A Nomad in Cyberspace

How I wish Generation Y could have one of the “.cu” domains indicating its origin within this country. I would give my mouse and half another one to go to an office and say, “Please, Miss, I have come to have my blog hosted on a server within this island.” But that possibility is forbidden to Cubans, because here the State is not only the sole owner of all the factories, schools, stores and garbage cans, but also the absolute master of the cyberspace parcel where we belong.

Only official institutions can have one of the web addresses that point to this “island of the disconnected.” The same political filter that determines if a person can travel, buy a car or graduate from a university, works when a national URL is acquired. Hence, to own a domestic site is more a sign of submission than of national bona fides, an unmistakable clue announcing that the state is behind certain publications. So I prefer to count myself among the group of the “undocumented on the web,” those of us who have managed to construct a hiding place far from those rigid taskmasters.

I had wanted to develop this thesis of our indigence as netsurfers at the Palace of Conventions last week, during the FELAFACS* event. The meeting had that air of debate that surfaces when foreigners are invited. However, it excluded those who – in our own backyard – have different opinions. A paper presented from Brazil titled, “Generation Y and Cyberspace Nomadism: Reflections on Ways of Thinking in the Digital Era,” by the academics Angela Schaun and Leonel Aguiar, was read by their colleague José Mauricio Conrado Moreira da Silva. An esteemed university professor criticized the speaker, reminding him that GY is located outside Cuba. What he did not say, because the omission is the wrapping that encloses the lie, is that only in this way can it exist, only from afar can a citizen have her own space for opinions.

As a fugitive with a taste of the virtual mountain, I cannot now return to the stocks, whips and shackles. One day my blog will be found on a server on this Island and, believe me, it will not be because it has performed an ideological pirouette.

* XIII Latin American Meeting of Faculties of Social Communication.


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  1. My fellow human beings:

    The Gestapo Palace Guard Police of El Monte, CA. U.S.A….
    More commonly known in our community as the Butchers of the San Gabriel Valley, CA. U.S.A.
    Is corrupt, racist, abusive, violent, perjurer to the core.

    In our long time suffering, long time under sieged, long time terrorized, proud, humble, hard working community of El Monte, CA. U.S.A, we, the people, have no constitutional, civil and international rights whatsoever.

    Between the Butchers of the San Gabriel Valley and the Los Angeles County assassins, (Los Angeles County, CA. U.S.A Sheriff Dept.) we have no peace. These tax-payer funded mercenaries of terror and professional racist, corrupt terrorists, on a daily basis, violate our most basic human rights…
    on top of all the beatings, killings and false incarceration. They stop us without probable cause just to harass us and just to confiscate our property without due process of law against the U.S. Constitution. These racist, corrupt criminal thieves have a good thing going impounding vehicles so their friends at the towing companies can auction off our vehicles or charges us outrageous fees to recuperate our vehicles.

    We are not given the opportunity to bring our cases before an honest, ethical, professional, unbiased, none racist judge. They are all corrupt and racist to the core.

    The corrupt judges and corrupt prosecutors and corrupt public pretenders (public defenders) of
    Rio Hondo Municipal Court in El Monte, CA. U.S.A. and the their likewise colleagues of Pomona, CA. U.S.A. should all be locked up in a U.S.A. Concentration Camp for crimes against humanity.

    Denying the basic rights of a human being is a crime against humanity.

    Knowingly incarcerating an innocent human being on perjured accusation is a crime against humanity.

    Forcing innocent people to work for free in a concentration camp is institutionalized slavery and a crime against humanity.

    The United Nations should bomb the U.S., just as the U.S.A is bombing countries it accuses of perpetrating crimes against humanity or of being terrorists.

    The United States of America is the biggest terrorist against people of color or people who can not speak English.

    United Nations do your duty! Free the 20 million prisoner/slaves languishing and perishing in U.S.A. Concentration Camps.

    George Hopkins, a captain with the Butchers of the San Gabriel Valley, is a corrupt, racist, coward assassin, who murders old Latino defenseless men, and then lies to cover it it up/

    He is just of many in our community that we pay so they can kill us and beat us up.

