A gangland style kidnapping

(Note from blog editor: This video is of the demonstration that Yoani was prevented from attending.)

Near 23rd Street, just at the Avenida de los Presidentes roundabout, we saw a black car, made in China, pull up with three heavily built strangers. “Yoani, get in the car,” one told me while grabbing me forcefully by the wrist. The other two surrounded Claudia Cadelo, Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, and a friend who was accompanying us to the march against violence. The ironies of life, it was an evening filled with punches, shouts and obscenities on what should have passed as a day of peace and harmony. The same “aggressors” called for a patrol car which took my other two companions, Orlando and I were condemned to the car with yellow plates, the terrifying world of lawlessness and the impunity of Armageddon.

I refused to get into the bright Geely-made car and we demanded they show us identification or a warrant to take us. Of course they didn’t show us any papers to prove the legitimacy of our arrest. The curious crowded around and I shouted, “Help, these men want to kidnap us,” but they stopped those who wanted to intervene with a shout that revealed the whole ideological background of the operation, “Don’t mess with it, these are counterrevolutionaries.” In the face of our verbal resistance they made a phone call and said to someone who must have been the boss, “What do we do? They don’t want to get in the car.” I imagine the answer from the other side was unequivocal, because then came a flurry of punches and pushes, they got me with my head down and tried to push me into the car. I held onto the door… blows to my knuckles… I managed to take a paper one of them had in his pocket and put it in my mouth. Another flurry of punches so I would return the document to them.

Orlando was already inside, immobilized by a karate hold that kept his head pushed to the floor. One put his knee in my chest and the other, from the front seat, hit me in my kidneys and punched me in the head so I would open my mouth and spit out the paper. At one point I felt I would never leave that car. “This is as far as you’re going, Yoani,” “I’ve had enough of your antics,” said the one sitting beside the driver who was pulling my hair. In the back seat a rare spectacle was taking place: my legs were pointing up, my face reddened by the pressure and my aching body, on the other side Orlando brought down by a professional at beating people up. I just managed to grab, through his trousers, one’s testicles, in an act of desperation. I dug my nails in, thinking he was going to crush my chest until the last breath. “Kill me now,” I screamed, with the last inhalation I had left in me, and the one in front warned the younger one, “Let her breathe.”

I was listening to Orlando panting and the blows continued to rain down on us, I planned to open the door and throw myself out but there was no handle on the inside. We were at their mercy and hearing Orlando’s voice encouraged me. Later he told me it was the same for him hearing my choking words… they let him know, “Yoani is still alive.” We were left aching, lying in a street in Timba, a woman approached, “What has happened?”… “A kidnapping,” I managed to say. We cried in each others arms in the middle of the sidewalk, thinking about Teo, for God’s sake how am I going to explain all these bruises. How am I going to tell him that we live in a country where this can happen, how will I look at him and tell him that his mother, for writing a blog and putting her opinions in kilobytes, has been beaten up on a public street. How to describe the despotic faces of those who forced us into that car, their enjoyment that I could see as they beat us, their lifting my skirt as they dragged me half naked to the car.

I managed to see, however, the degree of fright of our assailants, the fear of the new, of what they cannot destroy because they don’t understand, the blustering terror of he who knows that his days are numbered.

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  1. Vergognati Massimo , la democrazia sai solo misurarla dal consenso elettorale o pensi che si possa anche liberamente manifestare ? Che misera figura fai , da propagandista castrista e ti fai anche sfottere….almeno ti pagano , scambio merce o sei indottrinato da qualche politico locale nostrano ?
    Fatti furbo e pensa con la tua testa invece che con i portafogli di qualche approfitattore.

  2. Don’t know if you’ll read Massimo’s post, he just wrote in Italian, may be it’s better for you so you won’t understand his pathetic post. To Yoani and all the braves who faced Cuba’s government at their own risk all my respect, I know you won’t give up till the end and one day you’ll be free!!!
    And now only few words in italian for Massimo the idiot.
    Sei proprio un ignorante, ma dove vivi sulla Luna? Ma lo sai cosa significhi esporsi personalmente a Cuba? Le persone che vedi nel video, non importa quante siano, hanno rischiato più di quanto tu non abbia fatto in tutta la tua vita! Proprio perchè erano in pochi hanno dimostrato il loro coraggio e la forza con cui portano avanti i loro ideali. Magari saranno di esempio ad altri cubani che prenderanno coraggio e forse alla prossima manifestazione ci saranno più persone. Impara ad avere rispetto di chi lotta per i propri ideali e se ti sono sembrati troppo pochi per abbattere Castro, allora sbattiti anche tu perchè la prossima volta siano di più.

