The new Chartism

Mail boxes look like ballot boxes, they have a slot to insert the paper and its contents, it could be a letter or a ballot, which receive similar respect on this Island. Despite the limitations on correspondence, it turns out that it is easier to get one to its destination than it is to influence the course of the country with our vote. Hence, one of the most popular sports for my fellow countrymen is that of writing their complaints to the higher authorities, addressed precisely to those most responsible for our problems.

A woman writes a long lament about the sewer ditch that flows into the nearby school yard; the pizza seller denounces in writing the inspector who demands a percentage of revenues in exchange for not shutting down his kiosk; one patient needing surgery deposited his letter recounting the year he had been waiting to get into the operating room. The complaints are so numerous that in many ministries there is a department with several employees for the receipt of the letters. A true flood of sheets that repeat – over and over – the familiar heading, “By this means I turn to you…”

As a part of this, in time, the digital letter appeared, circulating through the intranet to several institutions. The intellectual debate of 2007 began in a similar way, and now we see the nonconformist opinions of various cultural personalities showing up. Parading across my screen have been the letter of the actor Armando Tomey, along with another from the literary critic Desiderio Navarro and a very good one from Luis Alberto Garcia, who played the role of Nicanor in the short films of Eduardo del Llano. This Chartism has become a substitute for the referendum needed to express our call for change.

Our epistolary tendency has similarities with the movement in nineteenth-century England which managed to get more than a million signatures to present the People’s Charter to the House of Commons. The Chartists then managed to press for the introduction of certain reforms, but I have the impression that our notes are worthless, mock ballots, ink that dissolves before the inertia of the State.


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  1. Yoani Sanchez is a incredibly brave person; I admire what she is doing and daring, she and her likes. It is horrible to be a subject of crime, to be threatened by even one criminal. But when the state is criminal one can get really depressed. It seems so heavy and impossible to change.

    But, as we have seen in the Soviet block, 20 years ago, all this can change paractically overnight. It just needs a cathalist. Like for example Michail Gorbatjov. I frankly don’t believe he wanted to throw the concept of communism down the drain, but he let the genie out of the bottle and then it was to late. But I am eternally greatful he happened to do this, following those gerontofiles nobody remembers: Tjernjenko, Andropov (even if the later was the feared head of KGB, with millions of deaths on his hands)

    I firmly believe this can happen anywhere: in Cuba, North Corea.

    Myself, born in Hungary, escaped with my parents to Sweden 1956 at the age of 3, I am really greatful for every day of my life I was presented with by my brave parents. They risked our life to escape, at least my father would probably be executed if we would have stayed and the gift of having grown up with him and my mother at my side in a free world was priceless. Nearly every day I think of this.

    Dear Yoani, I think of you and wish you all the courage that you can muster. There is no alternative: you will eventually win and it might happen earlier then you might expect!

    yours truly

    Peter v. F.-E.

  2. #41
    If I remember correctly … it wasn’t just castro but his “companero” (manufactured hero for the uninformed)that wanted, not tried a nuclear conflict with the USA.
    By some horse trading involving Turkey and others & I hate myself to admited even with Nikkita’s good sense the move was averted.
    It was guevara’s thirst for blood & insane hate for the EEUU that fueled more than one failed plan of the “two amigos”
    The very person who stated the existence of “revolucionary love”, of the “new man”
    The very person who did not doubt in breaking the doctor’s oath (if he was a doctor).
    The very person who is now held as a symbol of the fight for justice whom then was in charge of La cabana’s executions.
    The very person who is idolized for his pronouncements but yeaterday in history cost the lives of many, who prfessed loyalty but abandoned his wives & his children.
    So … notice I don’t use a capital letter when I call on their names …
    Sartre & ladie called him the most perfect man … I really cringe at the thought of the perfect man not taking care of his personal higiene, such a lack of respect for himself & others by his ofensive odors.
    I know … I am ranting …

  3. There are some in this world who remember vividly a crazed Cuban dictator drunk with power who brought the world to the brink of a nuclear war in the early 1960’s. I am one of those people. I remember. I do not forget. Economic and political isolation of Cuba is therefore completely just and, in fact, is one of the best U.S. foreign policies ever conceived. The sanctions ought to continue for the next 500 years.


  4. El jugo de coco
    He/she is another one of the gang.The best thing of all is that once again the vote can be counted.sorry coconutjuice but you LOOSE.And I don’t give a damm about my gramatics.

