Anemia of arguments

On December 10 a mob assaulted women who had only gladioli in their hands. Fists raised—urged on by plainclothes police—they surrounded these mothers, wives and daughters of those imprisoned since the Black Spring of 2003. Several of the attackers learned the script on the run and mixed current political slogans with those popular almost three decades ago. It was a shock troop with license to insult and beat, granted by precisely those whose job it is to maintain order and protect all citizens. On Friday’s news the announcer said that those who berated the Women in White represented an “enraged people”, but on the screen there was no hint of spontaneity or real conviction. It just looked like fanatics who were afraid, very afraid.

I’m ashamed to say it, but in my country the demons of intolerance were having a party on Human Rights Day. They were incited by those who have long since lost the capacity to convince us of their argument or to win us over with a new and just idea. They don’t even have an ideology any more, but only keep their hands on the reins of fear, calling for “exemplary” acts of repudiation to stem the growing discontent. In the faces of those summoned to a social lynching, however, one could see doubt alternating with rage and the exaltation with the trembling of knowing themselves observed and evaluated. As painful as it may be, it’s easy to foresee that perhaps one day a multitude just as unthinking and blind might direct their anger against those who, today, pit some Cubans against others.

With a lack of openings, of more food on the plate, of structural changes or long-awaited relaxations, Raul Castro’s government seems to have chosen punishment as the formula for self-preservation. It shows no tangible results from its management, rather there is the sound of the rusty instruments of control and the old techniques of punishment. In recent months it hasn’t even put forth promises of projects, or announced plans with imprecise dates. Rather, it has reached for its belt, not exactly to tighten it in a gesture of austerity and saving, but rather to use it as authoritarian parents do, on the hide of its children.


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  1. NO mas saber lidiar con la crapula comunista, con los cobardes, pusilanimes,lacayos lambebotas. Que actuan de forma colectiva como manadas de lobos despedasando como depredadores fratisidas a sus propios paisanos. Actuan como en las novelas de dante despiados e insensibles, sin escrupulos de ninguna naturaleza. Comunistas son malos e impostores, siempre con zadico sinismo y corruptos hasta la medula.

  2. NO mas saber lidiar con la crapula comunista, con los cobardes, pusilanimes,lacayos lambebotas. Que actuan de forma colectiva como manadas de lobos despedasando como depredadores fratisidas a sus propios paisanos. Actuan como en las novelas de dante despiados e insensibles, sin escrupulos de ninguna naturaleza. Comunistas son malos e impostores, siempre con zadico sinismo y corruptos hasta la medula.

  3. So cubano y a mucha honra. Donde quiera que vay siempre estoy orgulloso de decir a todos que soy cubano. Somos geniales, inteligentes y muy bichos come dice el refran. Hemos logrados mucho exitos y sobresalimos en todas las gestiones a la cual nos proponemos, pero a la vez estoy aborchonado de ser cubano y dejarnos controlar y manipular como lo ha hecho el gobierno cubano por tanto tiempo.

    Come es posible que sabios en la ciencia, las matematicas, los deportes se sigan el juego a la misma historia de combate y agresion de los Estados Unidos. Come es posible que un pueblo entero se trage el cuento de las deficiencias del gobierno son por culpas del embargo?

    Hace ya un tiempo en americano amigo mio me pregunto porque los cubanos hemos soportado este castigo por tanto tiempo. Despues de reflexionar y ver en que forma podia yo explicar algo a lo cual yo mismo no entiendo, fue entonces que le explique que para poder compreder la inatitud y aceptamient de los cubanos tendriamos que comparar a Fidel Castro con Jim Jones de Guyana.

    Si ustedes recuerdan, Jim Jones era un ministro de un iglesia al cual controlaba tanto que logro un suicidio masivo de todos los miembros. El control de Jones sobre sus feligreses era tanto que nunca dudaban de sus decisiones y el era el lider maximo.

    Pues en Cuba Fidel es como un ministro de iglesia que controla todo por miedo y temor, y que seria capaz de llevar al su pueplo a un final doloroso antes de aceptar cualquier cambio.

    Cubanos despierten y rompan con ese control y el lavado de cerebro. Ye es hora que pongamos nuestro futuro en nuestras manos.

