Media Execution

I braid my hair. Nothing is being celebrated today, better I should leave it tangled and dull, but I divide it into three strands that intertwine following a certain logic. The liturgy of combing calms my anxiety and in the end my head is orderly, while the world remains unruly. I’ve lived through a weekend of vertigo and thought that the ritual of untangling the knots and reducing them to a thin braid would manage to calm my nerves, but it didn’t work.

On Friday they pronounced my name on the boring Roundtable program, mixed with concepts such as “cyber-terrorism,” “cyber-commandos” and “media war.” To be mentioned in a negative way in the most official program on television is, for any Cuban, the confirmation of her social death. A public stoning that consists of insults directed at someone who has critical ideas, without allowing her a few minutes of the right to reply. My friends called, alarmed, afraid that my house was already full of those men who dig under mattresses and look behind pictures. I answered the phone, however, with my most jovial tone, “Tell me who denigrates you and I’ll tell you who you are,” I repeated to those who were worried. If you are insulted by the mediocre, the opportunists, if you are slandered by the employees of the powerful but dying machinery, take it as a compliment… I muttered like a mantra all night long.

The following day, the reality remains the denial of the official discourse and my neighbors, running after the always evasive rice, haven’t had the time nor the inclination to watch such tedious staging on television. What is happening in this reality where the “media executions” don’t work any more? A few years ago, government bullets of contempt would have made everyone stay away from my person and my house, but now they sidle up and give me a wink and a thumbs up as a sign of complicity. They have used defamation so much as a method to silence the other, that their incendiary adjectives have ceased to have any effect on a population sick and tired of so many slogans and so few results.

The healing balm arrived the same Saturday. An Argentinian sneaked the trophy of my premio Perfil into the country, and almost in unison a Chilean managed to get the Spanish edition of my book Cuba Libre through customs, wrapped in pink paper.


85 thoughts on “Media Execution

  1. Only a dumbfuck like poster in 84 can write this, and similar absolute bullshit:

    “I can stop immediately writing rude and limit my comment to prove and facts….. but you can’t….. you can’t present any prove or fact for your lies…. you are in need of rude language each time your stupid comment are refuted with undeniable proves, each time your archaic knowledge of the world is showed as the product of a retarded mind”

    For a someone who doesn’t know shit about his own street, let alone of his country of origin, the poster is displaying stupidity well beyond his poor intellectual and linguistical reach. A foreigner who is trying to tell me who and what was Tito, and to tell me that he knows better than a Jugoslav like myself, is an idiot with no brain.

    A lot of excrement in his empty nazist head, that yes and abundantly as clearly visible from above and too many other comments to list here.

    But the intellect? No. That he had left in Cuba. He probably realised he would be better off without the brain in the usa and the nazist nest better known as Miami.

    In the meantime Dominica Republis has admitted accepting citizenship applications from 580 Cubans, majority from Miami, of all places, all drug dealers.

    Cubans are the major buyers of condos in DR. And major drug dealers.

    That confirms the Miami Cuban-Mexican connection in the drug industry. It would be fair to suspect teh below poster to be one of those cock-suckers who are full of shit, literarily, and are really just peons in the hands of Mexican mafia which is now almost openly controlling the south of the usa through corruption and massive drug trade that nets just for Mexicans over 65 billions of usa dollars every year.

  2. 83Damir

    Junio 9th, 2010 at 09:23

    It is a common capitalist propaganda about Tito that he was a dictator. Absolute bullshit as he retired in 1972, and became a President of Jugoslavia by the parliamentary election.

    Hahahahaha…. oh dummy…… you dogmatic and blind commies are all the same….. thanks to your simple brains the evil minds of the world can make an easy victim of all you…….. so Tito retired!!!!!…… hahahaha….. same did castro????!!!!…… hahahaha……… of course tito was a f… dictator in same way castro still is a dictator behind the escene…. the only difference between tito and castro was that tito had a real enemy that made him to take dictatorial way…. USSR…. and castro have a fake enemy (USA) that acts more like an ally than a enemy.
    Democracy works well in any country cultural ready for it….. this is known, thanks GOD, by 99.99% of your landsman…. you have to understand you are an especimen in extintion in Europe……. Europeans had enough with a century of socialist extremism (commies and nazis)and now they are cured of this desesase.
    Abaut rude language……The difference between you and me is that I can stop immediately writing rude and limit my comment to prove and facts….. but you can’t….. you can’t present any prove or fact for your lies………. you are in need of rude language each time your stupid comment are refuted with undeniable proves, each time your archaic knowledge of the world is showed as the product of a retarded mind….. you simply can’t……
    This was a place where people of all ideological leaning came and debated with elegance until the losada brigade dived up. and I hope our moderator enforces the site rules to save the blog of the attack of dirty agents like you.