  5. Coconutjuice:
    I am new at this …
    Read your notions and forgive me if I am reading you wrong: (in which case please tell me) you come across (at least to me) as an angry fellow.
    I always thought the exchange of ideas requires a formal respect between the parties involved or should I say a certain civility?
    Whereas the points presented are right or wrong (in someone’s view) there should be (I think) respect for the idea or the concept expresed … right?
    The purpose is to put the facts out there, to stimulate a dialog, to foster a change of beliefs perhaps?
    I think (respectfully) that your delivery is been missunderstood by lesser minds, like mine.
    That been said it is my perception that this medium lends itself to an exchange of ideas, a possibility to learn.
    In Cuba or anywhere: if we use a communication medium in the name of freedom we must use the pulpit not as an entitlement but as a representation of the exercise of our right for freedom of speech at least …
    And, all the while we keep in mind that our rights end where someone’s rights begins … right? (humor intended in the redundancy).
    With all due respect to you

  6. Coconutjuice:
    I am new at this …
    Read your notions and forgive me if I am reading you wrong: (in which case please tell me) you come across (at least to me) as an angry fellow.
    I always thought the exchange of ideas requires a formal respect between the parties involved or should I say a certain civility?
    Whereas the points presented are right or wrong (in someone’s view) there should be (I think) respect for the idea or the concept expresed … right?
    The purpose is to put the facts out there, to stimulate a dialog, to foster a change of beliefs perhaps?
    I think (respectfully) that your delivery is been missunderstood by lesser minds, like mine.
    That been said it is my perception that this medium lends itself to an exchange of ideas, a possibility to learn.
    In Cuba or anywhere where if we use a communication medium in the name of freedom we must use the pulpit not as an entitlement but as a representation of the exercise of our right for freedom of speech at least …
    And, all the while we keep in mind that our rights end where someone’s rights begins … right? (humor intended in the redundancy).
    With all due respect to you

  7. John Two:

    I agree with you that within the realm of U.S. law, disparaging another person is not a crime. I respect people like you who may have been born here, in a more sane environment, and for whom not having been officially labeled and denigrated (to put it mildly) by your own government, such as being called “gusano”, or “escoria” may not quite strum the right nerves in you.

    However, within the realm of this blog, and I don’t want to speak for Yoani, but I suspect that if there were visitors in her house, she and Reinaldo would take strong exception to anyone guest being defamed or disparaged in the style that the criminal Castro brothers do to others, even if that person is a government sympathizer.

    I could be wrong. I don’t like speaking for others feelings.

  8. Cold in Chicago, I don’t appreciate Coconutjuice’s character assassination of Yoani any more than you do.

    Anonymous bloggers like coconutjuice who repeat lies and cast aspersions are all too common. But in a free and democratic society this unfortunately comes with the territory. Making false statements about another person is never criminal. If someone makes false statements about me I suppose I could try to sue them in civil court for damages to my reputation, but that would only give the person what they are craving – publicity and attention.

  9. I agree with most of you below in expressing your opposition to Coconut. Except that I, like Andy, don’t mind agents, and sympathizers of the regime offering their views here or on any other blog. It’s Ok to hear from them. One has to listen, understand and deal with adversaries, otherwise we fall into the category of the extreme right wing radio commentators, who show no class, and don’t care to let any opposing listener come through on their shows or finish their sentences when expressing their viewpoints, which can at times be uninformed and improvised opinions.

    It is important to have a contender that one can confront, so that we can validate our perspective and assist in nullifying all the false information, crimes and errors committed by the dynasty. Who knows, I may be naive, but some of the Cuban born agents they may alter their views since they’ve never been exposed to free, respectful and civilized discussion.

    Where I draw the line is when these individuals also employ the subhuman, regime practice of character assassination, as a prelude to incarceration. This shows that not only do they sympathize with the regime, but are going beyond and also participating in their criminal violation of human rights.

  10. My friends, that person (she or he) Mr.Coconutjuice is just a “PROVOKER”!!!,,that’s it, do not pay more attention to him/her and he/she will dissolve in the air in seconds!!

