Interviews With Dr. Darsi Ferrer and Juan Juan Almeida

Greetings from Darsi Ferrer for the Cuban bloggers.

The recordings are courtesy of the independent journalist José Alberto Álvarez.

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  1. What’s with the spanish, monkeys? This is english page. Take your stupidity somewhere else. Got nothing to say anyway.

    From your posts and personal behaviour it is clear that you have no idea what is “freedom” or “human rights” anyway.

    By the way, bunch of chimpanzees, did you know that so-called “human rights watch” is really just a part of a government in every country they are present in?

    Which discredits them in the start.

    A governmental organisation observing what a government is doing on “human rights” and “freedom”.

    Very “objective”, not to mention “independent”. So when losers like siggie and similar worms, are quoting HRW as their “source” of “objective” information, they are merely reporting what the government in their country (shitty old usa) is brainwashing them with,

    But I am throwing perls before the swines…

  2. La voz que grita en la soledad, Juan Bautista, un dia se oyo, ahora ya se oyen las voces de los cubanos. Desgraciadamente, otros siguen sus maldades, y remplazan a los ancianos morimundos, Chavez pretende hacer de Cuba un satelite de Venezuela o viceversa. Alguien sabe que hace Ramiro valdez en Venenzuela, y tantisimos cubanos militares que se reportan alli?

  3. EFE: El presidente de la Asamblea General de la ONU visitará Cuba el próximo lunes

    La Habana, 25 jun (EFE).- El presidente de la Asamblea General de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU), el libio Ali Treki, realizará una visita oficial a Cuba, informaron hoy fuentes oficiales.

    Treki será recibido el próximo lunes por el ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, en la sede de la cancillería de La Habana, según la convocatoria distribuida a medios de prensa extranjeros.

    El comunicado no ofrece otros detalles sobre la visita ni informa hasta cuando permanecerá en la isla el alto funcionario de la ONU.

    Treki, que fue ministro para Asuntos Africanos de Libia, asumió el cargo de presidente de la Asamblea General de la ONU en septiembre de 2009, en sustitución del nicaragüense Miguel D’ Escoto.

    Ali Abdussalam Treki (Arabic: علي عبد السلام التريكي ‎) (born 1938) is a Libyan diplomat. He was foreign minister of Libya from 1976 to 1982 and again from 1984 to 1986.Treki assumed office as President of the United Nations General Assembly on 15 September 2009.[1]

  4. YOUTUBE on how the Zapata Tamayo family & Reina Luisa Tamayo are being intimidated by “THE REVOLUTIONARY RATS” in Cuba, guided by “LA CHINA” & “THE MUMMY”!! HOW BRAVE ARE THE CASTRO BROTHERS!(HEAVY sarcasm!)


    BBC NEWS: Stalin statue taken down in his Georgian hometown-Authorities in Georgia have taken down a statue of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin that stood in the central square of Gori, his hometown.-25 June 2010

    Authorities in Georgia have taken down a statue of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin that stood in the central square of Gori, his hometown.
    The six-metre (20ft) bronze statue was removed unannounced from its plinth in the middle of the night.

    The statue will be moved to a museum in Gori dedicated to Stalin, said the head of the city council, Zviad Khmaladze.

    It will be replaced by a monument for the victims of Georgia’s 2008 war with Russia.

    Gori was bombed by Russian forces during the brief conflict in August 2008.

    A journalist told Reuters news agency that police had tried to prevent reporters from filming the removal of the statue.

    “A new monument dedicated to victims of the Russian aggression will be erected” in the central square, said Mr Khmaladze.

    Subject of debate
    The statue of Stalin had stood in central Gori since the early 1950s, and many of the town’s residents have remained proud of the former Soviet leader.

    It is thought to have been the sole large-scale statue of Stalin still standing in its original position in the former Soviet Union.

    But there are several smaller busts on display, some unveiled as recently as May amid celebrations for the 65th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany.

    After Georgia gained independence in 1991, crowds tore down statues of Stalin and Lenin across the country, but hundreds of people gathered in Gori and refused to let the statue there be touched.

