Fifteen years later

This is a short video of the places where, fifteen years ago, the social outbreak known as the “Maleconazo” happened.

Today I walked along the coastal avenue and through the pier area where the ferry goes to Regla.

I saw some foreign correspondents conducting interviews, the wall facing the sea strangely empty, and police posted everywhere.

The same streets but now people’s faces seem less convinced, than they were then, that we’re nearing the end.


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  1. For those of you that can read spanish please read this article
    from Vitral magazine the site contain also parts in English but unfortunately not everything is translated to English

    The article begins
    You will know the truth and truth will make you free!

    To dicover the lies with live with it’s sufficient to live here, …

    The article in question is one person explaining many of the details of their personal economy please read on at.

  2. Alby
    if you never been to Cuba you will be amazed by the way they live. The very poor standard of living.
    I used to live there and all I can tell you that I returned to visit after 10 years and found everything worst than when I left this cause my eyes to produce tears.
    I did tear up because it was incomprehensible to me how this few old men keep everyone else like a slave it seem to me that no ideology no ideals nothing could justify so much injustice! Are they so blind as to not see the suffering of the people of Cuba?

    They should even know by now that their ideology does not work at all.
    All those kids in the streets chanting freedom are a testament to that!
    Those are the new man they forged
    but no matter how much brain washing people still want Freedom

    Freedom and totalitarianism can’t coexist!

    If my recollection is correct after this events the Cuban government allow anyone that wanted to go to the US to build their rafts and go. Transferring the problem of policing these frustrated people wanting freedom to the US!
    That’s what I call the pressure valve release of the pressure cooker that is Cuba with the regime.
    It has happen many times before remember Mariel? remember the causes of Mariel?

    Why does it have to be either you like what we have here or you go into exiled?
    why can they fix what they have there?
    My answer to the question is because why fix a system that has keep them in power for 50 years as a class of great privilege?
    They must feel like GOD having so much control over everyone else!

  3. 15 years ago here in Karachi,political tensions between the MQM,the party that rules Karachi,& the Pathans,caused riots & shootings;according to my father,as he,my mother & me as a baby in a basket were driving in our car,a shooting started. My mother obviously being the panicky lady she is,hid me near her feet in the car, thinking of it to be the safest place;which to this day makes me laugh.
    Things have changed too much in every way here;things have changed too much everywhere.
    & Señor,i took care of the colour thing :-) ;yes i do love green,& it only makes sense to have a green theme for a blog thats about my country,since my flag is half green.

  4. I really hope this would happen again, but in even greater numbers. The video one of you posted made me cry, I really wish Cubans would say enough is enough and just Go out, come what may. Those old men in power cannot be more powerful than 11 million united Cubanos. I’m going to visit my family in Cuba in about 10 days and I hope I won’t burst into tears seeing how they have to live.

    I was born here, but I feel so much empathy towards those suffering in Cuba because of some old farts who have ego issues. I wish I could do something. I wish I could go and protest alongside everyone, I just really want a change for everyone over there.

  5. I have not been in Cuba for quite some time so I can’t comment on the Maleconaso other than to say that the people, even fourteen years ago were already fed up with the Stalinist nature of this regime. The You Tube video is really good at showing the riot from different locations. I think everyone with an interest should check it out.

    Based on Yoani’s comments above, it seems to me that some kind of generalized clinical depression has set in the population, whereby people are anguished and tired all the time, thereby lacking the energy or vitality to show any discontent or even bang some pots and pans for this anniversary. It mostly may have to do with diet, but also with lack of freedom of expression, boredom and hopelessness. It appears that the dynasty has drained everyone’s energy for the time being, but only for now.

    What a way to lead a country and its people. First, by restricting or depriving them of the means to produce. Then by cutting them off from moving where and when they wish. Then as if this were not enough, they depress and psychologically abuse the population by not allowing them to vacation, enjoy a decent dinner out, since money is short, and most importantly, vent their anxieties in public in any way shape or form.

  6. Mr de la Yncera:You are absolutely right, that was the spark…. the rest is history…according to Granma antisocials started the riot… so basically all the people of Centro Habana, Habana Vieja and Vedado are “lumpens”.What do you think?

  7. There was a reason for the riot I believe and please someone with the memory or the knowledge tell me If I am wrong
    Some people got on the little ferry boat that goes to Regla and they were trying to make it go to the US
    And the government sent heavily arm coast guard boat in pursue this scene was happening in from of everyone and people started going to the streets and to chant


    Does anyone remember if my recollection of the causes of Meleconazo are correct?

    I was reminded about it after listening to Fidel talking about it on this video

  8. So for those that usually make comments supporting the dictatorial regime in Cuba
    any comments about Meleconazo?

    Today is the 15 anniversary!
    Would really love to listen to opinions about why people where chanting

    that means Freedom!

    Like in

    we want Freedom!

    If you look at those images you can see that the great majority of them are born within the revolution!
    Think about it Freedom is something that is born with every human being is part of the little gift we all have call free will!

    We like to do things on our own from speaking our mind to do some actions that could be useful in any country like for example creating a business.
    Why should the state have so much control as to become the main employer to everyone? Why can we have other alternative?
    why is freedom repress with police brutality?

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