Experienced chameleons

Until the mid-eighties, one could find them find them throughout the national territory. For a quarter century they asserted their presence, aggressive exhibitionists. They seemed absolutely convinced. Optimists impervious to any discouragement, they always had the precise argument on hand to close the door to any defeatism, the tendentious commentary of the “enemy.” They affected an arrogant smile as a prelude to their answers, a didactic air filled with superiority and a look equal parts contemptuous and pious when they lavished their clarity on the confused. At time they showed surprise, amazed that people existed who did not understand that the bright future was on the point of arriving and establishing itself.

Now some of them, like experienced chameleons, have metamorphoses and are studying the rules of marketing to apply them in the joint venture companies with foreign capital where they occupy the positions of managers. They have the refine olfactory sense to smell the inevitable changes that are coming. When they’re along with someone excluded and critical, like me, they pat our shoulders while they whisper in our ears, “I’m with you.” In this, and other ways, the opportunists believe they are reserving a place in tomorrow, where they plan to wear whatever mask it takes for them to continue to benefit themselves.

The transmutation of this species, that preyed on those who thought differently, has contributed to a slight improvement in the spiritual climate of the nation. With the gradual disappearance of the inquisitors, the heretics are gaining confidence, which does not mean that the bonfires have been extinguished. The repressive institutions continue intact, the difference is now they lack arguments and can only wield their desire to stay in power, no longer as a social class that fights to claim their rights, but rather as a caste, a family clan that defends their own interests.


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    John Two
    Octubre 7th, 2009 at 02:38

    Carbo Servia, the anonymity provided by the internet makes it hard to decipher the motivations of any blogger. I checked out the Latigo Cubano blog. Perhaps the blog author has malicious intentions or perhaps he or she is just being an insufferable smart aleck. It is really difficult to know for sure.
    Dear John, the extraordinary success of Yoani as bloger, the strong eruption of the cuban underground blogosphere with hundred new blogger the most of them trained by Yoani and her husband and the strong media phenomenon the blog Generation Y has became makes impossible for the tyranny to put a hand over Yoani. Even more, it makes possible that a coordinate action of Yoani and many other national and international blogger get as result the freedom of Gorki Avila or Panfilo. It is an unusual deed that shows the power of this movement. This power is not only due to the blogosphere work but also due to the millions of readers these blogs hosts every day. Readers that not only comes to read Yoani or Claudia but comes also to read you and to read Chicago or Ian. Of course the tyranny is desperate, they have never confronted such a situation with no control at all in theirs hands, with a skinny girl that only write chronicles about the daily life in Cuba, a girl that hers posts and articles are published in several papers over the world, in the internet and by this mean is protected by millions of readers over the world. The tyranny in its desperation has tried several strategies to fighting Yoani phenomenon. Among these strategies the number one is to try to discredit Yoani…. “Kill the speaker if you can’t kill his ideas”…… latigo cubano is just one in hundred of blogs dedicated to “kill the speaker”. All these anti Yoani blogs are the result of a well coordinated effort of specials unities created by the propaganda apparatus of the tyranny. We use call them the “cyberbrigade”. If you understand spanish you will find that the only objective of this “blog” is to discredit Yoani and the commenter that use to leave comments in the spanish site. It is something very very ridiculous but remember, they are desperate and are trying everything. I don’t want bother you with things that maybe sounds incredible to you but ….. it is the reality we cubans have to live with since the very day we born.
    About the plans of the Cuban ruling class to keep the power I believe they already have started to established a Chinese like system with a monopolistic capitalism supported by foreign capital (they will always find it) meanly from Spain, Canada and Venezuela. They have started to do that not openly but carefully and half hidden. They will try to involve USA in this venture and I think they will get it. They have no other alternative than keeping the one party system and repression until the old dictatorial gang die because these people can not leave no where, they have too much blood in theirs hands and no escape is possible for them. So, they will stay there and die. Theirs reveal will take the steering wheel and will dilute the power among a lot of faces and among USA’s capitals maybe mixed with cuban capitals from Florida (!!, )after that perhaps we will see a open development toward the Chinese model ….. well, it’s up to the cuban people to find a solution for this situation. Will see.
    Regards dear friend

  2. Carbo Servia, the anonymity provided by the internet makes it hard to decipher the motivations of any blogger. I checked out the Latigo Cubano blog. Perhaps the blog author has malicious intentions or perhaps he or she is just being an insufferable smart aleck. It is really difficult to know for sure.

    I found Yoani’s blog entry above interesting on a number of levels. It reinforces for me that the Cuban ruling class intends to follow the Chinese (or Vietnamese) model once the bearded one leaves the scene. This means forsaking communism for a capitalist economy but combining the latter with continued repression and one party rule. That they can succeed in pulling this off is by no means certain. I sure hope not.

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    It takes someone who has lived in a communist country to know how the government abuses the people. Cubans know this well. The chameleons do not fool them.
    Necessita uno quien vivio en una pais communista para saber como el govierno abusa la gente. Cubanos conescan eso muy bien. Los chameleones no les enganan.
    John Bibb

  4. Correction to comment no. 2 below.

    The actual quote is “Trust but Verify” or “doveryai, no proveryai” in russian. This citation was used by Ronald Reagan frequently when dealing with the Russians during the cold war.

    I only reiterate it because as far as the internet is concerned, I hold to this principle.

  5. The post above reminds me of a russian saying: trust by verify. All these tadbpoles that have now become frogs, given the ongoing changes, are a detestable kind, that we all must live with no matter what the system. Unfortunately, these personalities exist no matter where we live. They actually serve a purpose in educating the population, since once the country opens up, there’ll be a gazillion charlatans wanting to do business in Cuba and take advantage of people’s naivete. It is just that under a dynastic dictatorship, it must be ten times worse, since one must submit and be subordinate to them.

    Regarding, and coincidentally, speaking of princes turned frogs. Since it is impossible to verify anyone’s background in this list, I prefer to err on the side of caution and not reveal any information about myself whatsoever other than what I think, about the situation in the island and how it can best be helped.

    This is not to discourage any Castro agents from defending the dynasty and posting here, since they allow us to clearly illustrate and show the fallacy and ignorance born of the system that spawned them. There is nothing to fear from them, as political contenders. In fact, I hope to convince many of them to give it up the decrepit old dictatorship and join the winds of change blowing over the island.

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    Carbo Servia
    Octubre 5th, 2009 at 21:21

    John Two
    Octubre 5th, 2009 at 18:20

    Hey Sigmund, I think you need to get your head examined.
    Hi John, sorry I forgot to change to my “english” nickname prior sending my comment #6. I believe I owe you an explanation for this….
    You are canadian and you maybe do not understand the intrigues of the dictatorship’s intelligence and propaganda strategies but I am sure you has been enough time reading and learning here in this blog about Castro regimen and its criminal practices and methods.
    The question is that comrade “concubino” has shown him self as an exceptional propaganda manager for a new blog, among the hundred of blogs the dictatorship has created for fighting Generation Y, a blog what only purpose is to fight and discredit Yoani’s posts and spanish site’s participants comments. Comrade “concubino” has shown him self as a kind of dictatorship’s blogs defender in the spanish site and at same time a dictatorship fighter in the english site…. it is a strange attitude that have risen some doubt among some spanish participators on concubino real intentions in this blog……
    That’s why I wrote comment #6, alerting all participators and trying to prevent all of you to send your email information to a person that can easily be a castro’ agent collecting information……
    If you are not a cuban citizen you maybe can dismiss this alert if you are cuban citizen you have to take it seriously because you know it can compromise your relationship with some organizations of the dictatorship such as emigration, political police, etc.

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