    Recently, the fate of the statue has been a subject of debate in Georgia, with supporters of the pro-Western “Rose Revolution” that brought President Mikheil Saakashvili to power in 2004 arguing for its removal.

    Georgia’s Culture Minister Nika Rurua defended the authorities’ action on Friday, saying “I believe Stalin was a political criminal, who led the Russian Bolshevik army into Georgia in 1921, which eventually carried out Georgia’s occupation”.

    “Stalin was a man who created hideous autonomies based on ethnic division, which to this day continue to create great problems for Georgia’s freedom, democracy and consolidation. Stalin was a man who simply destroyed the best parts of Georgia.”

    Joseph Stalin was born to a modest family in Gori in 1879.

    Though he was not a decisive figure in the Bolshevik seizure of power in 1917, he quickly rose through the ranks of the Communist Party after the revolution, securing his position as undisputed leader in the years after Lenin’s death in 1924.

    His forced collectivisation of agriculture cost millions of lives, while thousands were executed and millions sent into exile during purges in the 1930s.

    Soviet authorities moved to dismantle the cult around Stalin in the period of “de-Stalinisation” that followed his death.

    There are still many statues of Lenin across the former Soviet Union, as well as a mausoleum to the former leader in Moscow.

  6. REUTERS: Cuba reports dramatic drop in maritime shipping-Fri Jun 25, 2010

    International shipping to and from the island nation of Cuba fell by more than 60 percent in 2009 as the country slashed imports to deal with a foreign exchange crisis, a government report released on Friday said.
    The report, posted on the National Statistics Office web page (, provides a good indicator of the depth of the economic crisis in the Communist-run nation, which imports most of its energy, machinery, food and consumer goods.

    International maritime shipping fell from 11.36 million tonnes in 2008 to 4.52 million tonnes last year, the report stated.

    Import tonnage was 3.27 million tonnes in 2009, compared with 8.84 million tonnes in 2008, while export tonnage was unchanged at around 450,000 tonnes the report said (here).

    Cuba’s economy has been battered by the global financial crisis, damaging hurricanes and chronic inefficiencies.

    Faced with a mushrooming trade deficit, a liquidity crisis and tight credit, Cuban President Raul Castro declared at the end of 2008 the country could no longer spend more than it earned and proceeded to cuts imports.

    Economy Minister Marino Murillo said in December imports were down 37.4 percent compared to 2008, while the government had turned 2008’s foreign exchange deficit into a surplus.

    Foreign businessman in Cuba say the country appears to be reducing imports even more this year. The cutbacks have led to spot shortages of goods and some foods.

    (Reporting by Marc Frank; Editing by Jeff Franks and Alan Elsner)

  7. REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS:Dissident doctor and reporter paroled after nearly a year in pre-trial detention-Published on 23 June 2010

    Darsi Ferrer, a dissident public health activist who contributes to independent news media, was finally tried yesterday on charges of “irregularities” and “assault” and was granted a conditional release after being held without trial since July 2009.

    A physician who heads the independent “Juan Bruno Zayas Health and Human Rights Centre,” Ferrer upset the authorities by gathering and disseminating information about the current state of the Cuban health system and the situation of political prisoners.

    Ferrer had been held in Valle Grande prison, west of Havana, since his arrest on 21 July 2009, for which the official reason was his “illegal” acquisition of building materials to repair his house. Prosecutors requested a three-year jail sentence, but the court sentenced him yesterday to 15 months and said he could serve the remaining four months under house arrest.

    “We are obviously relieved by Ferrer’s release even if he was finally given a jail sentence to match the time he already had spent behind bars,” Reporters Without Borders said. “No one is fooled about the real reason for his detention as this is a country in which the authorities tolerate no public expression of dissenting views. His release was not in any way an act of clemency or, even less so, a sign of an improvement in respect for basis rights and freedoms.”

    Cuba still has approximately 200 prisoners of conscience, who include 24 journalists. One of them is the Reporters Without Borders correspondent Ricardo González Alfonso, who has been held since the “Black Spring” crackdown of March 2003.