    With regard of his/her intelligence I would say this old proverb:

    “Dime de lo que alardeas y te diré de que CARECES”


  11. >>Actually it is your bad grammar that is making me nauseous.< >If your brain were made up of the most dreg parts of guano< >…your I.Q. would be exquisite. That would mean that you are superior then most with an I.Q. 139…< >A scholar of your intellectuality< >should easily grasp the ability to comprehend and speak< >and of course your use of language would be amazing.< >your scholatics years< >Which in your case speaks volumes of your higher education system?<<

    "of" is the wrong preposition here. And is this really a question? Or perhaps it is and you are asking yourself, worrying about it a little a bit in fact, whether Sr. Concubino might not have attended higher education in CUBA… in which case, in your reality, he'd have to be perfect and perfectly educated, wouldn't he? Because who could possibly be educated in Cuba and be any less than perfect?

  12. Actually I believe that CocoJuice (bad grammar, bad spelling and all) performs a very valuable service in the comments section of this blog.

    Normally, we all cheerfully agree with each other, unchallenged. It’s useful to be challenged now and again.

    And, if CocoJuice represents the best arguments a totalitarian state can muster for its continued oppression of 11 million people, we can all sleep well at night knowing there is no shred of justification anywhere for what has happened in Cuba over the last 50 years.

  13. Try not to asphyxiate on your own vomit concubine. Actually it is your bad grammar that is making me nauseous. If your brain were made up of the most dreg parts of guano your I.Q. would be exquisite. That would mean that you are superior then most with an I.Q. 139… A scholar of your intellectuality should easily grasp the ability to comprehend and speak, and of course your use of language would be amazing. I am sure, you know concubino that intelligence is a product of what you acquire from your scholatics years as well as what you did to foster it. Which in your case speaks volumes of your higher education system?

  14. Coconutjuice
    Me da la impresion que estas en el sitio equivocado pero si no tienes novia/o aqui en este sitio que te dejao aqui vas encontrar una que te hayude a encontrar el agua del coco …

  15. 24
    John Two
    Octubre 26th, 2009 at 01:39

    coconutjuice is likely one of those bloggers who craves attention. Since we’re giving it to him, he is happy.

    Meanwhile, I’ll keep reading Yoani’s blog and ignoring his.
    Damn right!!!!!!……. the best way to “fight” out this kind of specimen is to ignore it …. I repeat it again: Who’s not read in the “cyber”, do not exist.
    Concubino, I invite you to ignore “agua’e’coco” and also ignore all agents in this blog and other Castro blogs. All this agents follows same purpose: to discredit Yoani and GY commenter, to give them attention is to give them life.

  16. I’ll wrap this up for you guys jugo e’coco discovered how the “coconutjuice” got inside the coconut. I got it… It cUms from himself!.

    Now he wants us to visit his blogs to find out he did it,but almost nobody leaves a comment.I personally can read the first sentence without getting nausated.In fact I almost puked all over my laptop. Even the post about Michael Moore that for the most part we all find despicable,is unreadable.

    The only thing we have discovered is another provocateur full of bull shit propaganda hidden behind the first amendment

    By the way, the comment of NO NAME was very fair

  17. John Two:
    Indulge yourself in the writings of a mediocre woman that merely seeks profit from stating the obvious and ignore a blog that dares to defy the norm. The fact that is her blog is occasionally down or she states that she is being ‘watched’ by those men sitting outside her apartment, are mild consequences from a regime that has put people in jail for less. How can she possibly afford the luxuries of a laptop, flash drives and live in a nice havana apartment (in comparison to the typical living standards in Cuba?) You will argue that this is from her international supporters, but why has the cuban government done nothing to impede her speech? Why is it that she sits openly in internet cafes hosting interviews? The regime has beaten and harassed freedom fighters for less. I do not crave attention, I pose questions that others ignore. Choose to live in ignorance and accept these lies. But I urge to investigate, speak to artists on the island and they will tell you all about Mrs. Sanchez. Keep in touch with the island, not the lies that are cast over it.

    No Name: I urge to google and run a plagiarism check of my writing. If the sentences are ‘lifted in their entirety from other people’s writing/books” then they will spark red flags. Your suspicions are clear indications of your bias for Concubino and the other characters that blindly support Sanchez.

    Cold in Chicago, you will find a response to your statement on my blog. I suggest that you begin gathering evidence, a burden of proof, prior to reporting me to homeland security. Or do I sense a republican extremist following a script? Are you in full support of the Patriot Act? Follow the Bush Doctrine of prosecuting now and asking questions later? Amuse me.

    To All: Isn’t freedom of speech just lovely?

