Long Embraces

The same thing is happening with the blogosphere as happens with other phenomena of our reality: they try to divide and separate us, throwing out epithets of “pro-government” here and “mercenaries” there, failing to realize that a common factor unites us all: the desire to express ourselves. I dream of the time when Elaine Diaz can come and give a class at the Blogger Academy without losing her job, and when Claudia Cadelo — spared from a repudiation rally — gives a seminar in Twitter at the Journalism School. I imagine the discussion table where independent journalist sit together with those affiliated with the state media, if the first would have their very existence recognized and the second would not pay, with their jobs, for such a gesture.

Can you imagine Esteban Morales, the academic who some weeks ago wrote an article against corruption debating with Oscar Espinosa Chepe how to find solutions to the Cuban economic catastrophe? Think for a minute if Alfredo Guevara himself, who gave a lecture to university students, sat on a panel discussion next to Rafael Rojas or Emilio Ichikawa. Or I could go even further and place Ricardo Alarcon face-to-face once more with the young man Eliecer Avila to hear how the national situation has advanced — or regressed — since January 2008 when they had their famous dialog. All of this — I’m starting to become delirious — could be enlivened by a song from Pablo Milanes with a montuno refrain in the warm voice of Albita Rodriguez.

You will think I’m delusional, but I feel that this slice of land we inhabit cannot tolerate too many divisions. Grids, fences, parcels, fractions, have ended up jeopardizing and marking a space and time that belongs to all of us. I don’t know what others are waiting for, but at least Yoani Sanchez has put the coffee pot on and set the table for a conversation that must start somewhere.


167 thoughts on “Long Embraces

  1. Post 166, the deranged debil has finally realised the only contribution he is capable of.

    Years later, still unable to make a coherent coment on Yoani’s team article.

    That is due to absence of brain, the organ required for a conversation and other highly powered intellectual functions.

    But shit-maister can always offer his unabated stupidity and senseless comments to anyone with nothing better to do but to listen to his crap.

    Some say it’s the water in Miami that does that to people. Doubtful…

  2. 165Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 9th, 2010 at 22:05

    Personal attacks, personal offenses……. it is the only argument castrofacism has to “fight” the “ideas battle” in the internet and information world……… inside Cuba verbal violence is convoyed with physical violence, jailing, torture and killing

  3. 163Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 9th, 2010 at 19:05

    Haha……. brigade comrades comes to the rescue of the retarded one…….. Darko was too much for your deficient subordinated…… hahahahaha……. poor dummy must be right now looking for anyone that can help him to write some croatians words….. hahahaha……… until right now has gone a whole day and dummy damir continue vanished……. you castrofascist brigade must be in a very deep crisis when you can’t find someone that can help de retarded……… well……. lets forget the dummy and concentrate in your new roll in this blog….. now it seems you are the substitute of damir….. your lasts comment only contain personal offenses……. we let you with arguments????….. no silly thug….. you were without arguments since the very beginning………. you, as I stated in comment #1 in today’s post, are the only and imperfect weapon castrofascism have to opose Yoani and the new era freedom fighters…… a weapon that shows regime incapacity to confront the new army of freedom fighters…. an army with control of the battle field and armament…….. castrofascism is being defeated ……… and you bears responsability……….. so……. watch your back…….. your mistakes and failures can regime’s death.

  4. 160Damir

    Junio 9th, 2010 at 07:43
    159, oh, what an innocence,

    The difference between you and me is that I can stop immediately writing rude and limit my comment to prove and facts….. but you can’t….. you can’t present any prove or fact for your lies………. you are in need of rude language each time your stupid comment are refuted with undeniable proves, each time your archaic knowledge of the world is showed as the product of a retarded mind….. you simply can’t……
    This was a place where people of all ideological leaning came and debated with elegance until the losada brigade dived up. and I hope our moderator enforces the site rules to save the blog of the attack of dirty agents like you.

  5. And 157, well, just a lot of self-pleasuring…Couldn’t find his micro pecker, so the keyboard had to do…He too soils his nappies daily.

    No wonder such a violent frustration. Life’s a bitch when peeing in nappies and washing them after is easier than detecting the peckie and peeing in the bowl.

  6. 159, oh, what an innocence, what a grace! The Cuban virgin speaking. The same one who attacks everyone who post something against his/her will.

    Rudely of course. The foul mouth full of mental sewerage, yet still limited with own lingustical deficiencies that spill out of the sewerage outlets both upper and lower, soiling the only pair of the nappies he’s got.

