I Am Going to Jequié

After a denial, the majority of those seeking permission to travel give up going back to ask again. A few, very few, continue to insist when they’ve heard the phrase, “You are not authorized to travel,” more than three times. Only a handful of stubborn ones, among whom I include myself, return to the Department of Immigration (DIE) to demand the so-called white card that has been denied on four occasions. Although with each new request it would seem the possibilities become more remote, I’m driven to make it clear that my imprisonment on this Island has been for my not having exhausted all legal avenues.

Under this philosophy of the impossible I’ve launched another application in the direction of the Plaza municipality’s DIE, this time to go to the city of Jequié-Bahia in Brazil. In July there will be a documentary film festival where a young filmmaker will present a short film about Cuban bloggers; if I miss it it will be because I’ve received the sixth “No” in just two years. As with all previous applications, the letter of invitation has arrived on time, my passport is up-to-date and my criminal record is spotless. In theory, I meet all the existing requirements to cross the national frontier, but I am still emitting critical opinions and this turns me into a special kind of criminal.

For this trip I have decided to knock on as many doors as possible, and have even sent a letter to the Brazilian president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva. Who knows if, failing to listen to the demands of its own citizens, my country’s government has receptive ears when a foreign dignitary speaks. My friends are hinting that I have become, at the DIE office, just another piece of “office furniture” with the little metal inventory tag nailed to my shoulder blades, like on all the other furniture in state institutions. I can only smile at such jokes and shake off the despair with a nice play on words: “I am going, yes… I am going to become accustomed to staying.”


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  1. Post 66, perpetaul repeater complaining about others “repeating” themselves…!!!


    What’s next?

    Hey, I know!!!

    But, not telling… Don’t want to repeat myself…

  2. 65Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 27th, 2010 at 10:56
    #63 – yo creo en libertad con todo mi corazon, that’s why I want a foreign nation to rule Cuba…

    No concept of national identity; of history; of self!

    This is the new repetitive propaganda aimed on cuban people…… yes, on cuban people because in spite this silly agent writtes this here in reality the propaganda is designed for cubans inside the island…… the agent writes it here just because castrofascism is misoriented about how to drive the propaganda aimed on non cubans, the agents has no other thing to write……. a child can see that propaganda designed for isolated cubans can’t work with non cubans…… but they don’t have any other strategy……. Yoani and the new wave of freedom fighters got castrofascism by surprise moving the fight scenario from the traditional in-Cuba fight to the international cyber giving to the world the oportunity to observe this fight directly…… it cought castrofascism unaware and without a proper strategy……. their weak response are such ridiculous things as agent culero repeats on and on ultimately!!!!!

  3. #63 – yo creo en libertad con todo mi corazon, that’s why I want a foreign nation to rule Cuba…

    No concept of national identity; of history; of self!

  4. Post 63, what is with that fixation that a foreign government can or should solve cuban problems?

    Do you understand that

    1. Even if he wanted, usanian president could not do any such thing. He’d end up like Kennedy. Killed by his own people.

    2. He doesn’t want to do any such thing because usa is not a democratic country, nor is interested in helping anyone achieve any such thing. Have you heard of Afghanistan, Iraq, Jugoslavia, Chile, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, San Salvador, Nicaragua…?

    Even Australia. usa had deposed socialist (labourist) government in 1974 when they introduced free health and education, and wanted to introduce the pensions for all.

    Yes, Australians only have pensions since 1990, and even today their pension funds are only 9%.

    All thanks to the usanian nazists.

    You need to wake up and open your eyes.

    Only Cubans have the right to solve their problems. No one else. And only they will decide how and when will they solve their problems.

    The only thing usa can give to Cuba is horrors of prostitution, poverty and enslavement to their (usanian) rich capitalists who couldn’t care less about Cuban people.

    And it seems that is what you want. I hope I am wrong…

  5. Dear readers y Yoani,

    If only…

    President Obama requests that the Cuban government allow him to broadcast a 5 minute TV and radio broadcast to be aired on Cuban TV. In return, someone from Cuba could do the same on US TV.