  3. 82:
    “when you started to comment here you was not as offensive as today…… I don’t know when you got mad and started to fight with all commenter that dared to debate your arguments with success…. things escalated and all went out of control.”

    Nowhere, but I got tired of your insults adn at some point demonstrated to you that insulting is pointless. We all know how to do that. The sad part is that you do not how to debate without insults. That is a trait only too typical for the conservatives. When they start losing, they reach for violence, verbal or physical, or both.

    It is a common capitalist propaganda about Tito that he was a dictator. Absolute bullshit as he retired in 1972, and became a President of Jugoslavia by the parliamentary election. The role of the president was absolutely ceremonial, just like the President of Germany of Italy. Since 1972 Tito was not involved in management of Jugoslavia. Hence, he was NOT a dictator. Dictator is Ficel, and his bro Raul, who have grabbed the power and aren’t letting it go until they die.

    Huge difference.

    Tito was a respected and loved by almost everyone in the country, even by his enemies. Revently a Romanian journalist visited Kosovo and interviewed local albanians. Almost everyone said to him that it was all different and BETTER with Tito around.

    He never had any intention to develop western-stule democracy in Jugoslavia. We are not Germans or English, nor we are usanians. So the path towards the prosperity and democracy cannot be the same as in those countries. Socialism was a good compromise for all, save the fact that due to constant wars throughotu the history we just did not have the opportunities to develop and grow as fast as our other european neighbours. Also, another popular capitalist propaganda is that Jugoslavia was an artificial country. That is bullshit because 70% of Jugosalvs speak the same language, despite thefact that they all call it differently. Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Montenegrin are one and the same language with cosmetic dialectal differences. Nothing else. Only Slovenian and Macedonian languages are different, but let us also say that 45% of Croats actually speak a language just about identical to Slovenian, and 20% of Serbs speak the language just about identical to Macedonian. And we all still understand each other perfectly, no matter which “language” one speaks with the others.

    What the “basis” for that propaganda bullshit is is the fact that while the other european nations were uniting in the 19th century, we had to fight various occupators, like Austro-Hungarians and Ottomans. Because of that we had missed on the unification when Germans did it, Italians, Spanish, etc.

    And because of Jugoslavia’s crucial position in the Europe, the new nations quickly made sure to keep us divided in order to easier control what Kaiser (the German one) called The path to the East (Das drang nach Osten). Towards turkey which the new emperors of Europe waned to take from Turks and bring it back into the Europe.

    Participative democracy as you call it can be achieved successfully in a society without the parties. In fact, one of Jugoslav achievements is just that. Self-management and participaory democracy where every member of society has the same access to political management without favouritism, nepotism and “it’s who you know, not what you know” approach to selecting the representatives.

    You will not know how many “communists” were actually working against the system by destroying it intentionally to display a rotten system that is brimming with corruption and inept “politicains”. If you look at newly organised parties in Slovenia and Croatia in 1991 and on, you will notice that all the “leaders” were the same peolple who were the first to sing those pathetic songs to Tito that he hated. He retired because he did not want to become a cult personality upon whom the whole socio-econmoic structure is built. Yet that is exactly what the fift columnists were doing. Trying to make him a cult person.

    Part of the plot.

    When he did not allow that to be done to him, by retiring, they simply turned around and screwed up the economy. Then they used that as the pretext and that was the end of Jugoslavia. Zbigniew Brzezinski is on the record saying in 1980, that Jugoslavia will not survive more than 10 years, in Stockholm addressing young swedes in some youth meeting, I think the students of international politics/economy at the Stockholm university.

    He knew that because that was the plan between the usa and the internal and external dissidents. Screwup the economy and create the pretext to disintegrate the country.

    Jugosalv constitution had clear provisions for independence if there was interest in individual republics. But as the economy was screwed, those who claimed to be the “most developed” were actually most in debt to other republics. One provision states that a republic can seek independence if all other republics agree to it and the republic seeking it doesn’t have any debts to any other republic. If the seeking member has no debt, then the rest MUST accept the will and release them from the federation.

