The Art of Coexistence

Yesterday was a road-trip day. Two hours to Pinar del Rio and returning at night on the asphalt highway that separates that city and noisy Havana. The wind blowing in the window tangling my hair, the wrenching of my neck every time the car hit a pothole, and the fright of that the dark, wet highway, dotted with police checkpoints. But these were only temporary discomforts, forgotten when I recall Katrina’s patio packed with members and friends of the magazine Coexistence. Last night they announced the results of the contest organized by that publication, which awarded prizes in the categories of essay, audiovisual script, poetry, fiction and photography.

Reinaldo and I were part of the jury, along with Ángel Santiesteban, and Orlando Pardo Lazo. In the afternoon we deliberated over the texts and images we had been evaluating separately for weeks, some of them coming under pseudonyms taken from Greek mythology. When we opened the enveloped with the real names of the contestants. We were happy to know that among the winners were not only well-known authors, but young people as well who, for the first time, had submitted their work in a contest. Around nine at night we announced the winners, in the only piece of patio that Urban Reform hadn’t confiscated from Karina’s family. In front of the wall built months ago by the administrators, phrases with the character of a chisel rang out, like a drill that can go through any wall. For a couple of hours it was as if the ugly wall of bricks and sheets of zinc wasn’t there at all, as if we had razed it with our words.

Winners of the Coexistence contest:

Best Book of Stories: Francis Sánchez Rodríguez for The Exit.
Best Essay: Dimas Castellanos Martí for Utopia, Challenges and Difficulties in Today’s Cuba.
Best Book of Poetry: Pedro Lázaro Martínez Martínez for This is not a poetic art…
Best Audiovisual Script: Henry Constantin Ferreiro for When the Other World Ends.
Best Photographic Triptych: Ángel Martínez Capote for Impotence.


34 thoughts on “The Art of Coexistence

  1. Post 33, don’t even know how to debate his own point. Mixing the guilt with the unity, failure with the will to co-exist.

    This is more like a minestrone made by someone who cannot cook and has only read once that a minestrone is made of vegetables. Which ones, is unclear.

    Been a few years since he read the recipe. Who can remember any more…

    By the way, Huffington Post declared trashy “newspaper” by usanian own readers:

    In short, merely a toilet paper material.

    Watch out for the lead in the colour. It’s a nasty stuff.

  2. Divided because people like you … claiming to be proud Yougoslavs while claiming to “own” the only truth, no one compromises, no respect, just violence of any kind use to impose not to create.
    If no one looks at their country as their motive but as their proof of righteousness, there is no possibility of country & unity but strife & failure.
    100% ethnic ? … the mere difference its what makes a country, together it makes a nation, their agreement to disagree is what brings unity & success rather than self sabotage.
    Learn from your illustrious history … other know about it & can in a small way see not just the suffering thru the centiries but the great moments of triumph, not as ethnical groups … but as a people.
    The proof today is in the different countries that made Yougoslavia … all w/great people, most willing to exist & co-exist … it takes commitment, tolerance & understanding …
    As well a simple thing as intransigence can destroy a dream … choice is what matters.

  3. Post 31, I was born in Jugoslavia. That makes me a Jugoslav. You need to know one thing about us. There is no such thing as a 100% ethnic “Croat” or “Serb”, or “Montenegrin”. We are all the same people and speak with the same language. But not many will admit that so you have “dialects” turning into politically declared “languages”. All in an attempt by the wrong-whinners, mostly descendants of people on all sides who were serving to nazis and fascists in the WWII, to “distance” themselves from the “others”.

    Our only problem is that becaus we had to fight against the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman occupators for centuries, we did not undergo the unification when the rest of the Europe did, in the 19th century. We regained independece too late to have that process done less painfully, although we did have the political and cultural movement whose goal was the unification of southern “Slavs” (although that is also highly debatable as more than a half are of Illyrian descendancy, not Slavic), the Illyrian Movement, since early 17th century, just like the other people of Europe.

    So that, coupled with our innumerous religions (32 different religions were officially registered and operated in Jugoslavia) and the fact that we had an economy growing as fast as the major European economies, was the thorn in the fat pigs’ arses of fat “democratic capitalists” who just couldn’t have a successful socialist country in the heart of Europe.

    And it was the fifth column, those people, like yourselves here, who helped destroy Jugoslavia and turn it into a handful of mediocre capitalist countries where the crime is the main business of the governments, the economy and property is sold away to the foreigners for billions which were then shared between the “democratic capitalist champions”. Just as you people would destroy Cuba if you had it your way.

