On her way back

At a few minutes past six they brought out the Virgin in her glass case. Everything happened in the same parish of Manrique on the corner of Salud, where I should have gone as a child. Only my parents pretended, by then, that they were Marxist-Leninists and my grandmother couldn’t convince them they should let us girls pray.

Today I returned among a crowd of excited women, children dressed in yellow, women in white surrounded by a security cordon and people leaning over balconies that seemed on the point of collapse. A shower of petals fell on us in Reina Street, while my husband shouted, “Viva the Virgin of all Cubans!” For a moment I thought that yes, one day what separates us today will mean nothing… and she will return to take us in under her golden mantle. As she did with me this afternoon…


3 thoughts on “On her way back

  1. Post deleted — One person is posting under many many names and pretending to be different people. Please speak only for yourself.

  2. Ricardo:

    You are totally right!!!!!,,,The Castros and their mafia gang are very afraid of the people, but, the Cubans, they don’t know anything about it,,,,,they can image the fear that those killers are feeling inside of their bodies!!!!

    Abajo Fidel, Abajo Raul,,,Abajo la banda de mafiosos,,,Viva Cuba Libre!!!!


  3. No tengan miedo, que si no lo tienen ya han perdido, salgan a la calle y saquenlos.
    Abajo Fidel,Abajo Raul, abajo la Revolucion, viva Cuba libre!
    Ellos le tienen mas miedo a ustes que lo que se imaginan.

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