    Slovenia and Croatia had the biggest debts at the time of their illegal secession.

    So, you may start to see and understand how political gamse are really just instruments for reaching objectives which have nothing to do with the truth and democracy although these two are the primary arguments.

    And I can see clearly the same system behind the Cuban dissidents’ movements in Miami.

    A carbon copy of usanian strategy that was employed in the breakup of Jugoslavia.

    Nothing good came out of that. And nothing good will come out of destruction of Cuba. I know for a fact that Mexican narco mafia is actually hoping the usa would succeed because they would simply move in and buy everything in front of their noses, thus establishing a narco haven for their own business. When you know that CIA is a narco mafia unto itself, and Cuban dissidents are the chief narcos in Florida, the maths are simple.

    Mexicans are turning over 60 BILLIONS every year net profit from the drugs. They have the submarines, the fast boats, light and heavy artillery, airplanes and are affraid of no one. Theyare already a country within a country in Mexico. The CAN enter into a military battle with anyone.

    And they have a lot of just as perversely rich Colombian friends just down the coast. In fact, an usanian army colonel who got caught selling the drugs from his post in Bogota (only because his wife got caught first, and he had no idea about THAT), said in the court that if Colombians really wanted, they could have kicked the Colombian army and usanian “trainers” out of the country in 48 hours.

    And Mexicans are a lot more dangerous and motivated.

    So, that may explain to you why the usa are NOT really interested in touching Cuba. They are protected, paradoxically, by the Cuban communism. They are shit scared of Mexican-Colombian axis of power which has grown to be a formidable military force. usa have no chance in hell defeating Mexicans alone, let alone the two mafias together. An armed confrontation is simply not on the table any more.

    So, a lot of posturing and a lot of crap from usanian presidents, but no action. Status quo and embargo are PROTECTING what little usa can still protect from the drugs drowning the usa if Cuba turns “free” and capitalist.

    And Cuban mafia in Miami would be instrumental in that drowning because the reality is that Cuban mafia in Miami is under tight control of Mexicans.

    Maybe now you can grasp the seriousness of the situation and precarious position of “the best capitalist democracy” in the world.

    Best my arse. It is Cuba that still holds the shaken and about to self-implode usa together. Protecting it from the avalanche of cheap drugs for all.

    Just Peru’ can supply all of the usa cocaine needs for one year, every year. And Peru’ is a small producer. If communism in Cuba falls, the capitalist Cuba would be the end of the usa.

    I do not like the usa, but surely, there are better ways to get rid of the cancer than destroying Cuba.

  4. 77Damir

    Mayo 28th, 2010 at 07:14

    damir, it is not the first time you and me exchange comment without offenses…… when you started to comment here you was not as offensive as today…… I don’t know when you got mad and started to fight with all commenter that dared to debate your arguments with success…. things escalated and all went out of control.
    Jozip Bross Tito was one of the first politician in the world that dared to say to castro a lot of things the tyrant deserved to hear. Tito was a man that wanted the best for his land and worked to create a socialism that could fight the main weakness of those days socialism: economical incompetence and incapacity and political immobility, for this reason he raised a lot of sympathies in the world and among many Cubans that understood well the differences between castro and him. Tito had a 2 big handicaps that worked against his desires and planes: The first, USSR, the soviets with theirs ideological dogmatism represented not only a handicap for Tito but a danger for Yugoslavia independence and was always in conspiracy for take Tito out their way. The second, his country was not a real country but a forced one integrated by several countries, races and nations with a long history of unfriendly relationship. Those 2 handicaps conspired to make Tito a dictator. I guess he would gladly develop a democracy west style in Yugoslavia if the conditions would allow it but everybody in the world knew that Yugoslavia was a country that will not last once the force maintaining it together disappeared….. and so happened.
    About your preferences on democracy styles, Rome or Greece, with no parties, with no right for the individual……
    I believe such “small” things are precisely what made American democracy superior to other regimes that have not account the individual and the right of minorities. It is why USA can prevail as nation in spite its racial and national diversity but Yugoslavia could not, it is why racial minorities can account today with society support in USA and the times of racial segregation are gone while in Europe Gypsies or Lampoons are still segregated, it is why in USA today emigrants are fighting against laws that make them marked as specials while Europe closed its borderlines long time ago and emigrants are marked as specials always.
    The right of the individual to oppose its interests to the interest of the mass is the difference that make impossible tyranny, barbarism and abuse, the right of the groups with different thinking way to organize a party and elect a person that works for the best of the country and not for the party is the ideal scenario where prosperity and welfare develops…… you are right about group of people working for parties instead of working for the nation and we see this more often in USA and other countries….. this is a trend that can be and must be stopped….. but I don’t know better system that participative democracy to solve this problem, to create a political system that can be used for taming capitalism in favor of the majority while keeping the system capacity to create richness what is the key of success of any country.
    Hope not read your offenses any more, hope exchange comments like these lasts now on.


