The building where I live just turned 25, having been built by the hands of the people who lived here, back then. With its huge concrete frame and Yugoslavian architecture, this fourteen-story block was the last one completed under the supervision of Soviet technicians. A new concept called “microbrigades” — during the seventies and eighties — allowed people in need of house to build it for themselves. Those were the days of illusions and many came to believe that these buildings of twelve, eighteen and twenty stories would solve the country’s housing problem.

There were so many needs, however, and construction progressed so slowly, that the new Eastern European style neighborhoods could not solve the housing crisis. When the first tenants moved in here — after seven years of laying bricks and pouring cement — we became the last beneficiaries of an urban project that came to an end with the dismemberment of the socialist camp. There would be no return to the raising of tall buildings, and even the Ministry of Construction became an archive of plans postponed and architectural dreams aborted. Those still stretched for space had to be satisfied with dividing rooms or building makeshift apartments on the roofs.

Among the 144 families who live together in this building, the children grew up, along came the grandchildren, and where there was once room for a couple and their offspring, now sons, daughters and mothers-in-law squeeze in together. Unfortunately, the rigid structure of the building doesn’t allow for extending the balconies, nor for making the horizontal divisions we call “barbecues,” but creativity has managed to make two rooms where once there was one. These “skyscrapers” have finally become a symbol of a bygone era, and the children who run along their hallways barely know that they were intended to be the bright and colorful homes where the “New Man” — a creature they never managed to create — would live.


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  1. 123Damir

    Junio 9th, 2010 at 08:27

    hehehehehe……. you are trying to post this link since a week ago…… but you can’t…….. hehehehehe…… you’re so retarded that you can even post a single link…… hehehehe……..Victory is certain!!!!!!!…… hehehehehe…… we are compiting against down sindrome affected agents…… jajajajajajajajaja

  2. 122 is just another annoying noise screen trying to hide obvious absence of intellect. Like those vultures already having plans in place. Just a matter of time before Cuba is cut into pieces and divided between the hyenas:


    And I can see many of those hyenas here, as if the cadaver is already on the plate.

  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Personal attacks in retarded style but nothing, nada about the link that discovery the real history about Cuban nation supposedly terrorism on castrofascism!!!!!!!
    You are a poor looser….. you don’t post a single comment that can’t be easily discredited….. learn to debate, dirty thug, learn to debate…. Real debaters kill the false message with the truth…. Fake debaters like you tries to kill the messenger……………………. And fail!!!!!!…… hahahahahahahahaha

  4. Post 119, you surely do realise that you are the last anticastrofascist left here, and are SERIOUSLY outnumbered!!!

    And how is THIS for retarded::Evidently you are retarded and you could not (as I guessed) understand my comment….. but I will not be the one to explain to you nothing, thug”

    So, you will NOT be the one to explain NOTHING to me. So that means that you WILL be the one to explain SOMETHING.

    And what on earth could something like you explain to anyone? With what? To be able to explain one needs a brain that works.

    Not your case clearly, with statements as the one above.

    Oh, and di I mention that you are the last and the only anticastrofascist poster here nowadays?

    The other two are on annual holidays? More like they have left for good.

    So should you. We know who you are and where you live…

    : )


  5. 117Damir

    Junio 6th, 2010 at 09:59

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  6. 116Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 6th, 2010 at 00:28

    Castrofascism is always trying to associate journalists job with political and even penal issues like the thug curbelo does in this case….. journalist work is to inform and they get paid for do that…….. what yo have to do (if you like so much FOIA and other freedom of information institutions) is to go to the public records where those 14 (not 5 but 14 criminals) criminals acts and recorded trial sessions are stored and learn there the confesions of the crimes made by 5 self and the the other 9 criminals…… go there and learn they are common criminals in a mafia like assosiation for cause the death to other people and to perform terrorist acts that could be used for accusing exile cubans……. that’s the true easy to find.

  7. Post 115, fror someone who “democratically” insults people just because he/she feels protected by the darkness of his/her little basement room, rented for 20 bucks per week, infested by cockroaches and all in all in quite squalid conditions, you use “stupid dummy” to your own detriment.

