The Physics Are Rarely Wrong

With every step I hear people complaining about the heat, whose sticky presence the drought makes even more difficult to bear. We all know what happens to the pressure inside a boiler if heat is applied, so problems and tensions are forecast for the summer. June has started off with the wait for those changes that pass with an exhausting slowness, with a half-heartedness that makes things worse. From the first days of the month some barbers have been permitted to usufruct their workplaces and have gone from being state employees to paying fixed, and quite high, taxes. On the one hand, the newly self-employed gain autonomy, but on the other, the price of a hair cut has soared to nearly double, now that they have to pay their own expenses, repay the treasury, and try to earn a little profit for themselves.

The issue about which everything seems most awkward is the expected release of the political prisoners, as much discussed in the foreign press as it is met with total silence in the national news. It was assumed that these men would already be out of prison, since Silvio Rodriguez himself has acknowledged that the sentences were “too harsh.” The transfer of six of them to prisons closer to their homes has the stench of a stalling tactic, an official joke in the face of so many expectations. It’s not enough to ask for transformations to happen. We have to push for their achievement as soon as possible because, in the peculiar alchemy of our situation, delay could be an explosive element.

To top it off we have a summer without rain, with the fans humming all day and the electric bills eating up our salaries. A perennial hot flash is felt in the long lines for the buses, a suffocation that accompanies us in the laborious search to find food. Fans that only manage to blow the hot air on our faces, baths with just a splash of water from a pitcher and bucket; as soon as you’re done the drops of sweat reappear on your skin. There are days when my friends lose patience and look among the family papers to see if they can find the birth certificate of a Spanish grandparent.* In the eyes of many is the unspoken sentence, “I can’t take any more.” Relax, I tell them, maybe the heat is the catalyst we have been lacking, the push we need for a lethargic population to demand that the promised openings are not delayed another month.

Translator’s notes:
Barber shops and usufruct: Small barbershops and beauty salons have been turned over to the employees in usufruct, meaning they must pay the state to use its property, the establishments themselves.
Spanish grandparent: Spain recently passed a law that allows any Cuban with a Spanish grandparent to claim Spanish citizenship.


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  1. And the very next post, 81, demonstrates exactly what I was saying. Kick them in the balls and they cry like little girls.

    Kick them with the truth and they cry even worse.

    Poor losers. But then, what to expect from losers who are hung up on a defeat 60 years old.

    Fortunately the terrorists are growing old and not for much longer we’ll have to listen to this garbage from the last century.

  2. 80Damir

    Junio 14th, 2010 at 04:01
    Post 76. Apart from insults, the poster had nothing really to say

    Look at this!!!!….. the retarded calling retarded to other people!!!!!!
    You are the best example of hard face syndrome…….. you never writes other thing but insults….. then ….. you have no moral to critsize no one……. shut your dirty mouth thug!!!!

  3. Post 76. Apart from insults, the poster had nothing really to say. When a micro-sized pecker is larger than a brain, there’s a problem…

    When a half of the people on the death row are found to be innocent, that should be SOME indication of teh justice on gets in the process in the usa. ANd JohnTheOne had posted some time ago in another thread some links to some of the laws in force in the usa. One was more rediculous than the other. One was more stupid than the other. Like death penalty for having the cow boots somewhere, in California I think…

    Some democracy.

    And how about that judge who was sending kids to prison so that his mates could fleece the state? Hundreds of kids!!!

    Or, how about the companies that take up teh insurance on employees hoping they would die young, to collect millions of dollars? How is that a “justice”?

    And how is that post addressing anyhting here other than giving some freak (siggy or freedom, or humboldt I’m guessing) an opportunity to self-gratify himself.

  4. 78Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 12th, 2010 at 15:13
    #76 – People who read what we each of us said will most likely not think that you were crafty in putting a spin on the matter. They’ll think you can’t understand what you read, or that you think them too stupid to know that you are not properly addressing my posting.

    Well silly one…… I think people thinks about you what you wrote above much more times than what they does about the Cuban Mastre of Spin……
    By the way Master….. are you master of which Spins?????….. It is maybe castro-spin clan??????…… hahahahaha….. just kidding…..

  5. #76 – People who read what we each of us said will most likely not think that you were crafty in putting a spin on the matter. They’ll think you can’t understand what you read, or that you think them too stupid to know that you are not properly addressing my posting. They may even think that you are making a big fool of yourself in thinking that the tactics that work so well in Miami are going to work well elsewhere.