    PERFIL.COM: El emotivo saludo de Yoani Sánchez-Vea el video que grabó en La Habana al recibir su premio Perfil a la Libertad de expresión internacional.

    Ante la imposibilidad de llegar hasta Argentina para recibir el premio a la Libertad de Expresión Internacional de la editorial Perfil, la blogger cubana Yoani Sánchez recibió la estatuilla en La Habana y grabó algunas palabras de agredecimiento que fueron transmitidas durante la fiesta de anoche en el Hotel Sheraton. Vea su emotivo mensaje.

  6. PREMIO PEFIL(Argentina):Yoani Sánchez: Premio Perfil Internacional a la libertad de Expresión-Creo su blog en 2007 para contar la vida cotidiana de jóvenes cubanos como ella. Pronto se convirtió en un símbolo, atravesando todas las fronteras.
    La cubana Yoani Sánchez creó su blog en 2007 como un ejercicio de exorcismo personal para contar la vida cotidiana de jóvenes como ella, con nombres que empiezan con Y griega, nacidos en la Cuba de los años ‘ 70 y ’80, marcados por la desilusión cotidiana por las penurias, la censura y la opresión. Pronto se convirtió en símbolo de la libertad de expresión, atravesando todas las fronteras.

    A pesar de los filtros y los muros informáticos que desde el gobierno se impusieron para cercarla, su blog está traducido a 15 idiomas y recibe 14 millones de visitas al mes. Fue elegido en 2009 como uno de los 25 mejores blogs del mundo y Yoani fue seleccionada por la revista Time como una de las 100 personas más influyentes del mundo.

    Yoani Sánchez escribe desde La Habana, en un país en el que Internet está interferido por el Estado. Escribe perforando el poderoso aparato de la censura del régimen de los Castro, apelando como puede a las nuevas tecnologías y superando todas las limitaciones legales y económicas. Escribe corriendo peligro cada vez que escribe.

    Por todo eso, Yoani Sánchez fue elegida Premio Perfil Internacional a la libertad de Expresión.

  7. … who is the one being hateful, using abusive language & name calling to support your statements ? …

  8. Post 75, ok y9ou big socialist democrat, who was the biggest critic of Castro’s “socialism” and falacities Casro ried to depict as the “socialism”, on hte meeting of the non-aligned in Havana?

    That is something us real socialist should know well. It was the new phase in real democratic socialism. Move away from stalinist and dictatorship bullshit sold to the world, and capitalists couldn’t be more grateful for these crimsons because they wee a confirmation everything capitalists were saying was wrong about the “communism”.

    Come on, show us that you are indeed a socialist. This is a simple and very easy question.

  9. Post 74. Actually, and please read this carefully, I would agree with you on that if you weren’t so full of hatred and aggressive. Not quite sure for Costa Rica, but Chile certainly is a country that is going into the socialism in a democratic way. Much like the countries like Norway, Sweden or Finland, although not as sofisticated.

    This is the first time I read a comment from you that is worth a reading and debating on a civilised level. I hope you continue doing that. As a Jugoslav I know the difference better than any of the posters here because I had the privilege of living in Jugoslavia which was much like those other european countries.

    We were free to travel, have restaurants, hotels, factories, associate under a religious or political banner, do whatever we wanted.

    The democracy fundametally means tht you should seek people with similar political opinions and associate in order to promote your views, but without the political party. Like in old Greece or Rome.

    THAT is the real democracy. Multiparty pluralism is a divisive system that turns people against each other along the party lines. Socialism ries to prevent that and still preserve individuals’ right to express their opinion without fear from persecution.

    usa is perfect example of that divisiveness. They are actively persecuting communist members and are ostracising them, creating a fear among the people that communists are “monstrumes”. Obviously many “socialist” countries were ruled by real monstrumes like Ceausescu, Stalin, Pol Pot, but that is not the socialism.