  3. complimenti vivissimi, una vera manifestazione oceanica! In tutta la mia vita non ho mai visto tanta gente manifestare contro il proprio governo, ma quanti eravate 2,3,4 o forse 5000000 di persone? Con un così vasto dissenso come quello che ho visto nel vostro video immagino che Castro abbia le ore contate! Vi devo solo domandare una cosa: i patrioti e martiri Armando Valladares Perez ( a proposito sta ancora soffrendo sulla sua sedia a rotelle per la brutalità della polizia cubana? )e Posada Carrilles erano con voi?

  4. Jay Nordlinger, writing in National Review Online: “Who is more admirable than people under dictatorship who stick their necks out for freedom and decency? Not many, you will agree. I have taken special note, over the years, of people in Cuba who stick their necks out, and who often suffer horrible consequences for their efforts. Not a few of these people are young. For example, there is a group called Jóvenes sin Censura, or Youth without Censorship. I wrote about them once, in a piece for National Review, paying special attention to Liannis Meriño Aguilera and Luis Esteban Espinosa. Another person to know — there are so many — is Yoani Sánchez. She is a blogger, and was going to an anti-violence march with some of her fellows. This was on Friday. On their way to the march, they met with violence, at the hands of the state. Yoani and another blogger were seized and beaten, but they resisted mightily, and the goons apparently considered them more trouble than they were worth that day. They dumped them on the sidewalk. And Yoani has written about the episode here. You may well be amazed. Some have observed that the Obama administration is trying a very soft approach to Cuba — they have softened up, even cozied up, in multiple ways. And what are we getting for it? Any relaxation of the chokehold that the dictatorship has over the people? If there is to be a payoff — when will it come? It would be pleasant to say that “The whole world is watching,” to borrow an old line, but, unfortunately, when it comes to Cuba, this is rarely true. Still, many are optimistic — optimistic that the regime will breathe its last. Here is what Yoani Sánchez says at the end of her blog entry, linked to above: ‘I managed to see . . . the degree of fright of our assailants, the fear of the new, of what they cannot destroy because they don’t understand, the blustering terror of he who knows that his days are numbered.'”

  5. You said:
    …..spent 8 years in jail for speaking out against the regime.
    If you lived in Cuba you would know they don’t have access to computers in jail. That was an incredibly idiotic give-away. Even writing letters would never make it out of the jail as they all get read, and anything with anti-communist sentiments get’s reported and/or thrown away.
    If your fried spent 8 year in jail then he most know that people in jail always find the way to communicate with people outside….. actually there is a guy in jail in Cuba that drive his blog from jail almost with regularity:


    I believe the idiotic virus is closer of you than me!!!!!!….. jejejejejejejeje

    And you said too:
    About 7% of Cuban’s have internet access from their homes. Including Yoani, as shown in the photo of her at the top of this page.
    You have no idea what you are speaking of, don’t embarrass yourself further.

    7% of cubans with internet at home????!!!!…… huuuummmmm…… definitively you are out of mind……. no one have internet at home in Cuba….. there is a lot of people that have computers but to have a computer doesn’t mean you have internet, did you knew it?????……

  6. We are Praying for you. we are following closely the situation in Cuba.its time for the pathethic old loco and his brother to leave the Scene.also its about time all free cubans around the world stand up and be counted. all over the world there is a cuban embassy there should be loud protest outside of those embassys. and in the united states they have an interest section we should also protest outside there too.