    I did not say that all persons arrested in this country are denied due process, although it helps if the arrested aprty has lots of money as compared to someone who has no money.

    I am speaking of any person or group receiving money from a foreign government for the purpose of altering our way of life. Such people, or even people who have merely been suspected of that (or people suspected of giving money away to non-profits to that end); have been denied due process as defined in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, without any evidence being proffered by authorities.

    Ex-VP Cheney and Ex-Pres. Bush continue to publicly brag and take responsibility for water boarding an individual that died as a result of that torture. They claim it was done to save lives, but have offered no evidence of how that either.
    Just the other day Ex-Pres. Bush said that he would not hesitate to do it again, torture that is, which is contrary to the Geneva Convention and other international treaties that the USA has subscribed to.

    If any other country’s diplomats did to the US, Britain or Germany, what the clowns at the US Interest Section and their British and German counterparts have done in Havana; they would immediately be escorted to the airport with a one-way ticket, and sanctions against their governments would soon follow. They may even be arrested as spies and denied diplomatic immunity.

  6. We are living in interesting times. Some day the people of Cuba will be able to read newspapers from other countries and have access to Internet. Some day Cubans(not just the elite in Government) will be able to travel to other countries and see the world. The future is BRIGHT for the people of Cuba, thank you all who want the Cubans to have a better life.

  7. BARBARA you are a dirty low life person. To say people in the USA get thrown in jail with out due process is unfair. The jails in this county are unlike the rat infested jails of CUBA. EXPERIANCE TALKING, the food is real food unlike what jailed CUBAn get. Your a tool of that failed regime and your a dishonest piece of poop with the intention to mislead readers here. The exiled Community of South Florida made up of CUBANS who lived in CUBA know the truth about Cuba. They know the crap that happens there and WHY. The Regime has milked that country for 50 years and the reason it is falling apart. Your Commie buddy Bruno is in France today because of the heat that is forming around the lack of HUMAN RIGHTS found in CUBA.

  8. STAN, are you on drugs???? WORKING CLASS in Cuba has POWER??? DID WALTER LIPMAN bang you with his/her PLASTIC PETER?? You are a LOCA. CUBA = DEMOCRATIC????

  9. #73 – Thank God! Finally, rationale on this blog! Thank you.

    This blog is just a tool to fleece US tax payers of millions of dollars for the anti-Castro industry in Miami and abroad; so they can order crab legs from other countries, travel to Europe each year, etc.

    You are right, if any US citizen, resident or visitor receives money from a foreign government for the purpose of altering our way of life, they’d send them to jail without any due process of the law, and they’d throw away the key; while the highest ranking authorities in the land would brag about torturing such individuals.

    If any other country’s diplomats did to the US, Britain or Germany, what the clowns at the US Interest Section and their British and German counterparts have done in Havana; they would immediately be escorted to the airport with a one-way ticket, and sanctions would follow. But Cuba is a tiny Caribbean island asserting its right to self-determination, under the shadows of the immoral, illegal, and criminal US blockade in a global economy.

  10. I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to comment on Manfred Nowak not been allowed in Cuba.The cuban gov.don’t need anyone from the United Nations telling them what to do.There are some low life people in Cuba getting money from the USA to make trouble.They deserves to be in prison.If they were in some other countries they would get the firing squad.Cuba is more democratic than canada or the usa.The working class got control of things in Cuba unlike canada and the usa.

  11. Darko, kako to da se nismo tamo sreli…? : ) Ja idem tamo zadnjih pet godina. Moja supruga i ja uglavnom bukiramo privatni smjestaj u Vedadu. Izbor starinskih kuca je dobar a i malo je zelenije i tise nego sam centar. Nije dobro stanje, to je fakat. I nije uopce u pitanju tko je kriv za stanje u kojem se nalazi njihova privreda. Fidel i njegova demagogija. Nazivati njegovu viziju kubanskog drustva socijalizmom je i smijeh i uvreda socijalizmu.

    Nazalost povijest se ponavlja uzaludno i nitklo ne uci iz pocinjenihg gresaka. Od staljina do Fidela i Raula, kreteni zgrabe vlast ne pustaju kao da im zivot zavisi o vlasti.

