The Flight of the Suzuki over Taguayabón

A broken bridge, the indigenous name and the feeling that the town of Taguayabón is stranded in the first years of the twentieth century. This is how I saw it three weeks ago when we transferred the blogger virus to Villa Clara province. The amazed eyes of those who had never sat in front of a computer connected to the web were looking through the blogs we brought copies of. To explain Google to them was complicated, because in this place the simple search for a birth certificate in the civil registry is already extremely difficult. Imagine the surprise when they discovered that with a simple click one can list all the references to a fact, a personality, a particular subject matter.

The new technologies in citizens’ hands was the central theme of a conversation Reinaldo and I had with about a dozen people, some of whom came from Camajuaní. When we left to go to another area, a flight of motorcycles—Suzukis*—glided along the small main street and the bordering routes. They interrogated several of the participants of that day of knowledge, intimidating the youngest, and even confiscated a horse that—I can assure you—had nothing to do with the Blogger Journey. The fear extinguished the virtual air flow that had briefly blown over the inhabitants of that Villa Clara land. The restless boys who don’t show their faces returned to play out their role and repeat the same old same old—about the CIA and the Pentagon being behind the alternative Cuban blogosphere. But the germ of WordPress and Blogger had been planted under their skin. Tuesday, some inhabitants of Taguayabón called to confirm to me that, “We want to start publishing on the Internet.”

*Suzuki motorcycles are associated with the presence of State Security officers.


23 thoughts on “The Flight of the Suzuki over Taguayabón

  1. SUZUKIs yes, SUZUKIs, what a sad story… While I was in Cuba never get to see that, yet I saw the creation of Intelligence Officer’s Municipal House, that must be the motherhood of these Suzuki’s squads. Repression and control, because in reality the control is what is getting out of their own hands. So the resource now is silent violent repression. Fortunately these SUZUKI guys all have a relative out of Cuba, as we are becoming the majority, each of them, have been and will be at the airport to welcome us, their close relative. Living in their own paradigm, becomes their own weakness, the undeniable reality. Fear not, pay no attention, they will not mind because there are easy to get confuse, they know they are confuse already, lol.

  2. Concubino:

    Excellent link!!!!,,very good!!!

    That is something that, we, the Cubans and a lot of people must learn, but most important “Digest it”!!!!!!!!!



  3. John Two: Yo have no clue of what is going on.Anyway I have to be a straight shooter so you can get me. I was being sarcastic to Carbo Servia.
    This is what I believe.

  4. concubino, if the You Tube video you provided a link to is any indication of your political leanings, then I can see why Carbo Servia is warning people about your intentions.

    A question for concubino. If the You Tube video is not advocating violent insurrection (including I presume against democratic countries with market economies), then what exactly is its point?

  5. My apologies to Concubino — somehow his comments got caught in the moderation file (maybe bcause of the YouTube link)… I have not had good internet access for a week so am behind on checking the blog. I’m sorry your comment got delayed in posting.

    Your Friendly English Translator

  6. John Two
    Believe anything you want .You have a mind of your own.But if you only can read in Spanish and go to The Latigo Cubano. You will figure it out on your own.
    I exchange emails with the friendly translator of this blog. She is my witness that that I’m not trying to collect any emails list. The only reason that I posted my email was to prove a point, to discredit was is being said in the Spanish version of this blog.According to them some people me included are trying to collect IP address.
    Just us Cubans can think of such idiotic idea.
    In pasts posts I published my real name and my work phone number.Cold in Chicago has it.
    Tavarich Carbo Servia:
    my email address is .Working men of all countries, unite!

  7. John Two:

    Talking about Canada, I would like to tell you that your country left very wonderful and spectaculars memories to me.

    Twenty five years ago, Canada was the firts place in my life where I felt my freedom alive!!!!,,,,I was traveling to East Germany (from Cuba) when my plane landed in Gander and I decided to stay there,,,it was my “Scape to the Victory”.I was in Canada for one year and once again, I don’t have words to show my appreciation and thank the kind attention that I did receive from your Government, your people,,,everything was just marvelous.

    Inevitable I had to come to USA where my family was , but I always have the best image from your country.

    However, there was a lot of confusion about Cuba there, then, step by step I was getting new Canadians friends, that the only thing they knew about it, was “The Cigars”, “a couple of athletes that were Cuban champions during the Montreal Olympics, and of course, “about Castro”.

