Kisses For One Night

With a tight sweater and gel-smeared hair, he offers his body for only twenty convertible pesos a night. His face, with its high cheekbones and slanted eyes, is common among those from the East of the country. He constantly moves his arms, a mixture of lasciviousness and innocence that at times provokes pity, at others desire. He is a part of the vast group of Cubans who earn a living from the sweat of their pelvis, who market their sex to foreigners and locals. An industry of quick love and brief caresses, that has grown considerably on this Island in the last twenty years.

Havana has the air of a brothel at times, particularly if you pass through Monte Street where it meets Cienfuegos. Young women in their flashy – if a little faded – clothes offer their “merchandise,” especially after night falls and the spandex doesn’t look quite as baggy nor the circles under their eyes quite as dark. These are the ones who can’t compete with those who can snag a manager or a tourist to take them to a hotel and offer them, the next morning, a breakfast that comes with milk. These are the ones who don’t wear perfume and who finish their work in the cramped quarters of a solar or even on the landing under the stairs. They traffic in groans, exchanging spasms for money.

These men and women – merchants of desire – avoid tripping over the uniformed police who guard the area. Falling into their hands can mean a night in a cell or, for those in the city illegally, deportation to your home province. Everything can be “resolved” if the officer accepts the hint of a probing thigh and agrees to withhold an official warning in exchange for a few minutes of privacy. Some officers return regularly to take their cut, in money or in services, that allows these nocturnal beings to continue taking up their positions on the corner. A woman who refuses the exchange can find herself in a prostitute reeducation camp, while the men might be charged with the crime of pre-criminal dangerousness.

And so the cycle of sex for money comes full circle, in a city where honest work is a museum relic and the needs bring many to position their bodies and swing their hips in hopes of an offer.

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  1. If siggie were anything even remotely close to a psychiatrist, he would be able to tell us that the post 118 was a subconscious confession.

    But the siggies and albertos, simpletons that they are, wouldn’t know the first thing about the science, let alone about the psychology.

    Still, it is good to see the truth being voiced by a denier of the truth him/her self. Keep the momentum albertus. You are finally saying something worth the reading.

  2. Prostitution is not just physical … for some is a mechanism for their beliefs.
    While for others is a condition, a consecuence … a regreted choice by circumstances.

  3. Alberto – is a “Gatica Maria Ramos, tira la piedra y esconde la mano”

  4. Albertico, your accusation of me being rude is a poor form. All our posts are here for all to see, and you will surface as the one who insulted first repeatedly when I was not even addressing you. Nd not just insulting myslef but everyone who dared to say something contrary to your party line.

    You can bullshit now, hoping “people from all over the world” would not go back to read, but if anyone does do that, you will surface as a liar. Go check it for your self.

  5. Post 115. Please read it again and try to discover in your own post the mantra your nemesis Castros would be proud of. All you need now is your pioneer’s uniform and a little swastika on your hat, hand up in the air and sing the songs for your fuhrer, whoever that would be.

    People from all over the world read this blog and they can see. You have chosen to be the spokeperson for an ideology, and for poor spelling by the way, which has already rouned the world and is now destroying itself very fast.


  6. I am proud of you, accepting the possibility however remote tat a “superiour being” as you would be wrong makes me (as I said) proud of you).
    However your conclusions amuse me … specially when you arrive at them thru a third party (other incarnation?).
    Perhaps you have learned what it “feels” to be attacked if you were? or perhaps you have learned how it feels to be the subject of rudness?
    How about adding verbal abuse & all under the “umbrella” of cyberbulling.
    As I stated in other parts of this blogg, trying to remind you about …
    People from all over the world reads this & other bloggs.
    Do you really think they would support your political philoslphy & the regime you represent when they are witnesses to your attitude, of your name calling, gratuitus verbal abuse, your arrogant & intolerant behaviour?
    Do you think they would choose to support & approve you and/or your group for leaders of their life, rulers of their country & masters of their destiny and that of their children … like in Cuba right at present?
    Think fellow … think … you have choosen to be the spokeperson for the ideology & for the rebolution … YOU ARE THEIR GREATEST EXAMPLE OF WHAT THE FUTURE WOULD BE IF WE FOLLOW PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

  7. Actually, alberto, JohnTheOne is quite right about you and your comrades. The couple of you attacked me and used quite a rude language, probably thinking that your obvious lack of intellectual power but a plentiful colour of the words can intimidate me. So, essentially, you are calling yourself a liar and a hypocrite.

    This is your own material: “Respect for other people’s opinions start w/yours … & your self respect.?”

    So, when do you start exercising your own advice to others?

    I’ll guess never. Not in your interest. But I may be wrong (0.0001%chance that I am.)

  8. by the way … if you wish me to “shut up … ask me nice”

  9. Watch you don’t wee your nickers!
    Respect for other people’s opinions start w/yours … & your self respect.
    Read what you posted, does it show respect for the opinion of others?
    Or is it that your “superiority” qualifies you for to be the “new man” of the rebolution?
    Good show laddy!!!

  10. Barbara, see the post 97: alberto/siggie/humberto did not get it…But that did not stop his conservative brainwashed head to come up with more of his party’s mantras.

    If you aren’t with him, you MUST be against him…

    What a bunch of short-sighted morons. And hey claim to be democrats.

    DEMOCRATS respect the right others have too to have their own opinions. And these morons bark at Castros, when they actually behave in the same way.