    Dissidents continue to be the target of harassment, repression and hate campaigns by the authorities and their supporters. Hablemos Press, a small independent news agency, reported that two more journalists, José Manuel Caraballo Bravo and Raúl Arias Márquez of the Agencia de Prensa Libre Avileña (APLA), were arrested on 21 June.

    Reporters Without Borders reiterates its appeal to the community of Latin American countries to intercede on behalf of Cuba’s imprisoned journalists and dissidents, some of whom have fallen seriously ill since their arrest,37796.html

  8. Here is a direct translation from Google translate. Is raw but you guys get the idea.

    Well I’m Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramirez address the health center and right Juan Bruno Suarez. Just a few hours ago I was released after 11 months and one day exactly. I went to prison on July 21 of last year.
    It’s been a year during which I have suffered injustice, arbitrariness, and especially the discriminatory treatment by government authorities of Cuba and mainly by the prosecution. Which gave the face all along. Of course two communes receiving and assault offenses. I applied the most severe measures under the law of criminal procedure or whether the temporary detention and during this time have been violating all legal procedures and terms established by Cuban law when a criminal prosecution. A criminal prosecution was all fabricated, as we all know about the safety of the state that has not complied with the minimum guarantees of due process. Today was the last act of this drama in a trial in the municipal courtroom on 10 October. By the end of the trial court was a punishment of one year and three months of corrective labor seems to me without detention. I do not accept any conviction because I have not committed any crime. I’m just a person who did not support this government and is opposed to his policy to travez a peaceful methods of civil disobedience and bone respetuaza laws are doing nothing wrong. I have the right to oppose the government because they simply think that is the cause of the problems Gravez today is suffering Cuban people.
    During these 11 months in prison in deplorable conditions and inhumane, cruel inhuman and degrading solidarity was very important both from the opposition, many Cubans on the island, like many Cubans abroad and many people of goodwill of the people friends Cuba shared the suffering of the Cuban people and are sensitive to the dramatic situation experienced by the Cuban people. I am very grateful for that solidarity. The energies and forces to support the whole experience totally hard. Totally very hard for any human being gained, thanks mainly to support my family and all these people inside Cuba and outside Cuba solidarity with their support and affection are a major stronghold for a forward facing such situation.
    Was it hard to prison. Today after my excarselacion few hours ago still not get used to I’m not behind bars and walls. I feel a double sensation. On the one hand much joy of living at home with my family, my friends, developing the work I have always done in my environment and secondly I have great regret that even though I get a release for my many brothers leave of struggle of conscience and political prisoners over two hundred for them remains the reality the walls and gates of the military uniforms and the haze of the prison that it occupies an important place right now in the most ondo of my feelings. It is very painful to know they are there under those deplorable and inhumane conditions. This cruel and lacera degrandante that tries to tear the dignity of individuals.
    But not only political prisoners. I have also known the troubles of ordinary prisoners. It is estimated around 100 000 and also the injustices and abuses that are now in a more ondo despite my feeling, knowing that I leave there and it’s not much that is on my Alcacer to do for those Cubans who simply the majority inmenza question is what to feed your family and why they are sentenced to prison. That in the end it does is reinforce the commitment I have with the opposition work and energy to face all this kind of challenge. I am very grateful for the solidarity support for the dignity of so many people who have always been supporting our cause, our particular situation. Today at the trial in the prison choir today clamor for freedom and justice and it was very exciting to hear the voice of my brothers from the dungeon of the court as he listened to quell freedom choir!, Freedom!, Justice! Freedom! That’s an indescribable emotion that accompanies me right now and always with me.
    We engaged in finding solutions to the Cuban people. The people living an unsustainable drama. The hardships that are already unbearable.
    We want freedom for our people, reform, change and run out to recognize the rights and freedoms for all Cubans fundamentals. Today we are all victims as communists as non-communists, the religious and the nonreligious and it’s time they reach solutions to the people and that can live in freedom and democracy with the right opportunities for advancement.
    It’s what I wanted to say.