    Shame on you, evil, corrupt, abusive, racist U.S.A. Clean up your own racist corrupt home before you start invading other countries with the pretext of restoring freedom and democracy.

    Your invasion is for other reason such as oil and the heroine that is delivered to the U.S. soil.

    You don’t fool us anymore with all your crap about freedom, democracy and equal justice.

    That’s a bunch of crap and the whole world knows it. Except for Miss Yoani Sanchez.

  2. This is to all the English speakers and readers of all parts of the world.

    What Yoani Sanchez is living in Cuba is not even 10% of what can happen to you in the hypocrite, racist, abusive U.S.A. if one speaks against police brutality, police racism, police discrimination, police corruption.

    They will hire your personal friends to try to entice you into engaging in a life of crime.

    Whey they fail, they will confiscate your vehicle on a perjured technicality.

    They will beat the crap out of you.

    They will accuse you of stalking them resisting arrest and being a terrorist, and sexually accosting them.

    They will keep you in their little concentration camp for 5 days before you even get to see the crooked, corrupt, racist judge who is part of their corrupt and racist system.

    They will convict you without you even knowing what the charges were.

    They won’t give you the opportunity of bringing witnesses on your behalf or cross examine their perjured accusations.

    They will threaten your life in and out of the concentration camp.
    They will torture you inside the concentration camp.
    They will paid other prisoner to beat you up and harass you.
    They will lock you up in a mental institution claiming that you are crazy for speaking out against their brutality, racism, corruption, violence against minorities.
    They will not give you the opportunity to bring your own doctor on your behalf.
    They will give medication so strong that it will make you faint and puke most of the time.
    They will arrest you anytime their clitoris is aroused. (they are psychos, sickos, crazy, racist panties wearing abusive bitches)
    They will come to your house and harass you, threaten you, your neighbors and spouse.

    Miss Yoani, you live in paradise compared to the hell that people who through in the biggest and most racist, lying hypocrite country on the face and phase of the earth, for speaking out again crimes against humanity.

    Maybe you should know that in the U.S.A., there are according to my own calculations, 20 million
    prisoner/slaves, the majority are Latinos and African-Americans.

    The majority of all those prisoner/slaves, are wrongly accused and were not given due process of law. There are there for three reasons: SLAVERY-SLAVERY-SLAVERY-

    Read the biography of Jose Marti, he knew back then what the racist, abusive, corrupt empire is really about.

    Do not believe the U.S.A. made movies about freedom in the U.S.A. The Miranda rights are only read to people in the movies.

    How many prisoner/slaves are locked up in the Guantanamo Bay Concentration Camp?

    How long have they been there without even having a trial?

    That is the real United Racist, Abusive Corrupt States Of America.

    The racist bully of our planet.

    The United Nations is well aware of it and so is the whole world.

    Thank you so very much and have a great day free of police racism and police brutality wherever you might reside in our free world.

    Let’s make it clear that the U.S.A. is only a free world for the affluent rich and the white who
    control the gov.

    The rest of us, only dream of being free and equally, like the dream Martin Luther King Jr. had.

    Shame on you, hypocrite, racist, abusive, U.S.A/

    How many prisoners does Cuba have?

  3. Querida Yoani:

    Admiro tremendamente lo que haces y creo todo lo que reportas.
    Pero dejame decirte que lo que te pasa a ti, no es ni una decima parte de lo que le pasa a una persona que radica en Los Estamos Undidos y Jodidos de Norte-America, por oponerse al injusto, racista, violento trato que nosotros los Latinos, los Afro-Americanos, los pobres y hambrientos recibimos de las manos de los abusones de la policia Gestapo de U.S.A.

