The notes of the new anthem

“How do you shout on Twitter?” That was one of the first messages I sent to explore the potential to express myself in one hundred and forty characters.

Today I have to ask: How do you sing the anthem mobilized by a people on the net, how do you broadcast this desire for change that I see in every one of the faces around me. Before, it was accomplished with the sound of bugles, galloping horses and some stanzas that summoned the Bayamese* to “die for the fatherland”; but now everything is different.

It occurs to me to use kilobytes, to take advantage of the cutting edge of a word that is also sharp and makes precepts grow more durable than the machete. Travel the net, then, the five points of this blog action, like the call to slaughter against control, authoritarianism and censorship:

  • Freedom of opinion
  • Freedom of access to the Internet
  • Freedom to enter and leave Cuba
  • Freedom of association
  • Freedom for prisoners of conscience
  • Freedom for Cuba

Translator’s note: Bayamese = People of Bayamo, the capital city of Granma province, originally founded in 1513.


26 thoughts on “The notes of the new anthem

  1. I pledge to become more active and help you to achieve the freedoms you seek through peaceful, educated and thoughtful means. A free and open Cuba will bring forth peace and prosperity for all in this time of economic uncertainty. Today, The United States of America needs the inginuity of the Cuban people more than ever. We can live together in peace and in harmony.

  2. Propaganda aside, the majority of “real” Cubans love Fidel and Raul, as they should. Fidel sent doctors to help people all over the world while Amerika sent only death. In Miami there is NO free speech if you disagree with the Gusanos. They DICTATE mercilessly. Yes, the good Cubans are all in Cuba, the ones living here are traitors. Except for me, that is! Buenos Dias!!!

    P.S. I hope I don’t offend anyone by commenting in Ingles!

  3. Joe P.
    I just visited coconut’s site … wow it is a violent angry site.
    I unable to figure out what is the purpose of it.
    In some things it goes one way, but it turns to the oposite in the next.
    I guess it takes a solidly good mind to see what I can’t by way of admiting my lack of sophistication.
    Anyway … I left a little note indicating: I am still waiting for answers to my humble questions.
    I thoght you would like to know …

  4. This is an special for Coconutjuice!

    Whaaaa, Whaaaaaaa, Wha, Whaaaaaaaaaa canta y no llores, que son esas referencias tu blog no va a coger hit, comunista… y muerto de hambre, jajajajajajajajaja.

  5. coconutjuice:
    As a natural curiosity: I would like to ask you a few questions.
    Your answers will help me understand by way of your life experiences what supports your arguments and pronunciations.
    I sincerily hope they are not just some intellectual knowledge tinted with some mild experiences of life.
    I will not (I hope as well) insult your intelligence while asking.
    Nor intending to give you the feeling of being to inquisitive or invasive towards your privacy.
    Have you ever experienced the loss of your freedom and rights (even if you ever had them)?
    Have you experienced hunger?
    Have you experienced fear without the guarantee of basic human rights?
    Have you been spyed on or been monitored with or without your knowledge?
    Have you been incarcerated by reason of your convictions?
    Have you been tortured and presented with the choices of death, or betrayal of your family and/or your friends even without cause or reason of guilt?
    Have you been ask to do things against your moral, religious or ethical principles?
    Respectfully …

  6. Joe,

    The caliber of ignorance that I am dealing with on this blog is obvious. I smell the utter odor of Miami Republicanism in the air. The freedom of which your speak is merely an illusion instilled within you through the brainwashing mechanisms of this regime…yes, this country is no better a dictatorship. My attempts to enlighten you are in vain for your comment speaks for itself, ignorance at this toxic level is a waste of my time. The next time that dare you refute my commentary, please make an argument… for you did nothing, but insult and throw out labels…isn’t that the same tactic used by the Cuban Government? Labeling anyone that is different as a traitor?



    P.S: Joe If you would like to educate yourself, please visit my blog…

  7. Sorry Coconutjuice, who you do want to indoctrinated, me in Miami beach, or someone else in Rio d’Janeiro, word freedom mean free, free, really as beer, free of mind, no ones need a little people behind your shoulder telling you what to think, got that. Besides you really sound like a big racist, who only believe in the righteous virtues moral attitude well procreated man (Killa Che’s New Man). Know this, you are no different to the Aryans who believe in creating the new generation of perfect humans, all blonde, tall, tasteless, you shit like anyone else, and stink worst than what you talk. So stop making yourself the so perfect brain washer, and shoot your racism, facistoid somewhere else. RACIST PIG! “FREEDOM MEANS FREE, REALLY FREE AS IN FREE BEER”

  8. I am sure that there are various type of disadvantage in Cuba. Are we discussing freedom from an entire suite of cultural misapprehensions, expectations, and burdens or just merely following Yoani Sánchez jargons. No one is disputing the economical issues of Cuba. United States, the acclaimed most powerful country in the world, is in turmoil economically. I am not privileged, I am poor by the standards of this country. Mrs. Sánchez is privilege in a way, which does not reflect the everyday Cuban citizen. Believe it or not, privileged in one way by obtaining cell phones, accessibility to the Internet, exercising her opinions freely without any type of prosecution from the Cuban government. I questioned these facts. Freedom of association globally if you want a discussion about Cuba’s disadvantage speak to a real Cuban, not someone who has infiltrated the blogging world to spew out fragments of the real truth. You are well within your rights to believe her propaganda. She does not speak for anyone but herself. There is a difference between oppression and exploitation just ask Yoani Sánchez

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  12. Can you wonder what happens to the people that just think the opposit way of the American Way of Life in all the World? Have you really thought about people who have died at work? Try to realize the love beyond Marx’s philosophy and try to show that the state structure will be banned from the earth.

