The last moon of 2009

Yesterday I ran from the El Cerro neighborhood home, at the setting of the sun, to film it and post it on my blog. The last circle of fire displayed in 2009 turned out to be surrounded by clouds and impossible to record with the camera. Somewhat frustrated, I looked to the northeast and a spectacular moon was rising alongside the column of smoke from the Nico Lopez refinery. Light side by side with the filth, a silver ring next to the flames generated by the burning of that “dark” petroleum.

I leave you here, along with this text, some images of this natural satellite that shone with all its brilliance upon us. I also threw the traditional bucket of water from my balcony at midnight, in an act of yearly cleansing to expel everything that keeps us from advancing as a Nation. Today, in the morning, the first sun of 2010 dried the puddles from the streams of water that fell from the buildings all around. These streams sounded like a cataract, plural and dispersed, as they left every house. “Let the bad go, let it go,” we thought, in unison, millions of Cubans.


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  1. Dr Freud, I wonder if there is something we can do from the psychological point of view to get the hostage in that situation of to wake up?

    We as people can do a lot of thing to help our people in the island to expel the tyranny. To demand to the existent organizations the needed union is the most important thing to do. To demand the internal opposition to develop a unification process is also a must. To support any form of opposition in Cuba is another thing the general opposition has to learn. Particular this last thing is one of the changes the exile has to do. Propaganda, a lot of propaganda, and education using mass media. We have wonderful professors that can give the cabal education to our people in the exile and so give them the ideological ground they need. Ichikawa, Rodriguez Tejera, Saul Sanchez are people with clear and fresh minds that knows how to reach the mass. The mass media in Miami and a helpful bunch of important media around the world are willing to be part of the effort. But first we have to get united we have to show our decision, our seriousness……. to wake up the other important factor in the solution: The world.
    Today the Iranians are fighting , yesterday the Albanians and Croatians gave happily and courageous their blood quote for reaching freedom but those peoples saw the world making signs before they raised. No people will raises against a tyrant if it is not sure about the victory or at least sure about some foreign support. Our fight against castro has always had a lack of serious foreign support.

  2. Suppose we are a cop (US) pursuing a criminal with a deadly weapon(Embargo). The criminal(Castro regime) does have a hostage (the Cuban people). So the criminal uses our own weapon (Embargo) against the hostage (The Cuban people)!

    That is really twisted government!

    So again is it moral to continue such path?
    Should not we change strategy and pursue other solution that will affect the people of Cuba less?

    Dear Julio, you brought the exactly picture for describe how things works in Cuba’s case. The cuban is an abducted people used as hostages for getting eternal ransoms.
    Ramsons that never goes to relive the needs of the hostage but to fill the bank account of the criminals and to finance theirs planes of control. The masterminds behind this mass-abduction has become masters in getting ransoms. The created artificial poverty in order to get money from the relatives of the abducted, they keeps the abducted as hostages to get obedience from the relatives, so it does not matter you escaped you still are under control of the criminals because they have your relatives. They are now yelling for more ransoms in form of credits and tourists but they has any intentions of giving a better life to the hostages…. they will not give them a better life but they will use the extra money to harder the control and the represion…. they can not do things in another way ….. the are abductors, this is their business, this is theirs way and they will do this on and on until they die by the abducted or God.
    Now, I am convinced that things has worked and works in this way ….. how can I believe that to give money to the criminals is the solution?????
    For me is not moral to help the criminals get more resources to control my relatives.
    I know that the way USA has implemented the embargo and the way the world has ignored our disgrace is the cause for the longevity of the tyranny….. I know that the better way of getting rid the tyranny is to implement an embargo Sudafrica style…….. but Europa wanted to erase the menace that the economical and political strong Sudafrica represented for theirs interests in Africa but do not wanted to help the cuban people to get free of castro for strategical reasons in the pulse between the worlds powers.

  3. Thanks Albert for your comment!

    One more on the hostage analogy.

    You guys are probably familiar with what is call the Stockholm syndrome. Where the hostage show signs of loyalty to hostage-taker.

    Dr Freud, I wonder if there is something we can do from the psychological point of view to get the hostage in that situation of to wake up?

    This fragment is from the wikipedia entry

    The Stockholm syndrome is a psychological shift that occurs in captives when they are threatened gravely but are shown acts of kindness by their captors. Captives who exhibit the syndrome tend to sympathize with and think highly of their captors, at times believing that the captors are showing them favor stemming from inherent kindness. Such captives fail to recognize that their captors’ choices are essentially self-serving. When subjected to prolonged captivity, these captives can develop a strong bond with their captors, in some cases including a sexual interest.

