The Table is Wobbly

The voice on the other end of the line dictates a text that will be published in the blog Voices Behind the Bars. It is Pedro Argüelles from the Canaleta prison and we talk about the current conversations between the Church and the Cuban government. A difficult issue to talk about with a prisoner for whom over optimistic phrases would feed an expectation that could lead to frustration. I have little information, I confess, the official media only shows brief images of the meeting between Cardinal Jaime Ortega and General Raul Castro, without revealing the agenda points they discussed. But, I venture to tell him, in the streets rumor has it that the meetings are about the negotiations for the release of the political prisoners, which has been confirmed by the church authorities in a press conference where independent journalists and bloggers were not invited.

On the one hand the issue excites me and on the other it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It is like being in the presence of a table that tries to stand on two legs, while the third – excluded or ignored – would bear most of the weight of the decisions. There is limited discussion with that very important part of the nation not called to meet: civil society groups and associations. Something that is the responsibility of military and citizens, Catholics and atheists, party supporters and dissidents, should not be discussed only among those in uniform or cardinal’s robes. Conspicuous by their absence in these meetings are the spokespeople of the injured people of Cuba, who have sons, husbands and fathers condemned for political reasons. How can you intercede for the injured without giving them, also, a chance to express themselves, without allowing them to be represented there, where their fate is being spoken of.

Pedro, Pablo and Adolfo call me again. I don’t know what to say about the meetings taking place behind closed doors, about deals shrouded in mystery. I desire so much that their names will be on the list of those possibly favored with parole that I let myself be carried away by hope. But make no mistake. While free opinion and the exercises of it continue to be criminalized in our penal code, there will be a list of inmates to be freed from their cells. The efforts of the Catholic church as mediator are welcome, although the Cuban authorities should listen to all its citizens, even those who oppose them. Going through life disqualifying for dialog anyone with critical positions has left us, today, with a table with only two supporting legs. More legs could give it the equilibrium of diversity, they only need to recognize it and let them exist.


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  1. Post 135, idiot, the link is intentionally truncated by the webmasters of this page so that poajaritos like you can say your stupid rants, as you always do. The link still works in the original thread from where you can read it.

    Hairy arsehole. You can bullshit as much as yo want, but you are only getting older and more stupid, by the second.

    And there’s nothing you can do about it, retard. You will die and will never see Cuba free. How is that for a wasted and a hollow life, loser?

  2. Post 135, idiot, the link is intentionally truncated so that poffters like you can say your stupid rants as you always do. The link still works in the original thread from where you can read it.

    Hairy arsehole.

  3. 133Damir

    Junio 9th, 2010 at 08:28

    hehehehehe……. you are trying to post this link since a week ago…… but you can’t…….. hehehehehe…… you’re so retarded that you can even post a single link…… hehehehe……..Victory is certain!!!!!!!…… hehehehehe…… we are compiting against down sindrome affected agents…… jajajajajajajajaja

  4. 132 may want to read my response on comments about Tito. Sometimes the one who is standing on a hill, no matter how small the hill may be, can see more than the one standing at the bottom of the hill.

  5. 132 is just another annoying noise screen trying to hide obvious absence of intellect. Like those vultures already having plans in place. Just a matter of time before Cuba is cut into pieces and divided between the hyenas:


    And I can see many of those hyenas here, as if the cadaver is already on the plate.

  6. 130Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 6th, 2010 at 00:29


    Castrofascism is always trying to associate journalists job with political and even penal issues like the thug curbelo does in this case….. journalist work is to inform and they get paid for do that…….. what yo have to do (if you like so much FOIA and other freedom of information institutions) is to go to the public records where those 14 (not 5 but 14 criminals) criminals acts and recorded trial sessions are stored and learn there the confesions of the crimes made by 5 self and the the other 9 criminals…… go there and learn they are common criminals in a mafia like assosiation for cause the death to other people and to perform terrorist acts that could be used for accusing exile cubans……. that’s the true easy to find.
    Here is the real histori os the 5 spies:

    Objective of espionage network in jail now in USA.

