would I move if someone consulted me on the management of the current government.  “No” is the first word that springs to mind when people ask me if the Cuba of today resembles that which I was promised as a girl.  They will not broadcast my disapproval on TV, nor will it earn me obliging pats on the head from some boss, but at least it’s not automatic like the “yes” of the little plastic dog who looks out through the windshield.


9 thoughts on “Saying “no”

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  2. To me this post remind’s me of the fact that even here people are afraid to stand upto political partie’s and do something about it,and the crime’s they have commited. People are afraid to just no.This show’s how much fear lurk’s everywhere.

  3. Michael:

    With all your respect, but, are you nuts?,,,or simple you are making a joke?.

    If you are an American as you stated in your comment, then, you don’t really know what are you talking about!!!!.

    I did live half of my life in Castro’s regime and the other half in America (USA), and really , really , I was free since the moment I set up my feet in this holly land!!!I’m so grateful that I was able to reach my dreams here in this blessed country, that can get thousand of defects, but, has millions of virtues,,,,and those virtues overpass any other situation, any other wrong aspects that you, or any body can consider wrong.

    I would like to get in Cuba just the 0.000001 part of the freedom that, we, the Americans have here in USA (I’m already an American too, thanks to the laws and if the only right that is not granted to me is to be a President, then, I can live with that so good, because with regard of the rest I have the same rights like any other American, however, in Cuba, my motherland I had denied almost all my rights, even, try to be a President because our President has been on the throne for more than 50 years and will be there until all his family and heritage do not exist no more!!!!

    If you want to experiment what it is to be a slave, to be nothing, to be pure trash, etc, etc, just go to Cuba, stay there 3-4 years, but, as a Cuban, !!!!,,,ok,,,disguise your blond hair, your blue eyes, etc, and go to live in a regular house, under the same kind of regime to get food, clothing and your rights, then, after that time, come back to this blog and let us know what will be your knew way of thinking!!!!!,,,then I’ll see you,,,and I’ll read you!!!!


  4. WALL STREET JOURNAL:New Honduras Leader(SAID NO!!)but Faces Backlash From Coup

    “The Organization of American States called for Mr. Zelaya’s return and set a meeting for Tuesday that could suspend Honduras from the body under its democratic charter adopted in 2001 — an effort to put Latin America’s long history of coups and dictatorships behind it.”

    BEHIND IT!! They are in front of the line with, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador!

  5. I am an American. I want to tell you that we want to be your friends. Our government is corrupt and evil. I extend my hand to you. I wish we could be free. We cannot be free while we have corrupt and evil leaders. We love Cuba.

  6. Great,another good kick to the cuban regime.I’m feeling so proud of you.You are doing so much for our nation’s sake that inspire a huge dose of respect.May God bless you always.

  7. After more than 50 years, of barbarism, cruelty and oppression, we become sheep , puppets, humans being directed by remote control, now, the current third generation is becoming to see the life under a more profound despair, there is not hope for anything, there is not opportunity for anything, there is not any other way that “TO ESCAPE”!!!!,,,just go out of the Island and you will be free, even, if freedom represent that at least,,,,, you don’t have to make lanes to buy anything,or at least, you can say whatever you want, without being punished, even if those words are just an utopia!!!!.

    This kind of tribune, is just one small step done by Yoanis and her fellows countrymen, this is something very brave in the middle of the hell that has been reigning in Cuba during more than 50 years, but still is not enough.

    It is very sad that we don’t have millions of Yoanis, which with her voice has been denouncing the abuses and violations that Castro’s regime has been committing for over 50 years.

    Saying yes or not as a robot, is part of the nature of the Cubans in these days and will be like that until we get Castro, his brother and their mafia gang full of decrepit and obsolete old men, enjoying and applying the power.

    The current generation was born under this catastrophic situation which has been able to accommodate their minds to see the life reduced to a piece of bread- if your lucky enough-, or reduced to receive a piece of crumbs is you are obedient enough to not protest for anything and just accept everything they said and just do everything they said you have to do.

    That generation could see the bright part of the sun, when she is able to escape from Cuba!!!! which is the coronation of their dreams!!!!,,,or, if they can go for one day,,,just one day to Varadero Beach , which could be being “a king for one day”!!!, the rest, is just darkness day by day, minute by minute,,,,,365 days a year, 50 years already and who knows how many more to come!!!!!!


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