    Mira, para empezar, a mi se me ha golpeado. Me han tratado de poner un cuatro. Me han encarecelado despues de la golpiza acusandome falsamente de que yo los andaba acechando para hacerles dan`o.
    Me han acusado de acoso sexual. Me han acusado de ser terrorista. Me han encarcelado varias veces sin darme la oportunidad de lalmar a corte gente que me conoce personalmente para aclarar que todo lo que han hecho lo han hecho por vengqanza porque no los dejo en paz cuando nos matan y nos golpean y usan la excusa que usan todo el tiempo que temian por sus vidas. Me han encerrado en un manicomio sin darme mi derecho de llamar mi propio medico para que atestigue que yo no estoy loco. (los locos son ellos, los asesinos racistas) Me han forzado a tomar medicamento tan fuerte que me hacia que me demayara. Me han torturado en la carcel. Le han pagado a otros reos para que me golpeen. Me han amenazado de muerte adentro y fuera de la carcel donde me hachan cada vez que se les hinchan sus clitoris. Vienen a mi casa a asustarme a mi, a mis vecinos, a mi esposa. Me bloquen mis comunicaciones. Espian mis comunicaciones. Mija, tu vives en la gloria.
    comparado con el infierno donde yo vivo. Te lo juro por mi madre y lo mas sagrado que lo que te digo es veridico, y si no me crees, mandame una persona a que me someta a un examen poligrafo (detector de mentiras) Los Estamos Unidos Y Jodidos De Norte-America no es lo que aparentan y lo que quieren que el mundo crea. Son racistas, corruptos, asesinos, abusones que no repetan la vida y la libertad de otro ser humano que no sea de piel blanca. De acuerdo a mis propias estatisticas, hay encerrados 20 millones de ezclavos prisioneros en campos de concentracion en U.S.A. La mayoria Latinos y de color oscura. Tu vives en la gloria y te quieres venir a vivir al infierno?



    Jesus M. Beltran

  4. I found your blog very informative.I visit cuba quite often and plan to come for 3 months on november 26 to do some biking in cuba.Its good to hear the news that people don,t talk about or are afraid to.Your refreshing so take care of yourself Allan

  5. Condenamos mundialmente por hombres libres, lleno de amor y libertad, el maltratado recibido por parte de la seguridad cubana a los miembros pacificos de GENERACION Y.
    En las carceles los crueles mismos que han fusilado a miles de inocentes, continuan matando y justificando sus muertes con Infarto subito del corazon. Recuerden las torturas sicologicas que sufrieron todos aquellos de la Flotilla del Mariel. Ahora los CASTROS dicen que fue el pueblo. Quien los mando? Senores no mas mentiras, no mas asesinatos. Donde esta Camilo Cienfuegos? LOS CASTROS y sus disipulos deben de ser condenados internacionalmente por crimenes a la humanidad.
    Generacion Y. Internacional.

  6. #57
    Practice your spanish … it sounds good from here.
    These are our ideas, yours included, there are muchmore than ideas, they are beliefs.
    Yoani’s friend and everyone is free to join, for Cuba & every country faced with the rule of a totalitarian regime.
    The web is a fountain where everything runs thru …
    Keep talking here & with your circle at home.

  7. Gracias Albert… and sorry if my Spanish had some problems… it is my fourth language so still learning :P

    From all the bad things that may exist as a result of the internet, it is worth it to see that it can produce something so lovely (when combined with some helpful friends)- liberty: to speak and spread your ideas, even when so many forces are trying to stop you.

    Even all the way here in Australia, Yoani and her friends are being heard. :)

  8. #55
    there is nothing humble in the realization that Liberty cannot be taken for granted.
    Your realization is the result of the wisdom you have built, with the values of what this world is & what the relationships among the people are.
    Please accept my humble thank you, for among other things proving that our youth is/ has & is a future as long as Liberty exists!
    a hug & a wink

  9. Just a humble note from the land of boomerangs…

    First of all, I was moved and filled with a sense of admiration to discover this blog. I feel a sense of irony that in “The West” there is a trend amongst young people to stand up and claim to be “revolutionary” and “left wing”, claiming themselves to be ideologically a “socialist”, when really the vast majority of these kids know very little about the gritty details of the reality in the countries which form a kind of fantasy in their minds.