    Just consider that today, 20 years after the war in Croatia, the economic situation is on the level it was in 1970′.

    And we were better educated, more developed than Cuba, and situated in the heart of the Europe. We should not have failed.

    Yet we did.

    Catastrophically. Why?

    Because foreigners came in with the money and their “democratic capitalist” laws and took away our land and economy in what capitalism calls “free circulation of capital and investments”.

    THAT is what you ignorants, usanian capitalist arses lickers are fighting for as well, even if you are unable to understand that, until you screw up Cuba irreversibly just as we did with our country. You wil do a lot worse job because, and your posts here prove me right, are not even as half as intelligent as our retarded capitalist pigs’ servants.

    But, Cubans in Cuba are not as divided as we were and that is what gives me hope that you dissidents will not succeed. They deserve that you fail.

  4. @#29
    So you are a Yougoslav … but Yougoslavia does not exist anymore … does it?
    As far as I know Bosnia, or Croatia, Kosovo, Slovenia, Montenegro or Macedonia evolved in its place …
    It does not matter where you are from, what matters is what you say & how, for all your claims of knowledge about the system & about people, you show (read your own posts) a propensity for verbal violence when confronted.
    A rather low level of self control & a sadly amusing ethnical point of view that perhaps (in your mind) justifies your claim of being Yougoslav.
    You fail to present rational coherent arguments, you come accross as a bully with a lot to say but sadly (by your chosen delivery method) of very little constructive value.
    Nevertheless perhaps there is hope for you yet …

  5. 25Yubano

    Julio 4th, 2010 at 21:14

    Same empty words damir uses to write when have nothing to oppose!!!!!!

  6. Post 28, you keep screaming your ignorance. You are around long enough to know that I am Jugoslav, and that Jugoslavija was anything but even remotely similar to the SSSR, both economically and politically.

    If you think the two countries were similar, how can we even attempt to talk about our views when you obviously know nothing about the history, politics and economy?

    What are you product of is ideological fanatism of the worst colour. Overtones are added by the ignorance and self-inflicted blindness to the facts.

    Here’s one for you. Just because only a few countries have successfully developed socialism, and majority has failed, it doesn’t mean that the system is bad.

    It only means that the people who managed it were absolute shit. And given the state of capitalism today, the same is valid for those “managers” and “politicians” as well.

    So to blindly bulshit about the “system” is simply to display the lack of knowledge, education and intelligence.

    Sorry, but that is how it is. I had said a few times now that capitalism has its’ good points. And that not all is bad in capitalism. You and your own are unable to show even remotely similar intellectual capacity to detach yourselves from your primitive “emotions” and employ rational thinking.

    New Zealand’s magazine “Uncensored” has recently dedicated about 15+ pages to the analysis of the usa, for example. And they had to conclude that the usa is a suicidal, highly militarised, nazists state in irreversible downslide into the chaos.

    Not Russians or Chinese. New Zealanders wrote that.

    Because that is the fact.

    Any system is only good as much as its’ leaders are. Hitler called himself a “nationals-socialist”, yet he was all for capitalism and he kept the richest Jews well away from any harms way. He only killed the poor ones. The Krupps ( jews) kept producing arms and spare parts for him until the last day of the WWII.

    So did all other rich and well connected jews who were protected and safe from what was happening to the low and middle class.

    Hypocrisy. Disrespect for the facts. Just plain brainwash.

    So, before you comment on my colours, you better have another look and take notice of the fact that I am a realist, not a fantasy story teler, like majority of anti-Cuban anti-castrists here.

    And that you and your own are the products of your wrong whinners ideologies and installed hatred that has nothing rational in itself.

    Absolutely nothing.

    That is why you people run into insulting those who do not agree with your ideologies and your political brainwash.

    Because there is no substance in any of that material you people are working with. And the worst of all, there is no future in it either.

    Absolutely none.

  7. @#27
    You are showing your colours again, perhaps because you are the product of the former cccp’s regime & ideology & practices.
    Most of your own statemens you don’t practice: -” their opinion is not the only one around and that democracy … means that the people is expected to have different opinions … how else would a democracy progress? …”-
    -“Why anyway? It is easier to insult the shits out of those who disagree and demand that everyone succumb to their ideological crap exclusively.”-
    And speaking of IQ … I guess you don’t you read what you post.
    While proclaiming to have a “life” you surely “enjoy participating; perhaps you use this to relieve all you pent up agression & abuses, I wonder if you practice the same agression & abuse in your “life” w/your family? perhaps not for as long as they “agree’ w/you … right pal?

