Let Juanes come!

Yesterday we went out to record what Cubans think about the Juanes concert. I’m glad to be in tune with my people.  Let Juanes come!

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  2. esto va para ti y para el mundo

    yo se que tu tienes una buena razon para querer cambiar el mundo lleno de maldad
    para bien de ti y de tu hijo y los hijos de tus hijos pero no luches por que es envano por que el mundo ya esta segado de tanta maldad ya no puede ver mas alla de su naris

    “la inorancia los tiene en sus manos es mas facil que en animal cambie que cambies a una persona”

    las personas cambiaran asu tiempo tu sigue luchando por lo que quieres no hagas caso escucha y ve hasta donde llegan las personas que ya estan segadas y si comentan es por que les duele ver que uno quiere cambiar por que siente que es necesario hacerlo y no por dinero si no por

  3. I don’t understand why some cubans are labeling Juanes as a Communist. This man has headed an unarmed battle agains the different guerrilla groups in Colombia (who happen to be pro communism). He is extending that fight beyond his native country. Don’t label this concert as pro communism, pro castro, etc.. We live in a harsh world and if you have someone dreaming of peace and works for it let him be.

  4. I can’t claim to be good at English spelling even though English is my first language. Why? Because English is made up of words borrowed from many differnt languages. Even Canadian English spelling varies from “American” English spelling. Spanish is much easier to spell because of its spelling rules. The moderator could confirm that I have an MIT Alum Email address for those of you think I am a “provoker”. It is currently illegal for US citizens without Cuban families to travel to Cuba. However I do understand that Pharmaceuticals are not free in Cuba but did a Cuban Doctor in Cuba ever tell you to come back when you have some insurance? Many immigrants here in the US send remittances back to families in countries arround the world not just Cuba. We have not had coupon rationing here since World War II. Under capitalism most things are rationed by price including food, health, justice, and education. I can say that personally I have been shot in the back by the police durring a demonstration on the MIT campus.

  5. Kim:

    Very good,,,very good!!!!,,,but, a I have a proposition to you!!!,,,,go to Cuba, and try to lives as a simple Cuban -I’m sorry,,,survive!!!- just for one year,,,,just one,,,nothing else,,,,using the rationing book food, living in a small space,,,, leaky and dirty, asking for medications to your family in USA, because there, you will not be able to find even “aspirin”!!!!, and, in top of that, keeping your mouth shut, even, if you see that the Police beat your son unfairly!!!!.

    After that test, let me know if still you keep the same idea about that “so called Robolutionary Paradise”!!!!,,.

    Anyways, I’m agree with Concubino and I’m positive saying that you are some kind of provoker,,,,from there or even form here,,,does not matter!!!, who should be very unhappy with your life,,,,plus that you have the natural talent to became a sheep!!!pitting down your head, giving up your mind,,,,but mainly,,,selling your soul to the devil!!!


  6. The very same Victor Manuel that is comming to Juanes concert.Victor Manuel and Juan Juan are very much alike.

  7. Kim: Your propagandist, inciendary and demagogic rethoric seems to come from somebody who studied in one of the communist schools from Cuba.Are you sure that you got a partial scholarship in M.I.T or full ride from Cuba’s Nico Lopez Superior Communist Institute?. I doubt that you got even a partial ride in a Ivy League School.You don’t even know how to spell Scholarship…

  8. My impression of you is that of what we call a spoiled brat. You recieved a free eduction through the university level. Even though I recieved a partial scolarship to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology I never finished and I still paid off loans that I had defualted on. Can I say that I never had any opportunities to make money rather than embark on a lifes goal of making a Socialist revolution here in the US. No. I can say that I became sick through no fault of my own and that it cost me severely. Yes. No one can afford to get sick here. We have been hearing that we are going to get health care reform now, however no one knows what this will mean. Cuba has played an extremely positive role in the world. Cuba helped defeat Jim Crow, Cuba helped Vietnam, Cuba helped defeat the racist South African Aparthied regime, Cuba sends doctors on international missions. Now you claim that Cuba earns money this way. Well than why haven’t the American capitalists invested their money in sending doctors? Simple the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and other capitalist instutions look at health care as a drain on their surplus value. They don’t need health insurance because they can hire all the doctors they need. We call it the pay or die system. They always demand restraint and cuts in social sevices because they cost to much. That’s to much for them of course. If your interested in making a lot of money and living the life of a jet setter than leave Cuba and come here. Just don’t wait to long because world capitalism is entering one of those long hot winters of war and depression. A revolutionary situation will develope here and we will have the oportunity to defeat the last Imperialist Empire which will put Socialism on the world agenda.

