Pirates of the Caribbean

The TV buzzes in the room but nobody’s watching it. They leave it on for hours, ignoring it, like some scatterbrained family member. On the schedule it shows that in half an hour the crime show CSI will start, followed a little later by another very similar show called Jordan Forense. To relax a bit, on channel 21 there are the nice characters of Friends and a midnight movie made in the studios of 20th Century Fox. The young girl of the house doesn’t want to miss another episode of the Gilmore Girls, but dad fights for tuning into a Discovery Channel show about sharks. In the early morning, when the only ones awake are the guards, the thieves and the cats, they might show a rerun of the last season of Doctor House.

Our small screen has two distinctive marks: the extreme ideology of certain spaces, and the abundance of material stolen from foreign producers. A peculiar combination of fiery anti-imperialist discourse coexists with the constant broadcast of productions made in the country to the North. Films released just a few weeks ago to American audiences are broadcast here without paying a penny of royalties. Of course we, the audience, benefit from the rush of the Institute of Cuban Radio and Television (ICRT) to take from afar, but it leaves a bitter taste as we know that without this contraband we could not sustain our television programming.

To ease the hole into which local programming has fallen, especially the serials, soaps or participation programs, they take foreign labor while almost never compensating the creators or distributors. When pillage is institutionalized ,the calls for people to stop diverting state resources lose force; we can simply tune into a channel and see for ourselves proof of large-scale theft. To make matters worse, in an effort to hide their guilt, they place a dark band over the logo of the original station that aired the program, making the theft even more obvious. Often, on Saturday nights, they show films shot from the screen of a movie theater, where in the middle of the action it looks like someone from the audience got up to go to the bathroom, which prevents us from reading part of the dialog. The subtitles are made by an amateur, full of spelling errors – typical of copies downloaded from the Internet – you can even see it on programs of rather serious debate about cinematography.

What will happen if, in the near future, the country can’t continue behaving like a privateer, with no ethics in regards to the artistic creations of others? Are the ICRT officials already planning how to satisfy our appetites for TV without resorting to piracy? The solution, apparently, is to encourage national production, to let the TV generate revenues that will result in its improvement and in the ability to acquire broadcast rights. This latter might be incompatible with long hours of ideological discourse, with boring programs that no one likes but that they administer to us like an obligatory dose of indoctrination. Dynamic programming, attractive and within the framework of the law can’t be done from within the total nationalization of our media. Can’t they see that?


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  1. 76JohnTheOne

    Junio 24th, 2010 at 06:24

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  2. 76JohnTheOne

    Junio 24th, 2010 at 06:24

    So you hate immigrants????….. are you KKK??????…… you sound very KKK!!!

  3. Post 75, Heavens, man you are serously disturbed individual.

    Are you seeing a professional about that? ‘Coz you should.

    Bloody immigrants…Taking advantage of our health system. Of course nothing is left for us any more. We are taking every idiot on earth.

  4. 74Damir

    Junio 18th, 2010 at 19:42
    The link works in the original post. Here it came out truncated for some (censorship obviously, but he “democrats”) reason.

    hahahahahaha……. what a dumb…… hahahahahahaha……. Ohhh dummy you are a real funny case………… hahahahahaha…… you will kill me laughing……ahahahahahahaah……. he could not post the link because he is so retarded he can’t work with internet…….. instead he post another link suposedly about cuban and mexican mafia…… hehehehehehehe…… but the thug is so retarded and missinformed that do not knows MS 13 is a gang from ……. Salvador dummy!!!!!!!……. hahahahahahahaha……. hahahahahahaha…….. the dummy read some spanish names and believe they are cubans and mexicans!!!!!!…… hahahahahaha…… you are a desaster dummy!!!!!……… read again the article or find some one that can understand reading ….. hahahahahahahaha…….. but the better comes now!!!!!…….. hahahahahahaha……. the retarded surely did not read the others articles in his link……. hahahahahaha….. and it happens that down in the page you can find several articles about castrofascism….. articles that denounces the terrible life conditions of cubans in the island, articles about spies in USA working for castrofascism, etc……. hahahahahahahaha…….. dummy….. dummy……. dummy…… dumb….. dumbest….. dumbaster!!!!!….. hahahahahahaha…… Ooohh mama, what a funny guy!!!!…. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. 72Damir

    Junio 9th, 2010 at 07:55

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  6. Here’s another killed messenger, whatever that means when said by a retarded nazist. Sorry, I meant retired. Well, both given the “intellectual” charge of the posts.

    Vultures already having plans in place. Just a matter of time before Cuba is cut into pieces and divided between the hyenas:


  7. 69Damir

    Junio 8th, 2010 at 03:14

    Personal attacks in retarded style but nothing, nada about the link that discovery the real history about Cuban nation supposedly terrorism on castrofascism!!!!!!!
    You are a poor looser….. you don’t post a single comment that can’t be easily discredited….. learn to debate, dirty thug, learn to debate…. Real debaters kill the false message with the truth…. Fake debaters like you tries to kill the messenger……………………. And fail!!!!!!…… hahahahahahahahaha

  8. Interesting… the poster in 68 is now calling himself a retarded thug.

    Got excited by his own dirty words and lost the plot completely.

