The First Sip of Water

After 134 days without solid food, or even a sip of liquid, Guillermo Fariñas lifted a red plastic cup to his lips and drank a little water. It was 2:15 in the afternoon on Thursday July 8, and from the other side of the glass in the intensive care ward where he was being treated, dozens of friends watching him burst into applause as if they had been witnesses to a miracle.

Fariñas had won one battle but still remains in a fierce war against death, because the land that has seen the action of this singular belligerency is his own body — ultimately the only space available to him to carry out this campaign. His intestines are now like fragile paper conduits distilling bacteria through their pores, his jugular vein is partially obstructed by a blood clot which, if it detached, could lodge in the heart, brain or lungs; or more precisely, in his heart, his brain or his lungs. He has suffered four staph infections and at night a sharp pain in his groin barely allows him to sleep.

His shriveled esophagus was not ready for that first sip of water. It created such a pain in his chest that for a minute he thought he was having a heart attack, but he endured it in silence. On the other side of the glass, expectantly watching, were those who for days had been keeping a vigil outside the hospital, praying for his life, and others who had come from very far away to ask him to end his martyrdom and to be a witnesses to his victory. Not wanting to dampen the celebration of his jubilant colleagues applauding the triumph of his cause, he managed to turn a grimace into a smile.

Guillermo Fariñas’s family allowed me to watch over him on this, the first night after the end of his hunger strike, and he allowed me to be a witness his suffering, his occasional crankiness, and his human weaknesses. Only then did I discover the true hero of this day.

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  1. Yoani te considero la mujer mas valiente que conozco. Que Dios te bendiga a ti y todos los que luchan por que los derechos humanos sean respetado en Cuba. Sigue adelante! El mundo esta contigo.

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    “I was afraid that the students would either try to hide the negative parts of their lives or that they would exaggerate how bad things were to gain my sympathy or blame the U.S. This was not the case. It impressed me how nuanced, critical, and open people were when talking about politics or any other topic. They quickly rejected any constructions of the U.S. as an evil empire or Castro as a ruthless dictator.”

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  8. 53John Two

    Julio 13th, 2010 at 12:25

    Dear John, I have not attacking any people or nationality but relating facts….. I can say the same about russians, Cubans, etc….. mafia is not an exclusive thing of any country…. nowadays there is mafia evertwhere in the world….. in some places mafia are more successful than in another……. there is a cuban mafia in Cancun, Mexico that makes money smuggling cubans to USA, this mafia uses to kidnapp their “clients” and ask reward to relatives……. I admit these facts when another people writes about it….. why must I treat the truth different just because darko gets freaked when I relate something so known and media diffused like yugoslavian mafia kidnapping girls from everywhere in the world and make them prostitutes?????

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    While I agree in no justification for smearing people from other places I think Siggy did not meant his statement as an attept to smear the ex/Yougoslavs.
    I think Siggy meant it a/tonge in cheek” answer/banter of sorts.
    Mind you I am only giving my perspective/take on it, while attempting to clarify what I think is just a misunderstanding.
    Prostitution is a pervasive, I don’t think there is an exclusive territory in this world, it seems to be controlled mostly by unsavory elements of society in any part of the world, in many forms & different ways but always w/the same results of suffering & degradation.
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  10. Re comment #48. I recently spent two weeks in Croatia and Bosnia, and met many fine people who are working to rebuild their countries. You are certainly entitled to disagree with Darko’s views about Yoani, but there is no need to smear the people of ex-Yugoslavia in the process.

  11. .The prostitution and pimping you are talking about ( where prostitute receive almost no money for their work is the result of the communism regime
    Exactly the sentences I hear everyday in my country – all right wing idiots after 20 yrs of democracy for everything which is baaad say – the result of communist regime

  12. Only cuban girls lured to ex yugoslavian countries and then kidnapped and prostituited by yugoslavian mafia makes a list of thousands…….this the only thing excommunist countries has created with relative success: Mafia, prostitution and subnormal people….

    Glupano and Igor did you read MY posts ? Where and when on earth did I defend Cuban regime and it’s ways of operation? That is what I am talking about – you are just insulting on permisses which says – who thinks different on any issue is an idiot.

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