  18. coconutjuice is likely one of those bloggers who craves attention. Since we’re giving it to him, he is happy.

    Meanwhile, I’ll keep reading Yoani’s blog and ignoring his.

  19. Cold:
    You dissected so well.The deal of coconutjuice is all about self gratification.Now I know how the coconut juice gets inside the coconut. It is from her masturbation!!.

  20. Coconut y Concubino — You both make A LOT of mistakes in English. About the same number actually. Coconut’s are slightly hilarious because he/she is trying so hard to sound erudite. And I suspect some sentences are lifted in their entirety from other people’s writings/books/marketing materials or whatever since they are completely out of place… little gems of “perfect English” that connect not at all with the subject at hand.

    Concubino, meanwhile, is just trying to communicate with the readers of the blog and makes the usual Spanish-to-English errors that are completely insignificant because his meaning is always clear.

  21. Coconut Juice:

    You are either a deeply committed communist sympathizer and supporter of the Castro dynasty, a regime agent, or an outcast who enjoys engaging in what amounts to rhetorical masturbation – i.e. self gratification for no purpose other than fulfilling your own hedonistic and sadistic needs. Let me explain:

    If you sincerely sympathize with the fifty year dictatorship, I would urge you to join the various forums available on line, including Yoani’s list, and explain your position vis-à-vis that of those who oppose the dynasty, issue for issue, fact for fact. Nothing wrong with that, I respect other people’s opinion and their worth should be weighed based on adherence to facts and history. I can tell you up front, nonsense and lies such as that imposed by force by the Castro brothers will not fly.

    On the other hand, if you are just a highly articulate English-speaking agent for the regime, with no ability to critically think independently, and who follows orders, including the practice of discrediting and degrading and jailing those who disagree with the criminal dynasty itself, regardless of their sincerity, and good will, then I will seriously consider reporting you to the Homeland Security Administration for being an unregistered foreign agent. Minimum if convicted is twenty years in prison for unregistered foreign agents.

    Thirdly, if you’re a self gratifying outcast, then, we’ll just ignore you and look the other way like we do with exhibitionists. If this is the case, counseling is strongly recommended to help you find a more altruistic purpose in life, like helping others.

  22. One should strive to always present their best works in striking a conversation, it is obvious that you do not care for that. In the world of commerce and competition, it is vital to showcase these qualities. Forgive me for forgetting that not all individuals are so fortunate to be at this caliber, working retail or fast food… does not require this mindset, fortunate for you. Is it not? “CiberBullies” would be “CYBERBullies.” For your information, I am undermining the very fabrication of this blog and the creditability of Mrs. Sanchez. Also, I will not lower the standards of my writing to simply appease to low levels of idiocracy.  If you IQ is as high as you claim, then you should have no problem understanding it. Thank you for the input.

  23. Jugo e’ coco:
    I do consider alternatives. I live in the USA. I could easily stayed in Cuba. Unlike you I do not use “Word” when I’m writting my comments therefore a lot of grammar errors will appear in my comments.
    Regarding the “frictious behavior”.You are absolutely right. I’m very confrontational, specially when I come acrross of ciberbullies like you who are trying to undermine the voluntary work of the English translators of this blog.
    If you are trying to attract readers to your blog I suggest you to change your style, it is so sophisticated that nobody can comment in your posts.Basically nobody understand them.
    Regarding my IQ, well I have taken several tests.My average is 139

  24. Why is it that are whom merely immerse in fanaticism? Through experience, it is obvious that intense forms of individualism generally imitate others especially those with lower intellect (Hence: Mr. Concubino with his relatively low IQ). Under certain conditions, it may seem facetious. I do take cognizance of other people and interact without any fractious behavior. I am sure Mr. Concubino does it solely for his own pleasure for he is not intelligent enough to consider alternatives. And to be noted the butchery of the English grammar throughout his poster, are sheer reflections of the lack of analytical understanding of syntax. What amuses me are the obtuseness and bias remarks against freedom of speech. Clueless that they do cant differentiate passive remarks. Please do indulge yourself in absurd vanity. To distract your thoughts feel free to immerse on your own stupidity.