  8. And to add to that, “democracy” in an ideal case would by default mean and include coexistence.

    How would angry old farts like yumbos and mentally deranged wannabe jews bear to live along with the people who do not share their ideologies?

    Some “coexistence” would that be. The wrong-whinners would do the Castros thing and throw everyone opposing them into a dungeon. Or, better yet, just kill the damned bastards, right?

    Thanks, but no thanks. Stick that “democracy” up your nazist arses.

  9. Post 24, of course people like this must miss the voice of reason, logic and conciliatory opinion. In their twisted and self-gratifying worlds, there’s a huge deficit of that.

    If people like that cared to read with understanding, instead with their dicks as is their case, they would realise that we may agree on many things. What is preventing them to understand that their opinion is not the only one around and that ‘democracy”, even in their limited and nazist world, means that the people are expected to have different opinions.

    How else would a society progress? Cuba itself is an example of degradation where the dialogue and exchange of DIFFERENT opinion lack. And an example of consequences of that lack.

    But yumbos and mental professors, who interestingly are now taking on each other being “their own”, are too filled with the agression to allow themselves to try and start a respectful debate.

    Why anyway? It is easier to insult the shits out of those who disagree and demand that everyone succumb to their ideological crap exclusively.

    In that they are actually worse than Castros.

  10. Freud

    I wouldn’t want to even begin trying to refute your far-out theories. Maybe if I drink a fifth of rum and follow that up with a joint or two your theories might start making sense.

  11. 16Yubano

    Julio 3rd, 2010 at 23:08

    Ok, dear one…….. I will not argue with you until you prove I am wrong…….. I say castrofascims delivered the sugar industry to USA because there are proves that attest sugar industry exist no more in Cuba and formers Cuban sugar fabricators built a huge sugar industry in Florida, Louisiana and Georgia. I can prove that while castrofascism was isolating Cuba in 60’s by forbidden foreigners in the country and in such way killing the tourism industry Miami, Tampa and Key West became the receptors of the mass truism Cuba rejected and in such way those cities grew up as smooth, and not only those named cities, other cities like Cancun, San Juan, Bahamas, Dominican Rep…… the facts are there….. try to deny them.

  12. dumb (barbara culerodefidel) and dumbir are back! I miss their particular brand of slapstick comedy where one makes totally nonsensical and irrelevant comments and the other moron can’t come up with his own insults so he just repeats what’s been said of him… just like a 5 year old. culerodefidel, an anti-semite just like her masters in cuba the castros, wants to rename me jubano because I have made a reference to the jews and thrown out a few yiddish insults at her beloved dumbir. I would be a proud jew if that were the case, but sorry to disapoint culerodefidel, I am not. Besides the jubano reference I see that culerodefidel is in fine form, entertaining us with her typical assenine, out-in-leftfield commentary.

    dumbir’s latest post seems to be channeling another cretan, juan, who has disappeared from these pages. His use of the world ilk is very juanlike. dumbir/juan/darko, what briliant name will you come up with next when you’ve worn this one out? You might think about changing into your next internet incarnation pretty soon, the dumbir pseudonym has worn out it’s usefulness. The only comments directed at you are my on point discriptions of you, no one else cares to address your worn-out ideological cliches and third grade brainteaser challenges.

  13. And not one to solve the puzzle…

    Bunch of IQ-deprived cowards. Only know how to insult.

    But give them a real challenge and one faster than the other, running away.

    As if we do not know how little intellectual power you losers have. It reeks in your meaningless posts and relentless coping of articles from teh net.

    If you had any brains, you would have something of your own to say, but that is just not happening, is it?

    And my question was a very SIMPLE one too.

    Very SIMPLE.

    Still insurmontable obstacle for your miniature brain capacity, eh che?

  14. A stateles creten calls me stateles… What a delightful irony.

    Here’s one for the wannabe genius: I have life and I do not hang around this page every day pouring nonsense and lies every day in a hope that someone would believe.

    And it is clear it is not working even between the “your own” misguided and deranged ilk. Do keep this futile debate among yourselves, it’s amusing.

