Taking Advantage of the Light

Thousands of Havanans travel through the force of their thumbs or, and it amounts to the same thing, by asking drivers at traffic lights to please take them. Most of these “alternative mode” travelers are young women, since it is easier to get a ride if you’re wearing a skirt — if it’s a short one, even better — than if you are male or an elderly woman. At the intersection of two avenues they can be seen leaning into the windows to ask where the car is going and if they can ride along for a stretch. The drivers often lie because they don’t want strangers getting into their cars, so they say they’re only going another hundred yards or that they’re about to make a U-turn.

A nice catalog could be made of all the excuses regular hitchhikers hear from those who don’t want to help them. Through the steering wheel a voice warns that “the tires are almost flat and can’t bear the weight of another person,” or that they must “pick up the boss who lives a few blocks ahead.” There are also those who don dark glasses before coming to the corners where many are waiting for a lift, or they turn up the volume on the radio so as not to hear the pleas from the sidewalk. It’s the same whether it’s a state or private license plate, the “no” becomes a constant response from the vehicle interiors towards those of us scorching under our “eternal summer” sun.

Also laughable, or terrifying, are the tales of brazenness and innuendo that drivers — from their position of power — launch against the grateful women who manage to catch a ride. Ranging from sharp glances to the thighs or adjusting the rearview mirror to reflect the crotch area, up to lascivious touches collected as if they were a toll. Chastened by this practice, many prefer to walk long distances rather than fall into the clutches of those who believe that helping us gives them the right to engage us in their impertinence. What a welcome difference are those drivers who say “yes” and ask for nothing in exchange, not even a phone number. Thanks to them part of this city manages to move every day, with the staccato rhythm defined by chance and the brevity of the red lights.


118 thoughts on “Taking Advantage of the Light

  1. 117Anónimo

    Junio 9th, 2010 at 08:26

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  2. 116 is just another annoying noise screen trying to hide obvious absence of intellect. Like those vultures already having plans in place. Just a matter of time before Cuba is cut into pieces and divided between the hyenas:


    And I can see many of those hyenas here, as if the cadaver is already on the plate.

  3. 114Damir

    Junio 8th, 2010 at 03:17


    Personal attacks in retarded style but nothing, nada about the link that discovery the real history about Cuban nation supposedly terrorism on castrofascism!!!!!!!
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  4. Interesting… the poster in 113 is now calling himself a retarded thug.

    Got excited by his own dirty words and lost the plot completely.

    Still refusing to make a sensible comment on the subject in the article though.

    Actually, simply unable to make a sensible comment about anything. Why else would one call himself a retarded thug…

    But then Miami is nowadays a socialist country according to him too, so any attempts to understand the “retarded thug” are futile.

    Luckilly, the freedom of speech is a gift to all, no matter how disadvantaged they are.

  5. 112Damir

    Junio 7th, 2010 at 21:41

    Hehe….. This what is talking the retarded thug about:

    Objective of espionage network in jail now in USA.

    The civilian targets have been identified as follows: Penetration of exile organizations to accomplish a campaign of disinformation, confusion, animosity and disunion among targeted groups. Another objective was to encourage and to facilitate the commission of hostile actions against Cuba in violation the Neutrality Act of the United States. Also, alleged was the sending of threatening letters to members of Congress impersonating members of Cuban exile organizations. It has not been reported that the 10 had committed any act of violence against the US, although there are documents that mention the preparation of terrorist acts against US Air Force bases in the US. ( 5 )

    Here is the complete history:


  6. Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations, a terrorist group dedicated to armed revolution in Cuba at any cost, so to dare others to mention terrorist anti-cuban entities is a stupid, stupid move. Self-destructive really.

    Let us see, there is also a terrorist group called Cuban American National Foundation, hellbent on violent overthrow of the current government, then Posada who nowadays from prison directs the training of his newest group, then there was Orlando Bosch branded as a terrorist evenwith Miami New Times, http://www.miaminewtimes.com/2…..rists/full, and how abbout the Accion Cubana O. Bosch’s group? Isn’t that a charity shining through their bloody eyes and fat pedophile lips and glass frames…?