  7. 153Conrado

    Junio 7th, 2010 at 23:38
    After 152 “responses” to this latest

    Dear Conrado……. you are right but it is not Yubano, Humbert or me who are interested in rude language and offenses….. since arriving of castro agents to this page all scaled up…… before the arriving of curbelo brigade with their retarded member everything changed…..they are not interested in finding the truth or argumentum with reasons but in personal attacks against Yoani and antifascist commenter, personal discredit of Cuban freedom fighters, they have their agenda, their plan and only the moderation can make them change…… this not a new thing…… in the Spanish site they implemented same “tactic” hoping to transform the site in a field of offenses and rude language exchange……. the Spanish site was in danger to be transformed in a horrible site like the comment site in Sin Evasion or Octavo Cerco where cyber thugs makes comment with very rude style……. The Spanish site of this blog saved the comment section because implemented severe participation rules and made them effective no matter who is the commenter…… I believe it is time the friendly translator to become less friendly and start to make effective the site rules….. to me no matter if the rules are hard or soft I would adapt…… personally I prefer the rational and polite way of debate but it is something castrofascism can’t afford…… they always uses confrontational style in order to make no debate……. if this site wore not virtual but real we would see curbelo and damir brigade transformed in an angry mob beating us, jailing us….. including the friendly moderator.

  8. 155Damir

    Junio 8th, 2010 at 03:08

    Hehe….. This what is talking the retarded thug about:

    Objective of espionage network in jail now in USA.

    The civilian targets have been identified as follows: Penetration of exile organizations to accomplish a campaign of disinformation, confusion, animosity and disunion among targeted groups. Another objective was to encourage and to facilitate the commission of hostile actions against Cuba in violation the Neutrality Act of the United States. Also, alleged was the sending of threatening letters to members of Congress impersonating members of Cuban exile organizations. It has not been reported that the 10 had committed any act of violence against the US, although there are documents that mention the preparation of terrorist acts against US Air Force bases in the US. ( 5 )

    Here is the complete history:


  9. dumir

    Go back to school and take a 4th grade english class you illiterate goon. Where did you see the word apology in anything I’ve written. I make no apologies for anything I’ve written. You are clueless shmuck living in a non-existent communist lala land.
    You are a desperate fool who has to make up facts about other blog contributors without knowing anything about that person.

  10. Post 152, no amount of apologies will change the fact that yours was actually a threat. And not once only, but several times already and to a few people.

    It only goes to show what you find a “satirical” to no one else seems funny. The lack of basic civilised behaviour, is typical for a terrorist.

    There’s punishment in your religion for that: death in hell. THAT is a real threat you are facing, and your ilk. Not from me, of course. From your “god”.

    For it is obvious that you would bring the guns and use them in any such debate that even Yoani is advocating. Maybe you would like to actually read the article above.

    We all know that you and your ilk are not here to read what Yoani thinks anyway. You are here to spread the hatred, pump up the passions and start the new cycle of violence.

    That is all you are interested in.

    Sorry, I am forgetting the desire to reign in Havana as the emperors of Cuba. In the “free Cuba Inc paradise” for the few chosen ones.

    Just like dictator Batista did.

  11. Conrado

    Yours is the latest attempt at moderating this forum. I can only speak for myself but your call for civility is all well and good in it’s proper context and if all commentators took a civil tone. That of course is not the case and probably never will be as long as there are defenders of castro regime posting misinformation, propaganda, outright lies and constantly attempting to disqualify and slander the “civil” posters. I for one feel compelled to respond to these posts in my way and that is to reply with an equally heavy (if not heavier)hand. You are of course free to take a different tact or just ignore the comments that offend you.

    I read the posts on this forum for quite some time before ever posting my first comment and I don’t recall the commentary ever being restricted to just the topics that Yoani chooses to address. While I count myself as a supporter of Yoani and her expressions and defense of free speech I believe the intent of this forum is to be a venue for a free flow ideas about Cuba, not restricted to specific topics or issues. You are free to express your opinions about whatever you wish and in whatever manner you wish. Despite your “plea” I’m sure everyone else will continue to do the same.

  12. After 152 “responses” to this latest post I would like to make a plea to all participants.

    The button below says “Enviar comentario” I does not says “rant, rave, insult, treathen, etc.
    Yoani’s post are a personal and intimate observations about life around her. I do not know the lady but I am sure she will be apalled at the level of discurs used here; although I am sure she is totally against censoring any of these comments.

    Supporters of her ideas should offer comments enhancing or praising her position, offer comments learn from other sources that support her, or offer personal information relevant to her posts.

    This is not an intent to restrain or limit what we can post in here but there is nothing to be gained, or will increase her credibility, by making personal offenses or name calling to those who disagree with Yoani.

    And for those that are writing in here, calling her a paid agent of the CIA, recognize that it will be very easy for the translators to block or restrict your comments, something completely against Yoani’s philosophy of fighting also for your right to express your own opinions.

    Let us all celebrate the ability to express ourselves freely without fear but with civility.

  13. English Translator

    You need to know the difference between a real threat and a tongue and cheek dig at a pro-castro poster making allegations of another poster (me) being a terrorist. Anyone reading what you called a “threat” can see that it was nothing but a satirical dig at this moron. I have seen much more serious stuff posted here that was not intended to be funny and could have been interpretted as a threat. With all due respect translator use a little common sense and don’t be so rigid in your interpretation, what I wrote was clearly satire and intended to be a humorous and not an actual threat.

  14. Damierda, your link does not get to any article related to your RANT! Cant you “REVOLUTIONARY RATS” do anything but RAT, I mean RANT?

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