    It would be so easy to break down this Cuban wall:

    [President Obama]: speaking to a Cuban government high official: “Do you love the Cuban people?”

    [Cuban official]: +/- “Of course”

    [President Obama]: +/- “The Cuban people, they are committed to the Revolution?”

    [Cuban official]: “100%”

    [President Obama]: “Do you trust the Cuban people you love?”

    [Cuban official]: “Without any hesitation whatsoever.”

    [President Obama]: “Very well. From this moment any and all Cubans are free to travel to and from the United States of America without any Visa requirements whatsoever. They are free to come and go as they please in America.

    Mr/Mrs Cuban official, what do you have to say to that new policy I just announced?”

    [Cuban official]: “ah….am…ah…ah…ah…”

    You get the idea.

    Now, if only…

  6. Post 61, talking to your imaginary friends again, eh? Since I do not exist, who are you arguing with?

    Your mirror, evidently.

    Everyone knows how crappy those “child prostitution” movies are. SO do propaganda aparatchiks like below poster. UN have investigated thoroughly nad have found NOT a SINGLE SHREAD of evidence to support these hollow ideological nazist claims. Including those spanish”documentaries” which were made by some rather sick people who were filming under the childrens skirts, luring young girls into hotels and houses with the promise of money for sex.

    Yet, not UN, not Amnesty International, not Human Rights Watch could find one single case of children being forced into prostitution.

    Juvenile prostitution is something else, but teenagers are free from 16 years of age to engage in sexual relations, so that is not a CHILD prostitution in legal terms. They do it on their own.

    Just as thousands of teenage Italians of both sexes are engaging into prostitution every day. Or usanian teenagers. Or german and british teenagers.

    Of their own will. In fact, in these capitalist countries they are often forced to do it, and some like Belgium, Australia and Netherlands are notoriously known for their pedofile rings and traffic of children as young as 6 months for sex.

    Now these are some seriously deranged and dangerous cretens I would love to see in jail for ever.

    Not a single of them is in Cuba trafficking with children.

    There’s just no stopping in promoting lies and false ideological propaganda by the wrong whinners, is there?

    Nothing will stop them in trying to make their point based on lies, deception, criminal activities, violence, hypocrisy…

    A bunch of disoriented cheap and primitive immigrants. Good for nothing in their own country, good for nothing in their new country.

    Just wasting the oxigen.

  7. 60Damir

    Junio 22nd, 2010 at 08:36

    Read any brochre or tourist publication about tourism from any major tourism oriented publication and you will find articles about the theme…. in the internet there are several films made by tourists about child prostitution in Cuba, there is even one of them that shows how teachers in schools participates in this commerce, there is other that shows a spanish tourist teaching new landed tourists how and where to get girls of any age…….. you can find it by you self if you want…… links to those films has been posted here several times…….. I don’t will find nothing to you ….. I am not interested in proving nothing to you….. you are nothing…. you don’t exist…… do you understand?????…..

  8. Retards, prove your “child prostitution” bullshit. Between your nazist rants and UN report, I choose to trust the UN report and consider you a bunch of primitive nazist retards.

    Which is clearly obvious from your stupid posts.

  9. The explosion of infantile prostitution and the passion it has awaken among world’s pedophiles to move in to Cuba and make of the island theirs permanent residence place is a fact that you can find in all tourism information bureaus around the world.
    Another fact, not publicly findable because the tyranny hides this information, is that the only measurement the tyranny has taken about this situation is to dictate laws forbidding the free reallocation of people from provinces to the capital city, in such way they pretend to cut the arrival to Havana of infantile prostitutes from other cities. Another “measurement” the tyranny implemented was to dictate that all landlords renting rooms or apartments or houses to tourist are in the obligation of watching closely and carefully the movements of the tourist and to inform all activities to the police…… but……. In reality, when landlords goes and denounce theirs inquilines for performing pedophile activities the only answer they receive from police is: Go there and tell the tourist he/she can not introduce people minor than 16 year old in your property…… that’s it!!!!!!!
    The tyranny has also dictated an order to the police: Live alone our “tourist”!!!!!
    Pedophiles from every country in the world are moving to Cuba and arranged all needed so theirs retirement checks will be send there……. and the tyranny is happy because it represents millions of dollars.