  7. #143
    from Aix, perhaps is not “the goverment” at least not a democaratically elected one.
    The knowlege of what is right or wrong is there; their reality is the represion, years long, brutal and consistent, from one generation to the next until Liberty is a thing of the past.
    But if we get involved, if we encourage communication, the potential is limitless.
    Not all people suffered these things but by talking, sharing ideas, working together as individuals we may make a difference.
    I guess all this diatribe is to say research, read, learn talk & communicate ,,, the only way to “see” to reach & touch …
    Great comments Canes, thank you
    a hug & a wink

  8. There are few people who are valiant enough to stand up for what is right and ethical. Ever since I first learned about this blog, I have been following it and I find Yoani to be a great inspiration. I have to admit sometimes I am astonished by what I read in these blogs, how could a government be so ignorant and hind-sighted? However, it definitely exposes some of the injustices that are happening in Cuba and countries that, like Cuba, have repressive policies. Yoani, I encourage you to keep up the good work and hopefully some day in the near future, people in the island will realize that by not standing up for what is right they are allowing a handful of people to rob them from freely living the only life they will ever have ( what a life wasted!)

  9. carbo…wow…I do not live in Latvia. My family defected for obvious reasons. I’m in Miami and go to Cuba regularly (thru the bahamas, before you claim I am lying cos only Cuban’s are allowed to go once a year from the states). You do not, nor have you in your living memory, ever lived in Cuba. Cuban’s who live there are well aware of the law. I am currently sitting right next to my closest friend who grew up in Cuba, and across the table from her father who not only lived there, but spent 8 years in jail for speaking out against the regime.

    If you lived in Cuba you would know they don’t have access to computers in jail. That was an incredibly idiotic give-away. Even writing letters would never make it out of the jail as they all get read, and anything with anti-communist sentiments get’s reported and/or thrown away.

    About 7% of Cuban’s have internet access from their homes. Including Yoani, as shown in the photo of her at the top of this page.

    You have no idea what you are speaking of, don’t embarrass yourself further.

  10. I have been out of internet contact for a few weeks and have just read about this disgusting business in the Spanish El País. Very best wishes for a speedy recovery, Yoani

  11. Any of the thugs involved in assaulting or forcibly confining this woman ought to be imprisoned for the next 40 years. The people responsible for such acts are a blight on your Cuban society and should be removed from it. Of course, I am not naive enough to believe that that will happen by those who administer justice in Cuba. Therefore, the U.S. State Department ought to actively seek out the identity of these individuals and put them on an international travel advisory. Once, or if, they are detained outside of Cuba, the appropriate action would be to arrest, detain and turn them over to the Americans who have a lovely “camp” at Guantanamo Bay – right in Cuba no less – where these embarassments to the human race can be deposited to rot out for what remains of their useless lives.

  12. #135
    Ciao Gianluca!
    It is a pleassure to read statements like yours …
    Holding back tears I thank you & your efforts; please keep in mind: its not just for Cuba … there are countless others who MUST not be forgotten.
    That is why I say: Yoani is a symbol, for country, for liberty & freedom fo all!
    viva l’Italia Gianluca!

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  14. hi Yoani,
    it’s Gianluca from Italy. Sorry for english, but i speak a bad spanish.
    I try to spread the news about the orrible fact you lived in the car throgh all my contacts in facebook and other internet channels. i trust your fight, we read your articles from the magazine Internazionale, that joins lots of foreign articles about italy and the whole world. even in Italy the situation is not good. We have an arrogant bastard impossibile prime minister, he’s breaking Italy, and democracy is on risk also in Italy. off course, it’s not the same that Cuba, but in Italy we have some limitations not for our personal voice, but for the media, that are more and more controlled by only one person, Berlusconi.
    So, i’ll try to bring your personal message of freedom in the next protest marches in Italy.
    good luck and remember you’re not alone!

    torino, italia

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  16. #130
    The battle may be lost; sometimes a tactical retreat (even as an excuse for self preservation) allows those retreating to heal & live to fight another day …
    The war in the other hand has not been lost.
    a hug & a wink

  17. WALL STREET JOURNAL ARTICLE: Beating Rattles Cuban Bloggers

    “The assault, believed to be the first against the growing blogger movement on the island, has cast a spotlight on the country’s record of repression, highlighting how little change there has been in political freedoms during the nearly three years since Raúl Castro took over as president from retired dictator Fidel Castro.”