  4. Fidel receives Pepito at his home and says:

    So you’re the famous Pepito,,, the one saying the stories!!

    Pepito replied:

    I am famous for the jokes, but, the one famous by the stories are you!!!!!


  5. A man was writing on the wall “Down Fi,,, and exactly at that time a policeman took him by surprised and says:

    What are you writing?

    The man replied:

    The right way to put that name on it, is Flinton or Clinton?!!!!!!!!!


  6. MSCDR! (me sigo ca–ndo de la risa) Keep them coming–the humor helps to lessen the weightiness of the real reason we are all here. Hell, its helped them on the island for 50 years deal with all the craziness.

  7. Hefa:

    This is the last one,,,this is really good!!!!!

    Fidel, Obama and Putin are prisoners of a tribe of cannibals.

    The cannibal chief tells them they will give them the opportunity to save their life by having a question to a panel of cannibals, if the answer is correct, then, it will be sent to “a machine to break their testicles” and then cook and eat it ” .

    Obama asked:

    What is a computer?

    The panel of cannibals 5 minutes later, responded correctly and Obama was sent to the machine to break his testicles!!!.

    Putin asked:

    What is a satellite?

    The panel responded 5 minutes later correctly, then Putin was sent to the machine to break his testicles!!!.

    Fidel asked:

    Do you know what a reunion of the Communist Party?

    After 10 hours, the cannibals came back without the answer and asked Fidel for a correct answer.

    Fidel, knowing he was safe replied:

    A meeting of the Communist Party, is just what you did a few hours ago,,, is a group of sons of bitches, reunited together to break the testicles of an asshole ”


  8. Heba:

    This is the last one,,,read this one!!!!

    Fidel wanted to know the condition of the people and wanted to go out and ask himself.

    Raul replied that the people would not tell the truth and the solution was to wear a mask, so no one would recognize him.

    Fidel agreed.

    Raul sent to manufacture the mask.

    Fidel got the mask and went out, then, he asked to the first person he met :

    Tell about the situation of food?

    The guy replied: Very good, very good!

    Fidel asked:

    Tell me about the situation of clothing?

    The guy replied: Okay,,,everything is very well.

    Fidel asked again:

    What do you think about this system, about the Revolution?

    The guy replied: It is best that man has invented, nothing compares to this!!!!.

    Fidel, completely satisfied and excited, takes off his mask and says, you are a true revolutionary!!!!, you now know who I’m and who was talking with you!!!! I’m Fidel Castro!!!!

    Then, the man replied:

    Yes commandant, I knew who was talking with me, I am the man who makes the masks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. OK–one more–and then back to serious business.

    Va un borracho caminando por una calle de La Habana gritando “hijo e puta fidel”, camina y sigue gritando “hijo e puta fidel”, en eso lo ve un coronel lo esposa y se lo lleva preso, al dia siguiente despierta el borracho en la carcel con una resaca terrible y llama al coronel y le pregunta: pero porque estoy yo preso? responde el coronel: porque andabas por la calle gitando que fidel era un hijo e puta, y dice el borracho: si, pero fidel es un simple nombre, hay muchos fidel en cuba, y responde el coronel: si, pero hijo e puta solo hay uno.

  10. Here’s one more and I hope it does not offend anyone due to its religious content–but again, it really illustrates how quick Cubans are…then I am off to read the new posting…see you all later…

    En la Plaza de la Revolucion antes que Fidel Castro diera uno de sus famosos disursos, el agitador oficial para motivar la multitud se atrevió a ser una comparación: Jesús y Fidel.

    Preguntaba ¿Quién tiene la barba de Jesú? la turba respondía Fideeel,

    Quién tiene los ojos que tuvo Jesú, los escucha respondían… Fiedeeeel y así continuó haciendo las masacras comparaciones.