    Then there are the CIA, NSA and the usanian government who are openly financing and protecting the groups. usa is a terrorist dictatorship well known for its’ massive and numerous crimes against the humanity, that needs no futher elaboration. Just look at its’ latest reaction on Israel’s completely unjustified attack on the turkish ship the other day. Or, closer to your heart, the refusal to honour the the 1971 Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Civil Aviation which obliges the usa to either extradict all the Cuban terrorists currently under its’ protection from the law, or prosecute them for their crimes, which they themselves confessed many times so far, believing that they will be safe under usanian wing.

    And they are, as we can see. Even the group of operatives caught in Havana after the hotel bombing in 1997 confirmed the names of the masterminds, yet the usa is refusing to extradite them.

    He’s a free man in Miami. So are Guillermo Novo Sampoll, Gaspar Jiménez Escobedo, Secundino Carrera who admitted that CORU was responsible for killing 73 passengers on board of Cubana light from Barbados to Jamaica in 1976, and the list goes on and on, and on, and on, and it is still going on…

    Still pretending that it is all bullshit (it is all your own, you know)? Still claiming that no such thing exists?

    Well, here’s your own organisation “Cuba Rebelde”, another terrorist organisation in Miami, which has published the list of all Cuban exile terrorist organisations. They even grade them into liberal terrorists,moderate terrorists, hard line terrorists and others…


    There’s a nice armed revolution handbook for all budding anti-cuban terrorists, but you have it already memorised, don’t you?

    What makes me laugh is how all these terrorists are getting old and frail, not many young people are joining to keep the torch burning, and there’s a lot of disunity among the terrorists themselves.

    To the point where you dickheads are killing each other!!!

    Bunch of retarded idiots. (not me insulting anyone. These are scientific definitions of people who behave in a certain way.)

    So yumbos, there is your exaustive list of terrorist organisations in Miami. For a good measure of your hypocrisy a few from other cities are added.

    And the information is from your own anticubanfascist sources.

    So, what was your point again?

    Ah, you never had one.

    Of course.

  7. 110Damir

    Junio 7th, 2010 at 10:59

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  8. A simpleton like the one behind the post 109 doesn’t have the capacity that intelligent people tend to think similarly. That is because they understand the principles behind the things and actions.

    Simpletons, anticastrofascist for example, cannot exercise the same level of compatibility. Their intellectual inadequacy is varied and it differs form one simpleton to another. That is why we have categories of debils, cretens, idiots, autists, mongoloids, retards, anitcastrofascists etc. Every category is different from the rest. It is unique in its limitations and inability to function completely normally.

    BY the way have you noticed how you are the only one left around here, and how seriously you are outnumbered?

    Doesn’t that makes you want to pee in your pants…? Or, at least, post under other nicks you are known to use. To try and create a perception of “many” other people sharing your views.

    The last Miami apprentice crimson. The othr twoo or three have already died, or are in coma.

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    And still not one post in support of team Yoani’s posts.

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    You have got squat to say.

  9. 105Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 6th, 2010 at 00:27
    #104 – Wow! I hope more posts like this help to turn this Blog into one of serious and respectful debate. Thanx

    Hahaha…… silly thug……. it so evident that your and charlie’s styles are so similars!!!!!……. hehehehe….. silly thug….. if not the same person, then from the same dirty office………. pathetic!!!!

  10. 104Carlos

    Junio 4th, 2010 at 23:44

    Well charly…… you always have an option “a’la Ray Charles way”……

    Hit the road charly
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  11. 106Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 6th, 2010 at 00:27

    Castrofascism is always trying to associate journalists job with political and even penal issues like the thug curbelo does in this case….. journalist work is to inform and they get paid for do that…….. what yo have to do (if you like so much FOIA and other freedom of information institutions) is to go to the public records where those 14 (not 5 but 14 criminals) criminals acts and recorded trial sessions are stored and learn there the confesions of the crimes made by 5 self and the the other 9 criminals…… go there and learn they are common criminals in a mafia like assosiation for cause the death to other people and to perform terrorist acts that could be used for accusing exile cubans……. that’s the true easy to find.