    Said who there was 11 millons of Greeks back then?

    Says who your numbers are accurate and your conclusions on who could do what is the truthful representation of ancient Greek culture and traditions?

    I have come to a cocnlusion long time ago that you have no knowledge whatsoever about anything you actually dare to write about.

    Hence so frequent insults.But, who am I to tell you to stop gratifying yourself in public?

    Go for it. I’ll simply look the other way when you, and your alter-egos, appear on the horizont.

  8. U.S. government — through Radio and TV Martí — had secretly paid tens of thousands of dollars to journalists in Miami, who, during the politically-charged prosecution of the Five, published provocative articles about Cuba and against the Five.

    1. Pablo Alfonso Of El Nuevo Herald
    Payment – Pago: $58,600 during the trial
    Total: $252,325 (11/1/99-8/22/07)

    2. Wilfredo Cancio del Nuevo Herald (The Miami Herald)
    Was paid $4,725 during trial
    $21,800 (9/30/2000 – 11/20/2006)

    3. Ariel Remos – Diario Las Americas
    $4,725 during trial
    TOTAL $24,350 (11/1/1999- 11/20/2006)

    4. Enrique Encinosa – Comentarista Radio Mambi WAQI por mucho tiempo que dedico mucha cobertura al caso de LOS CINCO desde suarresto.
    Longtime news commentatoon Radio Mambi WAQI, which covered the Cuban 5 extensively, from the time of their arrest
    TOTAL (during trial) Durante Juicio – $5,200.00
    TOTAL (12/07/2000 – 11/04/2003) – $21,800.00

    5. Helen Ferre – Editor of Editorial Page of Diario Las Americas
    Paid – $1,125.00 – during trial (durante el juicio)
    Paid – TOTAL – $6,025 (2/21/01 – 9/25/03)

  9. 114Damir

    Junio 4th, 2010 at 09:59

    You cannot come to Congress and express your opinion like you could have done in old Greece and Rome. If you try, you will be arrested and end up in prison, or at least with a hefty monetary fine for trespassing, disturbances and causing public disorder.

    Stupid dummy….. your twisted “ideas” are incredible……. ancient Greeks (Athenians) were less than 100.000 people in the whole city-state….. of this 100.000 nearly 30.000 were at age of talking politic….. of those 30.000 only 3000 were interested or could talk politics with some coherence of this 3000 only 300 had the capacity, time and knowledge for talking real useful politic….. then you had 300 Greeks every day assisting to political meetings……. translating this figures to actual Greek population of 11 millions you will have 3.3 millions, then 330.000, then 33.000 ready to go every day to talk politic…… such amount of people debating in a ancient Greek democracy style session is not possible dummy….. that’s why today people elect representatives and those representatives goes and put in exercise a Greek style democracy….. but you are so retarded that I am sure you do not understand a shit of what I wrote……. get your fingers out your nose and find someone that explain to you my comment….. bye.

  10. Post 107, you are contradicting yourself. First you quote Che who said he would use nuclear wapon for protection and preservation of Cuban way of life, then you say that democracy can only preserve itself by eliminating POTENTIAL enemies…

    That is known as double standards. I can kill you because it is in my interest, but you cannot kill me just because it is in your interest. That is not fair…I am a democrat…

    Democracy is NOT about killing POTENTIAL enemies.

    Democracy is about seeking peaceful solutions for conflict situations.

    And democracy does not exist today. Multiparty systems are NOT a democracy. Because it is not the people who rule, but their elected representatives.

    You cannot come to Congress and express your opinion like you could have done in old Greece and Rome. If you try, you will be arrested and end up in prison, or at least with a hefty monetary fine for trespassing, disturbances and causing public disorder.

    In accordance with the “patriot act” in the usa you will also be detained for at least 7 days for an anti-terrorist check. If they decide you a re cute, you may emain in the prison indefinitely without any explanation whatsoever.

    That is the law.