    Completely expected, and long overdue, of course, but delightfully hollow, just as all three of you.

    Here’s what you losers are heading into:

    Democracy abducting children. How in line with the team Yoani’s, otherwise quite empty and meaningless post!!!

    That is because she is one of “you” too, right?

    Man, I love this page. So many morons thinking they can talk smart. Hillarious.

    Making the art of coexistence a really hard work…

  15. ASSOCITATED PRESS: Cuba makes unprecedented report of dissident’s protest-Carlos Batista

    Spain’s Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos arrives in Cuba Monday to try to facilitate dialogue. He offered to take Farinas to Spain for medical treatment. But Farinas said no.

    “There are moments in history when there have to be martyrs,” Farinas said earlier this year in an interview with Spain’s El Pais.

  16. Yubano
    Julio 3rd, 2010 at 23:08
    I can take any part of history and interpret the actions of countries in equally convoluted ways, but what would be the point. For example, historic fact: the nazi’s tried to exterminate the jews. As a result of this attemtped genocide the United Nations granted the jewish people their own country, Israel. Using Freudian logical one might conclude that the jews where in partnership with the nazi’s in order to facilitate the creation of a jewish state. If I were to suggest to you that this ludicrous theory is fact and claim that I have proof based on my own pecular reading of historical events could you disprove my theory as you have asked me to disprove your equally questionable assertions?

    in booth cases.. it was a “happy coincidence”…. and a fact… :)

  17. #16 – You are sooooo smart Yubano (shouldn’t it be jubano?), that someone ought to tell President Obama about the depths of knowledge, wisdom and analysis you can provide him with; in order to turn the war in Afghanistan from a loss to a sure win; repair the ozone layer; dissolve the oil in the Gulf, turn the economy around, save the environment, do away with insidious racism and xenophobia, and fix other societal ills.

  18. Freud

    I can take any part of history and interpret the actions of countries in equally convoluted ways, but what would be the point. For example, historic fact: the nazi’s tried to exterminate the jews. As a result of this attemtped genocide the United Nations granted the jewish people their own country, Israel. Using Freudian logical one might conclude that the jews where in partnership with the nazi’s in order to facilitate the creation of a jewish state. If I were to suggest to you that this ludicrous theory is fact and claim that I have proof based on my own pecular reading of historical events could you disprove my theory as you have asked me to disprove your equally questionable assertions?

  19. Yubano and freedom….. you both are making a totally partial reading of my statements…… when I say USA got Cuba’s richness happily delivered by castro I never stated that USA was acting as part of a complot but USA was just leaving things to happen….. leaving very beneficial things to happen……. I am not making USA part of castrofascism destruction of Cuba but no one can deny USA has been the most beneficiated part in this history….. the responsibility for what I am stating lye not in USA but castrofascism….. I explained this very clearly before to Yubano…… the fact that USA has been beneficiated by castofascism idiotic politic is not a fault for USA…….. but anyway USA left thing to happen and it is logic!!!!…… why would USA to stop a thing that makes very good to its economy?????….. of course USA will not stop this and will not do that not because USA is a bad boy but because all countries have the duty to work for it own benefit.
    You both maybe are affected for the common (among Cubans) feeling of unconditional gratitude to USA, and you are maybe affected in such way that it doesn’t let you see the truth…… I am not affected by this feeling; I can see the game USA plays in the world and in the local area….. and what I see is a country that like any other country in the world defends its national interests ……. if tomorrow lifting the embargo and travel ban for Americans become a source of benefits for USA I am pretty sure USA will lift both restrictions and will help in such way to transform Cuba in the China like country no Cuban wants……… and USA will do that over the life and freedom of 14 millions of Cubans….. I am sure.
    But I think it is fool of us to start to discuss such things between us….. anyway my opinion about USA does not make harm to this country but takes some elements and arguments out the bag of castrofascism thugs……. I can with all world’s moral accuse them of being lacey of the empire in the same way castro voluntarily or involuntarily acts like a lacey of the empire and those facts you both calls “unreal things” puts our thugs in a very uncomfortable position. No one will take of me the advantage that this proven history provides to dismantle castrofascism false anti- imperialist mask…… no you both either.

  20. 7Freedom

    Julio 2nd, 2010 at 22:49
    I think you are right Yubano. I know Freud is one of us, but this theory of his is out of every logic, and does not have anything to do with reality..

