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Last week I was participating in a literacy program focused on bloggers who recently started blogging. After six months of meetings to exchange knowledge on our Journey, we find it necessary to rely on separate sessions for those who are making their first foray into the world of blogs. As when someone learns to spell, the participants in these basic classes joined text and images to upload their first posts themselves.

The method used to teach WordPress we call “Yes I want,” because it rests on the personal desire to express one’s opinions—freely—in a blog. Everyone who teaches something must do it as if they were giving a pair of wings, since only the “students” can decide if they want to use them to fly. With this in mind, we have shown ways to express oneself in cyberspace, without any implied unified commitment or loyalty on the part of those who learn.

Yes I want, because the tug of desires can lead us to do that which not even our will compels us to do. When you’ve lived in the midst of slogans, the stubborn might of some few people, and obligatory tasks, personal desire is transformed into a goal of reconquest. “Yes I want” should be the phrase that accompanies the so often mentioned, “Yes I can,” because it’s not enough to have the capacity to learn if we lack the appetite to use these discovered letters and kilobytes, to leave the ground behind.


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  1. To Friendly English Translaters:
    Sorry for my book-like blog in #4! I guess I got carried away!! I’ll try to keep them shorter in the future. Thanks for all you do to get the message out!! Bruce@U.S.A.

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  3. To Yoani: “Yes I want,” or rather I should say, “Yes We Want”!! We all want the same thing, Freedom to persue that which makes us happy!! Freedom to work hard at a good job, knowing that we can keep that which we’ve earned by our labor!! We all want freedom from fear and a safe place to raise our families. We want clean streets and a little patch of ground we can call our own. We want a nice house in a good neighborhood where we can plant trees and flowers and have a good, dependable car in our driveway. We want hot and cold running water inside our homes, with electrical outlets every 6′ along the walls in every room, supplied with cheap, dependable power. We want natural gas for the furnace and waterheater and we want airconditioning for those hot, humid days. We want a few good dependable toilets in the bathrooms, and as long as we are listing our wants, we want a Big Screen TV mounted on our wall. We want good dependable phone service and a place to sit at our computer, and without restrictions, access the internet. We want modern day appliances in our kitchen and plenty of good food in the refrigerator. We want the feeling that we and our children are safe and that there is no one outside spying on us or spying on our neighbors. The list can go on and on, but people are the same all over the world; we just want freedom to persue that which makes us happy, and so long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others, we should have the right to! Yoani has done a marvelous thing in that she has turned a few heads throughout the world to see Cuba as it really is and we who live in America can identify with your plight!! I am just an ordinary American citizen who would not stand out in any crowd or would not turn a single head if I walked in a room, yet I, Bruce, have all the things I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this blog. I have not said this to boast, or make you feel even worse about your plight, rather I’ve said these things because I really appreciate what we have here in America and I truly wish in my heart, that you and your families could be blessed as much, or more than I am. We, here in America have been starved for almost an entire generation (generationNada) for information out of Cuba, and from what little I’ve read, I can see that you, likewise, have been starved about us and the rest of the world. Despite the fact that we are involved in two foriegn wars and are trying to help Mexico fight the drug war, we are a peace loving people!! I really mean that! We are tired of war, we are tired of blood, we are tired of having to intervene in international conflicts! We want all our soldiers to come home safe, and we just want to help protect innocent people from thugs and gangsters, the drug traffickers, the pornographers and every other evil thing you can think of. What we have here at this blog site is a way to ease tensions between our two nations, and if it is true that Fidel and his brother Reuel are concerned about what Yoani and the rest of you are telling the world about Cuba, maybe some of us ordinary Americans can help convince your leaders that we mean you no harm!! The picture or Yoani in The Reader’s Digest article, could well be the face of the majority of you Cubans. What I mean by that is, there’s no animosity there! There’s no cruelty! There is nothing to fear!! Rather, there is kindness and friendliness and you get a feeling that she could be trusted with anything! She has learned her craft well, and what she is writing about is exactly what people need to know in order to identify with your plight. It will do us outsiders no good to sit back and continue to criticize your leaders!! Rather, we need to point out to them,(perhaps through these very blogs),the great oportunity they have right in front of them to make Cuba the ‘Jewel’ of the Americas. Look at your geographic location! Your island nation is virtually cradled in the lap of the US, Mexico, Central and South Americas!! We in America love our good president!! When you look at his face, you just know that he too, can be trusted!! He’s a man of peace!! He is a man of great integrity!! He is a family man who loves his wife and his two daughters, and plays with his dog and there is no intrigue or cruelty in his manner, and he loves his country and is doing his very best to try to make the world a safer place to live in for everybody!! He’s in Russia right now (with his wife and two daughters), talking with Vladimir Putin in an effort to reduce the number of nuclear weapons throughout the world. Millions and millions of people all over the world, in every nation pray for him night and day to keep him and his family safe from the assassin’s bullet. I pray for him too, constantly, and because of our “Blindfolded Blogger”, I now pray for for the good citizens of Cuba, and I pray also for Fidel and his brother Reuel, that the good Lord will soften their hearts. I know that might sound strange and ‘wrong’ to a lot of people who have been hurt and betrayed by their regime , but we’ve got to try to work with what we’ve got. If Fidel and Reuel are so concerned about what Yoani is blogging about, why don’t they relax a bit on the Communist propaganda and old worn out slogans that no one believes, and allow their people some freedoms!! That is why I brought up the example of China in a previous blog because at some time in the past, they reached the conclusion that their idealism was too strict and they’ve got to stop regulating everyone’s life and allow their people to make a few of their own decisions, and give them a chance to persue what makes them happy, and allow them to keep a good portion of what they earn. Everyone benefits!! The only thing standing in the way of progress for the good people of Cuba is this ‘too strict idealism’ and *FEAR*!! We’ve got to reassure the Castro brothers that they and the good people of Cuba have the right to exhist! We in the US do not view you as a ‘threat’ in any significant way so long as your leaders are not collaborating with world-renown troublemakers!! There will be no more ‘Bay of Pigs’ disasters to try and depose your government! We don’t need another war!! We don’nt need the comdemnation of the world for such a thing!! As I said befor, our good president, Barack Obama, is a man of peace!! The government of Cuba has more to fear from it’s own citizens than it does from any other country in the world. An enemy from any corner of the globe could not get anywhere close to Cuba before we would stop them!! We here in the US have a stagnated economy with millions of people out of work and so do you! We’ve got millions of cars sitting on lots with no one to drive them. We’ve got building materials and earth movers like you wouldn’t believe. What did the US do after the end of WWII?? We helped both Germany and Japan to rebuild their cities and reignite their economies and today they are our friend and ally!! What does Cuba have to fear from the United States?? Absolutly nothing, but our insufferable friendship!!!

  4. My father has always told me,and he strongly believe’s,that if one work’s hard,and has the will to do it,then anything is acheiveable.The thing’s and situation’s that seemed impossible to pass are passed after some tough time’s;it is about you will,and how much you want something;if you want it really badly,then you can get it.Fear and hopelessness,take a back seat,and your belief in your faith,and yourself ,overcome’s everything else,and all through the power of your will.

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