Prosperity and Personal Well-being: “Completely contrary to the principles of our society”

The response of the General Customs of the Republic to my complaint about the confiscation of ten copies of the book Cuba Libre is incredible. See with your own eyes their motivations for declaring these daily vignettes “dangerous.”

Translation of “facts” on second page of letter:

  1. Fact: I am the Inspector of Customs Control and of the Postal and Shipment Customs.
  2. Fact: It was the acting inspector who issued the Resolution of Forfeiture No. 409 of March 25, 2010, which provided for the administrative forfeiture of ten books entitled “Cuba Libre,” published by Marea, Yoani Sanchez author, and a blank publishing contract.
  3. Fact: The contents of the book “Cuba Libre” are against the general interests of the nation, since it argues that certain political and economic changes are required in Cuba so that its citizens may have more material benefits and achieve personal fulfillment, ends completely contrary to the principles of our society.
  4. Fact: The shipments constitute a unique and indivisible whole, a reason to also apply the sanction of confiscation to the publishing contract with “Marea” Publishers.
  5. Fact: The fundamental facts taken into account to apply the sanction of confiscation were not recorded.

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  1. I wonder which incarnation is the one “talking” for the resident bully?
    His/her “tale” when expressing his/her thoughts are sligthly different than the original, why is that?

  2. Post 14. Your question at the end of your comment is providing the answer too. How did the usa government allow Castro tyranny for this long?

    Just in case, which is quite plausible, you do not know, here’s the answer: because each to his own. Dictatorships help each other.

    Had usa NOT imposed the embargo, Cubans would have been flooded with the goods from capitalism and things would have been entirely different.

    But because usa likes to divide and conquer, it was playing itno their hand to keep Cuba as a destabilising element in its’ neighbourhood to have a convenient excuse for all the shit they like to splat all over the world.

    Just as their leaked documents show plainly.

    Anyone who bullshits against Castros and supports usa is an idiot.

    They are one and the same crap and those “supporters” of capitalism and usa are delusional retards who understand nothing and repeat the brainwash they are served, with their ham and cars, on a daily basis.

    Yoani is an example of an extreme because she lives in Cuba and still exerts symptoms typical for an idiot in a capitalist country.

    That is a mental retardness by association. Yoani naively thinks she is like an usanian or an European.

    After all she “lived” in Europe for a few days… She is better than the rest of Cubans. She knows…

    Just another cheap and retarded dictator in the making. A failed wannabe.

  3. As always team “Yoani” talking stupidities before thinking.

    Fact 1. team “Yoani” has declared themselves supporters of “pragmatic” capitalism

    Fact 2 Cuba is a socialist country.

    Fact 3: Any sort of capitalism (there is NO such thing as “pragmatic” capitalism) is CONTRARY to the principles of socialism.

    Fact 4: It takes a lot of stupidity, and team “Yoani” are certainly gifted in that respect, to say “The response of the General Customs of the Republic to my complaint about the confiscation of ten copies of the book Cuba Libre is incredible. ” the very first sentence of their comment above.

    A lot of stupidity. That is what distinguishes conservative capitalist-inclining idiots like Yoani from intelligent people. Great. Team “Yoani” is making single handedly socialism looking better by every post it makes.

    It is not that socialism is THAT good. It is that capitalism and idiots promoting it are stupid and retarded to the point where socialism lends itself as a BETTER option.

  4. The same power who justifies the confiscation of these books is the one who did the revision of Marti & maceo’s legacy.
    Is the same power that brainwashes the children into wanting to be like che (a butcher).
    The power of the few that carried Cuba into today’s caos … repression, poverty & dispair …


    Extracto de una entrevista a Guillermo Fariñas mirando al futuro de Cuba, que le hicieron Héctor Palacios y Gisela Delgado con ocasión del Premio Sajarov 2010.