    I was totally in shock, because the mentality that Castro’s system had created to us, was that the all world knows about us, about our struggle against the Empire (USA), etc, etc,,,,,but, then, I did realize that it was another lie,,,-one more cruel way of repression lying to us-,,among millions that I did receive in more than 25 fives living under Castro’s.

    I did realize that if any Cuban could explain step by step, with calm, all the facts, the details, about how the repressive regime has been implemented and operated there , then, the Canadians would be able to understand and a lot of them did change their point of view about the so called “Cuban Paradise”!!!!

    I remember that the first time I saw on TV -during a commercial the real movie of the moment when the Apollo 11 landed in the moon (something that at that instant had happened 15 years before)- my Canadians friends couldn’t believe that something like that was happening,,,they could not believe that something with that magnitude was not showed in Cuba,,,then, they were able to understand how big and hard is the censure and the prohibitions there in the island,,,something that still is , more or less, the same way and with the same penalties as punishment!!!.

    Once again I don’t have any other to show my appreciation to Canada, and I think that the best way I have is telling to everybody that there was the first time that I knew the freedom, something that has not price, something that every human being has from birth.

    Thanks to you and your country!!!!


  8. John Two
    Believe anything you want .You have a mind of your own.But if you only can read in Spanish and go to The Latigo cubano. You will figure it out on your own.
    I exchange emails with the friendly tranalator of this blog. She is my witness that that I’m not trying to collect any emails list. The only reason that I posted my email was to prove a point, to descredit was is being said in the Spanish version of this blog.According to them some people me included are trying to collect IP address.
    Just us cubans can think of such idiotic idea.
    In pasts posts I published my real name and my work phone number.Cold in Chicago has it.

    Tavarich Carbo Servia:
    my email address is .Working men of all countries, unite!

  9. 13
    John Two
    Octubre 6th, 2009 at 00:25

    Carbo, thanks for the clarification and sorry for misunderstanding…….
    You are welcome John….. I have to specify that I may be wrong about concubino but at same time I feel it is my duty to advice all of you “just in case” …… “paranoia” is not a useless thing when we are “playing” with the tyranny.
    A pleasure to write to you.

  10. Carbo, thanks for the clarification and sorry for misunderstanding the intent behind post #6. Like you I do find it a bit odd that concubino is now inviting me to email him in #10, not that I’m the least bit afraid to do so.

    Concubino, I don’t feel the need to email you, even if your intentions are no more sinister than collecting email addresses for a listserv. I’ll let my posts speak for themselves thank you very much.

    By the way, I wonder when the Cuban Mission at the UN is going to reply to an email I sent them two weeks ago urging the Cuban authorities to let Cuban citizens (including Yoani) travel freely without first obtaining the permission of the government? This detestable prohibition blatantly contravenes Article 13(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of which Cuba is a signatory.

  11. I would suggest to all of you here, that in order to make the english version of Generation Y be more popular you can post some of the blogs and links on your Facebook Page like I do every so often. It is more important to spread the word rather than just to work withing this still small group.

  12. John Two
    Octubre 5th, 2009 at 18:20

    Hey Sigmund, I think you need to get your head examined.
    Hi John, sorry I forgot to change to my “english” nickname prior sending my comment #6. I believe I owe you an explanation for this….
    You are canadian and you maybe do not understand the intrigues of the dictatorship’s intelligence and propaganda strategies but I am sure you has been enough time reading and learning here in this blog about Castro regimen and its criminal practices and methods.
    The question is that comrade “concubino” has shown him self as an exceptional propaganda manager for a new blog, among the hundred of blogs the dictatorship has created for fighting Generation Y, a blog what only purpose is to fight and discredit Yoani’s posts and spanish site’s participants comments. Comrade “concubino” has shown him self as a kind of dictatorship’s blogs defender in the spanish site and at same time a dictatorship fighter in the english site…. it is a strange attitude that have risen some doubt among some spanish participators on concubino real intentions in this blog……
    That’s why I wrote comment #6, alerting all participators and trying to prevent all of you to send your email information to a person that can easily be a castro’ agent collecting information……
    If you are not a cuban citizen you maybe can dismiss this alert if you are cuban citizen you have to take it seriously because you know it can compromise your relationship with some organizations of the dictatorship such as emigration, political police, etc.

