Bastion and distraction

Evacuation Directions

Someone shoved a piece of paper under my door. A sheet cut in half with instructions about how to evacuate in the case of a hurricane or an invasion. One phrase struck me like the refrain of a bad song: “Sew a tag to the clothes of minor children with the identity of their parents (in wartime).” I imagined myself putting stitches into my son’s shirt, so that in the middle of the chaos someone would know that his mother was named Yoani and his father Reinaldo.

The “War of the Whole People”—currently undergoing a practice run in the military exercise called Bastion 2009—has an assigned job for each of us. It doesn’t matter that they make us fear weapons, or if we have never believed in confrontation as a path to solutions, or if we have no confidence in the leaders who will head up our squad. Those who sit at a table covered with tiny plastic tanks and planes, playing at conflagration, want to hide that we citizens have dug the deepest trench to protect ourselves from them.

The news is full of soldiers with their weapons, but the martial maneuvers fail to hide that our real “enemies” are the restrictions and control imposed by the powers that be. War as a distraction no longer works. The threat of parachutes landing and bombs echoing as an antidote to the desire for change has ceased to be effective. I think more and more people are pointing a finger at the true origin of our problems and, though it comes as a surprise to the champions of the battle, their fingers do not appear to be pointing abroad.


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  1. Adelante Yoani. Dios te bendiga.
    Unanse al CLAMOR POR LA LIBERTAD DE CUBA el Sabado 5 de Diciembre.
    Este clamor va a hacerse en muchos paises del mundo
    El que haya negado a Dios bajo la influencia comunista, solo pidale perdon de corazon en el nombre de Jesus, y EL es misericordioso para perdonar. Luego, clame por la libertad de Cuba…

  2. The situasion in cuba is going to continue because everynoe keeps talking about it and no one does nothing, all they do is try to overtrow castro over a speakers.

  3. Thanks Julio, I saw all you suggested. I also saw some Cuban news source that said someone from the World Health Organization is in Cuba until Wednesday.

    I wonder if she’ll be shown the filthy conditions of the “people’s” hospitals. I wonder if she’ll discover the facts about abortions and deaths of new borns which makes Cuba’s birth statistics look so wonderful compared to the world.

    Our American idiot, Michael Moore, needs to move to Cuba and live like a Cuban. That should be his reward for complicity.

  4. Thank you, Julio. The truth is difficult to swallow because it is so real. People prefer fairy tales. Great video posts.

  5. Mark, incidentally Dr Darsi Ferrer that appears in this documentary is in prison probably for participating in this documentary exposing the problems of Cuban Health Care. The Myth. Very different than the reality.

  6. Mark
    You can fish in Cuba on the shore now going on a boat is difficult because you need permission from the coast guard (they are afraid people will go) So yes normal people do not have access to boats otherwise people will come here in boats not on inner tubes.

    Lobster is the absolute property of the Cuban state. They are the only ones that can capture lobster.

    As for the Cuban health care I will recommend you watch this documentary and tell me your opinion after you see it

  7. Ok guys I diggup this video from youtube of a young Fidel Castro in English

    The interviewer at one point ask if he will allow the communist party to take part on an election (that was 1959 they have not declare communism yet)
    His answer in English is

    Our opinion is, Our idea is that everybody has the right to think .. that this is a democratic principle and there is no reason to forbidden any kind of opinion
    Free opinion is the principle of democracy!

    as you see here there is an absolute climate of free opinion!

    Would you guys believe this guy was saying that in 1959?
    The wolf in sheep clothing.

  8. Julio, can U tell me?

    Do groups of people fish from shore in Cuba? Aren’t the fish in the water considered property of the Cuban government? Aren’t Cubans denied boats?

    Is the Cuban health care among the best in the world? Does Cuban health care have any problems?

  9. Going back to Fidel Castro’s Nobel
    My argument is very simple

    A person that have been at war with its own people for more than 50 years should never get the Nobel Peace Prize.

  10. John Two
    Their defense is in every case of opposition the same
    every opposition you are either crazy or some foreign power is paying you to behave the way you do.

    Remember that pretty much every job in Cuba is a government job so that is how they keep a tight control on what people speak.

    They never ever have admitted that any opposition is a valid opposition. All in their views are agents of the US interest.

    Propaganda and more propaganda Lies and more lies is 50 years of them. Nothing new.
    That is what has keep them on power for 50 years why change?

    Cuba is crumbling into pieces and is the fault of the american embargo
    anything that does not work is the fault of the american embargo
    you name the problem and always the blame faults in the US.

    50 years repeating the same thing. Over and Over.
    They must really believe it by now.

  11. Here is Castro saying that if they were to dedicate to terrorism they will be very efficient at it.
    A man that has promoted guerrillas all over the world should never ever be even consider for such price.
    That will be an insult to all the well deserve Nobel peace prize winners and a disgrace for the Nobel.

  12. A few thoughts on the Granma article attacking Yoani. I’ve probably missed some of the nuances since I haven’t been able to find an English translation.

    As is almost universal with anyone who writes for Cuban state media, criticism the Castro regime is equated with an attack on Cuba. Critism of the dictatorship is equated with an attack on the “revolution.” Anyone opposed to the Castro regime is a “counter-revolutionary” obviously in the employ of oligarchic interests. In this case, Yoani’s popularity is because she’s a project of the PRISA newspaper group.

    What never ceases to amaze me is how these writers – instead of reaching out – insult their audience. At one point, those who accept what Yoani writes are called idiots. Ham-fisted attempts are made to link Yoani with the most extreme elements of the Cuban exile community, including those accused of terrorist attacks.

    Meanwhile, the official writers are the real victims because they’re not winning any awards. Memo to Enrique – start writing like a real journalist rather than a regime mouthpiece and maybe you’ll start getting some respect.

  13. Another twit in spanish

    Estoy optimista: el cambio ya empezó… sólo falta que se enteren allá arriba.

    I am optimistic: Change already began.. we only need that those up there learn about it

    La flaca (the skinny) have a sense of humor!

  14. Ha sido liberado Juan Juan Almeida. Ahora mismo ya está de regreso en su casa. Sus amigos respiramos aliviados.

    Juan Juan Almeida has been release. He is back at home. His fried are breathing easier now. Is the text from one of Yoani’s twits in Spanish.

    Why does the Cuban government persist on holding citizens in Cuba against their own will?
    What is wrong with letting Juan Juan Almeida travel?
    Does he knows government secrets?
    or is the inside knowledge about the style of living of the leadership that worries them?
    We already know the life style they have so one more speaking about it will not do any more damage. Let him go, Let him travel.

    I really do not get the Cuban government. It gets into this troubles on its own.

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