    Guillermo Fariñas Hernández (born 3 January 1962) (“El Coco”) is a Cuban doctor of psychology,[1] independent journalist[2] and political dissident in Cuba. He has conducted 23 hunger strikes over the years to protest various elements of the Cuban regime.[3] He has stated that he is ready to die in the struggle against censorship in Cuba.[2]

  6. Humberto I have no idea how any of what you wrote in your last post has anything to do with comments I directed at you. But I understand that throwing out catch-phrases and spouted platitudes is as easy as cutting and pasting. Carry on my friend…

  7. Yubano! Time passes and things change! Could you and I have anticipated the Yoani Effect? NO! You and and I had no clue because we were eating eat ham, have a car, have access to the inter net ect? This is a “periodo especial” politically speaking that the CASTROFACIST DONT LIKE and dont have a clue on how to deal with it! YES THIS IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT! Let the information flow and dont criticise each other so much!

  8. Tell me Humberto how has being “pragmatic” towards the castro regime worked so far? Ask Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Obama how far pragmatism has gotten them with a group of hooligans who’s only goal is to retain their stranglehold on Cuba. It’s very easy to throw out platitudes about “pragmatism”. What does being pragmatic towards the castros mean? What is it that you would do to prove to them that they should adapt and duplicate your well-meaning intentions? Please, lets live in the real world….

  9. Humberto

    If you want to talk about intransigence reserve that label for the castro brothers and their criminal government. Their 51 years of intransigence is what has put Cuba in it’s current state, a 3rd world banana republic. The “intrasigent Miami Cubans” as you call them have nothing to do with the current state of affairs in Cuba. Using that label to describe other Cubans serves the purposes of those who wish to devide the opposition to the castro regime. Your throw away comment about “Miami Cubans” was gratuitous and not constructive. By-the-way, you didn’t answer my question about who or what is an intransigent Cuban.


    According that amazing CIA site Worlds fact book, USA spends at its

    Discretionary Budget Authority: 2009 2010 2011
    Administration of Foreign Affairs …………………………….. 9,974 13,320 12,377
    International Organizations and Peacekeeping …………. 3,993 3,808 3,778
    Economic Support Fund …………………………………………. 7,122 8,164 7,812
    Global Health and Child Survival ……………………………… 7,289 7,829 8,513

    All in millions USD. It is a lot a money , and as we can read, from 2009 to 2010 State department have increased its budget a 33.5472%! In figures 3,346 USD millions.

    I am sure American people is having conjecture of how in hell could be possible that all non-top secret communications from State department to and from embassies, are sent non-coded! Don’t they have money for coding machines? Is burden of diplomatic parties so heavy that they do not have time to code embassies’ reports? How can they (State department staff) have got permission to use colloquial languages referring to foreign allies? Now I understand so many blunders in American diplomacy. State department staff is not well prepared for their jobs. They allowed Cuba tyranny to preserves in all its stupidity.

    Carlos Medina de Rebolledo
    Professor emeritus

  11. I want to thank all the “little people” for this BLOG OSCAR! Thank GOD AND COUNTRY (USA) for FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! “APLAUSE”!!!

  12. ***
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    Avalanchito percentaje por posts = 5 / 10 = 50 porciento. Avanlanchito percentaje por lineas = 150 / 182 = 82 porciento. Un B solido en cualquier classe. Un A por contento.
    John Bibb

  13. Yubano,

    The term “intransigent” is not only used by the Cuban goverment but also in the cuban community in Miami. There is a group with such a title “los intransigentes del exilio”. I believe that the silent majority of cubans do not want to be “intransigent” but rather pragmatic because this division has gone to long and must stop or Cuba will never recover physically or emotionally.

  14. Humberto you sound like someone from the other side with your cliched comment about the “intransigent right”. This is a catch phrase used by the castros, their henchmen and by disengenuous and ill-informed left-wingers in this country (US)to discredit the exile community. Your use of it is unfortunate, disappointing and divisive. I do not consider myself a member of any extremme group but am intransigent when it comes to colluding, negotiating, doing business with or using any of the regimes propaganda inspired jingles. Tell me, who or what is this intrasigent right and what is it that you think it represents that is contrary to what we all want for Cuba?


    THE HILL BLOG:Ros-Lehtinen called ‘big bad wolf’ by Castro, but calls out dictator on facts
    The likely incoming chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee rejoiced in irking a trio of Latin American leftist rulers.