    The civilian targets have been identified as follows: Penetration of exile organizations to accomplish a campaign of disinformation, confusion, animosity and disunion among targeted groups. Another objective was to encourage and to facilitate the commission of hostile actions against Cuba in violation the Neutrality Act of the United States. Also, alleged was the sending of threatening letters to members of Congress impersonating members of Cuban exile organizations. It has not been reported that the 10 had committed any act of violence against the US, although there are documents that mention the preparation of terrorist acts against US Air Force bases in the US. ( 5 )

    Here is the complete history:

  7. Barbara, post 130.

    Superb as always. In a “perfect” world, according to some, this is okay. Double standards apply for their enemies. But it only goes to show their own hypocrisy. Will these people ever admit that 60 years of subversive and terrorist activities by the usa against Cuba are equally, if not more, responsible for a deteriorated situation both politically and economically on the island?

    Or that all the problems would be easy to overcome and cease hostilities, if there was any will in the usa government to admit their legendary ignorance and unatenable position when it comes to the blockade?

    The usa is hurt equally by the anything but a democratic law currently in place.

    The pride is such a primitive macho posture. Particularly when you are so big and still are being beaten up by such a small country like Cuba.

  8. U.S. government — through Radio and TV Martí — had secretly paid tens of thousands of dollars to journalists in Miami, who, during the politically-charged prosecution of the Five, published provocative articles about Cuba and against the Five.

    1. Pablo Alfonso Of El Nuevo Herald
    Payment – Pago: $58,600 during the trial
    Total: $252,325 (11/1/99-8/22/07)

    2. Wilfredo Cancio del Nuevo Herald (The Miami Herald)
    Was paid $4,725 during trial
    $21,800 (9/30/2000 – 11/20/2006)

    3. Ariel Remos – Diario Las Americas
    $4,725 during trial
    TOTAL $24,350 (11/1/1999- 11/20/2006)

    4. Enrique Encinosa – Comentarista Radio Mambi WAQI por mucho tiempo que dedico mucha cobertura al caso de LOS CINCO desde suarresto.
    Longtime news commentatoon Radio Mambi WAQI, which covered the Cuban 5 extensively, from the time of their arrest
    TOTAL (during trial) Durante Juicio – $5,200.00
    TOTAL (12/07/2000 – 11/04/2003) – $21,800.00

    5. Helen Ferre – Editor of Editorial Page of Diario Las Americas
    Paid – $1,125.00 – during trial (durante el juicio)
    Paid – TOTAL – $6,025 (2/21/01 – 9/25/03)

  9. 126, I do not need to prove anything to you. You can open a computer all on your own and trace your own posts. It is all there.

    Read it in your own time. You know exactly where these posts are anyway.

    You wrote them.

  10. 12, you are really just an idiot with no brain and a computer in your asylum.

    ‘nuf said. Yu even dare to admit your mental derangeness by claiming to be a socialist, and then declaring socialism, in another thread a false society!!!!!!

    You are sad. So little love in your childhood, it must have been hard with a father who cheated on your mother, and beat you and her whenever he could.

    Maybe you should take up that with him, instead with others, eh?

  11. I am still waiting for your proof of my abuse towards you …
    Be thankful for what impunity allows you to do …

  12. Your protestations against violence are not supported by your behaviour since you have been (consistently) the one using an agressive, intolerant & intransigent “tone” in your commentaries.
    Since you were (as you state) subjected & exposed to violence, you better than most can realize its futility & while I commend you for not having killed anyone … I can help but think you are contradicting yourself when you justify the use of insults & abuse by stating that violence is a part of your life because of the capitalists scumbags who had to destroy your country …
    I guess you are of the position of “someone makes me do” & not prepared to accept that what you do is your choice for which you are accountable for.
    Unless you want to admit that you are a tool manipulated.

  13. 121Damir

    Mayo 29th, 2010 at 08:45
    And here’s a big and hard slap into Yoani’s face:

    he council of America, contrary to what Yoani is trying to present here,

    Another dislexic that can understand english…….. you can read from top to bottom the article of council of america and find nothing but an analisys of castrofascism desastrouse economy and how to deal with the corrupt regime in order to exploit Cuba’s natural and human resources…. so….. a guide for capitalists to take advantage of the wild capitalism castrofascism instaurated in Cuba and the good opportunities monopolist capitalism Cuba style offer to international investors………. here we have the “communist” damir prising capitalists analisys about how to exploit countires in disgrace!!!!!!!!!! Poor Cuba…. with this friends we don’t need enemies!!!!!