  4. @#117 & #118
    nice to hear your “voice” again …
    The americans are not to blame, is the lies & misrepresentations of castro & co.
    Is their hold on power, their costumary “beat down” of what he calls “for their own good”
    But everything changes, everything evolves … there is a time for everything & everything in its time.
    The existence of the web & its possibilities (I never imagine it)the people’s patience, the eternal strength of thruth & freedom always prevails.
    It is a human right proved by history time & time again.
    It is not the fault of the americans it is the fault of human beings & our nature.
    About health … if it is so good … whit did the main PARASITE have to get treated by Spanish doctors?
    elite … elite … elit … :do as I say … not as I do …

  5. Julio:
    you insight does not surprisees me, it just amazes me!
    Like Siggy’s comments I have learned to read twice & keep it as a lesson learned.
    Back to guevara’s ideas …
    Thru the years I have developed this picture:
    here is aman who grew up within a family group with a father who failed in just about all his business ventures and a mother suffering “guilt” for her son’s respiratory problems.
    Both parents of socialist leanings within an “intellectual” self picture of themselves.
    Here is a man who enjoyed the freedom to come & go as he pleased, who attended a medical school (so he said) who took to traveling thru south america muching his way to the north.
    His pictures of poverty and need, his visions of equality or none cloloured by what his pseudo intellectual eductaion predisposed him to.
    Quick to judge (youth) poverty in comparison to what he grew up with, freedom or lack off also compared to what he grew up with.
    All his ideas & judgements as preconceived notions of a youg fool (age).
    This man whom as far as I know never worked to earn a living for more than a few days or weeks, is the man preaching work & commitment to a cause.
    This man who broke his marital vows, who was “keept” is the one that preached self suficiency thru a socialist model.
    This man is the one preaching about the “new” man.
    This man whom never learned the art of “running a home budget” is the one who structured the economic plan of Cuba.
    But at the risk of offending our Argentinian bretheren:
    It was guevara’s own self agrandizing, his own picture of himself the one he sold even to the castros.
    The argentinian attitude, quasi arrogant, petulant? the “know it all” behaviour lke their sense of superiority derived from other people’s use of the language.
    His opinion of the northen spanish, mexican, central american and cuban, with all the coloquialisms, the colorfull expresions … he judged them as of “low class” unintelligent expressions of servile people; remember his quick temper & fast judgement?
    This is the man that fooled the castros with his pseudo knowledge of everythin, with is false courage and his “ideals”
    The only thing I think fidels did right was to know that gurvara was NOT Cuban & he had rised as far as he could go in power.
    fidel quickly discovered how to use this fool so full of himself.
    In spite of all this, guevara’s theories & ideas have survived, the castros & co. perpetrated them on the people till today.
    To admit wrong will be the end of the regime since they endorsed, supported & executed this ideas.
    Since this is where they are, obstinatly holding on … why should the enter into level “talks” to improve the situation?
    As I said before, the embargo only makes the people suffer, they in the regime are not gusanos, they are PARASITES!
    The cure is comming & they can not stop it from comming
    Viva Cuba!!!

  6. Please STOP blaming the Americans; it is not our fault but those who are in control in a totalitarian regime in Cuba.

  7. If the Cuban government has the best equipment and medicine in hospitals (Including personal hospitals for the Castro’s family) catering the elite and tourism, then they can do the same for all other hospitals servicing the rest of the population, it is a double standard and a social injustice that contradict the essence of the Robolution. Not to many news organizations and individuals care to denounce these inadequacies and atrocities. This is another example of Apartheids which should not be tolerated, instead of blaming the Embargo and The United States.

  8. So as a conclusion from the statements made by Concubino, Dr Freud and Albert it will be very fair to say that the regime uses the embargo to punish normal Cubans even more!

    I guess that is their way of telling us

    Aah, you want to embargo me!

    Look here how I will punished my people even more and they will not even raise a finger against me!

    Every step one realize about the things the tyranny does, its so revolting! so gruesome so abominable!

    So knowing that. Is it moral for us to continue such path?

    To place an analogy

    Suppose we are a cop (US) pursuing a criminal with a deadly weapon(Embargo). The criminal(Castro regime) does have a hostage (the Cuban people). So the criminal uses our own weapon (Embargo) against the hostage (The Cuban people)!