  9. Transcript of Doctor Darsi Ferrer into spanish
    Can someone translate this to english?

    Bueno soy Doctor Darsi Ferrer Ramirez dirijo el centro de salud y derechos Juan Bruno Suarez. Hace apenas unas horas que me excarcelaron despues de hace 11 meses y un dia exactamente. Fui a prision el 21 de Julio del ano pasado.
    A sido un ano durante el cual he sufrido injusticias, arbitrariedades, y principalmente el trato discriminatorio por parte de las autoridades del gobierno de Cuba y principalmente por parte de la fiscalia. QUe dio la cara todo este tiempo. Por supuesto dos delitos communes receptacion y atentado. Se me aplico la mas severa de las medidas contempladas en la ley de procedimiento penal o sea la prision provisional y durante este tiempo se han ido violando todos los procedimientos y terminos judiciales establecidos por las leyes cubanas a la hora de un proceso penal. A sido todo un proceso penal fabricado como todos sabemos por la seguridad del estado que no ha cumplido con la mas minima garantia del debido proceso. Hoy fue el ultimo acto de ese teatro en un juicio en la sala del tribunal municipal de 10 de Octubre. Para el tribunal el final del juicio fue una sancion de un ano y tres meses me parece de trabajo correccional sin internamiento. Yo no acepto ninguna condena porque no he cometido ningun delito. Soy simplemente una persona que no es partidaria de este gobierno y que se opone a su politica a travez de un metodo pacifico de desobediencia civil y respetuaza de las leyes osea no cometo ningun delito. Tengo derecho a oponerme al gobierno por que simplemente considero de que es la causa de los gravez problemas que hoy mismo esta sufriendo el pueblo cubano.
    Durante estos 11 meses de prision en condiciones infrahumanas y deplorable, trato cruel inhumano y degradante a sido muy importante la solidaridad tanto de la oposicion, de muchos cubanos de la isla, como de muchos cubanos del exterior y muchisimas personas de Buena voluntad amigas del pueblo cubano que comparten el sufrimiento del pueblo cubano y tienen sensibilidad hacia la situacion dramatica que vive el pueblo cubano. Estoy muy agradecido a esa solidaridad. Las energias y las fuerzas para soportar toda esta experiencia totalmente dificil. Totalmente muy dura para cualquier ser humano La logre, gracias principalmente al apoyo de mi familia y de todas estas personas dentro de Cuba y fuera de Cuba que con su solidaridad su apoyo y su carino constituyen un gran valuarte para uno seguir adelante afrontando este tipo de situacion.
    Fue dificil la prision. Hoy mismo despues de mi excarselacion hace apenas unas horas todavia ni me acostumbro a que no estoy entre rejas y muros. Siento una doble sensacion. Por una parte mucha alegria de poder estar en mi casa con mi familia, con mis amigos, desarrollando la labor que siempre he hecho en mi entorno y por otra siento un gran pesar por que a pesar de que para mi llego la excarcelacion dejo muchos hermanos de lucha prisioneros politicos y de conciencia mas de dos centenares que para ellos sigue siendo la realidad los muros las rejas y los uniformes de los militares y las calimidades de la prision eso pues ocupa un lugar importante ahora mismo en lo mas ondo de mis sentimientos. Es muy doloroso saber que ellos siguen alli bajo esas condiciones deplorable e infrahumanas . Ese trato cruel y degrandante que lacera , trata de lacerar la dignidad de las personas.
    Pero no solo los presos politicos. Tambien he conocido las calamidades de los presos comunes. Se calculan alrededor de 100 mil y tambien las injusticias y los abusos que hoy son un pesar en lo mas ondo de mi sentimiento, saber de que los dejo alli y que no es mucho lo que esta a mi alcace para hacer por esos cubanos que simplemente la inmenza mayoria lo que trata es de alimentar a su familia y por eso pues son condenados a prision. Eso al final lo que hace es reforzar el compromise que tengo con la labor opositora y las energias para afrontar todo este tipo de reto. Estoy muy agradecido por la solidaridad por el apoyo por la dignidad de tantas personas que siempre se han mantenido apoyando nuestra causa, nuestra situacion particular. Hoy mismo en el juicio en el calabozo hoy el clamor el coro de libertad y justicia y fue muy emocionante oir la voz de mis hermanos desde el calabozo del tribunal como escuchaba a quell coro de libertad!, libertad!, Justicia! Libertad! Eso es una emocion indescriptible que me acompana ahora mismo y que me acompanara siempre.
    Seguimos enfrascados en encontrar soluciones para el pueblo cubano. El pueblo que vive un drama insostenible. Las penurias que ya son insoportables.
    Queremos liberta para nuestro pueblo, reformas, cambio y que se acaben de reconocer los derechos y libertades fundamentals para todos los cubanos. Hoy mismo todos somos victimas tanto los comunistas como los no comunistas, los religiosos como los no religiosos y es hora de que lleguen las soluciones a este pueblo y que pueda vivir con libertad con democracia con derecho y con oportunidades de progreso.
    Es lo que queria decirles.


