The latest object of worship

Several years ago, the beginning of the “Energy Revolution” was proclaimed. The official media announced the immediate distribution of pressure cookers that, despite requiring electricity, would reduce the national consumption of petroleum. State industry began to produce the necessary rubber gaskets for the lids which, until then, were made solely by private producers and sold in informal markets at abusive prices.

With the meticulous precision of a military operation, dozens of trucks took to the streets to distribute the new equipment. “Buy now, pay later” was the slogan, which didn’t manage to silence the skeptics who asked how we were going to get, without great difficulty, the food to put in the new technology. However, it was a time of widespread hope which, like love, seemed to be entering the kitchen.

It happened just as with previous projects: at first the distribution went well, but over the months the pots didn’t make it into all the homes, nor were they well received everywhere. In some areas where they were sold the liquefied natural gas service was immediately terminated and electric power outages occurred at the most inopportune moments. On the other hand, something happened that enthusiasts had not been able to foresee; there were people who could not afford these appliances. Even today you can see the lists of defaulters, placed in public view, in the same markets where the sophisticated pans were marketed.

These pots, which were the latest objects of worship of a paternalistic government, are no longer sold and the same thing happened with the rubber gaskets; today, once again, they are offered by alternative artisans in the street at whatever price they care to demand.

* I have regained my capacity to walk on both legs, abandoned the crutch and returned to the themes of my daily life. My thanks to all of you who offered your hands in solidarity, the balm of support and the effective medicine of your friendship. Here and here are links to a brief story about what happened on that Friday, November 6.


53 thoughts on “The latest object of worship

  1. The thinking is linear, the regime is uncapable of working an idea whithin a context.
    As a result the “consecuences” are always negative to the main thrust of their idea.
    That said, then the blame has to be pointed at someone else … as always.
    Perhaps it did work in the 50’s & 60″s but no more …

  2. I am wondering the same thing as Kerry and Hank. I have very recently returned from Cuba on a church trip, and while most of our time was spent in Santa Clara we were in Havanna for the first day and the beach on the final day and were essentially tourists during that time. My impression was that, though the government undoubtably benefits, everyday people do as well. Would it really serve the general population better if there was no tourism money coming into the country?

    I’d like to hear more on this topic as well.

  3. Kerry, I agree with Andy. Your comments are a valuable addition to the dialog and would also serve to redirect the conversation in the next comments section.

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