Something is achieved

Remember my son Teo’s seventh grade diploma?  Well today a new diploma arrived for the recently completed grade and it bears the face of José Martí.  I’m wondering if my criticism of the design of the previous certificate influenced, even in  a small way, the substitution of the imagine accompanying the phrase: “To: __________ for having satisfactorily completed studies corresponding to the eight grade.”

Accident or intent, it doesn’t matter, I only know that the teacher was much closer to the model I would like for my son.  I hope to see her face, which unites rather than excludes, on the next diploma.

The diploma from this year.

The diploma from last year.


10 thoughts on “Something is achieved

  1. Yoani,
    congratulation’s to your son.The new diploma is a brilliant improvement from the last.I think it was your critisism that influenced them,and look what it did,it gave you a nice diploma to show off.
    & Candido
    you missed something,Pig.Che literally mean’s pig,it’s a slang;it was his nickname, given to him because he did’nt like to bathe very much.

  2. I was doing a research about Ernesto “Che” Guevara and this is what I found:

    The Meaning of that name is resumed as:

    Boot Licking

    The research is very,,,very extensive, but, I would need a lot of space to put on everything, then, my suggestion is, just take a look,,,,,, one by one to each word, then, let me know which ones do not fit well to that “singular person”!!!!

    We, the Cubans, were very unfortunate in our history having a monster like that, anyway, at the end, it will be part of the bad history that will end in the trash!!!!


  3. Candido
    Julio 8th, 2009 at 11:21


    There is joke a related with the slogan.

    A drunken guy was passing by the school, when suddenly, he heard the slogan very loud (screamed by the kids):

    “Pioneers for Communism!!!!! we will be like Che”!!!!!.

    Then, the drunken guy -very surprised- asked to himself :

    “ASTHMATIC ???????”,,,,,,,what a crazy idea!!!!!!


  4. Say what you like lol, I reckon the Diploma with himself’s picture on it would be worth loads on ebay in the UK :)

  5. SUPRISING ARTICLE FROM LEFT OF CENTER NY TIMES !!I wonder what Fidel (if he is really alive) will say about President Óscar Arias of Costa Rica, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who is mediating this situation in Honduras!!

    NY TIMES: Two Leaders Accept Talks on Dispute in Honduras

    “Meanwhile, thousands of flag-waving opponents of Mr. Zelaya gathered downtown, and hung piñatas bearing the faces of Mr. Zelaya and the leftist leaders of Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia.”

    “Mr. Zelaya, a close ally of the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, has been accused of flouting the law in an effort to amend the Constitution so he can run for re-election. His opponents — who include a broad cross-section of Honduran society — said those charges led to his ouster.”

  6. Fidel should be on your Certificate, He OWNES you. Like the BLACK FLY says, 50 years of Dumb Asses. Fidel is the only one there with Brains and Rights. Certifies Sheep you are…..Take to the streets and risk something. Tiveri

  7. A Diploma from a country who rewrites history to suit its needs is worthless as the paper its written on. Fidel has be lying to your people for 50 years. Keep doing “sacrificios” you dumb asses. 50 years of certified dumb asses.

  8. Carlos
    if what they have in Cuba you called victory then you are definetly changing
    the semantic of the word victory!
    As for changing marti for Che that will be really offensive to all of us
    cubans !
    I am sorry but I am guessing you are not Cuban !
    Marti to us is like George Washington to US or Bolivar to Venezuela.
    Che will never be at such hights as those others.

  9. Is nice and extraordinary when one person can make a diference!
    And you are an example a good and outstanding example of it Yoani
    congratulations and the best to you and family.
    Thank you for caring about Cuba and cubans unlike the others we know that seem totally careless.

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