We were so few


Like the sneeze of a desired flu, the alternative Cuban blogosphere continues to propagate itself. It is no longer like the bleak wasteland that displayed—if anything—a few pseudonymous pages in April 2007, when I started Generation Y. I’ve lost count of how many we are now, because every week I learn that at least two new virtual spaces have been born. The blockade of various blogger platforms and the constant attacks have served only to make the virus of free opinion mutate into forms more complicated to shut up. The DNA of citizen expression will not concede in the face of vaccines based on intimidation and defamation; eventually everyone will be infected.

The plurality of approaches is the sign that the public squares of discussion have found, in cyberspace, a scenario more tolerant than reality. I know sites of catharsis for accumulated frustrations, while others specialize in news or protest. They range from pleasant blogs such as Cuba Fake News, to magazines filled with indispensable articles in the style of Convivencia. Their authors range from former counterintelligence agents from the Interior Ministry to exiled writers from the official publishing houses. They are all joined by the need to express themselves, the tense desire to be done with the cycle of silence that has lasted too long.

Such a bundle of free electrons, this blogosphere doesn’t respond to any hierarchy or leading figures. Its strength is that it is not possible to cut off its head, or to catch it, a slippery and playful being with no need to reach agreement or carry credentials. During the time they spend developing a strategy to fight it, for which they meet on high, preparing a law under the direction of the possible executors of censorship, the number of sites on the Island has already doubled. When they begin to understand what it’s about and how to administer an antidote, the blogger fever will have made the temples of thousands of Cubans throb.

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  1. La única solución al problema del comunismo en Cuba es la depuración ideológica y la creación de campos de concentración para comunistas virulentos. El embargo económico debe continuar ya que así estrangularemos financieramente a todos aquellos que protegen y abogan por el totalitarismo. PATRIA SI, COMUNISMO NO!!!!!!

    Pedro Luis Boitel

  2. La única solución al problema del comunismo en Cuba en la depuración ideológica y la creación de campos de concentración para comunistas virulentos. El embargo económico debe continuar ya que así estrangularemos financieramente a todos aquellos que protegen y abogan por el totalitarismo.

    Pedro Luis Boitel

  3. CUBA is preparing for a large american tourism invasion if the blockade is lifted,how log will the castros last if this happens.

  4. THERE IS NOT going to be any american tourism in cuba until the delinquents leave cuba this means raul and fidel.

  5. important-please -calls your goverments,copenhagen ending this friday,we need desperately actions,save the future of your kids and my to-.is not agrements up to this moments,please calls,we needing. phone(+45) 33 92 00 92 or info@unfcc.int.

  6. Yes, there is always an easy path … to what we want.
    The choice still ours to make and yet again the choice to see it thru.
    I admit at times forget my responsibilities … no excuses but it takes a partner/s to remind me of it.
    I guess what I am saying is it will take all of us, a combine effort & sacrifice to make the change happen.
    This should not only be for Cuba, it should be for where ever the situation warrants it …
    thanks Julio!

  7. What happened to Exile????

    Was sent to a training center to learn how identified terrified mobsters?????

  8. Re #56

    Candido–never has the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” been more true than in the case of the painting you very effectively described! One more point for Cuban ingenuity! These types of expressions really hit home universally. I remember hearing, for example, that during the Mariel exodus/flush, someone went up to the statute of Jose Marti in Havana’s Central Park, the one where he is standing with one arm stretched out before him, and hung from the arm a sign that said “Yo Tambien Me Voy” I’ve never been able to authenticate this, but what a picture it makes!

  9. Concubino #7
    Let me share with you a little bit of history. I don’t want to brag about it but we Cubans have certain traits that make us different from many. Back in the late 40th, when the world was not aware of satellites, we used to watch the World Series, to catch the signal we had a small airplane circling around in the Florida strait and transmitting the signal back to our TV station in Cuba and from there to the regular audience throughout the island.