    But that is NOT democracy. There is no such thing today anywhere in the world. And there never can be one in a capitalist world. Democracy is just a step away from anarchy.

  11. Barbara post 106. True. Every nation has the right to self-defence. But when that “self-defence” becomes a lucrative business, something is wrong with the country’s political establishment.

    Of course to someone who can write the stuff like the one in the post 105m that truth will never be revealed!

    : )

    If only someone could tell him where are the little red polls gone again…

  12. por favor necesito ayuda me quieren desalojar y necesito que el mundo entero sepa que no me respetan mis derechos como ontacto contigo para que filmen eso

  13. the hope for peace is in part supported by diplomacy … for as long as there is an honest two way form, if not … the necessity for deterrents is born.

  14. As long the written history has existed there have existed only 2 political systems that sometimes have been competitor, sometimes have been allays and the most times have been in open antagonism. Democracy and Tyranny ….. there is no other political system though the history of mankind despite the effort of some “philosopher” for disguising new types of tyranny that dived up in the last centuries, such as communism, fascism and some kind “socialism”.
    Democracy has always been in great disadvantage respect tyranny since it’s born in ancient Greece. It was a single tiny state surrounded of powerful theocratic and despotic states that constantly menaced the very existence of the new born democracy and the Greek state self. But Greek democracy has not only foreign enemies, the bigger menace were inside. At the end democracy gave up and took a break for reappear in ancient Rome only for finding it self fighting again for survival against same powerful enemies inside and outside the empire. One more time democracy had to go in hibernation mode. It were necessary take two steps in the evolution of the economical system mankind developed along its history, from slavery to feudalism and from feudalism to capitalism, for having a renascence of democracy. This time seems democracy has a big chance of survival but very soon appeared the powerful enemies of always, theocratic and despotic states are again trying to suffocate the newborn democracy and dark forces inside the democratic states are working hard to destroy it. But this time the situation is different. Democracy has had time to grow, to develop and show the benefices it can bring to the mankind, this time democracy had time of showing the huge richness and welfare it is capable to create. This time democracy is here to stay despite the effort of those who wants the world for them self and see in democracy the biggest obstacle to their planes.

  15. #106 – When you own much much more than a share of the most destructuve weapons on the planet with the capacity to erase all history present, past and future; you can certainly afford diplomacy. When you want to avail yourself of all the resources on the planet, by whatever means necessary; then that’s another matter, but you can still procure diplomatic engagement.
    Now, when you make war your industry, then there is little hope for diplomacy and peace.

  16. List we forget … everything came to the brink when the missile crisis occured.
    If I remember correctly che stated that if it was up to him … he would have used them … without provocation & only to “further the cause of socialism”
    How does history records the achivement & maintenance of peace ?
    By defending itself from any “potential enemy”
    How does a nation defends itself ?
    With its military & using all available resources at its disposal.

  17. #104 – DAMIR –
    Kichner of Argentina apparently just divulged that ex-Pres. Bush said exactly what you stated in your post, to him in person. Essentially, that war has always been good business for this country.
    There are people who think that, and avoid peace at all costs.
    Kids were instructed to get under their desks in case of a nuclear attack, for protection! It was a culture of fear about the Soviets, and there were actual drills to rhearse procedures, wether under a desk, or a straight line to exit the classroom…
    I believe this nation has every right to defend itself from any potential enemy, as much as the next nation. I live here, this is my home, and I certainly do not want to see a disaster; but that was brain-wash. The best way to protect us is by procuring peace, as much as it is possible.