  25. Candido

    Fuchetear= from fouche chivatear (snitch) you were right on the money
    Sofocao’ =its when the muchachos or the state police make your life impossible.They harass people 24/7. Lo tienen sofocao’
    el caballo however comes from the cuban lottery or la charada cubanaSince castro was number 1 . el caballo in the charada is one , 91 is communist also alpargata(spaniard sandal)

    Thanks for the pan con timba information. Cara e’ coco(cococnutjuice) no sabe por donde le entra el agua al coco. Vino a bailar a casa del trompo y salio mareao’ . Perhaps coconutjuice was a woman.Either way he/ she went away spinning like a top.

  26. Do you know that one of the adjectives used to talk about Fidel Castro was “Cara e’Coco” ( Coconut face)?

    This is an adjective that came out during the last 20 years.

    I’m mentioning it, because, between Coconut Face and Coconut Juice face, there is not to much difference!!!!,,,then, Mr. Coconut Juice, be careful, and at least, before to reach the criticism stage, I suggest you, to show some humble behaviour , then, later, “we the people” writing and reading in this blog can show you “a very well gained respect.

    Keep that on your mind, it will be a very healthy advise!!!



  27. Concubino:

    I’m glad to hear that all your family is all right,,,god bless all of them!!!

    “El pan con timba” (guava with bread) came out, during the installation/construction of the train in Cuba in the 1800.(Cuba was the second country in the world after America doing so (with USA help), because the sugar cane industry was very important for the American market, and the train was the right transportation way to do the process more productive.

    The American technicians, Engineers , etc, were able to see the Cubans workers eating the bread with guava, and the piece of guava (the shape), for them, was like a piece of “timber”, then, they-the americans- were repeating both words one in Spanish and the other one in English ( pan con Timber), then, the Cubans, took that expression and at the end, was born “el pan con timba”.

    Do you remember, that in Cuba when the kids were playing, we used the words ” pio tie”?, that was “pido time”, when ever we wanted to stop playing, and we were “asking for time” to stop and still stay safe, during any sport activity.

    “Sofocao” means in “Cuban Language” “out of breath!!!.

    I image that “fuchetear” comes from “Fuche” then, it means something very “dark, espionage, hide behind something, double face, etc, etc, something inherent to the personality of Fuche!!! (A’m I right?).

    The word “Caballo” (horse) for the Cubans, resume something strong, with determination, able to do thing almost unreachables, then, the horse is some kind of “metaphor” that resumed an animal able to do things like that.

    The calificative was born at the beginning of the Revolution where almost every body saw, understood, had hope, believed, that Castro with his determination and his strong will, was like a horse, that is why he was “baptized” using that word.

    My best regards


  28. Jugo de Coco:

    The translators of Yoani’s posts are doing so free of charge, out of their kindness of their heart. Many of them don’t know Spanish fluently.All of them make a living doing something else.In fact some of them don’t know Spanish at all.The use language translation software to do this job. Perhaps you can contribute to the translation of Yoani’s posts. Apparently you know Spanish very well.
    On the left of this page you can find an email address to the English translator.
    Maybe you can do a better job.You can contribute voluntarily.It will be greatly appreaciated.

    And since you are so smart. Can tell us how the coconut juice gets inside the coconut? Dejame saber como le entra el agua al coco?

  29. coconutjuice, after checking out your blog it’s obvious you don’t seem to like anyone’s writings other than yourself. That’s fine. Wallow in your own self-importance. I’ll keep reading the writings of Yoani and her fellow bloggers.

  30. The caliber of writers and material this blog consists of are mind baffling. To maintain the integrity of a well written blog and an acute grasp of intelligence, a writer is required to condition the skills of writing and it is apparent that Mrs. Sanchez merely recruits mediocre writers to translate her blog. Whomever is writing these nonsensical” philosophical” articles with an elementary school level of intelligence should analyze their skills, dull and empty, quite similar to that of the infamous  Sanchez forte.It amazes me that writers who claim to be proponents of free speech and creative expression will often contradict themselves.

  31. Candido!!;
    I’m doing fine my boys are doing great and so is baby E.G and my wife.
    How are you?

    I really don’t know how the frase” pan con timba” came out.Perhaps you can tell me about it?All I know is guava paste and bread as you pointed out. My grampa spent the whole Hurricane of the year 1933 holding a door of a new builded house and eating pan con timba.According to him if the door got open the whole house will be gone. True history.

    Do you know why Fidel castro was called “el caballo” by the cubans?
    Here another cuban slang for you. Do you know what “fuchetear” means?
    How about sofocao’?