    But Fidel Castro, she said, got his facts wrong in denouncing her as “the big bad wolf” in his official column.

    Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen tweeted Friday night:

    BINGO: 1st Evo Morales slams me, then Chavez calls me bandit+ now Fidel says I’m Loba Feroz (I never even attended that mtng in Capitol!)

    Here’s what Castro wrote in “Reflections of Fidel” in Gramna, the official newspaper of Cuba’s ruling communists:

    “An unprecedented meeting had taken place in the United States Capitol building between a group of legislators from the fascist right of that country and leaders of the Latin American right and pro-coup oligarchy. In that meeting there was talk of the defeat of the governments of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

    …Guillermo Zuloaga – the owner of a television channel opposed to the Bolivarian Revolution and a fugitive from Venezuelan justice – is one of the conspirators who took part in the meeting of Congress members called by Connie Mack and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen – the latter of Cuban origin and a Batista affiliate – known to our people as the loba feroz (the big bad wolf) due to her repugnant conduct during the kidnapping of [Cuban] Elián González and her refusal to hand the child over to his father. The Republican Congresswoman is a symbol of hatred of and resentment against Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and the other member countries of ALBA; it is virtually certain that the U.S. Congress will appoint her chair of the House Foreign Relations Committee; she was a defender of the Honduran coup government, repudiated by the majority of the countries of America.”

    Zuloaga is seeking political asylum in the U.S. after fleeing Venezuela after the government issued a warrant for his arrest. The owner of the 24-news network was arrested in March for speech deemed “offensive” to President Hugo Chavez, then released pending an investigation. The government has been trying to acquire a greater stake in the news station

  16. Simba Sez: I’m just trying to insure I get this right. Will someone straighten me out if I’m in error?
    Fact 1: I’m Simba
    Fact 2: Yoani Sanchez wrote a book titled “Cuba Libre.”
    Fact 3: The Dictatorship doesn’t want Cubans reading this book.
    Fact 4: The Dictatorship believes this book is contrary to societal principles.
    Fact 5: The Dictatorship doesn’t want individuals to have material benefits.
    Fact 6: The Dictatorship doesn’t want individuals to have personal fulfillment.
    Fact 7: The Dictatorship has fired 500,000 citizens it promised to provide work for.
    Fact 8: The Dictatorship is allowing them to work for themselves.
    Fact 9: The Dictatorship states the individuals must buy supplies from the Dictatorship and they will likely charge prices extravagantly over cost, thus making extravagant profits off the individual.
    Fact 10: After the individuals provide a service, or make a product, if they make any profit the Dictatorship will assess taxes in any amount they so choose to insure the individual does not make a reasonable living so that the Dictatorship people can make a fortune.
    Fact 11: It’s better to be a Dictator than a Cuban citizen.
    Fact 12: The Cuban citizens will do absolutely nothing about this, except contemplate going to America.


    ASSOCIATED PRESS: Fla. congresswoman to head House Foreign Affairs
    MIAMI (AP) — She hung up on the next president, Barack Obama. Twice. She thought it was a prank.

    In an expert stroke of political spin, she immediately sent out a press release explaining the apparent snub as a mix-up.

    Meet Florida U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the first Cuban-American to serve in Congress and the next in line to head the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

    The phone incident occurred in late 2008 as the president-elect reached out to potentially friendly Republicans and shortly after a radio host fooled Sarah Palin by impersonating the president of France on the phone. But it was vintage “Ily,” as she is known in Washington: frank, almost irreverent, yet imbued with an underlying seriousness and political savvy.

    It also was a reminder that Ros-Lehtinen, 58, presents an increasingly rare image these days — a politician occasionally willing to work across the aisle. The legislator, who was re-elected with 69 percent of the vote, is a hawk on foreign affairs but breaks with her party on immigration, gay rights and other issues important to the people she represents — Cuban-Americans, gays, a strong Jewish community.

    California Democrat Howard Berman, who will surrender the Foreign Affairs Committee chairmanship in January, cautioned those who mistake Ros-Lehtinen’s enthusiasm and pleasantness for weakness.