    “…according to a recent report by the Inter American Press Association, a watchdog group.
    The group said Cuba currently has 26 journalists in jail, and it cited 102 incidents against Cuban journalists in the past year, including beatings, arbitrary arrests and death threats.”


  18. Andy
    Claudia is my favorite .Thanks for dedicating a comment to her in this section.

    I’m rereading your comment again I’m not a translator NOR and administrator of this blog. That is a job I would not take even is well paid.

    I think you are new to this blog.Try to read previous posts and previous comments, so you can have an idea of who is who in this forum

    Albert I commented regarding our “egos” before.
    First Who does have one?
    2nd ) This is not about us this is about Yoani and Claudia and others who decided to stay. We are living in exile and from the moment we left we lost the battle,.They decided to stay, and Yoani’s case, to comeback to win the war.All we can do support the brave work of these COJUNUDOS Cubans..

  19. re #127 / Albert

    I am sure every person has their own reasons for deciding to take a stand. Yoani went to Switzerland and realized she was Cuban, not Swiss, and so returned home having made a deal with herself “to live as a free person… whatever the consequences.”

    Claudia [Octavo Cerco blog] writes that she is the most frightened person in the world, afraid to go out after dark, afraid of her shadow, afraid of everything. But when Gorki was arrested she took that fear and set it aside and decided to act. So she went to the Prostodrome with Yoani and others and helped to hold up the sign saying only “GORKI” and shouted “GORKI!” three times before the thugs moved in and started to beat them. She ran away, terrified, through the Havana night… but that was the moment for her. She would turn and face them, through her fear. Both her parents worked for MINIT… she knew these were just people… she says she is still terrified… but she does it anyway. Because she has had enough. Because she can’t take it any more. Because all her friends are leaving the country. Because she can’t stop the fear whether she does nothing or everything… so she might as well do everything.

    So many others… they all have their own reasons. Some I am sure are stupid, some are brave, some are adventurists, some are unwitting (Panfilo!), some imagine themselves on top of the heap, some are tired, some are energetic… I am sure everyone has their own set of reasons.

    It would be very interesting to find out, one-by-one… why? Why do these people stand up while others cannot.

  20. Andrew
    Dyslexic was my way to be sarcastic and try to make my point .
    I’m more tolerant than you can think of.
    It is a matter of perception .
    To debate is this forum specially among Cubans you have to have a thick skin
    Regarding you being a provocateur. I thought you were one.
    If you are not, well bro, What can I say , maybe I’m sorry?!…

    I have been accused in this forum to put links of pornography. I have accused of being part of Cyber brigade from Castro.I have been accused of reporting to the Cuban Regime from my laptop in one hand and smoking a Cuban cigar with the other.

    Just for commenting in others blogs that apparently are pro Castro or make some jokes about some of the Yoani posts

    I think that is the intolerance that we have to address, but honestly there is nothing we can do about it. My way to address that is to fight back fiercely. Nobody is going to silence me, in the other hand nobody should be able to shut you up. It was a pleasure to debate with you .Hope we can have another cyber encounter

    Have a great day!

    el concu..

  21. wonderings:
    What leads people to choice of making a “stand”?
    Is it courage, is it aventurism, is it stupidity, is it self agrandizing?
    Or is it that they just had enough of being the victim?
    Tired of being used, manipulated & and abused; robbed of their dignity, castigated for their difference of opinion and subjugated by the very people who preaches equality in a better society?
    The terrible burden of being made a victim, with no cjoice in the matter, that alone
    has to drive people to anger beyond the human tolerance.
    Yet Yoani & the unheard ones choose not the path of bestiality and torment that the regime has chosen, they choose the path of reasoning & dialoge.
    In anger & violence there is no path to solutions, in reasonong & dialoge is.
    The regime may (as it has) not choos for the better path because it has no way to think itself out of it, it has as a temporary solution the path of lies.
    This only prolongs their ruling but makes it more & more vulnerable to the pasage of time, to the voices they can silence, the voices that will be heard even agains viloence & death.
    Like el caballo said: history will absolve me, it will: from the things you said and the things you did it will absolve you of inocence, it will hold you culpable of
    exploiting your people, of liying and murdering, of misusing the venerable histoy of your country and its traditions.
    In the final analysis it will be recorded in history that yours is the fault not just of the present situation but of the length of time it will take to undo all the evil you and yours have done.
    Histury will not absolve you and we (I) will not forget!