    Socialism is a dynamic and dialectical system that does away with the parties but fights for political pluralism. Castros are not socialists. they too, unfortunately, are just monstrumes. But, let me assure you, as someone who had an opportunity to see Hungary and Romania, Castros are not even close to these real dictators. Horrible human beings. You cannot begin to fathom the magnitude of their monstruosity. You haven’t seen nothing like that!

    And these scumbags, just like Hitler and Mussolini did, called themselves “socialists”. And even “communists”.

  10. And hese are your mates, agents of the CIA and the death:

    Got caught, humanoid excrement.

    Thank you Barbara for the link to the site. Great!!!! Does a great job unmasking these thugs as just a bunch of common criminals who are happy to kill their own people to make the point. Just like those other fundamentalist fanatics, the taliban.

    Hypocrites and criminals.

  11. The ideological retarded brigade curbelo-last-damir that are same group playing dumb, so dumb that it look out real…… trying to bring the fact that cooperative companies are alternatives to corporative companies in market economy….. they believe it is a communist manifestation of economy inside capitalism what demonstrates their ideological and economical illiteracy……. long time ego cooperative companies born corporative companies had developed in renascence Italia…. corporations developed with the time in the first kind of “socialist” or “communist “ companies….. nowadays most corporative companies are structured in such way that owners (shares owners) are thousands and hundreds of thousands…. usually corporative companies have much more owners than workers. In such way modern capitalism (market economy) transforms workers saving money for retirement, common people saving money of theirs salary or 401K savers or people saving money in the stock market in company owners, in capitalists, in real socialist participating in richness distribution and distributors of theirs richness……. those facts are not understanding easily by people with some mental retard or with some emotional imbalance….. or ….. by people like our foolish brigade that wants not to understand modern economy because it is their work.

  12. 64JohnTheOne

    Mayo 27th, 2010 at 11:08
    And all you Miami based criminals are familiar with the FISST. Pure socialism.

    What make you think stupid one that real socialism is incompatible with democracy and cuban nation strugle for freedom?????….. What castroregime created in Cuba is a fascist regime that has nothing to do with socialism…. you are so iliterated and retarded that believe castrofascism is socialism because they say it….. socialism is what Europa built or what Chile or Costa Rica tries to build….. you ideological moron.

  13. I am glad you don’t fail me … your true colours show again & again …
    Nothing but insults & abuse … I guess those are your reasons & justifications …
    I am sure you … are not the “new man” by a long, very long shot …

  14. if the world does not care … why you bother commenting/ go & do something fruitful … work the fields, volunteer for something …

  15. Post 67, yes Bishop forced Obama to publicly declare his support for the workers, not the banks and CEO’s. That brought thousands of people out and to support the workers in the factory.

    And they together have quietly won after six days of strike.

  16. JohnTheOne, how about the bishop James Wokalski, from Chicago, when the workers took over the factory and he went to give them support?

    He told to the workers that it is just to challenge the unfair. Yet no one used the arms. No one used the violence. No one called for a destruction and elimination of politicians, the government, the bosses. They did it LEGALLY. PEACEFULLY.

    Not even close to the uncivilised crap these two Miami crimsons are promoting here.

  17. Barbara, post 44, perfectly expressed. It sums up all those ex Cubans bent on hating Castro, and describes them just fine.

    Excellent. Masochists that they are, they will come for more. After all, they know you told it as it is. That hurts and they obviously love the pain.

  18. Yoani is an ignorant who is only making a fool of herself. That is all she is doing. No “prizes” can hide tha fact in the light of the situation today in the world.

    Hers are petty little nags. Ignorance is like that. It makes you cry faul for what is but a little irrelevant issue.

    She misses internet…

    Big fricken deal when one child is dying every second of every day around the world. She provokes the authorities and then cries foul.

    Laws are legally only changed in the forum called parliament, or senate, or council, or whatever one country calls its’ political assembly.

    Not bullshitting over the net.

  19. And all you Miami based criminals are familiar with the FISST. Pure socialism. Right there in Miami. In your faces.

    And how about all these companies that are organized on communist principles? Self-managede by the workers and yet are more productive, more efficient and more profitable than the capitalist competitors? And al in the US of A. Like Gougeon Brothers, for example. And many, many more. Many very well known companies.