    “People greatly underestimate her skill and tenaciousness,” he said.

    Under her watch, the committee is expected to push for stepped-up sanctions against North Korea and Iran, more oversight of the U.N. and a block on any dialogue with Cuba. As a strong abortion foe, Ros-Lehtinen also may try to chip away at the president’s executive order allowing foreign aid for international groups that provide information about abortion services.

    “I think she is going to be very active on Latin America and oversight, making sure the administration is enforcing sanctions,” Berman said.

    Ros-Lehtinen fled Cuba with her family at age 7. She taught elementary school, then started running her own school. She was in the Florida Legislature for six years before winning election to the U.S. House in 1989, her bid brokered by legendary Cuban-American political king-maker Jorge Mas Canosa. She completed her doctorate in education while serving in Congress.

    The mother of two children and two stepchildren with her husband, former U.S. Attorney Dexter Lehtinen, is still best known for her staunch support of the U.S embargo against the communist island.

    “I welcome the opportunity of having anyone assassinate Fidel Castro,” she told an interviewer in a 2006 British documentary.

    Ros-Lehtinen is outraged by Cuba’s membership on the United Nation’s Human Rights Council along with China and Saudi Arabia and would like U.S. contributions to the U.N. to be voluntary until the U.S. creates an office to audit U.N. activities for transparency and eliminate waste.

    “The U.N. functions very well for Iran and Venezuela, and every two-bit dictator who’s envious and hates the United States,” she told The Associated Press. “But for countries that contribute a lot to the U.N., I don’t think people really feel like it’s really living up to the standards which we set for it at it’s founding.”

    Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker and 2012 presidential hopeful, lauds Ros-Lehtinen for bringing a strong anti-communist and anti-dictator position to her analyses. “She will bring clarity,” he predicts.

    Critics counter that she has too much of an “us versus them” mentality that doesn’t allow for gray areas when it comes to those who don’t always agree with the U.S.

    “She looks more to converting,” said Peter Hakim, president emeritus of the Inter-American Dialogue think tank.

    “But the notion that first you convert someone and then you deal with them in the real world doesn’t seem to work,” he said. “There are lots of countries we have sharp differences with, but we accommodate those differences.”

    Ros-Lehtinen is tired of groups that complain the U.S. is not doing enough abroad and is among those who have criticized Obama for publicly acknowledging the nation’s past support of friendly but undemocratic regimes.

    “We have to do more with less and work in a smarter way to advance America’s interests — and that’s not advancing the world’s interest,” she said.

    But she has also spoken out about human rights violations in East Timor, Tibet and Darfur and called attention to women’s rights in Afghanistan.

    One place she doesn’t see the need for cuts is aid to Israel. Her support is crucial in a district that is home to one of the nation’s largest communities of Holocaust survivors. It is also personal. Ros-Lehtinen, now an Episcopalian, was raised Catholic, but her mother’s family were Jews who immigrated to Cuba from Turkey.

    Although Ros-Lehtinen mostly toes the Republican line, she has bucked the party on occasion.

    She’s one of only a few Republicans who voted to repeal the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy barring gays from serving openly.

    Ros-Lehtinen receives strong ratings from environmental groups, and she opposes the new Arizona immigration law while supporting a federal proposal to allow qualified teen illegal immigrants who attend college or join the military to become U.S. citizens.

    Her stances aren’t surprising in a district that includes parts of Miami’s Little Havana and the tourist-dependent and gay friendly Miami Beach and Florida Keys. Ros-Lehtinen’s eldest child is a gay rights activist.

    It was that independence which helped prompt Obama’s call.

    But Ros-Lehtinen is mindful that she represents the Foreign Affairs Committee and the broader Republican Party. She says she won’t use her position to advance personal causes.

    On her office wall is a photo of Ros-Lehtinen eagerly clasping Obama’s hand.

    But those who seek too much meaning in the shot should take notice. She took a similar photo with President Bill Clinton shortly after voting for his impeachment.

  18. To see these lands that were and are the fruit of the struggles that our families once persevered through and that the Castroites seized unto themselves now being sold to non-Cubans while Cubans are denied these same rights only goes to display the corruption and injustice that this regime has brought upon our country.


