Missing the “Y”

Memories are written at the end of a life and dictionaries with a man’s phrases are compiled when you know he’s finished, incapable of producing new ideas. To be reduced to the pages of a book, when once you held the microphone in front of a million people, must be a consolation as tasteless as the pap they administer to the patient. The Dictionary of the Thoughts of Fidel Castro, by the researcher Salomón Susi Sarfati, will be the farewell of the loquacious leader who flooded our life—every minute of it—with his uncontrolled rhetoric.

According to a press release from Prensa Latina, “exquisite and meticulous in his selection, the author divides the dictionary into the 20 letters of the Spanish alphabet (except k, q, w, x, y, z)…” As I am obsessed with the penultimate consonant that gives its name to this blog, I wonder if in the more than 1,978 aphorisms none will have referred to someone of “Generation Y.” In this Island full of Yordankas, Yohandris and Yunieskies, how is it possible that “the essence of the thinking” of someone who was in power nearly fifty years, does not contain a reference to us. It seems that the book contains only concepts, not people, which, for me, makes it a collection of samples of entelechy, a compendium of incomprehensible ideas.

Perhaps today—his 83rd birthday—the orator of days gone by has this dictionary they have created to flatter him, to tell him that his work will live on and be read for centuries and centuries. He will look at the year of publication and wonder if they will make an expanded edition with the contents of his next reflections. He will not notice the lack of the “Y”, this little and insignificant letter which has not turned out as he would have liked: selfless, altruistic, disciplined and stoic. Probably he will delight more in the “R” of revolution or in the “I” of imperialism, but his great gaze will not reach the end of the alphabet. There, crouched and hidden, is this letter in the form of a slingshot, the elastic tensed in the direction of tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Missing the “Y”

  1. I commend you on your blogosphere!

    And i pray every day for mi gente. Freedom is just another word until the courageous excersize its power…. Y!

    Y: yes to freedom
    Y: yearning for change

  2. When we return to Cuba, we will have one month vacation and every night we will have a huge bum Fire with Fidel’s books and signs.
    Then we will have the pope, the Highest Rabbi In Israel and teh Dali Lama come and bless the fucking mess they have made.
    Tehn 12 months will be allowed for all those name Fidel and Raul and Ramiro, Ernesto, those names will never be allowed in the Island Again.
    The Ys can stay as such. LOL

  3. Panfilo said more in a few words about Cuba than Fidel’s total thoughts in the encyclopedia dedicated to his “diahreah of the mouth”! Panfilo for president! Si
    se puede, cono!!

  4. zapato, reading F Castro’s latest “reflection” (August 12)probably means he’s still alive, in body if not in mind. I can’t imagine any of his acolytes writing such utter gibberish. The aging tryrant is obviously no longer of sound mind. Yet Cuban state media faithfully transcribe every word as if it’s gospel truth. Pathetic.

  5. Lo de Panfilo es un descaro, 2 years in jail for saying he was hungry. ESTA revulution “es del pueblo”, so pa la calle gente, no sean cobarde.

  6. 83rd birthday/ does anyone really believe he’s still alive……… that ego-centric asshole would never relinquish power if he was.

  7. The real name of Panfilo is Juan Carlos Gonzalez Marcos his address is located in Vedado ,3th Strett e/A y B, or que 3th strett e/Cy D .Other people said that he lives around Carmelo Restaurant located in Calzada , Vedado,or around “Avioncito” (Night Club). All these address are located very close to each other.Panfilo went to Junior High Scholl at Valdes Rodriguez , Vedado located in 4th street e/ 3ra y 5ta. He used to play basketball and soccer in his youth.

  8. Toast to his memories!!!!, his thoughts!!!! and the epilogue of his life comes to light today, now!!!!!

    His memories?, his thoughts?, we will be able to throw them to the garbage!!!!!!!, and its epilogue?, we should keep it present for ever, to avoid that never again occur such a catastrophe Cuba!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May he rest in peace -if he can- in hell!!!!Murderer!!!!


  9. Yoanis:

    The Dictionary of the Thoughts of Fidel Castro, is another way to demonstrate subservience to the Murderer in Chief!!!!,,just one more, among millions during more than 50 years of cruel and oppressive system imposed by him , his brother and their mafia gang !!!!!

    However, everything comes to an end, and paradoxically and having been taken long time, the lyrics of the song “Ojala” written by the slave Silvio Rodriguez, now takes effect and becomes appropriate for this desired end”:

    “Ojalá se te acabe la mirada constante, la palabra precisa, la sonrisa perfecta,

    Ojalá pase algo que te borre de pronto,,,una luz segadora, un dísparo de nieve,

    Ojalá por lo menos que TE lleve la muerte, para no verte tanto, para no verte siempre en todos los segundos, en todas las visiones” ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

    (“Hopefully you’ll end up looking steadily, the right word, the perfect smile,

    Hopefully something happens you delete suddenly, a light mower, a shot of snow,

    Hopefully at least take you to death, not to see you both, not to always look at all the latter in all views” ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫).

    We all should pray to that!!!!!!just to see the day when that monster will be in hell!!!!!


  10. Dear Carbo Serbia,

    Thanks for the update on Panfilo; 2 years in prison for telling the world that he, and most people in Cuba, are hungry and miserable. What a disgraceful government….

    So this dictionary holds all the thoughts from the man with the worst case of verbal diarrhea in history; it should be printed as a scroll, so the pueblo can use it like the toilet paper that it really is.

  11. Diego Armando Maradona the famous argentinian soccer player was treated in Cuba for a similar condition that Panfilo have. He was a drug addict and an alcoholic.

  12. They have thrown in jail a sick human being. Alcoholism a medical term is a disease, recognized in every medical book.
    What a shame…

  13. Today rather than Castro’s birhtday we should declare it Panfilo’s Day.
    What they (“HIM”) have done is basically an atrocity, perhaps preventing a Panfilo’s show af Juanes concert.
    Yoani and the alternative blogosphere should denounce this injustice in the same way that they did at Gorki’s trial.
    Same goes to Silvio, Amaury,Olga Tanon, Miguel Bosee and even Juanes.
    They thrown in jail a sick human being. Alcoholism a medical term is a disease, recognized in every medical book.
    What a shame…

  14. A wonderfully poignant and artful piece, Yoani. You get better, stronger, more focused and determined with each successive column. Stay the course and keep the thoughts flowing from your amazingl mind.

  15. You got it right,with more gut than anyone fassioning courage in our land full of insults.

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