    Cuando pregunto ¿qué pide el pueblo para Fidel? respondieron crusifícale, crusifícale

  11. God … thank you for humor … HEFA I hope you are using genuine imported che toilet paper …

  12. … I knew it! is true … there IS a baboso brigade …
    And to top it off fidel formed the Destesiculados brigade (blue chaps no underware? oh no is the worn out uniform pants made from paper after che’s idea)) … is about time.
    Hefa you made my day … I am going to sit down & wait for comanero Santa Claus.
    I hope el chino made it to flo-lila …

  13. This is an old one, but still one of my favorite because it captures the Cuban capacity to laugh at misery so well…it dates back to the early 1990s, when Cubans had little to eat–wait, who am I kidding, when have Cubans had enough to eat since 1959?–anyhow, I digress–the movie “Silence of the Lambs” had been released in Cuba with the Spanish title “Silencio de los corderos” Cubans promptly co-opted the title to express a more disturbing reality than the movie portrayed, but in the Cuban version, the title was “Silencio de los carderos”

  14. Well–if you really want to be like Che, you have to have someone, preferably a member of MININT, chop you into several pieces and then place you into several tiny little boxes and taken to Santa Clara. There you in all your little boxes will be placed in a magnificent mausoleum built by the volunteer brigade “Los Hombres Destesticulados” from the CDR #666 and the “Brigada de los Baboso Como el Che” will come pay devolutionary homage to you every year on the anniversary of the pronouncements of your most famous words…no me maten…all the while thinking, damned, it does not do much good for anyone to be like Che or Camilo–they have all ended up muertecitos!

    And speaking of Camilo–as you know on the anniversary of his questionable disappearance from the face of the earth without leaving a trace while flying a plane over land from one end of Cuba to the other–people go to the harbor in La Habana and row out a short distance in small row-boats to throw into the water white flowers while saying “Flor Blanca para Camilo.” No joke, this really does happen.

    However, this one chino, on the appointed day of remembrance begins to row his little boat, filled with white flowers, farther and farther away from the coast line–as he passes the other boaters on their way back from their making their floral libations, he is heard saying as he rows faster and faster, furiously towards the horizon: flol blanca pa Camilo, Flo-lila pa mi…flol blanca pa Camilo, Flo-lila pa mi…

  15. Hefa:

    Read this one!!!

    Fidel went to Switzerland for a meeting with the President of that country.

    At the beginning of the meeting, Fidel told the Swiss President:

    “This is my Justice Minister, my Minister of Economy and my Minister of Education.

    Then, the Swiss President says:

    This is my Minister of Economy, my Minister of Education I and my Minister of Marine and Ports.

    Suddenly Fidel began laughing, then, the Swiss President asked why Fidel was laughing.

    Fidel says: Why do you need a Minister of Marine and Ports if Switzerland is not landlocked.

    Then the Swiss president answered him:

    I did not laugh when you told me that you had Minister for Justice, Minister for Education, Minister of Economy, etc, etc,!!!!!!


  16. Hefa:

    I like that CDLR!!!!!!,,,,jaaaaaaaaaa,,it is your personal seal!!!! CDLR!!!!!,,,jaaaa


  17. Excellent–Andy–and you and I now the island is filled from one end to the other with people who think the same thing. In order to live in multiple realities, Cubans on the island have mastered everyone of Freud’s Ego Defense Mechanisms–those that haven’t have resorted to homemade gut-rut or have killed themselves. Muy triste.

    On the same ocassion I had in Varadero, this other incident occurred–I was with three colleagues from Spain, in Cuba for the same reasons as me, for now let’s say these were professional reasons–we were having a drink on the terrace of the old Dupont mansion, overlooking a breath-taking view of the ocean–such a wonderful experience in a communist paradise–when the very courteous, respectful, and professional man (I’m not being sarcastic ) who was our waiter said to the Spanish ladies I was with who asked him about the setting we were in (BTW, the Dupont mansion is used as a very exclusive, small, and expensive hotel): “Oh, this was Mr. Dupont’s home–he was a great sympathizer of the revolution, so when the revolution triumphed, he donated this house to Castro to support it.”