    Pure socialism.

    Cope it. Your ideology is dead and screwed. You are like the last dinosaurs of your ideology. Of that nazist style capitalism that had destroyed the world and blew up from within turning only yesterday prosperous countries like Ireland, the “European tiger”, or Island the “paradise on ice”. into bankrupts. Or Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal.

    Where will this capitalist utopia stop?

    On the burning ruins of every capitalist country.

  20. Post 60 read that again. And again. And keep reading until you understand that you have shoot yourself again into the balls.

    BY the way, a research of public opinion in the Us of A had found that Obama won because the reps were calling him socialist. And the more they attacked him as one, the more he was gaining the popularity.

    Which tells you wha the people want.

    Now, Obama is no socialist, by a long shot. he is a small time politician in the right place at the right time. And a confused one at that.

    Those who actually folow the real situation in the US of A, will know how many high politicians and CEO’s had said that capitalism is not really compatible with democracy. Director of Wall Street Journal, and the chief redactor, Moore something himself had said that.

    Or the now famous sherrif of the Wayne County, Warren Evans, who declared the capitalism the greates evil and declared the foreclosures illegal and criminal activities.

    Pure socialism.

    Pure evolution of society. There’s no going back, no matter how much you conservative scum tr. Your stupid article scavenging off the internet to make a stupid point or two has no strength, no relevance. It only goes to show that you live in a dream that is now dead even in your new country.

    No one gives the shit about your “struggle”.

    Over 60% of citizens of the US of A are in favour of normalization of relations between Cuba and Ud of A. And are against the embargo.

    But all three cuban criminals, posting here under ten different nicks, are in their delusions convinced that the “whole world” is reading this lost and pointless blog and is behind it.

    It isn’t. The world doesn’t care. It is disintegrating from its’ capitalist core, and there are more important things to worry about than you three and your crying over a foreign country you have abandoned anyway.

    And it is too late for you to grow any balls now. You are too old and too stupid for that anyway.

  21. Vulgar:
    4 a : lacking in cultivation, perception, or taste : coarse b : morally crude, undeveloped, or unregenerate : gross c : ostentatious or excessive in expenditure or display : pretentious
    5 a : offensive in language : earthy b : lewdly or profanely indecent.

    As in:
    The bite by the cuban consul’s wife on the norwegian citizen’s hand in Oslo recently was “vulgar”, to say the least.-

  22. -” The need to be right is a sign of a vulgar mind “-
    Albert Camus.

  23. 44Barbara Curbelo

    Mayo 26th, 2010 at 09:49

    Maybe USA is not the best example of representative democracy but certain is ten millions better than castrofascism….. castrofascism broke world record of anti-democracy, so, it is futile you to try divert the main theme of this blog what is Cuba’s lack of democracy to drive the comments to discuss the more or less democracy in USA……. again….. readers are not fool…… why are you mind fixed to lure readers?????….. no one will follow your attempts of changing the blog thematic.
    You want to talk USA go to an USA oriented blog.


    BBC MUNDO:Joven noruega dice haber sido mordida por la cónsul de Cuba en Oslo
    Forcejeos entre mujeres, insultos y hasta una supuesta mordida rompieron la calma de Oslo el sábado pasado cuando un pequeño grupo se reunió frente a la sede diplomática de Cuba para protestar contra el gobierno de Raúl Castro.

    Alexandra Joner, una joven artista noruega de 20 años, denunció que la cónsul cubana en Oslo la mordió durante una protesta frente a la embajada de la isla caribeña en el país escandinavo.
    “Sí, la cónsul me mordió”, afirmó a BBC Mundo Joner, en referencia a Carmen Julia Guerra, quien además es la esposa del embajador cubano en Noruega, Rogelio Santana Rodríguez.

    Según Joner, la agresión ocurrió este sábado mientras filmaba una manifestación de media docena de personas que reclamaban “democracia y libertad” en la isla.
    Como resultado de la mordida, la joven, cuya madre es cubana y era una de las organizadoras de la protesta, dice que tuvo que tomar antibióticos.

    Parte de la pelea aparece grabada por Joner en un video difundido por el canal noruego TV2 clic (ver video), donde se ve a la cónsul acercándose a la joven para sacarle fotos y preguntándole quién es y por qué esta filmando la manifestación.
    Fuentes de la embajada cubana en Oslo le dijeron a BBC Mundo que la concentración había violado las leyes noruegas por impedir el acceso a la embajada.