    Doduse, nakon par godina diktature i za povjerovati je da bi ih netko smaknuo jednom kad izgube vlast…

    To svejedno ne opravdava ovu divljacku kampanju ispunjenu bijesom i prijetnjama emigranata sto ionako zive vec desetljecima vani. Ptsjecaju me na nasu emigraciju i nasilje sto su nam ga donijeli. A nemojmo zaboraviti ni da su ih sankcije osiromasile do kraj, skupa sa nesposobnim diktatorom. Problem je po meni u tome sto su Kubanci u zatvorenom krugu. Kapitalizam znaju sta im sprema, a socijalizam nikada i nisu docekali. Znaju da su gotovi ako dignu revoluciju, da su gotovi, ako i mirno promijene sistem, i da sugotovi ako ostave sve kako je.

    I sto im preostaje? Da cekaju da ona dva papka riknu pa da onda poprave situaciju a da ih pritom ne otpusu vjetrovi “slobode i demokracije” kao sto se to desilo nama ostalima. A to nece biti lako. Po meni nisu ni ovi majmuni iz Miami-a problem, nego meksicki i kolombijski trgovci drogom. Bio sam u Kolombiji prije par godina i imao priliku vidjeti arsenal lokalne mafije. Imaju sve: brodove, podmornice, avione (vidio sam jedan, a govori se da imaju desetak miraza), tesku artiljeriju (kacuse i rakete). A govori se da su Meksikanci (narko mafija) spremni zaratiti sa SAD-om oko Kube ako zatreba.

    Treba im baza u Karibima,a gdje ces bolju od Kube? Naravno da ce braca Kolombijanci podrzati Meksikance, pa i njima je biznis trgovina drogom. Meksikanci su vec usli u Kubu i pomalo sire trgovacku mreszu. To ti je sigurno poznato ako si toliko godina vec tamo. Sva droga na Kubi dolazi iz Meksika, a zemlja porijekla – Kolombija.

    Dugujem ti objasnjenje za Srbiju: to sam cuo ovdje na televiziji (mislim da sam spomenuo da zivim u Italiji) i u novinama prije par tjedana kada su govorili o Grckoj. Od svih zemalja Juge, zatim Bugarska, Madjarska, Rumunija i Grcka (albanija je van svake konkurencije. po siromastvu prednjaci cak i vecini africkih zemalja…), Srbija je prema italijanskim analiticarima najstabilnija i najcvrsca ekonomski i financijski.Zasto?
    Paradoksalno, zahvaljujuci dugotrajnoj izolaciji, Srbija nema znacajnije veze sa Evropskim financijskim sredistima pa je kriza nije niti dodirnula. Poanta? Drzi se van medjunarodnih institucija i trzista kapitala. Po svaku cijenu. Bio je vrlo interesantan dokumentarac, o korjenima krize i kamo ide kapitalizam.

    I njima je jasno da je kapitalizam otisao. Od Rima pa na jug, nezaposlenost je 35%. Katastrofa nevjerojatnih proporcija. Italiji prijeti bankrot, a ne tako davno je bila, toboze, peta svjetska ekonomska sila…

  12. 70Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 9th, 2010 at 23:30

    Free societies are able to solve quite more problems than dictatorial and totalitarians regimes……. first those regimes has not a free organ like the press watching out all problems and pointing the gov if it look to the side…… in totalitarians regime the free press is incarcerated, killed and beaten in order to avoid it to do it work so regime can look to the side, up down and back but not the problems …. that’s why we have a country with much worst social problems than Canada which also is falling apart and with all industries in hands of our suposedly enemy when Canada is one of the more developed countires in the world

  13. #69 – “a reality that we are acknowledging and TV stations, newspapers, politicians discuss FREELY about it.”
    But your society is unwilling to solve all the acknowledged problems. Maybe if people like you were less interested in the problems elsewhere, and determined to solve your own, those disenfranchised in your country could have a more dignified life.