  10. YOUTUBE: Prostitution in Cuba (1/2)

    YOUTUBE: Prostitution in Cuba (2/2)

  11. Post 17, first get the wording straight. “child trafficking” is when adults SELL children to each other for sex. “child prostitution is when MINORS are engaged in sexual activities with adults for money.

    And now the last error you make: when 16 years old girls have sex with adults, if the law recognises them as adults (in Cuba 16 years old can marry, with parents permission, and have the right to vote, which means they are legally adults), they are adults, not children.

    There is no children trafficking or prostitution in Cuba.

    There are many young girls offering sex to old, fat, sweaty foreigners. I have seen a few and not one was forced by anyone to do that.

    As everywhere, many young women are attracted to the money and the fastest way to get some is to sell their bodies. If anything, I can say that I saw many of those girls enjoying what they do.

    That is not a reflection on the “evil regime”. It is more a reflection of poor morals of those girls.

    The OUN has confirmed and debunked many times these “claims” about “child trafficking and prostitution” in Cuba. To claim that it exists is to side with terrorists who are looking for any excuse to bash the country in order to garner support for their violence.

    Anyone supporting team Yoani is supporting violent change in Cuba, terrorism and violence.

    For that is the only thing that can come out from team Yoani’s work.

    Death, destruction and more violence upon tired Cuban people.

  12. A lot of pointless and senseless posting, as always. Terrorism is unfortunately alive, and although vanishing as the criminals are getting older, they still make noise as if they can make a difference.

    How pathetic to be a stupid derechista and promote a violence in this day and age.

  13. Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas en el 8vo. Aniversario de la Presentación del Proyecto Varela

    Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas (La Habana, Cuba, 29 de febrero de 1952) es un activista político cubano, opositor al gobierno cubano. Fue el fundador y el organizador del Proyecto Varela, mediante el cual, amparado por la constitución, recolectó las firmas necesarias para presentar al gobierno una solicitud de cambios en la legislación.
    El propósito del Proyecto Varela era fomentar un proyecto de ley que abogaba por reformas políticas en la isla a favor de mayores libertades individuales.

    El proyecto Varela se basa en el artículo 88 (g) de la constitución cubana del 1976, que permite que los ciudadanos propongan leyes si 10.000 electores registrados presentan sus firmas a favor de la propuesta. La organización reportó haber conseguido 11.200 firmas, más del número requerido para ser considerado por la Asamblea Nacional Cubana.

  14. Transparency for Cuba by Oswaldo José Payá Sardiñas

    “In this way each person, enjoying freedom of expression, … and enjoying appropriate freedom of association, will be able to cooperate effectively in the pursuit of the common good.” -Pope John Paul II

    The Cuban government has continued the dialogue with the European Union in which the speaker-designate, is the Spanish government. They have accepted the rules of the Cuban government and the most significant of these rules is: That the highest Spanish functionaries not dialogue with nonviolent Cuban dissidents.

    This exclusion is representative of the contradiction between that dialogue and the most legitimate aspirations of the Cubans. That is why this dialogue is not a facilitator of dialogue among Cubans, or of peaceful change, because it denies a voice to those who expressly and directly go to the root of the problem by demanding rights for Cubans. If there are political prisoners in Cuba, it is because the government denies many rights to the Cubans. You can not disconnect those Cubans for the cause of which they were unjustly imprisoned. They, our brothers and comrades in struggle, are in prison for peacefully defending the rights of all Cubans, for that reason they must be released quickly and without conditions.

    The government does not respect the people’s right to know, it submerges them into anxiety, misinformation and uncertainty about their lives and their own future and do not even commit to its citizens to make changes and respect their rights. It is not the church that has imprisoned the prisoners, but the government. It is not the church that denies rights to Cubans, but the government. But it is also not fair to the people of Cuba, nor the faithful and suffering Church in Cuba, which is part of people, that some pastors accept the unique role of being sole partners of the government here in Cuba, accepting and practicing the condition of exclusion imposed by the government itself. At the moment that Cubans want change with transparency, rights and that what belongs to the people be respected: Freedom. That which God gives and no one can take away.