  14. 117JohnTheOne

    Mayo 28th, 2010 at 06:39
    As for your “bitter complaints about the US of A misbehaving in Cuba”, I am yet to see one between your constant nagging about the Castros…

    because you are an stupid retarded that does not understand what you read.

  15. 116JohnTheOne

    Mayo 28th, 2010 at 06:36

    You are anything but a socialist. If you were one, you would not root for overthrowing the Castros

    presisely because I am a socialist I want to overthow castrofascism of my country….. because socialism is incompatible with fascism, with crimes, with represion, with all castroclan represent in corruption, abuse and betrayal to my people…….. only you thugs of this criminal regime want to maintain such a tyrant giving the country’s richdom to the empire it simulates to fight.

  16. And here’s a big and hard slap into Yoani’s face:

    he council of America, contrary to what Yoani is trying to present here, through her lies, is confirming that:

    “Cuba’s historic relationships with its foreign partners—despite occasional mishaps—have largely been cordial and the Cuban government has generally fulfilled its contractual obligations.”

    They also said that:

    “2009 was a difficult economic year for the entire region, Cuba included.”

    And that:

    ““I’ve learned there is more private infrastructure investment in Cuba than in Costa Rica,” Jan Belt announced, adding that Cuba has favorable terms of trade and that the potential for oil investment in Cuba is greater than in many countries, especially Mexico, where foreigners are banned from exploration”

    See, in a capitalist country like Mexico, foreigners are BANNED from investing in oil explorations. In Cuba NOT!!!!!!

    If you know how to read, go to their “About us” link and make sure you read it all to realise the council is a CAPITALISM promoting organisation. NOT a socialism support group. They are a soft form of capitalist vultures. They are hiding under “amicable, friendly, supportive” but make no mistake. They are interested only in investing the money.

    And they rank Cuba as BETTER than Costa Rica, which is according to our resident “socialist”, half way already into the democratic socialism.

    Well, Cuba is faring BETTER according to the capitalists.

    But, I am going to Cuba in October, and will stop over in Costa Rica now to have a look because I am intrigued by that statement. From all I have read about the country, that is not really the case. But, hopefully, the resident “socialist” is right.

    In fact that would be quite nice, it true.

  17. Had you read carefully my posts from the beginning, you would have realised that I am against the violence from wherever it comes. In fact that is the main thing I was trying to point out until the abuse started and name-calling (which is also a form of violence, surely you will agree with that too) turned personal.

    I kinda do not take the violence lightly. And in particular because I had to experience it in my own homeland. And I had to defend myself. I am proud of myself for not having had to kill anyone. But violence is a part of my life thanks to the capitalist scumbags who had to destroy my country just because it was demonstrating what and how efficiently socialism can achieve when it is a democratic form, the only form a socialism can exist in.

  18. Finally … my faith & patience pays off.
    At last something we agree on, the condemnation of the use of violence to achive any end, in other words: “the end does not justifies the means”
    Weather it is by planting bombs, training terrorists, imposing political philosphies or violate human rights.
    I am proud of you …

  19. And look here, boys! Recognising anyone here? Yur mates, “re B olutionary freedom fighters from Miami, caught in Havana trying to plant explosives to kill tourists in hotels around La Havana.

    Bunch of criminals and nazist idiots. And they have the face to complain about Castros.

    Humanoid excrement.

  20. As for your “bitter complaints about the US of A misbehaving in Cuba”, I am yet to see one between your constant nagging about the Castros…

    Socialist…A socialist my arse, compadre.

  21. Siggie, so I do not know anything about you, but you know so much about me…Again, the superiority complex reeking out of you. Completely unfounded one at that.

    You are anything but a socialist. If you were one, you would not root for overthrowing the Castros and for the change of the system. You would only root for getting rid of the brothers, but, as Damir said it well, LEGALLY.

    Through the existing system, which is a socialist system, which is supposedly close to your heart.

    But, you are just confused. A socialist is an intelligent and analytical person. Not for violence per se’. Inclined to a dialogue, not verbal or physical clashes.