    That is really twisted government!

    So again is it moral to continue such path?
    Should not we change strategy and pursue other solution that will affect the people of Cuba less?

  9. … and … this centralized economy (in guevara’s view) would run counter with the law of value & compensation which he belived it to be the root of capitalism & poisin of society.
    Since in his mind the end “justified the means” the relationship between Cuba as socialist and othe countries, even capitalists was possible for as long as the rules of the rest of the economic world did not apply to Cuba’s model.
    In that idea was built the dependency in Russia’s economic aid.
    Let us not forget tha even at the 60’s the trade for goods such as sugar was used in payment for materials, the human trade, military or other was also used as currency by guevara (Algeria).
    The use of the banner of education was/is also a tool for this economic package, since guevara belived as well that better education would produce better companeros/as for the betterment of socialism.
    The rest … we see today, list we forget, when USSR collapsed till today’s Raul’s Cuba … some of this concepts postulated by guevara have come back into use …

  10. @#111
    Dr. Freud:
    right on the nail’s head.
    If I remenber correctly (fussy) the plan devised/envisioned by guevara was based in two principles, production & commitment/dedication.
    Provided that all was “owned” by the state, those two principles helped by “voluntered” labor wold eventually translate in to a success.
    guevara’s fear was that any deviation of this would result in a return to capitalism.
    By creating a piramidal (spelling?) structure guevara belived the innovative & creative nature of the Cuban people would produce more and with better quality because the Cuban people would have “ownership” of what produced.
    His research centers if I remember were geared to that concept of his & so were the “camps” which if needed for punishment because goals or attitides weren’t with the revolution … would be “attended in voluntary” bases by the supervisors …
    That much I remember from hsi ideas …

  11. Sigmund

    Yeah Sigmund you are 100% in your comment 111.The Castros made their propaganda against the embargo with the equipment thy can’t get for the regular hospitals for the ordinary Cubans.
    The equipment of the Cira Garcia Clinic and CIMEQ are within the standars of the most moderns hospitals of countries of the 1st world.

  12. 108
    Enero 5th, 2010 at 23:28

    Concu……. it is partial true…… the embargo makes Cuba to buy those equipments and parts in other countries that fabricate them completely (Europa, Canada, etc) and it maybe is not so easy and chip as to buy directly to USA……. but….. the “effects” of the embargo are only noted in the hospitals for common cubans, you will never find shortages of medicines, equipments and parts in hospitals for the elite, the health tourism and ideological tourism like Cira Garcia, SENIT, Aimejeiras, etc. This make me think the true embargo that affects the cuban people is the internal one and not the american embargo.

  13. To Yubano#23
    Helen Keller once said: “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

  14. The embargo is a tit for tat, political & monetary.
    Perhaps is the result of reaction guided decisions made by the parties involved.
    The consecuences were not & still are on the consideration of the people suffering them.
    The people of Cuba is the one suffering because theirs is the fate of the oppressed.
    Whereas the exists because of retribution to unilateral decisions from fidel & co.
    or it exist because the political power (fuled by anger?) of a “minority” of Cubans in Miami the fact is that it exists.
    The benefits of it (or not) are not represented by the suffering of the people since castro & co. do care more about “being right” giving all value to their stance & no value to their people.
    The failures of the embargo again are not represented by the suffering of the people but by the intransigence of political philosophies, economic resentments and matters of protocol.
    In other words (to me) it looks & feels like all this is the result of decisions made in the rarified airs of the “ivory tower” where the few reign & the many deals with the consecuences.
    Yes … yesterday all this happened in a local geograhpy but today it has evolved into a global geography & everything has evolved except the basic stand … “we are right” & “you are wrong”
    Ruled by principles & philosophies, ideological & religious dogma, made/thought by the few, dwalt with by the many.
    The embargo deters others from doing something …
    Does it change the positions castro & co. took then? no.
    Does it change the positions the US took then? no.
    However, I belive we must “talk” heck … we “talk” to the russians, the french, the koreans, the iranians & many others.
    Have we accomplished anything in those “talks” ? gee … I can’t remember …


    Sigmund you are cool. Our war is in Spanish only. LOL!. Seriously the Cubans can send medications and some other stuff to their relatives in Cuba, I’m not disputing that.However when it comes to hardware like replacements parts for equipments like Dialysis machines , X Rays , Ct scans, MRI , ultraosounds etc, they have a real hard time getting it.You have to realize that the some of the equipment may said “Made in China”, but the core parts of the equipments are made by GE and other American Companies.