    Barbara 776

    No sabia que ahora ademas de ABOGADA DE LOS POBRES tambien eras PUBLICITARIA de los blogs de Miami, a lo que hemos llegado y todo por una entrevista en el RADIO……….

  11. This solely video of Dr. Darsi Ferrer is the refutation of all the lies BC and the rest of the agents like Dumbir try to pour here. This is the truth, the invincible and undeniable truth.
    Thank you Darsi for showing to world that there is dignity in the Cuban people.

  12. This is translation of Juan Juan Almeida’s plead (Second Video)

    My name is Jua Juan Almeida Garcia and I am on a hunger strike.
    Why did I begin the strike?
    It would seem paradoxical that I was the first visitor to go to Coco Farinas my personal friend that asked him to put down his hunger strike. But after much pleading and request a right the Cuban authorities would not let me more options than to take this position that I have criticized.
    Personally I hate any kind of drastic measures, extreme measure including hunger strikes. But I have no other choice, I have no other option left.
    For how long will I hold the hunger strike?
    Well, until I get the exit permits.
    I am not pursuing any ideal, only a purpose, I wish to hug my family and receive specialized medical care and return back to Cuba nothing more.
    Thank you very much!
    I began the hunger strike on Tuesday, June 15 of this year and will continue until I achieve my goal. Today I have seven days of hunger strike.

    Spanish transcript

    Me llamo Jua Juan Almeida Garcia y estoy en una huelga de hambre.
    Por que commence la huelga?
    Pareceria paradojico que fui el primero en ir a visitor el Coco Farinas mi amigo personal para que depusiera su huelga. Pero despues de mucho pedir suplicar y exigir un derecho absolutamente loable las autoridades cubanas no me dejaron mas opciones que tomar esta posicion que tanto e criticado.
    Personalmente soy enemigo de todo tipo de medida drastica, de medida extrema incluyendo las huelgas de hambre. Pero no tengo otra opcion, no me dejaron otra opcion.
    Hasta cuando la mantendre?
    Pues hasta que se me conseda el permiso de salida.
    Yo no estoy persiguiendo ningun ideal, solo un proposito, ir a abrazar a mi familia,recibir la asistencia medica especializada y regresar nada mas. Muchas gracias!
    Comenze la huelga el dia martes 15 de junio del presente ano y la llevare hasta conseguir mi objetivo. Hoy llevo 7 dias de huelga de hambre.

  13. Culero,
    Before writting anything about Dr Darsi Ferrer, be sure that your Pampers are clean.This physician has BIG COJONES

  14. Dr. Ferrer, seguir, seguir, a ver si un día estos criminales se encuentran entre las rejas que ellos mismos construyeron. Por lo menos esta mujer se irá a dormir esta noche con sus palabras de usted retumbando en su cabeza, aquí en España, que ha tenido su dictador ya perseguido incluso después de la muerte por un buen juez. Es un placer escucharle, una esperanza verle.

    Con cariño,

    Maureen Dolan.

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