    At this point, I started laughing and spit out all over the terrace what was left of my last gulp of the mojito I was drinking. They all looked at me for an explanation, I suppose, so I offered one. I said to the poor man, in Spanish…”

    Señor, eso no lo cree ni usted mismo. Yo se que usted tiene que decir semejantes inventos a quien le pregunte sobre el uso de esta casa, pero usted y yo sabemos que esta casa se la robo la revolución igual que le robo todas la industria que tenia DuPont en Cuba e igual que se robo tantas otras casas por toda la isla—especialmente las de Miramar. Usted y yo lo sabemos porque los dos somos Cubanos y sabemos lo que pasó realmente—ellas no lo saben porque son de España y no vivieron la revolución directamente como nosotros, pero yo entiendo que usted tiene su papel que jugar.”

    They walk between reality and fantasy so easily, I think it will be quite hard for them to live authentically in one reality once the failed devolution ends.

  18. Albert — Hang it up. I know you want to BE LIKE CHE… but it ain’t gonna happen. You’re just not the man he was.

  19. Napoleon rose and said:

    Obama, if in my day I had any weapons you have, nobody would have defeated me at Waterloo.

    Putin, if in my day I had had the soldiers you have, nobody would have defeated me at Waterloo.

    Fidel, if in my time I have had the newspaper Granma “Nobody had heard of my defeat at Waterloo”!


  20. @#112 & #111
    you ar right … specially the last sentence … but I can help wondering … since che is in hell already the place must be must communist by now.
    When fidel makes it there … he may organize a revolution against the devil …
    you are right as well .. my simpleton ways get the best of me …
    I’ll drive myself to tears … from the guilt I feel; che’s sacrifices were so many, the perfect man, father, husband companero …
    Today we rememeber him w/kindness: el chancho, bigot, homophobic, chouvinist, bullshiter, coward, arrogant, self deluted, abuser, mucher … feel free to add.
    Again thanks for the laughs …

  21. Hefa:

    Ok,,jaaaaaaaaaaa,,,the joke is incredible!!!,,is just a sample about how the humor can be!!!

    It is dramatic also!!!


  22. HEFA

    Love your Varadero story. After a couple days in Cuba I didn’t call the country “Cuba” any more but rather “The-All-Che-All-The-Time-Place”. Which I must admit, English speaking Cubans found pretty hilarious. Alas, my Spanish didn’t stretch to putting the phrase in that language.

    I do remember, though, an encounter somewhat the opposite of yours. Browsing the outdoor bookstalls one day, a young salesman approached in a respectful bookseller kind of way, with the usual, “Can I help you find anything? I have some books here about Che you might like.” I turned to him and said, “Now why would I want to buy books about a totalitarian murderer who helped to enslave a whole island?”

    Unlike your Che-Trinket-Sales-Clerk, he broke into the broadest grin, and for the next hour or so, sotto voice, clued me in to a great deal of Cuban history which I knew nothing about, my acquaintance with the country at that time being limited pretty much to Castro (I hadn’t learned to call him “Fidel” yet), Che, and sugar cane.

  23. Andy #112

    There’s a small, but delicious irony in Cuba’s racially perfect world–a white man overthrew a mulatto with the support almost entirely of whites–said white man now becomes the savior of little brown people all over the world–who said God does not have a sense of humor?

  24. HEFA #100

    No worries. I simply couldn’t resist the irony of one of the defenders of the tyranny juxtaposing the “middle class” Ladies in White (“ladies” of course being the operative term, versus “women”… if they are effete and middle class they’ll have to suffer the additional term “ladies”), with the “working class” WOMEN attacking them.

    Now tell me, if after 50 years a ‘revolution’ intent on removing all social classes from day one has not succeeded in doing so… well all I can say is, “How long? How much longer, how many more generations, must we wait for the triumph?”

    Looks to me like it might be a while.

    And while I’m willing to sacrifice for my children, my grandchildren, even my greatgrandchildren… I gotta tell you… my descendants 20 generations from now are pretty much an abstraction and if the only way they can live a good life is for the 19 generations before them to be slaves sunk in poverty and misery — well I’d rather do something to save those 19 generations starting right now, versus continue to believe in some illusion that is still 300 years out.

    Even Fidel, God bless him but the Devil take him, ain’t gonna live that long.

  25. @106

    Albert, you fail to have a deep and heartfelt appreciation for the proleteriat life-style Che led while in La Habana—his chauffer-driven limousine and the penthouses he used at the Havana Hilton gratuit—power to the people!