    Still refusing to make a sensible comment on the subject in the article though.

    Actually, simply unable to make a sensible comment about anything. Why else would one call himself a retarded thug…

    But then Miami is nowadays a socialist country according to him too, so any attempts to understand the “retarded thug” are futile.

    Luckilly, the freedom of speech is a gift to all, no matter how disadvantaged they are.

  9. 67Damir

    Junio 7th, 2010 at 21:22

    Hehe….. This what is talking the retarded thug about:

    Objective of espionage network in jail now in USA.

    The civilian targets have been identified as follows: Penetration of exile organizations to accomplish a campaign of disinformation, confusion, animosity and disunion among targeted groups. Another objective was to encourage and to facilitate the commission of hostile actions against Cuba in violation the Neutrality Act of the United States. Also, alleged was the sending of threatening letters to members of Congress impersonating members of Cuban exile organizations. It has not been reported that the 10 had committed any act of violence against the US, although there are documents that mention the preparation of terrorist acts against US Air Force bases in the US. ( 5 )

    Here is the complete history:


  10. Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations, a terrorist group dedicated to armed revolution in Cuba at any cost, so to dare others to mention terrorist anti-cuban entities is a stupid, stupid move. Self-destructive really.

    Let us see, there is also a terrorist group called Cuban American National Foundation, hellbent on violent overthrow of the current government, then Posada who nowadays from prison directs the training of his newest group, then there was Orlando Bosch branded as a terrorist evenwith Miami New Times, http://www.miaminewtimes.com/2…..rists/full, and how abbout the Accion Cubana O. Bosch’s group? Isn’t that a charity shining through their bloody eyes and fat pedophile lips and glass frames…?

    Then there are the CIA, NSA and the usanian government who are openly financing and protecting the groups. usa is a terrorist dictatorship well known for its’ massive and numerous crimes against the humanity, that needs no futher elaboration. Just look at its’ latest reaction on Israel’s completely unjustified attack on the turkish ship the other day. Or, closer to your heart, the refusal to honour the the 1971 Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Civil Aviation which obliges the usa to either extradict all the Cuban terrorists currently under its’ protection from the law, or prosecute them for their crimes, which they themselves confessed many times so far, believing that they will be safe under usanian wing.

    And they are, as we can see. Even the group of operatives caught in Havana after the hotel bombing in 1997 confirmed the names of the masterminds, yet the usa is refusing to extradite them.

    Do you know how many countries are asking for Bosch’s extradiction?

    Of course you do. 12, twelve. For terrorist crimes committed either in those countries or against them.

    He’s a free man in Miami. So are Guillermo Novo Sampoll, Gaspar Jiménez Escobedo, Secundino Carrera who admitted that CORU was responsible for killing 73 passengers on board of Cubana light from Barbados to Jamaica in 1976, and the list goes on and on, and on, and on, and it is still going on…

    Still pretending that it is all bullshit (it is all your own, you know)? Still claiming that no such thing exists?

    Well, here’s your own organisation “Cuba Rebelde”, another terrorist organisation in Miami, which has published the list of all Cuban exile terrorist organisations. They even grade them into liberal terrorists,moderate terrorists, hard line terrorists and others…


    There’s a nice armed revolution handbook for all budding anti-cuban terrorists, but you have it already memorised, don’t you?

    What makes me laugh is how all these terrorists are getting old and frail, not many young people are joining to keep the torch burning, and there’s a lot of disunity among the terrorists themselves.

    To the point where you dickheads are killing each other!!!

    Bunch of retarded idiots. (not me insulting anyone. These are scientific definitions of people who behave in a certain way.)

    So yumbo, there is your exaustive list of terrorist organisations in Miami. For a good measure of your hypocrisy a few from other cities are added.

    And the information is from your own anticubanfascist sources.

    So, what was your point again?

    Ah, you never had one.

    Of course.

  11. 64Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 7th, 2010 at 11:30

    You simply can’t sustaine your lies that’s why you post a trivial comment and search support in the blog’ racist.

  12. 63Damir

    Junio 7th, 2010 at 10:40

    I not support criminals of any kind, I not lie, I always support my comment with proves, I am not racist, to me Indians are normal people like black and chineses…….. but you all….. the damir curbelo brigade support the most criminal regime in America’s history, the tyranny that more people has killed, the tyranny that more people has tortured, the tyranny that more children has killed, that more people has jailed, the more destruction has caused in cuba and latin america, the more death caused in latin america, the regime most good services has done to imperialism in america’s history….. you both are simply discredited to talk moral……. so shut up!!!!

  13. #62 & #63

    Old habits die hard, and he was part of Batista’s interrogation police, what can one expect?

  14. Post 62, you are not the person with any ethical credit to decide what is or isn’t an ugly behaviour. You yourself only know to call people names, and even in that you are horrible loser given the breadth of your poor vocabulary.

    So cut donw on your own ugly behaviour if you want to be respected, a little at least. Although I cannot see that happening. It requires education and intelligence. Two crucial ingredients you just cannot acquire.