    From the time of the other dictatorships that scourged Cuba and throughout the tortured history of political imprisonment in this dictatorship, many relatives of political and also common prisoners, as Cubans persecuted and excluded have found in the Church support, comfort and humane support in the midst of poverty, the enormous difficulties and the pain. It has been also and especially after the imprisonment of those we call the Prisoners of the Cuba Spring that are a sign of hope of liberation. The church can be persecuted and criticized by anyone, but when they have no where to go to even those who criticize and persecuted as any other, can go to it and touch its doors and find the loving acceptance of nuns, priests, lay people and also their bishops. Much more a church in Cuba that has grown up in poverty and has been affirmed and suffering persecution united in their allegiance to Jesus Christ. We have also learned from the Church, that no one should pretend to be a political actor from the Church because it converts the church into being a political part, when it should be a facilitator of dialogue between all parties. We believe that Cubans should not be spectators of this or any negotiation or dialogue, and should also prepare to be agents of their liberation, the protagonists of their own history as prophesized by Pope John Paul II.

    The government neither recognizes us dissidents, nor engages in dialogue with us, because it would have to recognize and respect the rights and freedom of Cubans. In dissent or opposition the movement inside and outside the country peacefully struggles for freedom, reconciliation and human rights in Cuba. The Dissidents, then, is much more than a theme that can be treated by the Government and representatives of the Church without listening to or considering us. We are a group of Cubans who for decades, most of the time as a lone voice in the wilderness of terror and lies, have proclaimed the right of Cubans to their rights and sought peace working for justice. We do not ask for a space or privileges or recognition for us, or place in dialogues that are not with all Cubans. We only announce and proclaim that, with or without this dialogue, we will continue to fight nonviolently for freedom, rights, justice and peace in Cuba until we achieve those goals. This place is not given to us by anyone in this world and in that mission, we entrust ourselves to God our Father, Lord of History.

    Oswaldo José Payá Sardiñas-Coordinator,Christian Liberation Movement -June 17, 2010


    Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas (born February 29, 1952 in Havana, Cuba) is a political activist in Cuba and is considered that country’s most prominent political dissident. He received the Sakharov Prize in 2002 and he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004, 2008 & 2010 and in 2004 for the “Principe de Asturias” Prize for harmony.


  15. 48Barbara Curbelo

    Junio 17th, 2010 at 22:19
    #47 – Y en que lista se encuentra Yoani…

    You are so unmoral that right after critize others commenter for writting in spanish you do the same……….
    Yoani can be in the list she wants and that doesn’t means nothing but cuban freedom fighters are practicing democracy and all them has diferent opinions and strategies ….. they are showing a sample of what will be the future Cuba under their rule…. a open and plural Cuba where everyone will have the right to persue the country welfare and happiness in the way eachone believe is better…… that is exactly what the 74 group and the 490 gorup are fighting for: to bring down an assasin regime that repress the diferent thinking people in order to make its opinion and ruling way the only one.

  16. By-the-way BC, instead of ruuning to the moderator and crying about how your feelings were hurt why don’t you get a morality transplant. Your comments/arguments are inane,
    pathetically sophomoric, evasive and nonsensical. Your defense of the abortion of a regime in cuba is a disgrace.

  17. Barbara la jinetera if we were to use “being offensive” as a criteria for determining who gets to comment you would have clearly been ruled offensive. Your phoney sensibilities don’t hide your offensive comments when you lie, misrepresent, apologize and defend the crimes perpetrated by your bosses in Habana. You offend when you mischaracterize all those opposed to the thugs in Cuba. You offend when you ignore the atrocities committed by the walking colostomy bag fidel and his cronies. You offend when you justify repression. For every naive and easily taken blog contributor that suggests your comments deserve respect there are many others who see you for the offensive fool that you are. People like you who defend the indefensible don’t deserve respect. The words you regurgitate in this forum like the parrot that you are only deserve scorn and derision.

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