    Hypocrisy at its’ best!!!

    That’s why I love this blog and come to read it. Lots of crap that makes me laugh hysterically.

  11. Thanks siggie, or aqlberto, or humberto, etc. Post 108 the perfect proof of what I am saying. The same words, the same language, just the different nick.

    By the way, you know only too well that Damir gave you a lot of information that counterweights your empty “proofs”. That is why you attacked him and insulted him hard.

    When the reason is not on our side, hit them. Do you know who said that? He was a prominent wrong- wing politician…

  12. Post 105L “people”? What people? The intelligent ones are laughing at the ilk like yourself. The silly ones are not even able to find this silly blog full of personal anger and nonsense.

    Nut, I’m sure they also see how much of a hypocrite you, for example, are bullshitting about others “insulting” someone, or something, when there was no such case, yet when you, using all three of your other nicks, start swearing, abusing and attacking those you do not like opinion of, that is somehow okay, eh?

    It is not. So get a grip and take your childlish, immature behaviour somewhere else.

    Oh, but you cannot…!!!This is the only life you have and if you do not do this, what on earth would you do?

    Mind you, you are doing this for free, which makes you a communist. You work for nothing!!!

    See the hypocrisy?

    No, you still don’t…

    Not surprisingly.

  13. 103Damir

    Mayo 13th, 2010 at 18:10

    Well, I can continue this empty discusion with you for ethernity but dispite I can bring examples, testimonies, documents, videos, photos, ….. proves, factual proves…. you ….. you will always bring the only you can…. empty words without fundamentation, offenses and kidding……. you are better than me to show to the peole that comes here to learn about Cuba the kind of people that defends castrofascism and its behaviors…… your writing is enough for to show who you are….. and what is castrofascism..

  14. Post 106: huh? What post 106? I see no such thing…must have been written by an invisible ink of an invisible little “webmaster” who is also hiding behind other regular anti cubans here, like siggarmund freund, humbold kapisci and similar”many”. Same one sad and jobless immigrant fighting the windmills in his dark little rented room.

    Re B olution in the making. If only there were more like him…not just his imaginary friends…

  15. Perhaps you should consider reflecting on the meaning of your name.
    “to give peace”

  16. tsk tsk tsk …
    Lots of people read what is posted here.
    It is perhaps an insult to their intelligence to think that what you say & how you say it conveys respect in a constructive dialogue to all that read your comments.
    What they can (as I do) read comming from the self appointed representative & defender of the regime in cuba is your intolerance, your insults, hate, abuse.
    Perhaps people is gettimg a glimpse of what our world would be if ruled by the likes of you …

  17. You went to the “top” & “told fidel he lost his way …”
    nobody … belives you …
    Thanks for the laugh … & please keep them comming.

  18. Siggie, I musht have upset you hard, eh? Hope it still hurts. Thanks for all the insults and abuse. Will alberto now complain about your language too?

    Look, you need the help here, not I. IT is a clear sub-conscious message you are sending to yourself by choosing a nick of a psychiatrist. Think about it.



    You are such a “socialist” and “anti imperialist” that my stomach turns around and makes me vomit when I think of you as one.

    You have no idea what you are talking about because if you did have one, you would at least distance yourself from the Miami crimsons. You are tightly close to these thugs, so to then claim you are a “socialist” and “anti imperialist” is a nonsense, to put it mildly. (see I do not need to use insults to make a point. That is because I am smart. Unlike you.)


    And the fierce personal attacks you and your brethren are displaying here against anyone who disagrees, also goes to show how much of understanding of the concept of “democracy” you really have.

    And how much of respect for the concept you and your brethren really have.

    Zero. Nada. 0

    So drop the self-righteous posture because you are far from ever being capable of taking one. You need to work on your anger before you can even think of trying to be a normal human being. Let alone claim any knowledge or higher moral ground, when all you can come up is the isults.

    Insults are the sign of mental weakness and ignorance.

    That’s all you have. It’s nothing, really.

    Now, wake up and face the reality. No matter what you say, you are still a little anonimous mentally disturbed person.

    Go see real Freud for assistance.

  19. Post 98: keep dreaming, nobody. You are just a source of amusement, a clown in a cabaret under the mask of the internet. Anonimous entertainer with cheap and worn off jokes whose time has long gone and will never return. A talentless nobody who will never leave a trace of his existence once you are gone.

    I was in Cuba some years ago, with a group of people who went all the way to the top. And I told your Fidel that he had lost the way long time ago. We entered into a debate briefly. His standard excuse was the blockade that was causing the hardship. I told him that the main hardship was his ineptitude with the economy. That despite the hardship from blockade, there were many solutions to neutralise the effects it had on the people.

    I also told him that his effect on the people was by far worse than the blockade. I left him silent and thinking.

    For me, as a left-leaning person, he is a traitor of socialism because socialism is the next natural stage in the evolution of society, advanced, fair and peaceful. It is by default a step forward. Fidel and his bro are running backwards. That is not socialism. ANd he was left with a clear picture of his own achievements when a leftist from the US of A is criticising his failure.

    So, compare that with your anonimous posting here, and you will find that your reach is zero. Your achievements are zero. Your existence is zero. Your legacy hence is zero.

    Conclusion: you ARE just a nobody. DO not flatter to yourself. You’ve got nothing.

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