    One cannot teach an old graveyard bound dog new tricks.

  15. 61Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 6th, 2010 at 13:52

    Who are you talking about?????……. give names, facts please…… and do not yell……. it is an ugly behavior!!!!!


  17. 58Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 6th, 2010 at 09:01
    #50 – Who pays royalties to Cuba when their arts are stolen for profit?

    Art does not belong to regimes but individuals……. if individuals decided to sell their art in other countries or to other govs. it is their rightful desitions because they are deciding over a personal creation…… your way to think is typical of a thug that works for a regime that believe it is the owner of lives and lifes!!!!!

  18. 56Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 6th, 2010 at 00:24

    Castrofascism is always trying to associate journalists job with political and even penal issues like the thug curbelo does in this case….. journalist work is to inform and they get paid for do that…….. what yo have to do (if you like so much FOIA and other freedom of information institutions) is to go to the public records where those 14 (not 5 but 14 criminals) criminals acts and recorded trial sessions are stored and learn there the confesions of the crimes made by 5 self and the the other 9 criminals…… go there and learn they are common criminals in a mafia like assosiation for cause the death to other people and to perform terrorist acts that could be used for accusing exile cubans……. that’s the true easy to find.

  19. #50 – Who pays royalties to Cuba when their arts are stolen for profit?

  20. The evidence is the result of an 18-month investigation, and two Freedom of Information Act petitions (FOIA).
    FREE PRESS? No, Tax payers pay handsomely.
    When judges and the government politicize the judiciary – our system pays handsomely.

  21. U.S. government — through Radio and TV Martí — had secretly paid tens of thousands of dollars to journalists in Miami, who, during the politically-charged prosecution of the Five, published provocative articles about Cuba and against the Five.

    1. Pablo Alfonso Of El Nuevo Herald
    Payment – Pago: $58,600 during the trial
    Total: $252,325 (11/1/99-8/22/07)

    2. Wilfredo Cancio del Nuevo Herald (The Miami Herald)
    Was paid $4,725 during trial
    $21,800 (9/30/2000 – 11/20/2006)

    3. Ariel Remos – Diario Las Americas
    $4,725 during trial
    TOTAL $24,350 (11/1/1999- 11/20/2006)

    4. Enrique Encinosa – Comentarista Radio Mambi WAQI por mucho tiempo que dedico mucha cobertura al caso de LOS CINCO desde suarresto.
    Longtime news commentatoon Radio Mambi WAQI, which covered the Cuban 5 extensively, from the time of their arrest
    TOTAL (during trial) Durante Juicio – $5,200.00
    TOTAL (12/07/2000 – 11/04/2003) – $21,800.00

    5. Helen Ferre – Editor of Editorial Page of Diario Las Americas
    Paid – $1,125.00 – during trial (durante el juicio)
    Paid – TOTAL – $6,025 (2/21/01 – 9/25/03)

  22. 54Damir

    Junio 4th, 2010 at 23:34

    Dummy racist and anti Indian thug………. the free world produces every year tons of ducmental series that explains many thing about crime….. police inform the population about the most usual and trendig modus operandi of criminals and it eventual produces if aplicable, in order to avoid people be part of a crime ….. because here in the free you can alege unknowledge as relief for a crime…….. living in Europe, in Italy, knowing “lazy” Indians how is you can not such things??????

  23. But I am content to have another confession of a small time thief and apprentice criminal who spends his time venting his anger for being a failure even in that. Siggie the fraudster is obviously well informed about the illegal copying of the movies, and how are they filmed in the cinemas.

    Great technical detail no one is really interested in, but as a confession it makes hilarious reading.

  24. Yeah, I now know that siggie the fraud and Loser humberto the avalanche of crap are the same person. The style of that false irony and completely misplaced “laughter” is the same as in other threads where L oserumberto is pretending to have made some point on my appraent mistake.

    1. you have no intellectual capacity to “find” any mistakes in what I write about.
    2. Even if you did, I do not make mistakes,
    3. Making as big and as stupid mistakes, as you do, IS your job

    Among innumerous errors of judgment, the post 50 here is one good example of that hollow space between his ears.

    The dumbo did not even read Yoani’s article to understand what I was commenting on.

    How so typical of an idiot with no gray cells in his scull.

    Not a single one.

  25. Yeah, I now know that siggie the fraud and Loser humberto the avalanche of crap are the same person. The style of that false irony and completely misplaced “laughter” is the same as in other threads where L oserumberto is pretending to have made some point on my appraent mistake.


  26. 49Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 4th, 2010 at 15:09

    Can maybe agent curbelo produce a list of good thing produced by castrofascism in order to prove your statements about Yoani only concern is to denigrate castrofascism?????……. Yoani can produce a whole article every other day to demonstrate the criminal regime in Cuba does not works and no castrofascism agent writing in this site can demonstrate she is wrong……. I can produce a list of extremely disastrous things done by castrofascism on Cuba’s economy, freedom and human rights of Cubans……….. and I am sure you would not deny nothing in this list……. can you, please, produce such list??????…… if you can, why don’t you do that????

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