    Guerra negó haber mordido a la joven artista e incluso le exigió disculpas por haberla atacado.
    Alexandra le dijo a BBC Mundo que nunca atacó a la mujer y agregó que sólo quiso tapar la cámara de Guerra para que no le tomara fotos.
    En la filmación se oye a Guerra insultar a la chica en castellano y se ve a las dos mujeres forcejeando.
    Según la oficina de prensa de la embajada, Joner y su madre podrían haberse sentido frustradas por la poca convocatoria de la “acción anti-cubana” y por eso “tuvieron que inventar la absurda historia de la ‘pobre joven’, miembro de su ínfimo y vergonzoso grupito, ‘atacada por la Cónsul de Cuba'”.


    THE FOREIGNER: Cuban consul attacks demonstrator -Published on Wednesday, 26th May, 2010 at 18:13 under the news category, by Michael Sandelson and Eddie Mendes.

    Medical attention
    An allegedly peaceful rally for a democratic Cuba outside the Cuban Embassy in Oslo turned bloody at the weekend, and could turn into a diplomatic incident.
    Norwegian-Cuban dancer Alexandra Joner (19) was filming the event, when she claims the Ambassador’s wife approached her and bit her left hand.
    “She stood right beside me. I didn’t say anything to her. But then she began swearing at me in Spanish. She took pictures of me, and I asked her to stop. When I held my hand over her camera, she bit me,” Joner told TV2.
    The famous dancer was taken to the casualty clinic. Medical staff confirmed the bite was human, and put her on a course of antibiotics. Human bites are considered to be more dangerous than dogs’.
    Consul Carmen Julia Guerra denies biting Joner, however, claiming it was she who was attacked instead. The Cuban Embassy has sent a supporting letter to the Norwegian Parliament’s Information Centre with pictures, alleging demonstrators have fabricated the incident.
    Meanwhile, a potential diplomatic incident is brewing, and Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre has become involved.
    Though embassy staff have diplomatic immunity Guerra risks being declared a persona non grata in Norway.
    Deputy leader of the Conservative Party, Jan Tore Sanner MP, has called for her expulsion.
    “Støre can call the ambassador in, of course, and give him a reprimand. Bu I think he should go one step further and say Norway doesn’t accept that diplomats lash out at peaceful demonstrators, that she is therefore undesirable, and should be sent home,” says.
    The Cuban Ambassador has also previously called Sanner an insect and a banana politician, TV2 claims. Støre has called the description “inappropriate”.
    “I’ve been informed there was a disturbance outside the embassy where one of its staff has been accused of acting indelicately. I’m compelled to respond formally,” says Støre.
    Alexandra Joner has reported the consul to the police.

  26. ASSOCIATED PRESS: Cuba says no case yet against jailed American-By WILL WEISSERT

    HAVANA — Cuba has yet to open a legal case against a U.S. government contractor from Maryland nearly six months after he was arrested as a suspected spy, the head of the island’s high court said Wednesday.
    Alan P. Gross was detained Dec. 3 at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport and has been held without charge at the capital’s high-security Villa Marista prison ever since.
    Formal charges cannot be filed in Cuba without a judicial accusation and the opening of a court case, so it appears unlikely charges against Gross are imminent even as he approaches a half-year in custody.
    It is rare for suspects to be held for extended periods in Cuba without charges or even a case being opened. But Supreme Court President Ruben Remigio said Wednesday that “there still is not a case related to this matter” and he did not know whether prosecutors were working on one.
    “The courts receive cases when cases are presented,” Remigio added, speaking on the sidelines of an international legal conference in western Havana. “When they aren’t presented, we don’t have a case.”
    The general in charge of investigations for the Interior Ministry attended the same event but declined to comment.
    Gross, a 60-year-old native of Potomac, Maryland, came to Cuba as part of a little-known program funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development.
    President Raul Castro and the speaker of Cuba’s parliament allege Gross was distributing banned satellite communications equipment and say his capture proves Washington is still out to topple their communist government.
    The U.S. State Department has countered for months that Gross is no spy and should be released immediately.
    A Washington-based spokeswoman for his family said they had no comment Wednesday. Gross’ wife, Judy, previously said he is a veteran development worker who was helping Cuba’s Jewish community use the Internet to communicate among themselves and with similar groups abroad.
    She says her husband brought communications equipment intended for humanitarian purposes, not for use by Cuba’s small dissident community.
    Satellite phones and other telecommunications materials are outlawed in this country, where the government maintains strict control over Internet access and the media.
    Officials from the U.S. Interest Section, which Washington maintains in Havana instead of an embassy, have been granted three consular visits to see Gross in prison, but have been otherwise largely silent on the matter.
    Cheryl Mills, chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, raised the case in March during a meeting with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez during a U.N. conference on aid for Haiti.
    Also pressing for Gross’ release was Craig Kelly, deputy assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, who became the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit Cuba in years when he came here for immigration talks in February.