    Of course, where would Che-loving revolutionaries all over the world be without the insight, wisdom, and power of his last known words…

    Soy el Che, no me maten que valgo mas vivo que muerto

    I don’t know about you, but those words fill me with illusion and hope, making me feel warm and fuzzy all over and excitement about the proletariat paradise that is at hand keeps me up at night with anticipation!

  26. Every once in a while is good to read & laugh with friends …
    I think at times I take myself seriously for to long …
    Thank you HEFA & Candido … I realy needed to laugh
    Oh thank you for the warning, I promise I’ll go to the restroom first.

  27. Albert:

    Do you know the following joke?

    A drunk walked past a school at the time the pioneering children they said:

    “Pioneers for communism, we shall be like Che “!!!!

    Then, the drunk asked amazed ”


    I can’t believe it!!!!


  28. Albert:

    They can use this one also:

    hp// !!!!

    Do not be afraid if you see a picture of Castro’s head snapping a slave who calls himself “Exile”,,,,,, is normal!!!!


  29. but seriously …
    The thought of that self agrandizing coward, “kissing” his way into power under leash makes my heart boil in fury.
    He was the sickest one in the boat … “if dead … trhow him overboard.
    When shot superficially the doctor … he thought he was dying …
    When shot at … complained about the lack of respect for arrangements made …

    butcher of La Cabana
    responsible for the death of most of his follower/believers
    earned Sartre’s adulation (big deal)
    spoke at the UN
    bathed maybe … maybe
    hair cut … maybe
    In Mexico goes to jail
    In Mexico returns to the habit of living off women …
    As an economist … failure, bankrupted the country …
    As a leader … failure got everyone that followed him killed … (but not him)
    As a comander in Congo … failure with the realization that Congo is not Cuba …
    As a commander in Bolivia … failure all killed but three … (even as “valuable” as he was) he was executed …
    So … where were we?
    Ah yes … about the pseudo revolutionaries, the ones that in the safety and confortof their home “think about the betterment of others” under their wise guidance.

  30. Thanks, Albert–laughing right with ya!

    Everyone, please make your donation on-line to save Exile at the following:

    Institute for the Cure of Political Idiocy
    ATT: Program for the Disaffected and Angry

    I want to assure you that all donations are tax-deductible, so please get your donations in before December 31st!

  31. @#103
    wicked HEFA … my … my …
    The “granola munching pseudo liberals” that one is good …
    Thank you I needed a laugh …

  32. LastDoor,

    I always laugh hardest when I hear anyone, but Americans in particular, lauding the greatness of Che–they love “the idea” of Che, if they had any idea about “the ideas” of Che, their love might fade. My favorites are what I call “granola-munching pseudo liberals” in their Birkenstock sandals and Che t-shirts at peace and anti-death penalty rallies. Don’t you wish they could have just a few minutes with Che? Los pobrecitos–he would eat them for breakfast before they could say “anti-nuke.”

    On a side note, as you know, in Cuba, the idea of Che is a most valuable commodity–his likeness, writings, etc are aggressively pandered to tourist who leave the island wearing the beret and t-shirt of their idol. There is no irony lost in the fact that the government who had him killed now profits in a capitalistic way by selling for profit everything and anything with his picture on it–I don’t know if they have Che toilet paper yet, though–a most appropriate use for his likeness, don’t you think?

    So picture this–I am in a hotel in Varadero during the time when Cuba accepted only dollars from foreigners and visitors, and I walk into a gift shop filled with Che-morabilia and I ask the sales lady behind the counter, within ear-shot of the guardia standing at the door of the small shop the following question: “What do you think Che would say if he had any idea the government he gave his life for is selling his likeness in dollars to foreigners for a profit in a hotel that Cubans are not allowed to go into?” Of course, I did not expect an answer, at least not an honest one–but the look of horror on her face was priceless–she literally was mute.

  33. @#100
    Love your style!!!
    I’ll give to that, then again … a chance give twice …

    you still have not answered … only insults come from you.
    I you are inable to respond in an intelligent respectful manner shows who & how you are.
    Proud of you … you have a blogg … tag you win … little boy.

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