  22. English Translator re moderating the blog
    Noviembre 10th, 2009 at 18:07
    Dear and very friendly English translator…… I am sure that 99.99% of the commenter in this site will agree with me about your work, what I believe is extraordinary good and fair. Do not worry, we all have learned with the time that technical problems can conspires against your work and most of us have learned to identify these technical problems when something goes wrong and wait patiently until it is solved. Let the new guests to go through this learning process, I am sure all them will have shortly the same opinion about you and your work the most of us have today.
    Regards and congratulation for your work!!!!

    (I was guessing about Yoani’s “modus operandi” and the guessing was grounded in my experience and what I would done in Yoani’s place…… I was very close, it isn’t?)

  23. Yoani does not post the entries on her blog in Spanish (or any other language of course). She emails the entries to friends abroad who do it for her. When she can’t get internet access she dictates the entries over the telephone. She does not give the entries to people in Cuba with internet access to post for her. When you read about her ‘taking a flash drive to a hotel with internet access’, what that means is that she has the text of the blog on the flash drive which she then emails overseas.

  24. I think there is some confusion here about who does what. I both translate and moderate this blog. In the course of doing that for about a year and a half, I think I have stepped in and edited/deleted comments maybe 2 or 3 times before the last little “flurry” of partial deletions.

    No one else translates this blog (many people help me, but they have no access to the behind the scenes posting software) and no one else moderates this blog. So if there are mistakes in either… I DID IT! Please complain to me and help me do a better job.

    And yes, my work and that of all the people who help me and all the translators for the other languages, is entirely voluntary. You see 15 languages (some are missing a translator right now) but that represents as many as 50 or so people working together around the world to keep this blog and other desdecuba/vocescubanas appearing in different languages, and of course to post the entries.

  25. 116
    Noviembre 10th, 2009 at 06:16

    Carbo – Yes there are those over there that are true anti-communists fighting against the government. But one must realise that the government monitors the internet for every user in Cuba, and there are strict laws. The things she has written would have gotten her a 20 year sentence a long time ago if she were not a sham. The law is very specific on it.
    “True anti-communists”???!!!….. that implies that there are false anti-communists that want to make us believe they are true ones……. OK, it is very possible….. anyway I will thanks for the services those false anti-communists do to my country while they are fainting….. I repeat: I would wish all false cuban anti-communists would be as Yoani, Paya, Vladimiro, etc…… because I know if all castro undercover agent behaves like them the tyranny days would be finished.

    …..”the government monitors the internet for every user in Cuba”…….. that implies you believe Yoani has an internet connection at home!!!…… No one has an internet connection at home in Cuba….. only the gov. allows internet connections in governmental companies and institutions, in foreign companies and hotels…… Yoani “modus operandi” is the following: She writes the articles and paste it in a diskette or cd or a peace of paper, then give it to a friend with access to one of those governmental connection or with enough dollar to use a hotel connection (I guess she provides the money, she has enough because the prizes she has won) or make a phone call to a friend out of Cuba and dictate the article or give the piece of paper to a friend and this friend make the phone call. You can be sure she never repeat twice a month the way she use to post her articles. This way of blogging has a name: She is a blind blogger!!!!
    Some times she goes by her self to a hotel and uses the public but extraordinary expensive internet connection there and take a look on this site to check how it is going and see us writing here all this crap.

    “The law is very specific on it”……. It seem that you there up in the cold and dark Baltic Sea have much more knowledge about cuban law than we cubans despite we have spent our whole life inside Cuba….. please, can you show us the law because a cuban can be punished for writing chronicles about the daily life?????….. You can be sure that if the tyranny wore found a nail to hang Yoani they would used it long time ago but they don’t dare to put her in jail because it would not solve the problem they have with this skinny girl. She would continue writing from jail, maybe not with same regularity but surely her articles would raise much more expectation than before. The world would raise a gigantic wave of protest and many of the regimen foreign supporter would be obligated to condemn the tyranny. To jail Yoani would have the opposite result…. the tyranny knows that. The attack on Yoani was not a casual thing and the objective was nor to avoid she participate in the no-violence march, the real objective was to measure the international reaction to this barbaric act. They got what the was looking for, now they know the world is ready to mobilize for Yoani freedom.