  13. John Two:

    You can email me at
    Sigmund’s comment is about a big battle his fighting in the Spanish version of this blog against a new and very refreshing blog called the “Latigo Cubano”( The Cuban Leash)…

    Your comment nailed in the head. Thanks God. I did not have to contest such ridiculous comment.


  14. ***
    The internet virus brings liberty to Cuba–and the rest of the world. The brave Cuban bloggers will bring freedom to their prison island soon.
    El virus del “internet” traiga libertad a Cuba–y el resto del mundo. Los valientes “bloggers” Cubanos traeran libertad a su isla prisionera en poco tiempo.
    John Bibb

  15. Hey Sigmund, I think you need to get your head examined.

    Seriously, your entry seems to be a rather ham-fisted attempt to discourage people from posting comments on Yoani’s blog. I’m Canadian. One of the most cherished freedoms I have is to publicly and freely express my opinions here or anywhere else without having too worry about state security officers arriving at my door.

    Your comment is doubly ridiculous because Yoani’s blog doesn’t require you to give your real name or even provide an email address should a poster wish to remain anonymous. I’m guessing you’ve chosen to avail yourself of the right to remain anonymous since your namesake has been dead for 70 years.

  16. Dear commenter, I want to prevent all of you about giving your personal information and email address to unknown people in this and other internet site. Be careful, don’t let you lure to give information that can be used for revealing you personal identity to persons or organization that has second intentions.

  17. Yoani, amigos estoy con mucho interes leyendo los blogs de Yoani, a veces riendome pero siempre sintiendo las cosas “unicas ” que se dan en aquel. Solo aprendiendo y conociendo esta nueva (para mi) y valiente familia que nos informa es un regalo. Quisiera poder hacer algo mas que darles mi atencion y si acaso prestar algun comentario. Por ejemplo, escribi hace tiempo ya, una de mis canciones, por sierto una de las que ha sido escuchada por un numero de personas relativamente alto, incluyendo a mis padres, que debo mencionar lloraron muchisimo especialmente despues de 10 o 12 toques consecutivos, tambien mi esposa e hijos que llego el momento que me pidieron de a favor que ya no se las cante mas, se’ porque, y tres de mis mejores amigos, uno de los cuales me acuso de haberle robado la idea porque, es cierto que, el tenia escrita otra cancioncita sobre una familia, creo que era el abuelo fumador de tabaco y el nieto que se pierden (Naufragos o algo asi)en una balsita tratando de llegar a Cayo Hueso.
    Creo que fue hace mas de 10 anos inspirado por varios casos tan sumamente tristez de balseros que arriesgavan sus vidas Y las de sus hijos al mar para venir a la Florida cuando escribi las letras y la musica de la cancion titulada “HUIDA DE LA MISERIA” esta la roqueo y la grito a toda voz ronca con tremendo enpinge “la huida de la miseria corta profundamemte… la huida de la miseria a cobrado a mucha jente.. tu puedes ir adonte tu quieras que no hay huida de la triztesa..”

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  19. Americana

    Chiquito is sorry for his Spanish.It was just a suggestion.This is for you also. There is eighteen versions of this blog, He can write in japanese if feels like it.
    I can write in both languages.Speak both languages. You can check my comments in the Spanish version of this blog.

    You can write in Spanish to me at

    Welcome to the English version of GY

    Have a nice night..

  20. Soy un NorteAmericano que ha estudiado y vivido en Cuba para bastante tiempo desde 1989. Los bloggers Cubanos son ( en mi opinion ) la esparanza mas grande contra la censura y limitacion de informacion que domina el pueblo Cubano. ( perdona mi español ).
    Ninguna amenanza, de la gente de las ropas verdes vas a parar lo inevitable. Gracias al internet y sus exponentes como Yoani, Lia, Ciro y mas la cara de este isla tan preciosa esta cambiando ya. Haciendose mas diversa y mas bella diaria. Espero que nuestro gobierno empieza hacer cambios al respeto de Cuba tambien. Si estas cubano y leiendo este mensaje no tengas miedo y abren sus brazos a este medida de info. Si estas en la yuma dale todo apoyo que pueden al comunidad de los bloggers Cubanos. Paz a todo.

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