  13. Yoani:

    This could be a cyber mobilization, with the above manifest (declaration). This is great. The challenge and objective will be to recruit new enlistees with the goal of irritating the dynasty to no end. It will shame them before the world, into – as Candido below says, they turn into the cockroaches that they are.

    This could be considered as a “Guerra de Bloggerrilla”. More civil, with no need for violence nor egotistical leadership. We can save the Sierra Maestra mountains for family camping and as a nature preserve, rather than a place to celebrate the killings and violence, perpetrated by the Castros.

    It is great to see that the cyber strategy is completely different and opposite the bloodletting and persecution that the Communist leadership stands for.

  14. Oh girl,you give me shivers and tears,your bravery is the way out of this nonesense limbo in which our motherland is in.You dignifie us all.May God bless you always.

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  16. Yoani
    Tu eres la nueva luz, la nueva esperanza de todos nosotros los cubanos. Tengamos la esperanza que los tiranos que controlan a Cuba entiendan y respeten que tu representas el espiritu independiente de CUba que a~nora por libertad por 50 anos ya.

    Tu luz como un faro ilumina bien brillante y illumina a todos. Hace mucho que el gobierno Cubano no escucha a los cubanos. Es tiempo de que escuchen nuestras voces.

    Queremos cambio.
    Queremos LIBERTAD Completa libertad
    COmo dijo el papa Juan Pablo II
    No tengan miedo
    La manera que ellos controlan es usando el miedo.
    Por lo que la mejor arma que todos tienen es no tener miedo.
    Si tienen el coraje de Yoani el gobierno no tendra otra opcion que cambiar.
    Viva una cuba Libre.
    Libre de idiologia donde todos los cubanos puedan vivir en armonia.

  17. Yoani

    You are the new light the new hope of all of us Cubans inside and outside of Cuba. Let’s hope the tyrants that now control Cuba can understand and respect that you are the embodiment of the independent Cuban spirit that have been yearning for freedom for 50 years now.

    Your light is shining very very bright and is illuminating everyone is too long the cuban goverment does not listen to the cuban people it is time to change that. It’s time that they listen to our voice.
    We want change.
    We want freedom full freedom.
    Just like the pope mentioned J Paul II
    “Do not be afraid”

    That is the way the control people using fear. So the best weapon all you have is to not been afraid. If you all are as courageous as Yoani the government will have no choice but to change.

  18. I watched in disbelieve the video in which Yoani demanded answers from one of the Pit Bulls at the Bureau of Immigration, I can sense her frustration when she was not getting the answers she was looking for, her tone of voice was getting higher and higher and I thought she was going to loose it, but she need to vent it and she did. Unfortunately, not to many people are able to do what she did, due to her exposure in this blog she has reach an enviable and untouchable position that the Cuban Machinery does not know how to deal with. I commend you and pray that your efforts will start opening some mines within the military and realize that regular Cubans are fed up with the system and could not take it anymore. God bless you Yoani!

  19. ***
    Yoani Sanchez’ “bullet points” are like those of the American Declaration of Independence. Or like those of Jose Marti and other Cuban Patriots. The real Cuban revolution will come soon. May God protect Yoani and her bloggers from the communist government.
    Los “puntas de bala” de Yoani Sanchez son como los del Declaracion de Independencia de los Estados Unidos de America. O como los de Jose Marti y otros Patriotas Cubanas. La revolution verdadero de Cuba ya viene. Que Dios guarda a Yoani y sus bloggers del gobierno communista.
    John Bibb

  20. Yoanis:

    Extraordinario este comentario!!!!!!

    Creo -con mi más humilde opinion – que pese a todas las limitaciones, las censuras, la represión, en fin, la falta de libertad, tú, en lo personal debes sentir una inmensa satisfacción cuando de esa forma moderada, sútil, “suave”, enérgica, punzante, pero sobre todo, con entera libertad, expresas tú sentir, tú pensamiento y espetas en la cara de todos esos títeres tú determinación de señalar abiertamente el sentimiento del pueblo cubano.

    Creeme, que cada vez que un tirano, un asesino, un abusador, uno de esos, que TODO lo logra con el poder y la fuerza, se enfrenta a alguien que no lo ataca de la misma manera a la que él está acostumbrado, sino todo lo contrario, lo enfrenta suavemente, en voz baja, con calma, etc,,,,en ese momento, ese canalla queda desnudo, estupefacto, no sabe que hacer ni como actuar,,,en otras palabras,,,,muestra su increible grado de imperfección y entonces se convierte en una cucaracha!!!!!

    Cuidate mucho, no permitas que usen ninguna técnica, nada que pueda ser usado en tú contra, pues esos criminales utilizan métodos muy sucios y ruines para lograr sus objetivos.

    Que Dios te bendiga!!!!


  21. Yoanis:

    Extraordinary this comment !!!!!!

    I believe – with my humble opinion – that despite all constraints, censorship, repression, limitattions, the lack of freedom, etc, etc, you, personally must feel an immense satisfaction when such a moderate, subtle, “soft” , energetic, poignant, but above all freely person, express your feelings, you thought and snapped in the face of all those puppets your openly determination to bring the feeling of the Cuban people.

    Believe me, that each time that a tyrant, a murderer, an abuser, one of those, that does ALL that, with the power and strength, when he faces someone who attacks him not in the same manner to which he is accustomed, but all otherwise, gently confronts him, low voice, calm, etc,,,, then, that bastard is naked, shocked, does not know what to do or how to act,,, in other words,,,, shows his incredible degree of imperfection and then turns into a cockroach !!!!!

    Be careful, do not allow using any technique, anything that could be used against you, because these criminals can USE dirty and despicable methods to accomplish their goals.

    God bless you!!!!!!


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