    Please, Freedom and Yubano….. what i am writing about is not any theory of mine but history. I am not the only one that enounces these facts but there are many scholars and historians that back this part of our recent history…… if you both have any prove to present in order to deny with documental facts that the total economical delivery castrofascism has done to USA….. please, be my guest and bring it here…… I can relate with names, dates and numbers how the sugar industry was destroyed in Cuba and reborn in USA brought by the hand of Lobo family, I can bring here figures, names and dates about the strangulation of the tourism industry in the first years of the revolution and the transformation of Miami, Tampa and Key West from sleeping small towns in the tourism emporiums this cities are today…….. I am not attacking your beloved USA….. I am telling the history….. I do that bringing proves……. please if you will deny my comments I ask you both to bring proves that support your statements, don’t come here to say Freud is wrong without proves to back your statements.

  21. dumbir where have you been you stateless cretan? We thought you’d finally gotten an eentsy bit of sense and run off with your tail between your legs. What could have motivated you to crawl out from whatever rock you live under to come back and look for more abuse you schmuck? When are you gonna get it through your thick Balkan skull that you are nothing but a peckerless twirp with not a whit of political or common sense. You can’t provide any arguments that compel anyone to see your hair-brained ideas or bankrupt ideology in any kind of positive light. And your attempts at insults are at the level of a 7 year-old at the school playground. If more abuse is what you want you litlle masochist wanker then you know you’ve come to the right place. Here’s food for thought in case this hasn’t sunk in yet, no one is interested in responding to or getting baited into one of your moronic arguments, you have no credibilty here. The only reason I address you directly is because I take great pleasure in insulting and belitteling you and the other retched castro lovers that infest this forum. Speaking of castro lovers, when are barabara culerodefidel and you gonna team up for the next episode of “Dumb and Dumbir”? I love it when the two of you appear together and stroke (delude) each other.

  22. ASSOCIATED PRESS: Cuba says hunger striker ‘in danger’ of dying-WILL WEISSERT

    HAVANA — Cuba’s state-run media said Saturday that an opposition activist who has refused food and water for 129 days has actually gained weight due to intravenous feeding, but that he has suffered a blood clot that left him “in danger of potential death.”

    In an unusual step, the Communist Party newspaper Granma reported that Guillermo Farinas is conscious and stable but could slip into grave condition at any time.

    It quoted Armando Caballero, head of intensive care at Arnaldo Milian Castro University Hospital in the central city of Santa Clara, where Farinas has been treated since March 11.

    “We are pushing the limits (of Farinas’ health), now more than ever,” Caballero said.

    Farinas has drawn international attention since he stopped eating and drinking on Feb. 24 to demand that authorities free dozens of political prisoners and to protest the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, who died after his own long hunger strike in prison — the first Cuban opposition figure to die after refusing food in nearly 40 years.

    Cuba’s government says it hold no political prisoners, charging that dissidents are paid agents of Washington working to destablize its government.

    The Granma story, which detailed doctors’ efforts to keep the hunger striker alive, filled two of the newspaper’s eight pages. It follows Spanish media reports that self-described “dissident” doctors close to Farinas say he has taken a turn for the worse and could die at any time.

    Cuba’s official media usually ignores dissidents, often only mentioning them to denounce their ties to the United States or otherwise criticize them.

    Cuba is giving its side of the story two days before the arrival of Spain’s Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, who is expected to discuss Cuba’s human rights situation. Spain has offered Farinas a visa that would allow him exile in that country to recover his health, but he has vowed to remain in Cuba and continue his hunger strike.

    Farinas, 48, is a psychologist who works as a freelance journalist, reporting on Cuba in defiance of state controls on all media.

    He has been kept alive by nutrients administered through a tube. He first remained at home, but was taken to Caballero’s hospital after his health deteriorated.

    Caballero told Granma that doctors have battled several blood infections in Farinas and that last week, he suffered a blood clot, as well as an additional infection.

    There is danger that clot could interrupt blood flow to his heart and kill him, Caballero said. “We have seen discreet improvement, although we can’t say that this rules out more serious complications.”

    He said Farinas gained between 9 and 13 pounds since arriving at the hospital, going from 140 pounds to between 149 and 152. He also told the paper that Farinas has watched the World Cup on television in his hospital room.

    Farinas has a phone in his room, but was unavailable for comment Saturday. His mother Alicia Hernandez, herself a registered nurse, said Granma had not misstated the facts, however.