    You tend to attack and insult from Castros to Barbara, every single person that disagrees with you. So cut the saint’s crap. You are as far from a saint as I am far from the centre of the universe. And that’s a lot.

    You know only too well that I have said many times that Castros are the shameful face of socialism in many respects. That Cubans would be better off without them. But, unlike you, I am not for a complete overhaul of the country’s political structure. There are many good things that have been achieved in Cuba. despite the lack of the glitz and glamour, shiny new cars and striking architecture. So, if we are talking about the bad, Castros are on the top of my list, but the system is not. The system is quite a good one, once the bros are out of the equation.

    That is what you do not agree with, and that is what shows that you are NOT a socialist. Or, if you prefer, you are a fake socialist. Which is much the same.

    A hypocrite.

    A Miami little nobody, who pretends to be something he is not, to gain a few “points” among the misinformed.

    Cheap shot. And your outbursts of anger, followed by insults show that I am the one hitting the nerve.

    Cope it. Until you change your aggressive attitude, I’ll be throwing everything back at you. And then some. You may be US citizen nowadays, but I’m still better in english.

  22. 112JohnTheOne

    Mayo 27th, 2010 at 10:39

    ……And to accept that YOUR ideology is just a load of shit………

    You ideological retarded dumb….. What do you know about ideologies????….. What do you know about my ideology????? you are a butthead communism freak that do not understand a shit of any ideology….. you can even understand that I am a socialist, anti- imperialist freedom lover despite you read my comments and bitter complains about USA’s history of misbehaviors on Cuba. Your understanding of actual world situation is so limited and handicapped that you can see what is going on in Cuba and what is Cubans fight grounded on. You are only an inferiority complex affected person that comes here not to find the truth or expose any ideology or credo but to satisfy your little self-esteem writing offenses and nonsense that just shows to the readers your true nature and poor credibility of you in yourself.

  23. 113JohnTheOne

    Mayo 27th, 2010 at 10:44
    ……… the exodus of Cubans is not a communism-induced. In fact it was bigger during the Batista regime………..

    OK, prove it……. for us it is easy to prove that castrofascism has created 3 millions emigrants and in such way has given to US imperialism great control over our nation destinies due to more than 1.5 millions of those 3 millions living in the States……. for us it is easy to prove that hundreds of thousands Europeans immigrants was trying to get in Cuba in 50’s, for us it is easy to prove that hundreds of thousands immigrants from Haiti, Dominican Republic, USA, Puerto Rico and Bahamas came to our country looking for better life under the 50’s…. for us it is easy to prove that queues at Cubans embassies in Spain, Italy and USA were held in 1959 of people hoping to move in to our country…. it is easy…. just matter to show the records of immigration department and those countries embassies…….. but you….. can you show any record of Cubans leaving the country in the 50’s??????….. Ok….. go ahead!!!!!

  24. And you (both the one and the same) know – well if you actually read and learn from the history – hat the exodus of Cubans is not a communism-induced. In fact it was bigger during the Batista regime. But no one talked about it because the “biznes” was good.

    As long as the business is good, who cares about the workers and peasants.

    Hypocrites. Liars. Nazists and capitalist shit eaters. Get a job and stop being such criminals.

  25. Post 110, why? Are you somehow insulted by my language?

    And how about the fac t that I was civilized for a long time while you were calling me, and other posters who disagreed with you without insulting you, all sorts of your stupid party and ideology-devised names?

    And the post you are complaining about is not even directed at you personally. So what is that is so “insulting” to you?

    Cut the crap nazi. You started it. If you want it to stop, apologize for your rude and unprovoked posts first. Or shut up and cope whatever I write.

    After all, you deserve everything you receive. It’s called bad carma. No one was attacking you like you did to other posters.

    It goes to show how much “democracy” you really carry in you.

    Post 111, you are sad loser. Nothing to say buy “castrofascism”. What a poor form. But it comes as a no surprise. Just like Yoani, you do not understand what is it that you stand for, and even less you understand what is it that you hate. You just know that you hate.

    A sad life to live with all that bitterness. Yet, you know only too well that the capitalism you are for is falling apart and is dragging even your new country down with it. And you want that disaster to befall upon your old country.

