With wig and without Internet

Translator’s note: Yoani managed to enter the debate at the Fresa y Chocolate Center by wearing a wig.


7 thoughts on “With wig and without Internet

  1. waow! que valor! que palabras que falta nos hace a todos escuchar esto! increible! me he quedado estupefacto ante el derroche de inteligencia .la verdad muchachos es imposible de ocultar y cuando un hombre tiene su verdad es un arma poderosa justa es la coraza de la dignidad, veo efectivamente el miedo reflejado ante las palabras de esos que hoy oprimen la verdad que los tratan de asfixiar , esos senores que salen excusandose de “no saber de no tener culpas…y el otro completamente arbitrario reflejado por el ermetico despotico lenguaje de ..’no pueden entrar por que no y ya! …si se piensa todo poderoso esos que hoy los oprimen ante la verdad y ante su valor ya estan derrotados por el miedo a la verad que trasciende continentes hermanitos sigan luchando con la verdad y la inteligencia que ya estan venciendo!

  2. is there any idea as to what to do?
    how to spread Yoani’s and the message of the ungeard ones thru the world?
    ideas are welcome you know?
    a hug & a wink

  3. You and your friends are truly heroes. I do not know how we can continue to permit heinous regimes like this one to exist in this age. Have we learned nothing from Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, or the countless dictatorships of the past century?

    Keep fighting. There are those around the world who support you.

  4. LETS GO
    My heart is full today … full of sadnes when I am reminded of the evil that man do.
    It is a struggle to keep from letting all feelings overflow, let all the emotions rage just for once … to descend into the abysm of anger and passion, of revange and hate … then I remember: who am I to dispense justice when I am not just myself?
    Who am I to give into the same instincts of the beasts in power?
    Know this: I am a free man, a simple man with no aspirations other than that of a simple life, with my family, with my job and with my freedom.
    You can push me, you can hurt me, you can dictate the terms of my life, where I am to go when and how.
    But you cannot tell me what to belive, where & how to think.
    You cannot decide for me, you cannot make me surrender my will … all because is me, is mine and I am free!
    Hey caballo … hey che … vos! … can you hear the clamor of the free people in this world?

  5. Yoani:
    The simple things in life … the basic rights.
    Keep them in your head & in your heart … there are others like you.
    Thanks for choosing your duty as you have, stay on the road no mater what, there is no end to it … only a journey for all of us!

  6. You are all very brave and are to be commended for your stand for freedom and human rights. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the others every day as you stand up for what is right in the face of many difficulties. As Canadian singer and songwriter Bruce Cockburn sang, we need to “kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.”

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