    “He has maintained basic nutrition levels,” she said in a phone interview, adding that doctors “are doing everything they can.”

    She said Farinas will continue to refuse food and water until Cuban political prisoners are released.

    “This is in the government’s hands,” Hernandez said. “Guillermo is in his final days if his demands aren’t met, and they are humanitarian demands.”

    Farinas has held 22 other hunger strikes in the past 15 years, and has been jailed repeatedly on charges such as disrespecting authority, public disorder and assault against a suspected undercover government informant.

    President Raul Castro has said that Cuba will do all it can for him, but that if he dies it will be his own fault.

  23. WASHINGTON POST: Clinton warns about restricting civil-society groups- Mary Beth SheridanSaturday, July 3, 2010

    KRAKOW, POLAND — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday warned that governments around the world are increasingly restricting civil-society groups, and pledged $2 million for a new fund to help the organizations.

    “We must be wary of the steel vice in which many governments around the world are slowly crushing civil society and the human spirit,” Clinton told an international meeting of democratic countries in this southern Polish city.

    In a blunt speech, Clinton singled out U.S. antagonists such as Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela for limiting civil-society groups and media. But she also chided Russia and China, where the Obama administration has sought to build closer ties.

    Clinton said 50 countries had increased restrictions on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) over the past six years. A particularly insidious development, she said, was the growing tendency of countries to allow such groups to operate but require that they register and promote the government’s agenda.

    Clinton was addressing the Community of Democracies, a group founded a decade ago by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and her Polish counterpart. The group has been criticized for producing few results in recent years, but Poland’s government is trying to revive it.

    Clinton is on the second day of a five-country trip to Central Europe and the Caucasus aimed at promoting democracy and emphasizing a continued U.S. commitment even as Washington puts new emphasis on its relations with Russia.

  24. THE DAILY BEAST: The Spy Who Loved Chavez-by John Avlon In

    El Diario’s Vicky Pelaez, arrested as part of the Russia spy ring, glorified dictators Castro and Chavez in her columns and decried “American imperialism.” John Avlon says her case is a wakeup call for fellow

    In her writing, El Diario La Prensa columnist Vicky Pelaez managed to personify the stereotype of the reflexive leftist radical, attacking “American imperialism” and capitalism while lionizing dictators like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. In one column she compared Castro to Christ. Seriously.
    “We had the moments of Christ, Mohammed, Confucius, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Newton, Pascal, Bolivar, Marti, Che Guevara, etc,” she wrote. “Fidel Castro Ruz belongs to that glorious group of rebels!”

    “If you had told me that she’d been spying for Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, or China, I might have believed it, but Russia? I never heard her talk about Russia or the Soviet Union. Ever.”

    Pelaez, who along with her husband was among the 11 people arrested this week as part of the Russian spy ring, would be something of a late ’60s museum piece, if her beliefs didn’t now give urgent new meaning to the term “conviction journalism.”

    I spoke to her one-time editor and current columnist at El Diario, Gerson Borrero, who described her as “a pain in the ass” and “not my favorite colleague over the past 20 years” but said her arrest came as “a complete surprise.”

    “If you had told me that she’d been spying for Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, or China, I might have believed it, but Russia? I never heard her talk about Russia or the Soviet Union. Ever.”

    Since Pelaez’s arrest, the emails have been pouring into El Diario. “Fifty percent of our readers are saying that they knew she was a communist,” Borrero said. “The other 50 percent say that she’s being set up by the U.S. government to silence her.”

    I called the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., to get some perspective from its in-house historian, Mark Stout. “Most of the major intelligence agencies have a history, at least in the past, of having used journalistic cover,” he said.

    • Full coverage of the Russian Spy RingIn the United States, we now know that the Soviets used liberal journalistic icon I.F. Stone as an agent for a time. Stout added the name of Carl Marzani off the top of his head and then emailed me this more complete list:

    •During the late 1970s, Philip Agee and others ran a publication called the Covert Action Information Bulletin to expose the activities of the CIA. The KGB helped provide information for use in the Bulletin.

    •The Soviets, probably the GRU (military intelligence), recruited an American journalist named Peter MacLean to provide unspecified services in the 1930s.

    •Stephen Laird (codename YUN) was an American journalist who appears in the Venona messages as an agent for the KGB. He later reported on the 1947 Polish elections, finding them to be free and fair.

    •James Allen, an American communist and one-time foreign editor of the Daily Worker, worked with the KGB as of 1949.