  27. Well I guess comment #54 made certain folks realize the bunch of crap that was taking place here, philosophy has no place under certain context…

  28. Just for the record, and as a way of stating that there is “always” two sides to a coin, here is an interview to a cuban ex-prisinor of the Guantanamo Jail. Yes folks, Guantanamo, but probably NOT the Guantanamo you’re thinking of. I mean the “real” Guantanamo, as in Guantanamo, Cuba.
    Conversation with Anderlay Guerra Blanco.

    May 25, 2010 by Luis Felipe Rojas

    Q= A few months ago you came out of prison (August 18, 2009). How long were you in jail and in which prisons were you held?
    A= “I spent four years in prison in the provincial prison of Guantánamo. The penalty was illegal attempt to leave the country. In those four years I was never transferred to any other prisons, everything I saw was at the Guantanamo Cuban prison where I was held.

    Q= You were witness to punishment and torture at the Guantánamo Provincial Combined? Tell me some?
    A= “The guards have several ways of punishing the prisoners but the most humiliating beatings they give prisoners is while handcuffed, this abuse stresses the application of “Shakira”. Bats and rods are the objects for the abuse after being handcuffed. The next step is to leave them in punishment cells for 24 or 48 hours.

    Q= Shakira? Why this name?
    A= “Shakira was the worst torture method I saw applied there, as the individual is handcuffed in the back of hand and foot and thrown into a filthy cell floor in an awkward position so when you try to move you move the hips, Imagine how much irony, having established a similarity to the singer who dances happily doing a peculiar movement of her hips, with how to cope with the pain and discomfort of the prisoner. I saw men there who urinated and defecated in that position held that way for 24 and 48 hours as well. Moreover, that torture has rules, the chain linking hands and feet may be more or less shortened, in case the prisoner is very tense, leaving the chest pressed to the dirty, wet, stinking ground where insects and rodents transit . The decision to release is given by the guard’s assessment, if a prisoner is very ‘rebel’ or if his ‘misbehaviour’ is considered very serious then you have more time.
    There is a modality to ‘Shakira’ that includes hanging the prisoner by the chains from the ceiling of the dungeon, this lacerate the skin, and leave marks forever on their wrists and heels because the handcuffs get embedded in the skin.

    Must this continue?

  29. Besides … you didn’t state ” that logic must then, necessarily apply… ” you said ” you MUST apply … ” there is a difference specially if you are trying to apply logic.
    Again read & concentrate …

  30. Last I read we were talking about #47 & #49 & neither contains anything about Marti … where did you go now?
    You are using #12 …w/a quote I posted as #7 w/a quote by Marti in it …?
    … there you go again …

    Marti’s warning is a simple & direct warning, the rest is YOUR PERSONAL additions & interpretations to his statement …
    … as I said … just to “score a point & win”
    The context of the quoted statement (Marti’s) proves the simplicity of HIS point …
    I invite you to do some research & reading.

  31. # 49 – ALBERT – It’s not about having to have the last say, or win an argument. It‘s about a respectful exchange of ideas.
    You stated, “The problem w/judging is NOT EVER BEING SURE OF THE FACTS as presented UNLESS EXPERIENCED.” I simply stated that that logic must then, necessarily apply when making any critical analysis to any government, including that of Cuba.

    Marti’s quote about socialism was a warning of the potential danger of assuming that everyone who says they are interested in the plight of the underdog means it. That applies not only to socialism, but to the unfettered capitalist/imperialist self-proclaimed world police, disguised as the exclusive defenders of human rights; with a track record of selective manipulation and concern of and for human rights across the planet.

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