Transgressing the limits

Seven months after they warned me, in a dark police station, that “you have transgressed all the limits,” I continue traveling to Pinar del Río to conduct the Blogger Journey. Instead of curing the virus of expressing ourselves online, that December 6th ban on our meeting has fueled, in many, the desire to become infected.

Here are some photos taken Sunday in the west of the country, while I was teaching the guts of WordPress and tricks for updating a blog.


12 thoughts on “Transgressing the limits

  1. From the U.S.A.–A smart Cuban government will see that the only way to “cure” this disease is to find room for her in their government. A job improving the use of the internet in Cuba, freeing expression in Cuba will shut this philologist down! A strong person doesn’t fear the opinions of others.

  2. Muchisimas gracias, Julio. Translating this and some of the other blogs continues to be one of the greatest pleasures of my life!

    As for the party on the Malecon… CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

  3. Great work Yoani!!! It is a human right to express oneself non-violently and to speak freely to others and show them to be informed and live in dignity.

  4. Although Yoani prepared this post with very few words, I have to say that nothing gives me more hope than these photos of ordinary Cubans learning a new tool with which they may, if they choose, express themselves freely.

  5. Que bueno baila usted

    . This is a wonderful fictional biography, based in historical facts, of the greatest interpreter of the “afro-cuban son” in history, Bartolomé Maximiliano, “El Benny”, Moré. With a prose full of passion and poetry, the author describes the musical development of “El Benny”, from his impoverished childhood, to his years of fame and his death. This book can also be read as a history of the Cuban music and its most important instrument: the Clave. A must-have book to understand, and enjoy, the origins of the rhythm that inspired new music styles around the world.

  6. Translator let me take a little time here to congratulate you in your speedy and very accurate translations It’s amazing how fast you do it! Thank you for helping us spread the word!

    Thank you for caring about Cuba and Cubans!

    I hope one day when Cuba is free we can all meet in Havana!
    Yoani with all the translators and everyone that posted on her blog! That will be a very awesome experience!

  7. Generacion B: I belong to the generation B, second class citizens, born with the Bush (jr & sr) and Berlusconi, the mafia man that changed forever Italian culture with his junk television and politics, the two Bushes, making war for oil, subsidizing GM agriculture and backing Monsanto and Microsoft.

    Generacion B

  8. The only way to claim your freedom is by practicing your freedom!

    God bless you Yoani
    You are a true patriot
    and a true Cuban!
    You and those that follow you are Cuban patriots fighting for freedom!
    The best to all!
    keep freedom alive by practicing it!

  9. If there’s one thing’s i’ve learned,it’s that no matter how powerful the government might seem or claim,if there’s someone willing to stand up & speak up against,then they will feel more threatened & scared then pigeon’s.
    GO Yoani! :-)

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