The ghost of 1980

The images of what happened yesterday, in G Street, with Reinaldo and other friends are, to me, too reminiscent of repudiation rallies of 1980. Look for yourself and tell me if it doesn’t seem the same:


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  1. Soy hija de padres Cubanos pero Americana de corazon…que verguensa me da ver este video…que verguensa…

  2. Es increible que ese gobierno siga movilizando a los estudiantes que se ven claros con sus uniformes azules y a la policia castrista pero no se a quien quiren enganar despues de 50 anos por eso mi entero apoyo a todos los blogeros que hacen lo que mucho no tuvinos el valor cuando estabamos alla.

  3. i was very young and still remember “pim pom fuera abajo la gusanera.. and i sow 2 elders gray hairs both around 60or 70 scary and the mob hitting them punch them …hooror in cuba in 1980… how come the goverment has gone that far? its all wrong in cuba goverment jezz and sad..really sad.. we need to change that for good!.. for freedom for all the next generations of cubans they need to be free!.

  4. #201
    you present some very good arguments; your perception of the realities in Cuba seem to be correct however: perhaps you would consider the temporary use of a different set of “glasses” to see if things are different?
    How about considering how we perceive the freedoms we enjoy compared to the freedoms someonelse enjoys?
    Even at the best level of confidence in a relationshinp (of the kind we are talking about) a barrier exists if anything else for self preservation.
    I doubt you are aware of it other than intellectualy (not intended to offend you).
    Addresing the issues of availabity of confort items, pricey or not from “our” advantage point of view is taken for granted, basic necesities like toiletries, running water & a sewer system, transportation etc.
    Being told that what you don’t have is either the fault of the embargo or worst that you have not earned because you are not for the revolution IS a limitation of your freedom supported by a form of torture by indoctrination.
    Freedom of truth?
    We don’t go thru that do we?
    About the availability of free movement … intellectualy one can thing that by regulationg how, when & where people moves is justified by the capabilities of the different regions of Cuba; considerations about what kind of stresses do this movements put into the different geographical locations? it sounds great doesn’t it?
    Nevertheless: you & I can move about … we can come & go as our occupation dictates … being told where to go but not forced, since the ultimate decision is ours … or we change jobs knowing we’ll get another job right?
    Not being able to exercise the freedom of movement IS a limitation of freedom.
    About religion, the freedom to choose what to belive is an internal one, I can say: I to I”m a catholic inside me but, outwardl: I can say I am not so as to be “safe”.
    You on the other hand by asking me would never know either way.
    That would in appearance cancel the issue … but please remember the idea of not been able to to be & feel free to express one self IS a limitation of freedom beyond the lines of a social contract in a free world.
    And these are just a very few of the picture parts, I am suggesting that perhaps there is another point of view, not just as an opinion, but as a way of life for the past 50 years.
    Liam: with the most respect to your opinion I only ask you to consider the posibility of a very difficult life, a life where the elders were subjected to one form of coercion, the following genereation was brainwashed & the following generation is perhaps blisfully ignorant.
    The natural progression is that the human being knows he/she must be free even if the know is nt there, it is instinctive …
    The self preservation syndrome does colour things differently in the outward …
    I am talking from a perhaps an advantage point … in my past there has been loss, of family, friends & country, I had at times made very tough & painfull choices, I came close to loosing my identity … I went thru the tunnel … & came back to the light by the grace of God & the love of my fellow man …
    If nothing I have learned that freedom is not free, is not cheap and without dialoge … we may loose it … in a wink.
    Again thank you Liam for some very good comments.
    No matter, I thank you for your opennes of mind & most importantly for your opinions

  5. Liam I just saw your post by chance. You should have posted on the new post from Yoani.
    If you have read my prior statements I also agree that the embargo is not fair and should be eliminated and I am also against the travel ban. So it seems we are in agreement. My point of view with regards to embargo have even nothing to do wit China and Vietnam and I agree you do have also a valid point there.
    My view have to do with that by having the embargo the US is forcing the vote of the Cuban people since it is obvious they do not like the Cuban people to vote for the revolution. I do not think any foreign government should have the right to influence the vote of people in some other country. I base my statements in the Helms Burton law that specifically spells out names.
    I believe is against our principles to say people should not vote for so and so.
    Freedom with regards to voting to me means people should be free to vote for whomever they want. I think that law is against our principles.

  6. Ok Moskra, if i accept that ‘Cuba is a prison’then so is China and Vietnam. One party communist governments. The USA embargoes/blockades Cuba but trades freely and openly with China and Vietnam. Also, Obama has just returned from China which by all international accounts has a far worse human rights record. Where is the logic? Why is Cuba treated so differently by the USA? Why does every country in the world (except for the USA,Israel and the Palau islands)vote in the United Nations for the USA embargo/blockade of Cuba to be lifted?

    Thanks Patricio but i am a ‘catholic’so if that is my ‘ideology’ then fine. Like the pope and the catholic church, i believe that the embargo/blockade should be lifted immediately because it is immoral AND Cuba should open up and change BUT not along the neo-con proposals that were published by Bush.

    Julio, i always respect your comments because you engage in debate and not abuse or bad language. You probably know my views on the embargo/blockade now but what do you think about the contradiction regarding the USAs approach to China and Cuba?

    I do not think that i have written things all in ‘black and white’and i have said that Yoani is ‘spot on’sometimes but i still feel she writes very negatively and cuban friends who i live and work with feel the same when i show them what she has written.

    At the moment i am in Europe for christmas to see family but return to my home in La Habana in january. I am not giving you the view of a ‘tourist’,’armchair revolutionary’ or ‘provocateur’,just a different perspective from a european who lives and works most of the year in La Habana.Yes,i do have an ID carnet and work permit.

    The last observation i would make is that there are real difficulties with food selection but the supermarkets that exist where you can only buy things with convertible currency,are not full of diplomats,tourists etc,they are full of cubans spending large amounts of money and they are not government functionaries. Also on the beaches of Santa Maria near La Habana,90% of people paying hard currency for sun beds,food drink etc are cubans. Maybe they work in tourism,for foreign enterprises etc but there are many of them and they have a lot of money. This was not the case 5 years ago. It is not all ‘black and white’. There is a growing gap between the richest and poorest cubans.

    It is interesting in europe (i cannot speak for the USA)that many cubans are returning from Spain and Italy because they cannot get work in the recession and they are disillusioned with life there. When i question them most reply that they “miss my country,i am cuban”.

    Finally,to be absolutely clear, no i do not condone what happened to Yoani and her husband.

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