    Don’t get me wrong: their intention, I’m sure, is wonderful: the promotion of international human rights, freedom of speech, equality etc etc. However, it is a tragic kind of irony that the places which in their minds they ideologically associate with these concepts are those which have in many occasions been home to quite the opposite. I also question for those who take on such ideas as part of a trend, because it’s cool or something, whether they would actually have the strength and conviction to stand up for their “beliefs” if they were subject to the same conditions as Yoani and her friends.

    No logro imaginar una vida sin la libertad de hablar. En toda mi existencia no ha sido un momento en lo cual he sentido el hambre, ni el miedo, ni la injusticia. Y cuando hablo a voz alta con la impertinencia de la niña engreída que de verdad soy, no pienso en las repercusiones porque nunca hay. Aunque no tenga nada que decir, tengo el derecho de hablar hasta que no tenga mas voz. Aunque no tenga comentarios inteligentes, ni opiniones con las cuales están de acuerdo ustedes, se que, como gente que respecta y lucha para la libertad de hablar, no me dirán nada de malo, así como han reaccionado a los propósitos del señor “revolucionario”.

    Sólo espero que si yo fuera en la posición de Yoani, tendría el coraje y la fuerza de hacerme oír y seguir haciendo todo lo en que creo.

  10. “Is Yoani a plant”
    What does it matter?
    She does what she does for personal gain, HER OWN FREEDOM; the concecuences of her gain benefits others, not just in Cuba but around the world.
    “Y” is (no doubt in my mind) a very courgeous person just by doing what she is doing.
    I believe she knows that with this exposure, with all this accolades & honors comes a great burden of responsibility, I belive she knows she is accountable to the world, to her people and to herself.
    No matter what her inner motives & reaons are, no matter what her intention is: the truth is locked inside her soul & that is for her to deal with.
    The truth we see is a symbol to the world.
    A voice among many namelss ones who have broken thru the barriers of a regime imposed to its people by force.
    To me it does not matter who you “work for” I can hear in your voice the voice of the people, I can feel the heart of a nation, I can envision thru you a bright light … what does it matter if you are or not an agent of the regime?
    Keep at it, don’t give up, ALL of you bright lights of freedom.
    Repression does not last forever nor the lies nor the torments … Life lasts forever everytime freedom’s bell rings and its sound is carried by the winds.
    I belive someone WILL hear it and that is my definiton of HOPE.
    So … stay on the route you chose … from the distance I’ll walk with you like many others towards the light …
    A hug & a wink

  11. Comunism, socialism & anarquism … the isms: their birth was in another time and another reality.
    The few had power over everything and they shared it: politicians, religious leaders and royalty to the point of extreme abuse.
    The “exploited” longed for something different result: a radical minority group later headed by Vladimir Illich came to power on the foot of promises: equality and wealth of life for all.
    The intellectuals came forth (before this?)with a whole different structure of society, they figured out what the vulgo needed and should be inspired by …
    Sounds familiar?
    Good intentios seem to fuel the creation of systems to “solve” all the maladies of people and some sound reasonable if one thinks about justice for all, work, food on the table, equality, dignity of life etc. etc.
    The problem (at least in my view) is the nature of man/woman & his imperfection.
    The human redeeming quality is in his moral fiber, the recognition that the end does not justify the means and most importantly that equality like everything else comes with a price: accountability.
    The individual is sacred, his/her natural instict is to strive in the process of evolution; does this point to freedom?
    Limited only by a social contract which must be ever evolving, always changing and improving for the better in benefit to the individual towards the society in which he/she moves.
    If any of this things is out of place … all fails.
    This comes from my life experiences with the lack of freedom to choose, to move, to express myself to feed my family, to chase happiness freely.
    So (in my humble view) how do we start? let go back to what history has tought us again and again; to the individual: free to think, create and choose according to his/her free will!
    As always please forgive my spelling and the imperfect use of the language.

  12. I would not be surprised that Yoani Sánchez is being financially supported or even rewarded for her criticizing of the Cuban government. This has been one of the ongoing problems in Cuba for decades and is well documented as is many other efforts to destabilize Cuba. How do I know she speaks truth and is not simply motivated by money saying only what the payer wants?

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