  12. U.S. government — through Radio and TV Martí — had secretly paid tens of thousands of dollars to journalists in Miami, who, during the politically-charged prosecution of the Five, published provocative articles about Cuba and against the Five.

    1. Pablo Alfonso Of El Nuevo Herald
    Payment – Pago: $58,600 during the trial
    Total: $252,325 (11/1/99-8/22/07)

    2. Wilfredo Cancio del Nuevo Herald (The Miami Herald)
    Was paid $4,725 during trial
    $21,800 (9/30/2000 – 11/20/2006)

    3. Ariel Remos – Diario Las Americas
    $4,725 during trial
    TOTAL $24,350 (11/1/1999- 11/20/2006)

    4. Enrique Encinosa – Comentarista Radio Mambi WAQI por mucho tiempo que dedico mucha cobertura al caso de LOS CINCO desde suarresto.
    Longtime news commentatoon Radio Mambi WAQI, which covered the Cuban 5 extensively, from the time of their arrest
    TOTAL (during trial) Durante Juicio – $5,200.00
    TOTAL (12/07/2000 – 11/04/2003) – $21,800.00

    5. Helen Ferre – Editor of Editorial Page of Diario Las Americas
    Paid – $1,125.00 – during trial (durante el juicio)
    Paid – TOTAL – $6,025 (2/21/01 – 9/25/03)

  13. #104 – Wow! I hope more posts like this help to turn this Blog into one of serious and respectful debate. Thanx

  14. Something close to the subject of this page: what has this got to do with politics? How are the rude drivers a reflection of Cuban political system?

    There are millions of rude taxi drivers everywhere and this behaviour has nothing to do with Castros in Germany or England, not to mention the USA where I just had a “privilege” to use the taxis on numerous occasions during my business trip to Boston.

    White, black, hispano, doesn’t matter. They are all from the same layer of society. That layer is always close to the bottom and there, just like in a rubbish bin, the dirt is so compressed, it is almost impossible to scrap it out without some seriously drastic action.

    I agree with the statement that there’s no longer much of relevance in this blog. It has become a billboard for some seriously angry and frustrated ex Cubans to come and sprinkle their spit all over the page.

    Heavens forbid such unsavoury characters get to have any y in the future of any country.

  15. Stupidity IS hereditary.

    I work in an IT company in Italy. We are co-operating with a number of other european companies, predominantly from Switzerland and Germany.

    These companies are full of cheap Indian workers. I am talking thousands. They themselves will tell you that, as they often tell us.

    So, stick your prejudgmental and patronising tone right up your arse because I am sure that, having a criminal past and prison time, you will feel warm and content with it safely stashed there.

    And for a change, find something to say about the subject, if you can.

    We can engage in a swearing and insulting contest, but you have no chance against me, so instead of behaving chilidlish, why don’t you try to behave like a grown person.

    he same goes for the other twoo or three resident insultors.

    The more you try the more we are right.

    Yoani’s lies and poorly constructed realities are too transparent for any intelligent person to miss.

    No amount of your stupid and senseless posts filled with your impotent rage can change that.

  16. … not only a racist but an ignorant one …
    Your statements are a proof of it, -“Indians are genetically quite lazy …”-
    Who has appointed you judge?
    Go & really learn about their history, traditions & beliefs.
    As I have said before …
    Keep on talking … your mouth proves who & what you are, a hatefull bigot.
    Keep talking the cause you represent has no better spokeperson … to prove how wrong it is.

  17. ANd, contrary to post 99 claim, Indians are leaving in droves and going to Europe, Canada, usa, and Australia in thousands.

    Just search on how many “students” are going to Australia every year, and how many are then applying for a permanent visa once they finish their courses.

    You may learn something about the world around you:

    It doesn’t revolve around Cuban political system!!!! Nor it does revolve around your perception of it.

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