  18. 103Damir

    Junio 1st, 2010 at 09:53

    Dummy, you best explain all this foolish compendium you vomited in comment #103 to your foolish college baby…… hahahahahaha……. she do not understand what you seem to understand easily…… hahahahaha……… Batista had a revolutionary past…… hahahahaha….. and she doesn’t want to understand that …… hahahaha….. and she want not to understand neither that almost all revolutionaries are opportunists populists…… hahahahahaha…… but you know what cause me so much hahahahaha now??????…….. THAT YOU GAVE ME THE REASON IN YOUR COMMENT 103!!!!!!!……… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……… hahahahahahaha…… Oh sweet Mama!!!!……. these stupid thugs will laugh me death!!!!!…… hahahahahahahaha………. I’m crying!!!!…….. hahahahahaha
    Oh, oh, ……..ha…….Dummy……. next time you give an opinion about others debate better take your time and read all comments involved in the debate so you would not make a ridiculous……… I can…..hahahaha……. I can image……. hahahahahaha….. I can image curbelito’s face now…….. hahahahahahaha…… curbelito must be now cursing you very bad……… hahahahahahahahaha……… she surely is like “goddam this stupid communist!!!!”…….. hahahahahahahahahaha…. she will never tell this in your face but I know……… hahahahahaha…….. I know she is the hell mad on you!!!!!!!…….. hahahahahahahaha……… hahahahahaha…….. Oh Dummy….. you going to kill me!!!!!!!!……. hahahahaha

  19. Barbara, 87, I still remember a long article on just that fear you are talking about in Vanity Fair, september 1998. They covered it in four or five pages. Many examples of that fear campaign we re given. I liked one in particular. A man was walking down the road in Boston, near teh working site of a new building. A small crane was lifting some building materials, cement an some bricks. The rope used fro lifting snapped and the whole pallet fell on the street. People walking by started panicking and screaming “Sussians are bombing us> The man believed it and had a heart attack out of pure fear from Russians. He died on the spot.

    That happened in 1960’s if I remember well.

    Of all generals that came out of hte WWII, only one was trying to promote co-operation with the Soviets instead of open confrontation. Can’t remember his name now, but he said something like “why antagonising our ally in the war? Why not befriending them and in that, peaceful and friendly, manner bring them over closer to democracy??”

    Because there is no money in stable and peaceful society. No arms to make, no people to kill, no profits to be made.

  20. siffie, mnore stupidity from you in the post 102, but not unexpected. I am seriously thinking that you are an inmate ina psychiatric clinic somewhere and are able to get hold of a computer with an internet connection…

    facts or history about batista (the revolutionary…… hahahaha, the allied to cuban communist party)

    What is so hahaha about that. It is what many dictators have done in the past. Riding on the wave of the mass disenchantment (look it up in the dictionary) they grab the power, do a few reforms and then simply take over the country and start some war. The list is long: Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, batista…

    What are you trying to “prove” by that? That you have discovered how to use a search engine and a computer?

    Every 2 years old kid does that. It is not really an achievement to trump about so loud. You are conveniently forgetting that batista also lost the elections and took over the government by putch. And then killed his opponents from both left and wrong (your side).

    So, your argument YET AGAIN are working against you. But then a dumbo will always pick a wrong argument, fight for it and then fall on his own stupidity-made sword.

    Granny, just retire already and leave the world to young and smart people. You are just out of your league here.

    Not that any of your companeros here are any better though, so your future seems rather bleak and is doomed to sink into the oblivion of its’ own making.

    I can imagine the expression on you face…


    (nope, still not funny)

  21. 101Barbara Curbelo

    Mayo 31st, 2010 at 09:05

    As for the evidence you rely upon, what else can I expect, in your parallel universe; everyone is a clone of Carlos Alberto Montaner.

    Hahahaha…….. paralell universe mine?????…… no dear, if you can read you will see this “paralell universe” is UN and FAO estatistics…….. hahahahaha….. I know, I know ignorant thug….. it is hard to oppose some coherent speech when irrebatible facts comming from international organizations like UN or FAO or WHO or UNESCO hits your head and leave you without arguments…… I know you are very disturbed now and to babling giberish is a natural reaction in ridiculous situation.
    Can you rebate UN facts or history about batista (the revolutionary…… hahahaha, the allied to cuban communist party????? ….. hahahahahahahaha……. Oh mama!!!!!…… I can imagine the expresion of your face!!!!!…… hahahahaha……..

  22. FREUD:

    As for the evidence you rely upon, what else can I expect, in your parallel universe; everyone is a clone of Carlos Alberto Montaner.

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