  26. to english translator:
    I don’t envy your gift and the position you have taken in the use of your gift.
    I can’t even begin to understand the fine line you are walking while volunteering (I assume) to do the work you do.
    However: I would like you to know how much I appreciate your labor, your efforts to mediate & your commitment, not by words but by deeds.
    Please accept my deepest thanks, keep in mind I know you are human & as such subject like me to many errors, the difference (which you have depostrated again & again) is in your acceptance & quick apology.
    For a newcomer like myself … this exercise in democracy is based in tolerance & understanding, repect & civility.
    If we are unable to respect one another in such a circle … how can we pretend to do it as a country or as a world?
    Again thank you for your deeds, they speak volumes.
    a hug & a wink

  27. Dear Concubino,
    The comments has nothing with you being a translator. Your english is coherant but your tolerance is subjective and short lived. As an admin, you need to moderate this blog on objectivity and don’t assume the belief of others. Reverting to calling a commentor dyslexic etc for not agreeing or asking a question that might not conform puts the cause Yoani is trying to acheive a few steps back. I do hope you have learned from this situation and try not to make the same mistake again. When conflicts arise, there is a protocol to go about solving them.

  28. to comment #119
    cia must pay well … for your time spent reading & participating by writing an answer.
    Don’t forget to pay your taxes!

  29. here we go again …
    name calling,claims of subtle knowledge,speculation …
    The things we choose to use for a dialoge, intead of facts we go to what can’t be argued or is not useful for learning.
    In a civil and educated disagreement we must agree to disagree to use facts, simple eh?
    Rather than spend time specualting about Yoani’s legitimacy (& her associates)why don’t we value the fact of news comming out of there.
    Why don’t we value the posibility however slim that something is going on?
    Why not value and use the medium for the dissemination of information truthfully and honestly, without attacking each other.
    No, I am not a pacifist, I seek for an engaged debate, a way to find a solution tho this problem, our lack of unity, our little egos bruised over small things.
    Where is our spirit of cooperation, our tangible wish for freedom, where is our unity of purpose?
    As individuals we are great, but as tolerant & understanding individuals we could do more, achive more.
    I have stated my possition before … while I admire Yoani’s efforts and all her qualities, she (rightfully so) is a symbol.
    We “the audience”(?) participate with ideas, conversation and support.
    We’ll never know what is in her heart & mid, that’s for her.
    Nevertheless: it does not change the situation in Cuba, it does not change the sitation in the world; what has the potential to change things is … US
    a hug & a wink

  30. Andrew… please see my comment #81. I think I went overboard and I apologize, again, to you and others.

    Your Friendly (but imperfect) English Translator

  31. Yubano – I know what it is truely like in Cuba, and still will tell you she is lying. It’s an nsult to those who really do get terrorised. I am in no way a communism sympathiser. My family lived in soviet Latvia and for the things they did, they are still targets in Russia by the KGB which does still exist, albeit in secrecy, as witnessed more recently with the poisoning of the spy in London a couple years ago.

    Carbo – Yes there are those over there that are true anti-communists fighting against the government. But one must realise that the government monitors the internet for every user in Cuba, and there are strict laws. The things she has written would have gotten her a 20 year sentence a long time ago if she were not a sham. The law is very specific on it.

    Andy – simply put, she has already worked as an infiltrator for the Cuban government in scandinavia. If she didn’t claim she was anti-communism, you think the Europeans would have trusted her? Her problem is that she is a very bad liar. Just look at the wording of this blog, it reads more like a juicy soap opera, than a serious account of a terrible incident. “‘Kill me now,’ I screamed, with the last inhalation I had left in me” …. “immobilized by a karate hold” …. “We cried in each others arms” …. “the blustering terror of he who knows that his days are numbered”………….she’s in the wrong profession..seriously.

  32. Apparently, the English translator was offended by freedom of speech, the very ideal be fought for on this blog. Nothing worthwhile that is so large in scale as the freedoms yearned by Cubans in Cuba is going to be accomplished by subjective interjections, Concubino. Writing to ask why my comment was deleted is plain silly. By now, you should all be beyond that stage since there are far more offensive material if you would call it that on this blog.