    What an animal would want that. The one that does not want to recognize that the real nazism is the system we today have in the US of A. You need to watch more reports from the Congress. To see where you really live, not sit in your shitty little bar somewhere in the slums of Miami and bullshit against Castros. You need to get a grip on the catastrophe we are living through right now, right here.

    And to accept that YOUR ideology is just a load of shit.

    So is the ideology this sad woman is pushing, Yoani. She too needs to learn more about the capitalism before she delves into this blog nonsense about her “experiences” in Cuba.

    Yoani, no one real gives shit. the world is falling apart too fast and too deep to care about your little media nagging.

  26. 108JohnTheOne

    Mayo 26th, 2010 at 08:31

    hahahaha…… the johnnythelast hysteria is funny…… now the crazy looser dares to spits fantasies about emigration in Cuba before castrofascism….. you dirty idiot, before castrofascism Cuba was a country with 0 (zero) emigration and a lot of immigration….. but maybe you are so retarded that you mistakes emigration with immigration……. learn this fool of the hill….. immigration is when people get in the country, emigration is when people get out the country…… statistics reveal before castro Cubans did not emigrate but tens of thousands immigrants from Europe and all over Latin America and USA used to immigrate to Cuba…… you better bring facts to prove your idiotic statements or drive your tongue in the darker place of your body.

  27. Would you be able to reason & carry a converation without using insults or abuse?
    Since you are blinded by “passion” you fail to see & understand … this is not a contest to “win” & just because you wish it to be so byclicking the heels of your red shoes perhaps? … it won’t become so …
    Please, keep on showing what you are by using your insults & abuse as your form of expression …
    Keep on showing all who read & participate what it would be if the likes of you rule our lives.
    Thank you!

  28. Glad you are entertained, it inspires you to demostrate what life under the regime you defend would be.
    Thank you & please show more of your reBolutionary discipline …

  29. What is particularly entertaining is how all those dickheads bullshit about balsas and people wanting to leave Cuba for the US of A.

    Are you morons forgetting how many people were leaving Cuba during your beloved Batista regime? Tens of thousands were running away from your Batista daily.


    Deceiving, lying, hypocrites.

  30. I forgot …
    This is a beautiful picture on a otherwise dilapidated wall … human expression is found anywhere …

  31. Self-gratification in public is a sign of mental disease. The self=proclamed anti-castristas are a perfect example fo that disease.

    Highly moralized, but zero ethics. Overcharged in hypocrisy, but empty on inellect.

    Pretending that they are the virgins of the righteous world, but just a bunch of whores of the past.

    And without fail lose every argument. It is funny how hard they are trying to beat down Barbara, for ear of losing their macho posture to a woman.

    But, Barbara, your work is easy. They are not men.

    Not by a long shot. Just a bunch of retarded ducks.

    Keep the good work and keep shooting them down.

  32. … be thankful times have changed … from the time you left at the tender age of eight.
    your care takers, the host country for your stay, your life, the rights you enjoy & use, your education & every benefit you think you are entitled to … even if you were brought “against your will” then, today you are alive, free & able to choose, even using the “victim of circumstances” justifications …

  33. Talking about tortures by the batista regime, I “seem” to recall sumary executions from Sierra Maestra to La Cabana & beyond … for suspected batista thugs to children, to women & any one found oposing the reBolution …
    I can’t recall what law were these judges following or what form of due process was applied tey: I am able to remember a statement about “executions now process of law later”.
    I remember as well about a reBolutionary (now president) executing “traitors” after a kangoroo court prononunced sentence …
    I remember the reBolutionary cuban born leaders having & using to the full extent the benefit of a court of law, “back in the day” a trial w/a loooong discurse/defense … & a somewhat priviledged stay in prison w/ an early release …
    All this it “seems” is conveniently forgoten & not mentioned …

  34. Perhaps you don’t see how you come across when you twist & spin”, when you accuse others of atrocities, when you denigrate & dismiss others opinions …
    While you think you are defending what you belive as a “better way of life”, you are attempting to convince others of your truth, in reality you are giving a glimpse of what to expect for our “better life”: intrancigency, intolerance, abuse & violence, just to mention a few things.
    Perhaps a change of direction in how this “better life” can be sold to the people is in order … without however “the point of a gun argument & approach”.

  35. yubano –
    I realize that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.
    Edith Cavell




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