  32. Concubino,,my friend!!! how are you!!!

    Talking about popular words in “Cuban typical language”,,,do you know the origen of the words “pan con timba” (guava with bread)?,,,how did those words came out? and since then is a regular way to talk about guava with bread (when ever the Cubans have both the guava and the bread avaliable!!!!).



  33. Cold:

    Paya is an honest and very decent human being.In fact if Cuban elections were held in Cuba today I will vote for him as President. He still works as Medical Engeneer in 23 Ave and K street in Vedado, Habana.He calls himself an oppositor and a dissident
    Yoani refused to call herself a dissident o being in the opposition.Therefore by principle GY does not have a link to these so call official opposition.
    She does have however a link to “Voz tras las Rejas” of Pablo Pacheco.However his posts have almost no political stataments.

  34. Just visited Paya’s blog. I saw him on TV a couple of years ago and he made a good honest impression. I wonder if Yoani knows him or of him and Proyecto Varela. The Castro vampires seem to be messing with him by posting guards around his house, and interrupting his phone line and just plain intimidating.

    Just a suggestion, but since we’re all in this together, maybe all these blogs should have links to each other.

  35. Cold:

    Absolutley not. The alternative blogosphera starting with Yoani her husband Reinaldo ,Miriam and Claudia and many others that challenge the regime from inside They should be doing what they are doing. They called “pushing the wall”. There is so many links that GY blog do not show. Oscar Diaz Bicet and Oswaldo Paya Sardinnas and Antunez web sites are not among her links,so she is not the only one.
    They are so many who are in prision. They are so many brave cubans fighting against the regimen from inside and from outside as well. You and I are doing so by following her blogs and commenting on it.All this will bring a tremendous pressure against the Habana Regime.Eventually from this pressure will emerge the “Cuban Gorbachov”somebody who is in the circle of power. In my oppinion this person will have a military background and probably State Police connections.

    By the way the link about the word guajiros is the etymology of the word

  36. The Charter movement in Cuba is a promising development but it would be unrealistic to expect instant results. It took 12 years from when the Charter 77 movement started in the former Czechoslovakia to when the Communist dictatorship finally fell.

    To say that change is going to come from the top or from the bottom is posing a false dilemma. Clearly there will have to be some of both, but grassroots efforts and citizens’ movement are absolutely key.

  37. Concubino:

    Re: “Change in Cuba will come from “the top down”

    Are you suggesting we let the tyranny not feel the discomfort of having to face the truths of its crimes and failures? Should the bloggers just sit quietly and let the dynasty smash them like a steamroller.

    Re: “The only thing in common between “guajiro” and warhero(war heroe)is the pronountation”

    Concubino, we know what it means. I’m trying to find the etymology of the word. I heard an interesting story about its origin. No one else in Latin America uses this word as the Cubans do.

    See this link:

  38. Oswaldo Paya tried to do the same as The Chartists did through the Varela Project. He found a loop hole in the Cuban Constitution. He collected more the 10,000 signatures.Just a little after Castro called the National Asembly into sesion. He changed the Cuban Constitution one more time and closed the loophole that Paya found.In just one snap the Varela Project was desactivated.Oswaldo Paya Sardinnas and his Project were silenced.
    I will say this again.I will never get tired of repeating myself.Change in Cuba will come from “the top down”.

  39. Yoani:

    Speaking of mail boxes and digital letters, I’ve been looking lately at the various blogs listed on the left margin and I want to thank you and Reinaldo profoundly for your efforts in training so many talented, and courageous Cuban writers, in the ways of blogging. We we would not know that they even existed, were it not for all the hard work performed by yourselves and others.

    I want to point out that among the blogs, I regularly read “Desde Aqui” de Reinaldo. I like his sincerity and no nonsense approach. “Sin Evasion” de Miriam, her intelligence and direct style is sharp as a tack. And of course, “Octavo Cerco” from Claudia, which are kylobytes straight from the heart.

    I surf through the various blogs and also enjoy looking at “Boring Home” pictures, and “El Guajiro Azul” who is so down to earth, just like the name implies.

    By the way the word Guajiro, I recently found out, is a distillation of the english word “warhero”. Maybe someone can explain why.

    For me, all these blogs are like a walk down a gallery full of newspaper articles, childhood memories and editorials. What a great job you’ve all done, I feel pride, even though I sense that I’ve done very little or nothing to contribute, other than write my diatribes and small donation.

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