The concert as seen by the people


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  1. Lindo, hermoso, bello, todo lo mejor para esa juventud cubana que transformara Cuba y traera la esperanza y la reconciliacion de vuelta para todos.
    Paz y amor

    gracias por tu post as usual


    ASSOCIATED PRESS:The Cuban concert for peace almost never happened – especially if headliner Juanes had his way.

    The Colombian rocker who made the most ruckus about bringing the historical “Peace Without Borders” concert to Havana almost backed out after he thought the Cuban government had spies following his every move.

    THE CANADIAN PRESS ARTICLE: Juanes threatened to cancel his Cuba peace concert over surveillance

    MAMI HERALD:Juanes’ concert for peace — reading the tea leaves

  3. Great Video, keep up the good work Yoani, I admire your vision for a free Cuba and your courage. I agree with the other writer that you should sell the generation Y merchandise, ie, the shirt you were wearing at the concert…Congratulations on your excellent blog and best luck in all you do.

  4. Juanes complained about being followed by Cuban authorities

    A Miami radio station broadcast Tuesday a recording of a heated discussion Colombian rocker Juanes had with Cuban authorities a few hours before his concert “Peace Without Borders” in Havana.

    “This is it, we’re leaving now! We’re very angry, very angry, very angry. We came here to sing to the young people of Cuba, and that’s why we are here. But we’ve encountered strong obstacles, and this is it!” Juanes is heard saying in the recording.

  5. Algunas fotos de gente del concierto en:

    Son testimonio de juventud habanera, todos con estudios, homogéneos en su diversidad. Hay en sus nombres referencia a “aquella libertad de nombrar a los hijos” de la que habla Generación Y. Hay además influencia de fotografía de moda, que puede verse como vestigio de antropología urbana.

  6. Abel Prieto?,,,who is that person?,,,I think is the Ministry of Culture?,,,Am I right?

    If that is the case, that guy, just, as a god “dog” he followed instructions from his owner, that’s it!!!! to think that the concert and everything was fulfilled because A.Prieto authorized it,,,is very naive,,,almost close to _______,,,,,I’m not going to say it,,,but anybody can image it!!!!!.

    Now very plain,,,,the one who gave the final and only authorization to do the concert in his ” Robolution Square” was Fidel Castro, and his brother was the one who supervised everything with his mafia team!!!!.

    Did somebody saw in TV the police (dressed as civilians) wearing earplugs? a lot of them!!!! it was took it by several TV channels!!!!.

    Did somebody saw the invitations (the ticket) for privileges persons, something like “fillers”?,,,,the closest to the scenario, they were Lenin School, UCI , students, etc, selected by the government to prevent anything “just in case”!!!!!,,,,but totally against the protocols signed by Juanes and the participants of the concert.

    Did somebody saw in TV the argument, the fight, the discussion, etc, with Juanes and the “dogs” which were spying the all day behind him?,,,Did somebody saw when Juanes and Bose said: “That’s it, enough, we did everything you wanted,,,but if we have to stop the concert,,,we are going to do it”!!!!.

    At the end, the Cuban people was happy, for a few hours, dancing and listening other thing more marvelous than those sacrifices, death and bad things claimed during 50 years of repression and coming out from the mouth of the Murderer in Chief,,,,that, in one way or another is much, much, better, finally, I think that Juanes’s intentions were good, his heart was there with the best of the intentions, and that is very impressive for a young guy that even is not Cuban.

    However, Olga Tañon is a very opportunist , because before she left Miami, she spoke very bad about he Cuban exile (in Miami), later in Cuba during the concert she said some words, that may be,,,may be,,,could be take it as a message of denounce, but then, when she came back at the Miami Airport her answers were “that there nothing happened, and Cuba’s authorities and everybody did their job good”, etc, however, when the TV showed the fight between Juanes and the Government’s officials , she was right by his side, wearing a white T-shirt, she was there!!!! and she said that “nothing happened”!!!!,,,she is acting with typical cynicism !!!!!.

    The other one who -for me- was a truly shame was that “Cucu Diamante”,,,what a shame!!!!,,,she lives here in USA, she was the only participant authorized and representing the exile, and her only words were that “The world must be open to Cuba”!!!!,,,,then,,what about Cuba opening to the world?,,,,shame, shame,,,,truly shame that “prototype” of Cuban exile!!!.


  7. Fotos muy buenas. Me agrada ver tantos jovenes disfrutando unas horas de musica y alegria, pero me agrada mas, saber que todo tuvo lugar de una manera pacifica.

    Yoani: ese pullover con el Logo de Generation Y, es fantastico, asi como tu audacia de usarlo en esa ocasion . Seria buena idea otorgaras permiso de usarlo para hacerlo tan o mas popular que le imagen del “Che”.

  8. Que deliciosas las vistas de Cuba. Kudos a Juanes, Bose, Olga y sobre todo a Abel Prieto.

  9. Looks like such a good time ! Wish I was there. All my friends were talking non stop about it. I love Orishas ! Thanks for the video !

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