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The dust raised by the Juanes concert made us neglect important issues of our reality. On the street, few comment on the measures implemented by Obama to ease shipping and travel to the Island. Even negotiations to reestablish direct mail service between the United States and Cuba have been met with indifference. The incandescent lights of show business left in the dark the new official regulation—not yet put into practice—that allows Cuban post offices to offer Internet access in convertible currency. Even the seventh short film in the Nicanor saga, directed by Eduardo del Llano, was overlooked because of the performance.

Now that we’ve returned to the faded colors of everyday life, I’ve turned back to looking at the recently released “Pas de Quatre.” The story happens inside an almendrón shared taxi whose drive offers his services for free. Among the three passengers who manage to climb on board this peculiar taxi, one of them must take—as soon as possible—his feces analysis to a distant clinic. The driver, played by Luis Alberto García, expounds upon a new philosophy about the damage that immobility and difficulties in transport do to the nation. To the rhythm of the wheels on the asphalt, he comes to say that, “There is no concept more liberating and subversive than that of a Cuban tourist.”

So yes, movement has turned into a rebellious act. Hence, to facilitate people’s entering and leaving, displacement, or change of location, could spark unsuspected transformations at the national level. They imagine if they gave in to the desire of all us to travel, to use the highways and visit those relatives we haven’t seen in twenty years. If a fever of movement took the country by surprise the tremor could infect the bureaucrats and all those leaders lacking in the concept of dynamism. Who knows if the shaking would also remove those who today are a brake, to let us slip away—finally—along the road of change.


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  1. Good post Ettore. I’m not discouraged about Cuba, just too busy to post in recent days.

    If movement within Cuba can be a rebellious act, traveling outside Cuba is even more so. Imagine. If Cubans were allowed to freely travel outside their borders, it would be increasingly difficult for the regime to sustain the propaganda about the evils of so-called capitalist countries.

    If there is one single measure those of us living in democratic countries should advocate for, it is for the regime to abolish the abhorrent practice of not allowing Cubans to leave the country without permission of the government.

  2. Perhaps the readers are discouraged… One million young people gather in front of the Eye of Sauron and no protests… No Cuban version of Tianneman Square as some hoped. But that path proved to be futile in China, so why go that way?

    Clearly the people of Cuba do not want bloodshed and will not provoke the Dark Lord into a physical battle.

    Yoani and the other bloggers’ choice is better – an information battle – spreading the truth about what Cuban life is really like outside of the tourist zones; showing the world the double standards imposed by the self-appointed rulers; and showing the truth to the outside world so it is not deceived by the propaganda.

    Bravo Yoani for your courage in showing the world how the olive-green uniforms shout in public that “All Cubans are Equal”, but among themselves they mockingly add that “Some Cubans are More Equal than Others” as they enjoy all the luxuries that the modern world offers and suffer no shortages.

  3. Where is everybody? I hope the concert did not have the effect of making people dizzy and have everyone run for cover.

    “This is where the plot thickens” as the line from the movie “Sleuth” goes. Now is when it must be made clear that a bunch of insane, less than clever, deadwood communist leaders in Cuba, are standing in the way of current and future generations of Cubans, who are not even given the chance to practice running their own country, as common sense, decency and good logic would dictate.

    If you listen to the post above, these creepy red nosed, alcoholic old men who are physically and mentally unhealthy, but who have a small group of a few well paid thousand around them, intimidating the population, are locking and dead bolting all gates that lead to freedom, economic opportunity, and success. No reason for an island that is blessed with mineral resources, good climate, sugar sand beaches, and fertile soil to live like Orson Welles’ animal farm run by the pigs.

    Gotta keep hitting these monsters hard, both to inform the population in the island, as well as garner international support. Let’s not waist the headlines, attention and energy that the concert has created.

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