    Even a former KGB general who now serves on the board of the Spy Museum, Oleg Kalugin, studied at Columbia Journalism School on a Fulbright scholarship in the 1950s. He then posed as a Russian journalist in the United States while acting as a KGB agent.

    I asked Stout whether he could name any right-wing journalists who spied for foreign governments. “No, I cannot,” he said simply.

    If you’re looking for a basis for the unfair stereotype that folks on the far left are somehow anti-American, this inconvenient truth is a good place to start.

    But now, with the Cold War replaced by hamburger summits, and Russia reinventing itself as a shadowy petro-oligarchy, why would spying for Vladimir Putin retain its attraction for Pelaez and Co.?

    “What we are seeing these days is at least an alliance of convenience among certain leftists,” said Stout, “all coalescing around the notion of opposition to globalization and opposition to what they perceive to be American imperialism…and Russia is a country which some people perceive as being a counterweight to the United States.”

    Any misty notions of communism should have been buried along with the 40 million murdered by Stalin. And if today’s far-left sympathies still extend to Russia by transit of property, it’s a special form of anti-American ignorance that manages to ignore the suffering imposed in Castro’s prisons and horrors in North Korea. Of course, it may be that Pelaez was motivated only by money to use in the capitalist system she despised.

    The fact that Pelaez opined on the ideals of life in leftist dictatorships from a safe perch on the banks of the Hudson River, instead of her native Peru, is her right as a citizen of a genuinely free country. But if the accusations against her are proved true, we are not talking about political opinions, but treason. It is an indictment on several levels that should also serve as a wakeup call to those who are still tempted to call themselves fellow travelers.

    John Avlon’s new book Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America is available now by Beast Books both on the Web and in paperback. He is also the author of Independent Nation: How Centrists Can Change American Politics. Previously, he served as chief speechwriter for New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and was a columnist and associate editor for The New York Sun.

  25. While you deficients are comparing your notes and discussing possible solutions to the brain teaser below, a few observations.

    Well, proofs rather, that you cannot solve the puzzle offered:

    “your tyrant is the one that has destroyed our country, killed thousands, jailed houndred of thousands and make emmigrate millions ”

    Every president and prime minister of so-called free, democratic capitalist” world fits this description. Every single one.

    But wait! There’s more…:

    “even receiving money from abroad is Yoani much more a patriot than castros clan and its elite ”

    In short, fift column and treason are okay. As long as you receive some money, anything goes.

    Cheap bunch of losers…

    A rethorical question: did yo work out what, if anyhting, has “coexistence” to do with Cuba?

    (who is the first estupido to responf to a rethorical question?)

  26. So nice to see how your disagreement are tearing your ideological comintern apart. As we all said many times before, you are one self-destructive miniature group of jobless losers.

    But, let me be serious for a second here and offer you a brain-teaser. See what can you (nothing, a functioning brain is required for that) do with it…

    What “coexistence” is Yoani Team talking about? Who needs to “co-exist” here? Well, in Cuba.

    Oh, and the tear-squeezing part where one loser tells to another that the third one IS one of “them” as stupid and as mentally challenged as he is, speaks volumes!!!

    Cozy little group. “he” is an idiot, but “he” is one of “us”!!!

    I’ll conlcude that by association, you are all admitting yor mental disability.

    Was about fricken time too. I’ve been saying that for younks and all I got from you primitive ungrateful pile of shit was insults.

    My turn now.

  27. I think you are right Yubano. I know Freud is one of us, but this theory of his is out of every logic, and does not have anything to do with reality..

  28. Freud, I know we’ve had this conversation before but repeating your convoluted and fanciful, intrigue and conspiracy driven theory about the dynamics of the US/Cuba relationship doesn’t make it any more plausible. You have a totally out-of-proportion idea of Cuba’s importance to the US and a totally bizarre interpretation of history. Your reasoning and the conclusions you reach are out of touch with reality. You would have us beleive that the US government allowed the revolution to happen because it wanted to steal Cuba’s sugar industry?? I agree with almost everything you say on this forum but when you repeatedly bring up this obsessive mental fart of a theory you leave me scratching my head.