  14. Barbara, you are beating around the bush. Although the internet is widely available at resorts it is very slow, actually slower than dial up 10 years ago. This works in the favor of the Cuban Government as they charge 6 CUC for 1 hour of internet. I was able to access a lot of websites except this one. In regards to the fiber optic I believe that you and all the employees of the Minister of Interior need to have some fiber optic insertion in the brain. This might help you understand how your country was hijacked 51 years ago and the Cubans became slaves. You can brag all you want about Canadian being tased to death, and Aboriginal being ostracized. It is a reality that we are acknowledging and TV stations, newspapers, politicians discuss FREELY about it. We are able to visit our MP ( member of the parliament) representative and inquire about this issues FREELY. Moreover I can leave Canada FREELY anytime I want.I can spend more than 11 months anywhere I want without jeopardizing my Canadian citizenship which by the way was acquired and not inherited. To this I have to add that I am also aloud to hold my other citizenship and I can hold both passports.

    Get some fiber optics before it is too late Barbara

  15. 66Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 9th, 2010 at 18:40

    In spite yours and castrofascism desires the opposition in Cuba is created by regime’s barbaric crimes and desastrouse economical policy not by any foreign gov…….. USA donates a tiny part of taxpayers money to the cuban nation in order to relief somehow the desperate situation of cuban freedom fighters that are fired of their jobs by the only employer in Cuba (regime)and left without any income source to maintain their families …….. castrofascism trys in such way to kill by hungry all oppositors and their families…. thanks to donations from particulars, organizations and some countries cuban oppositors and their families can survive castrofascism harassment and abuses.

  16. #61 –

    Maybe now we’ll be able to verify how much dissidents in Cuba will actually get from the $15 million taken from US tax payers and allocated to organizations in Miami, when unemployment is on the rise here at home.

    Could you imagine what would happen if an organization here received financing from Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim nation, for the sole purpose of creating an opposition to the US Government from within?

    Funds had been frozen because of abuses in spending by Cubans in Miami of previous funding; buying sprees of all sorts, etc., at tax-payer’s expense!

  17. Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 9th, 2010 at 16:13

    Trust me, the last thing you want is for Cubans to have access to this website; because then, you will have no doubt as to how the majority in Cuba do not want the policies you probably support, and how they in their vast majority defend their sovereign right to self-determination.

    haha….. silly thug….. no results that castrofascism is holding the cuban people so they can’t come here and show its support to regime and disaprovation about the denounces against castro crimes we write here!!!!!!!
    The best your comment has is not the naive statement but you recognized implicit the responsability of castro regime in Cubans forbiden access to internet,,,,, you can’t even lie with constance.

  18. Barbara:

    What does the lack of access to the Internet by Cubans has to do with social injustices in Canada.
    Is it your opinion that Cubans should not get access to unrestricted information until the entire world is a peacefull and just world.
    Or is it that your maternalistic impulses wishes to protect Cubans by preventing them from witnessing injustices from friendly countries.
    I assume you enjoyed getting access to that You Tube even thou you do not live in Canada.
    Join me in celebrating that the commentary was published for all to see without Canadians trying to supress it.
    Why don’t you make Granma, aware of this You Tube; and than ask, how come the Cuban official press or parliament does not issue a condemning proclamention about Canadian lack of justice on this and other issues?

    Remeber one society injustice cannot be excuse by another one country misdeeds.

  19. 54Simba

    Junio 9th, 2010 at 16:00

    The foolish brigade will never answer a question that affects castrofascism…. the reality is that each time more and more people like Igor are understanding the real situation of Cubans under 51 years of bloody tyranny and informative isolation.

  20. 52Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 9th, 2010 at 15:36
    #50 IGOR – It’s a good thing they didn’t have access to this either, while you vacationed in Cuba:


    In spite we all know this spots are commies propaganda, we can only answer that…..It is the result of socialism….. even soft socialism like canadian

  21. 51Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 9th, 2010 at 15:30
    #50 – You’ll have to ask the US deaprtment of the Treasury and the US State Deapartment.

    I asked US dept. of state and the answer was:

    In a move to reach out the Cuban people, the White House on Monday announced a series of changes to U.S. policy toward Cuba, including the authorization of greater telecommunications links to the communist country.

    “This will increase the means through which Cubans on the island can communicate with each other and with persons outside of Cuba,” the White House said in a statement. “Cuban American connections to family in Cuba are not only a basic right in humanitarian terms, but also our best tool for helping to foster the beginnings of grassroots democracy on the island.”

    Under the new policy, U.S. telecommunications providers will be able to establish fiber-optic cable and satellite telecommunications facilities linking the U.S. and Cuba, as well as license to enter into and operate under roaming service agreements with Cuba’s telecommunications providers. Additionally, U.S. satellite radio and satellite television service providers will be able to obtain a license to provide services to customers in Cuba.