  10. Albert
    I agree with you but you have to remember where are they coming from the repressive system what they are doing and what they are saying is totally revolutionary!

    A while back I posted the story my grandma used to tell me about the little girl that falls and is praying to god to be raise.

    It seems to me that we Cubans have a lot in common with the little girl.
    We want others to do what should really be ours to do!
    Freedom is not going to come from Americans, British or Germans
    Freedom for Cuba will come from Cubans
    When Cubans decide its enough and it is time to be free.

  11. Humberto:

    Anyway, Omara becomes the image of Cuban artists, which “As faithful sheep” support this regime, then, the outside world, imagine a distorted Cuba situation, where everyone, including artists, are part of the pluralism and the heavenly elixir that supposedly,,,, the Robolucion conveys.

    Here is fulfilled that phrase which says: “is as guilty who kills the cow, as who holds her leg”!!!!!

    In top of that, can you image a Cuban living in Miami, with freedom and a comfortable life, saying that stupidity?,,,It could be a provoker? ,,,It could be a person who does not care about the Cuba’s situation?,,,then, that guy should no be called “Cuban”!!!!


  12. #55
    Julio I agree a little … there is a time where the mind is able to find the truth, perhaps not the whole truth but sufficient to start the doubt & the questioning.
    It adds to the frustration & the pain to have been well educated and see the contradictions.
    What I can yet get my heart around is the “si me dieran …” part.
    Without showing your “true colours” one can take the oportunities as they come.
    Unfortunally (I understand) if one is not connected well …
    Other than that, Julio you have my respect & thanks for your learned opinions.

  13. Candido,

    I met Omara several times when she was here at UCLA and I respect her talent but not her overture towards Fidel and all those tyrants at the ALBA meeting. I must say though, that everyone has a story, and beign black (her father was a famous black baseball star and her mother a white wealthy woman) must have been hard in her time before the revolution. It is better to show respect for these artists allied to the goverment than to become like them. We all know the hypocracy of having them in the US while other Cuban artist like Willie Chirino and Gloria Estefan cannot perform in the island.

  14. Hefa:

    Do you know what was the picture that best represented Cuban hunger in World’s Fair painting?

    An ass covered with spider web!!!!!!!!


  15. Hefa:

    Anyone who wants to do a very good ridiculous, simply borrow the Exile’s mask and his pen , does not matter if it is for writing or displaying his face either he will do a good papelazon!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. Her first paragraphs reminds me also of Yoani’s dissatisfaction with her philology.
    But in Laritza’s case her dissatisfaction is with been an attorney.

    “Un diploma colgado en la pared, y un puesto de trabajo que no me satisface, es todo lo que tengo. Pero lo prefiero, antes de ser un títere en el sistema de judicial cubano. Licenciada en Derecho, es el título que ostento como profesional en mi país. ¡Qué tristeza y frustración siento al decirlo! Creo que si me dieran otra oportunidad, eligiría otra profesión.”

    “A degree frame and place on the wall, and a work that does not satisfy me, is all I have. But I prefer that, than to be a puppet of the Cuban judicial system.
    Attorney at Law. Is the title I have as a professional in my Country.
    How sad and how frustrating to tell!
    I believe that If the give me another opportunity,
    I will choose another career.”

    Wonderful post by Laritza, it will hopefully get translated!

  17. I was reading this wonderful post by Laritza that has not been translated yet


    What a wonderful way to write and illuminate people about their rights!

    I wish people in radio Marti would have a program where they can read the content of some of this blogs to the people of Cuba that do not have access to the Internet.

    So they can hear what other Cubans like them are writing.

  18. Hefa, may I suggest we do not use the same tactics they use. If we do the same they do then we are no different. Let us show respect for them even if they do not show it for us and our opinions.

    Let us not attack the individual but their ideas.
    We should not lower ourselves to their level they should get up to ours.

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