  33. gracias yoani, por compartir lo que paso; me duele escuchar como les trataron. que sigas adelante (tus amigos tambien) y que dios te acompagne siempre

  34. Andrew

    I can’t delete any comments in this section that is the work of the English translator

  35. Concubino,

    You spill remarks scorning what i noted. I simply asked if you are an idiot for all that you assumed me to be and you deleted the comment. Man you guys seek freedom of speech, yet you are offended by what i said. You vomited your detest when questioned about the account of Yoani’s story. Don’t ask for what you cannot handle. Handle it and be more objective. It will help you to tolerate others opinions softly.

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  37. 106
    Noviembre 9th, 2009 at 19:21
    You are welcome Albert, I hope read of you often in this site now on…. thanks again


    Noviembre 9th, 2009 at 19:25
    You are right Yubano, as the spanish saying says “the worst blind is the one that does not want to see”……. but when I decide to “argue” with them I do that for the thing of the passive readers as I explained…… I know it is in vain to argue with these “comrades” but our readers need to know and we can’t leave the last word to the castro lovers ….. regards

  38. Carbo I respect your zeal in wanting to counter the disinformation that is presented here by the castro sychophants. I personally choose not to take the bait because that’s exactly what it is, just bait. There are no intelligent, well thought out arguments that can explain away or justify the unjustifiable. You cannot argue with people that are not interested in discourse but in expousing a discredited and political ideology. Most of these propaganda pushers don’t have a semblance of an original thought or concept to impart, just mindles, repititious, defeated, dogma and tired slogans…

  39. OK Rasa, I’m getting more and more confused about where you stand. According to you Yoani is a loyal communist living in the heart of the beast doing the bidding of the government.

    Please explain to me how she is HELPING “the Revolution” (aka Fidel)… what nefarious plan does he have in which Yoani Sanchez is a critical foot soldier?

    I really want to know. I guess I just don’t have a mind that is twisted enough to figure it out on my own.

  40. #105
    Thank you for teaching me a trick by necesity … by using the number of the comment … I can’t go making mistakes when I address myself to someone.
    I’m slow and hope for your patience …
    You are right, your arguments are not just of value on the contents but valuable as well in the delivery.
    I belive as (I stated before) in a formal dialogue as the only way for understanding and for solutions.
    In #103 I tried to convey the idea of accountability.
    Accusations and put downs are evidence of intolerance not to mention a lack of valid arguments and/or reason.
    Neverheless thank you for your good points & kernels of knowledge for us the new comers into this media
    a hug & a wink

  41. 98
    Noviembre 9th, 2009 at 17:19
    Dear Albert, thanks for you comment…… I believe your comment matches best with Rasa’s attitude then mine because my comment displays more an argument then accusations ….. unlike Rasa’s comment that is only a display of accusations and discredit intents. Anyway your advices are very welcome….. regards

  42. james:
    You visited cuba? good for you, I assume no restrictions, access to everything, good times even for some work eh?
    The bloody history of the american democracy …
    Of course … is all one sided, I can envision the “evil group somewhere” in the ivory tower planning with greed how to rape the next innocent country.
    How to exploit the people, how to manipulate etc.
    What mistifies me is that you have knowledge of this and I would like you to share it so we can disseminate & use it to prevent all this atrocities form this “evil group”.
    Please, share the true documentedthe facts, not supositions, nor speculations; point us in the right direction and perhaps help in formulating what to with this knowledge of yours …

  43. to comment #93
    Have you ever thought about the following:
    When ever you point an acusing finger at someone there are three fingers pointing at yourself.
    If it is true what you are saying about Yoani and the other unheard voices, there is no threat to counter their statements right?
    If what she is saying is true, what is the point in denial?
    Either way, harsh words and name calling do not make a positive argument.
    I invite you to use your right of free expression in a constructive manner; lets have a dialoge,; bring your points of view in an educated and civil manner … I’ll listen with an open mind.
    The object (so you understand) is not to beat each other to submision over what we believe; the object is for people to exchange ideas & come to an understanding.
    In a free society is called dialoge.

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