  16. .

    Image of April 25, 2009 which was released today (5/1/2010) shows the former leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro, in a wheelchair talking to his brother, Cuban President Raul Castro and Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega, in Havana


    Castro ill, Cuba patient.

    Must be pretty boring living in a country that has no future …

    A country that lives in the past, driven by a “leader invincible” …

  17. Julio de la Yncera
    Enero 5th, 2010 at 07:15

    I did not mentioned Sigmund on the vote below because I am not sure where he stands he seems to be leaning towards keeping embargo but maybe he should tell us what he think.

    About this issue I has been a kinda of flip-flop……… I only want the best for my people and I know the best goes through the tyranny fall….. I am sure the most resources the tyranny has the long it going to be in power….. I also know that the more resources the tyranny has it doesn’t means the cuban people will have it better…… the tyranny has receive before much more resources then it would receive if the embargo is lifted and the people has been as poor as always. I only want to find a way to get my people free or better……. that’s why I debate…… I want to thank all commenter for participating……. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  18. concubino
    Enero 5th, 2010 at 09:42

    1. That depends which Cuban in Cuba you ask. If you ask a patient in chronic kidney insufficiency who depend on Dialysis for their treatments and the only way to get the dialysis machine working is by replacing some key parts of the deficient machines to work by using American made parts, then the Embargo is wrong.

    2. If you ask the people like Dr Darsi Ferrer, Dr Diaz Bicet and many others political prisioners, then the Embargo is right. The embargo is the way the Americans can help by bringing the fundamental changes the Cuban Society needs.

    Dear Concubino……. (I guess our little and ridiculous war is over and we are “dears ones” again)

    1. One of the items the embargo do not forbid is the medical items. Cuba is free of buying medical supplies anywhere…… USA is the biggest donor of medical supplies to Cuba.

    2. Correct!!!!

  19. Well Albert they still got 48 years of punishment. I guess that’s what we will be telling potential dictators. Incidentally the origin of the embargo I think it had more to do with the nationalization without retribution of American interests in Cuba.

    Still I am not proposing to take it away completly at one time but to do it in steps.
    Like steps

    1) allow them to buy anything but military equipment.
    2) allow them to sell here the nickel and other products they have.
    3) allow american tourist.
    4) Allow american companies to set shop in Cuba.
    5) allow them to buy on credit (This should be last)

    Number 1 is partial right now. Since they are allow to buy food or some food items here. Let us let them buy anything they want but military equipment.
    And see if they soften their stand against dissidents. If they do then go to step 2
    I will be careful of the steps that give the Cuban regime money.

    That is why credit for me is last. And American companies setting shop I would recommend to allow first for companies that do not require lots of equipment just in case we need to pull the plug.

    As every bad relationship you do not want to go all the way in you want to test the water little by little. Anyway I think my head aches just on thinking about this.

  20. My fears about lifiting the embargo:
    If lifted, what are we telling other potential dictators?
    They should feel free to:
    nationalize properties at will?
    support terrorist organizations?

    Would’t the lifting of the embargo:

    strengthen the represive control of the castros * co. using the military?
    make all business (since they are state controlled) stronger?

    The suffering of the people is not the embargos’ consecuence.
    The castro economic model with its dependency in subsidies (Russia’s mainly) is what put them down for the count.
    The castro’s & co. generated the national debt as it stands.
    The Cuban people suffers the consecuences of each failed policy the castros came up with.
    Remember there are perhaps over 40 countries investing in the Cuban economy in one for or another, yet the investment percetage is declining because the handling of debts, red tape and the regime’s inability to play capitalist in a socialist setting; I guess they have not learned anything from the chinese.
    So I am not sure about lifitng the embargo, I read the opinions & value them but, I can’t seem to make up my mind … I guess I need more iformation otherwise my decision will be coloured by emotion alone.

  21. MIAMI HERALD: Solution to Cuba claims issue proposed
    Some foreign investors are seeking permission to buy claims against Cuba for U.S. properties it seized and then swap them with Havana.

    “A group of foreign investors is seeking a U.S. government license to buy claims against Cuba for American-owned properties seized in the 1960s, and then swap them with Havana in a debt-for-equity exchange.
    The settlement would resolve one of the oldest U.S.-Cuba disputes and perhaps open the way for other improvements in bilateral relations, according to the investors’ company, Clarinbridge.”

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