  9. Cold,,,,I understood,,,and once again, I was joking with you, because, remember, I think that the main “motto” of this blog is ” Prohibit is Prohibited”!!!!,,,then any body can express anything!!!!.

    The point of return, means that now only now after more than 50 years,,,I’m sure that after the first 10 years, those Criminal with the Castros in front, ,,all of them knew that they could not go back ,,,,,they knew and they know that now there is not another option,,,just go on with the repression and the cruelty,,,,that could be disguised using to many different ways, but at the end is the same,,,more sacrifices, more abuses, more poverty, etc, etc,,,,.

    Last night, I was reading that there is place, very close to Varadero Beach, named “Carbonera”, that now, the Government has been implementing a new plan and the place has been transformed,,,,or is on the way to be transformed, as a tourist place,,,an spectacular tourist place, where people from USA, Canada, France, England, etc, etc, can go right there to BUY houses, apartments, villas, condos, etc, totally and exclusively constructed for them!!!!.

    This is coming to light right now after the new regulations allowing more travels , more tourism to Cuba,,,over all from USA,,,at the end,,,in short time, the Island will be full of tourist, full of people that will be watching Cuba in the same way that they saw it before 1959,,,as a place for pleasure, for relax, which will be a good source of money for that industry,,,,but, with one specific and nasty situation,,,we had to wait,,at least 50 years,,,we lost, at least 50 years,,,to go back to what was suppose to be before those criminals with Castro and his mafia gang in front came to the power!!!!.

    The Cuban people does not realize that?,,,they are totally blind?,,,they don’t recognize how deep has been the trap?,,,It is incredible!!!!


  10. Of course I’m dreaming!! That’s what this blog is all about – and I hope Yoani agrees with me. If you don’t dream you decay and become irrelevant.

    The word is, the lesser brother is particularly scared of heights, and strong healthy opponents – although I hear he secretly wants to wrestle them. That’s why, like all sadistic bullies, he picks only on the weak and naive. And if they are 14 year old boys, so much the better.

    A character like that probably lives in a well protected enclosure, with watch towers and all, Nazi style, so he can sleep at night. And yes, probably a couple of weight lifting bodyguards in his bedroom, not to mention in the king sized bed.

    So I know I’m definetly dreaming.

  11. Cold are you dreaming?,,, (just joking).

    If Castro and his mafia gang allows all Cubans go to the Island , entering freely,,,without any checking or permission, that will be the end of that cruel regime!!!!

    That is exactly the point of no return,,,if that happens it will be the end of that dynasty,,,,and the garbage place is waiting for them!!!!


  12. I agree with Yoani that Juanes should go since it is his choice. My only caveat is that since there is no ongoing war in Cuba, so that the “Peace” concert is not wasted, let him mention the word Liberty or Democracy in one or more of his songs.

    I like what Cubandeo says below, the concert should be open to all Cubans who want to attend, from within and without the island with no visa required.

  13. Yoani:
    We love you. We want Juanes to go.I’m very glad that you are in tune with your people. Just a friendly reminder,you have more followers outside of Cuba, for the obvious reasons, that in Cuba itself . We would love for you to be in tune with us also. At the end of the day we are just one people.
    Like yesterday all of us wanted to be with you , your husband and CACHITA!!. We would love to be with you, your husband, Claudia,and that beautiful girl at the end of your video at Juanes concert.
    Hopefully you are not excluding us, the ones who live outside of the island in this posting.Accordding to yoour posting it seems to be that way.

  14. Seria fabuloso si el gobierno de USA da permiso para todos los cubanos del exilio asistir al concierto y el gobierno de Cuba los dejara entrar sin visas.

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