Euro-Latin America Summit

Below is the webcast of the Euro-Latin America Summit by Pablo de Laiglesia, Spain’s Secretary of State for Latin America.

This is an event organized by the Society of the West Indies for the Latin American blogosphere.

Here is the video. Below are links for discussion, and a text transcript (in Spanish).

For those readers who want to comment here is the link:

A transcript can be seen here.


One thought on “Euro-Latin America Summit

  1. Listening to this mouthpiece of the Spanish government is nauseating. He speaks of the need for the European community to “reassess it’s relations with Cuba. That the EU should “normalize” it’s realations with Cuba and gives very short shrift to the opposition in Cuba and the legitimate role that it has to play in any reassesment of relations. The Spanish with their “investments” in Cuba and the political policies of the Zapatero government continue to impede and work against those looking for democratic change in Cuba. The only solution for Cuba is regime change and apparently it is the only solution for Spain as well. Hopefully the people in Spain will get rid of the Zapatero/Moratinos in the next election and in turn abandon this onerous and immoral policy of engaging the devil.

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