    “Enrique Ramos, commerce director of the Ministry of the Economy and Planning, said the state will supply independent businesses with the raw materials through established retail networks, since economic conditions don’t allow it to create in the near future a wholesale market with special prices for the self-employed.”

    The Associated Press: Cuba to import raw materials for small businesses – Nov 26, 2010

    Havana • Cuba’s government will spend about $130 million next year to import raw materials and equipment for independent businesses following its decision to allow some kinds of self-employment, officials said Friday.

    In a bid to increase the efficiency of its cash-strapped economy, the communist government announced that it would lay off a half-million state workers and in October authorized 178 kinds of self-employment ranging from translator and teacher to shoe or watch repair.

    Most of the newly permitted forms of self-employment require tools, equipment and infrastructure, Maria Victoria Coombs, director of employment at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, told Communist Party newspaper Granma.

    “The country will ensure, to the extent that it is possible, the supply of raw materials and supplies needed for self-employment,” Granma reported Friday.

    The granting of licenses in nine of the permitted forms of self-employment had been suspended because of the impossibility of legally obtaining the needed equipment and fears that those carrying out the jobs were using material stolen from state centers.

    Enrique Ramos, commerce director of the Ministry of the Economy and Planning, said the state will supply independent businesses with the raw materials through established retail networks, since economic conditions don’t allow it to create in the near future a wholesale market with special prices for the self-employed.

    Cubans often complain that state-run retail stores have elevated prices. A wholesale market could give small businesses access to goods at lower prices.

    Ramos said “for 2011 it is projected that imported goods and materials worth $130 million, of which food represents $36 million, will be incorporated into the existing supply.”

    Earlier this year, President Raul Castro began announcing measures to reform the island’s socialist economic model to allow some forms of private enterprise without giving up the state’s firm control of the economy. Laid-off workers could apply for licenses to run small businesses.

    Castro said Cuba’s labor laws and extensive subsidies had created a culture of inefficiency that fed an economic crisis.


    TORONTO, ONTARIO, Nov 26, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Leisure Canada Inc. /quotes/comstock/11v!e:lcn (CA:LCN 0.18, -0.02, -10.00%) (the “Company”), a Canadian corporation with three large-scale luxury real estate projects under development in Cuba, announces its results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2010.

    Summary of Significant Events:

    — In the Company’s Monte Barreto project, complete architectural,
    engineering and concept design plans have been approved by the Cuban
    authorities. Specifications and project information have been compiled
    in order to begin a Request for Proposal process to select a general
    — Subsequent to the third quarter ended September 30, 2010, the Company
    announced on October 4, 2010, the appointment of Ned Goodman as Director
    and Chairman of the Board of Directors.
    — The Cuban government has introduced amended legislation providing up to
    99year leases on properties in qualified recreational developments and
    even to perpetuity in the case of certain residential properties used
    for tourism. This compliments previous legislation allowing only a
    maximum of 50 years (and extendable by a further 25 years). This paves
    the way for consumers to acquire leasehold real estate in Cuba under
    competitive financing conditions similar to other offerings in Mexico
    and the Caribbean.
    — Pursuant to a settlement agreement reached in July 2010 with the former
    Executive Chairman, whereby it was agreed he would not stand for re-
    election as a director and that certain employment agreements and other
    agreements with corporations related to the former Executive Chairman
    would be terminated. As a result of the settlement agreement, management
    estimates that the Company’s general and administrative expenses have
    been reduced by an average of $116,000 per month (or approximately 40%
    per month).

  21. Heaven forbid that any Cuban strive for personal fulfilment. This really goes back to the early days of the regime when Che was urging everyone to do jobs that were socially useful rather than “merely” personally fulfilling. This idealism has congealed into something profoundly corrupt. Che was already appalled at the tendency among the apparatchiks to get perks and personal advantage from the system. I’m glad he’s not around, but the vain old men who run the country — they are a cross between a monarchy and a junta — make me even more depressed.

  22. Heaven forbid that any Cuban strive for personal fulfilment. This really goes back to the early days of the regime when Che was urging everyone to

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