    Persons under U.S. jurisdiction will be allowed to activate and pay U.S. or third-country service providers for telecommunications, satellite radio, or satellite TV services provided to individuals in Cuba, save for certain senior Communist Party and Cuban government officials. People will also, under a license exception, be able to export to Cuba communications devices such as mobile phone systems, computers, software, and satellite receivers.

    The Obama administration’s announcement continues the transition to more open communications between the United States and Cuba set in motion under the Bush administration. President Bush announced in 2008 that Americans could send cell phones to family members in Cuba. He also permitted faith-based organizations and nonprofit groups working with Cuba to provide computers and Internet access to the Cuban people.

    Bush’s actions came in response to Cuban President Raul Castro’s decision to lift the ban prohibiting the use of cell phones by ordinary citizens in Cuba.

  22. Everyone living and visiting CUBA should rally behind and support LAS DAMAS DE BLANCO. They are all brave women protesting cause their loved ones have been jailed for having opinions different than the CASTRO brothers(la CHINA and the MUMMY). The government is scared that public support for these peace loving women gets out of hand and bring a faster end to the abusive government who has been ruling for the last 50 years. I see Walter a/k/a Barbara C. is busy spinning some more half truths. For “some reason” Cuban citizens are seeking visas to get out, while others build rafts and float out. All this technology has caused a big problem for the ruling few.

  23. #56 – Actually IGOR
    you can call it INTOLERANCE or TRADITIONAL EXILES in Mimai; they are synonyms

  24. #56 – Yes, God bless U.S. tax-payers, desiring or not to pay for this blog.

  25. IGOR it’s called INTOLERANCE. Not only Canadians, but more important CUBANS CAN’T. MAS VERDE QUE LAS PALMAS. Thank you IGOR with your post as its important that the WORLD realizes the TRUTH about Cuba. Some who post here are agents of that failed system and it is their duty to spread lies and twist the TRUTH. God bless everyone who makes this BLOG possible.

  26. #54 – you know so little of what you support. Find out about how the US owns optic fibers necessary for web access, and has refused to sell it to Cuba. His question was in reference not to his right to travel there as a Canadian, but as to his inability to access the website from Cuba.

    Trust me, the last thing you want is for Cubans to have access to this website; because then, you will have no doubt as to how the majority in Cuba do not want the policies you probably support, and how they in their vast majority defend their sovereign right to self-determination.

    By now I hope there is a closet nearby where you can chill for awhile, gather your thoughts about you, and isntead of questioning my mental stability, question your ability to understand what you read before responding to it.

  27. Simba Sez: Barbara (Walter Lippman) Curbelo; You seem to be suffering from paranoia. Making an attempt to answer a Canadian citizen’s question about traveling in Cuba by telling him he will have to ask the United States Department of the Treasury and the United States State Department leaves grave doubts about your mental stability. Following that with a rant about Canadian policies further accentuates your inability to thoughtfully assess the question, and supply a proper response.

  28. #50 IGOR – It’s a good thing they didn’t have access to this either, while you vacationed in Cuba:

  29. #50 – You’ll have to ask the US deaprtment of the Treasury and the US State Deapartment.

    Explains this to us:
    TORONTO – Amnesty International’s annual report sharply criticizes Canada in a number of areas, including aboriginal rights and the use of security certificates to detain terror suspects.

    The report says Canada failed to ensure aboriginal rights when issuing licences for mining, logging and oil and gas exploration.

    The annual report accuses Ottawa of continuing to make “baseless claims” that the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples does not apply in Canada.

    The two pages spotlighting Canada also note the violence against aboriginal women and the lack of a national plan to address it.

    Oil and gas developments in northern Alberta come under sharp criticism as continuing without the consent of the Lubicon Cree who are in poor health and living in poverty.

    People detained under security certificates continue to be denied access to the evidence used against them, it states.

    The report makes note of the Afghan detainee controversy and that Omar Khadr remains in U.S. custody in Guantanamo Bay despite a Federal Court ruling that Canada should seek his repatriation.

    It also takes issue with the use of Tasers by police forces.

  30. Just came back from Cuba. I’ve tried to access this website from there. It’s blocked. Explain to me Barbara, why a Canadian citizen is not allowed to access this site as he travels to Cuba ?

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