  29. Yoani has not done nothing similar to the following:

    It is the truth about the cuban “revolution” that shows it were no a revolution but a dictators SUBSTITUTION planed and performed by US Department of State with support of Cuba’s Communist Party.
    After that and as a payment for US help Castro to develope a series of “economical”, “political” and “diplomatic” strategies that favored US’s hegemonic position in America as well as US economically and military position. Take a look:
    – Castro started to develop a series of disastrous economical policies that made disappear some of the most important industries in Cuba and made appear those industries in……….USA!!!!!!!
    This is the case of Cuba’s Sugar industry. The first producer of sugar in the word and owner of the biggest industry of this type, Cuba lost this industry because the well planed destruction project Castro put in practice since the very beginning of his tyranny. To day Cuba is no more a sugar exporter, Cuba’s former huge sugar industry exist no more. Where is this industry today???…… yes you guessed right ….. in Florida, USA. Some of Cuba’s former sugar magnates had only to move to USA and start over there conquering the market Castro left free. Today Cuba is a sugar importer, where imports Cuba sugar from???………… yes, you guess right again……… from USA!!!
    – The same happened with Cuba’s tourism industry. Castro implemented political strategies that led to the destruction of Cuba’s big tourism industry, the poorer and isolated the cuban people grew the smaller and obsolete the tourism industry became. So, from 1962 to 1982 Cuba was closed to foreign visitors. One more time Florida State grew richer and bigger thanks Cuba’s disgrace. Cities like Miami, Tampa and Key West left behind the old quiet and sleepy style and transformed in huge tourism emporiums thanks the conversion of cities like Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Varadero in small and poor places full of ruins.
    – Other cubans industries like Citric, Coffee, Fishing, Light industry, Media, Shipping, etc, suffered the same destiny and today thrives in US territory.
    – Not only economical favors made Castro to USA. His gratitude went far beyond the unthinkable; Cuba became a vacuum cleaner that sucked huge amount of financial and natural resources of the country that believed Castro was it allay, this country was the USSR. In a master move Castro/USA convinced the USSR that the tyrant was the soviets best friend. The naive and truthful Russians bit the hook and emptied almost theirs whole national treasure in “sustaining” Castro. The Soviets sent to Cuba during 2 decades more than 5000 billions dollars yearly plus millions of oil tons, millions of wood tons, cement, iron, paper, glass, chemicals, weapons, machinery, steel, etc. The big amount of resources Cuba disappeared made the dictator Leonid Brezhnev say that “the Cubans are capable of vanishing in just a week a whole wood that took millions of years to grow up”. In this way the USSR got exhausted and disappeared as nation and world power.
    – Where ended all resources the USSR sent to Cuba? A lot of money went to engross the dictator’s accounts and containers full of money spread over the world the dictator hide to use it “just in case of need”.
    – Castro spread poverty over the already poor countries of Latin-America and Africa, poverty spread in form of guerrilla war and political instability that hinder the fight of these countries for get out poverty. In this way the countries of Latin-America and Africa were pushed deeper theirs already deep dependence of the world richest countries. With a poor Latin-America maintained in poverty by Castro entertained in fights and revolts USA had free hands for taking care of the Soviets and China, in addition the latin-american countries would finish this period so exhausted that the only worries USA had was to avoid mass emigration. The last example of this well planed strategy was the raising of Chavez in Venezuela and the conversion of this rich country in another “friendly enemy”.

  30. 2Barbara Curbelo

    Julio 2nd, 2010 at 11:21
    #1 – Oh yeah, there is soooo much honor in receiving money from abroad to talk scat about your own people…

    How much do you receive to write scrap about your own people….. Yoani is not your tirant but a fellow citizen of yours…. your tyrant is the one that has destroyed our country, killed thousands, jailed houndred of thousands and make emmigrate millions ….. Yoani has not killed no one in fire squads but your tirant killed thousands, Yoani has not jailed no one but the tiranny you suport has jailed houndreds of thousands, Yoani has no power in Cuba to destroy the country in hte stupid way youe beloved tyrant has done….. so……. even receiving money from abroad is Yoani much more a patriot than castros clan and its elite represented in this blog by you…..

  31. culerdefidel religous transformation has now resulted in a moment of reflection and atonement as she admits her grevious transgressions against her own people (see comment#2). You’ve sold your soul very cheaply indeed bc…

  32. #1 – Oh yeah, there is soooo much honor in receiving money from abroad to talk scat about your own people…

  33. Its a pleasure to know there is still honor in expresing onself, in writing our thoughts & opinions.
    It is encouraging to know the writing talens of the cuban people still as always rich w/expression & contents …
    Long live Cuba libre!!!

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